OK Here’s The Skinny

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wowsers… been a tough couple of weeks…
Waitaminute… make that ONE Fucking WEEK.
Sweet Baby Jeebus. Time flies when yer getting royally buttfucked…

So, the way things went…
LAST Wednesday, May 10th, We were still in Tampa, what with me, the VA and dental issues. All of a sudden, Gretch got a wild hair up her ass… was having ‘Gran’ withdrawal for Adriana, even tho we’d been inundating ourselves with Gran #2… her half-sister Kylie, who BTW is becoming a precocious lil Goober in her own fashion… one of the MANY weekends here while we were home doing our “rescue thang”, she was just flat out being…. I dunno… ‘girlie?’

Tough for me to call as, unfortunately I missed out on the 5-6 year old age group time period with Spawn#2, female type one each b/c of my time overseas… file under ‘one of my few regrets Aye’? So anywho, at one point, I asked that she -stand fucking (expletive deleted to her) still- for a second so’s I could get a picture or two of her… quite a feat as she never holds still… it’s like dealing with the tasmanian devil I swear… now mind you, she’s –not– hyper or a spazz… just your average, normal 5 .5 year old Redhead with Blue eyes (rare!) who has the energy of a thousand nukular reactors running her from dawn til dark…

Fuck me running
God HELP the poor bastard who finally captures her heart and mind (provided me and Papa don’t kil’t his ass and bury him out of…well… just being over protective Aye?) Poor fucker better have energy levels on par with Mercury… you know the ancient God, lest he fall behind… ‘cos Lord knows, this girl is on fire 24-7…

Unicorn Day…
That pic? That was literally her holding still for what? 5 seconds?
There are just some things I shouldn’t have to deal with LOL.
For my Grans? Ain’t nothing better.
So, back to the “Tale of Shytte”
So, May 10th, Gretch wanted to git back to TN. Now… Me?
Talked about my background… y’all know I was Airborne Infantry. A (forced) Tanker… (much to my undying shame) Y’all also know I flunked Ranger School, went SFAS and did a bunch of other stuff over the years. Dunno if I ever mentioned it, but I was a hell of a point man. Found out in Basic Training that I had the ‘knack’… and even my Drills said I had “Great instincts.” Rare praise indeed Aye?
What it is?

I get a ‘vibe’
It’s a physical as well as mental… I dunno… a LOUD ‘feeling’… words be hard on this sort of thing… it’s like trying to describe the “Taste of a Color” for a rather droll metaphor. It’s like I have this internal radar if you will, tuned in and when really bad things are headed my way, well I just know it. Some people call it ESP… sixth sense.. not quite sure… I call it my ‘combat antenna’… it’s tuned to when bad people intend bad juju and things on me… Doom on me so to speak…

Mentally, I get amped.
However, if things don’t “start” however, it progresses to physical.
Can’t sleep
I get ‘growly/grumpy’ as fuck
Wired in like a motherfucker
Need to kill a bitch if’n you’ll pardon the vernacular…

Not happy unless I got my rifle next to me, along with the battle rattle. When this ‘vibe’ kicked in back in the day in Iraq, I’d sleep fully armored w/helmet and my weapon as a teddy bear. Laugh if you want but as Elton would say, “I’m still standing, Yeah Yeah Yeah!”
So… got the vibe?
The very Idea of heading back to Tennessee had me on edge
Got worse and stayed worse
The whole trip up North sucked rotten goat ass

Couldn’t sleep, eat… was on full alert
All dressed up and no one to kill.

“Just Because You’re Paranoid, Doesn’t Mean they’re NOT Out to Get You”

OK No joke
That pic above? The exact one? Dead Dad had in poster form and framed on the wall in his home office when I was growing up. Got it back in the 70’s I believe… the original we lost after he cashed his chips… the University he was at? Instead of reaching out to us to collect his shit? They shitcanned it…Dammit.
Anyways… That exact poster? Growing up with it as a daily mantra?

Any question why I’m a wee bit twisted Aye?

Seriously tho… I was wired for sound on this trip… MAJOR Not cool. In fact, I’ma NOT taking a picture of meself as the bags under my eyes qualify as ‘ginourmous’ and I look and feel like utter shytte. Like I said, a long couple of days… feels like weeks… combat and intel gathering tiger-team operations weren’t this fucking stressful. Haven’t properly slept for 7 days running, hence why I’m pecking this out at 12:48AM EST right now…



Finally, after a marathon speed run We got back to the ghetto mid-to late Thursday May 11th. Problem was? I was wasted, and despite my work-from-home J-O-B with People’s Glorious Tractor Factory, I knew I couldn’t do jack and/or shit about the missing hours. The Head Commissar of the department told me I could make up hours over the weekend (which I did despite all the put-upon bullshit I had shaking… wasted my ass but hey! They pretend to pay us whilst we pretend to work… old Soviet Joke Aye?).

Seriously, best job I ever had. LOVE the widgets I work with and the outcomes.

Anyway. Took me a day or two to go thru almost 6-8 weeks worth of mail. No idea if you’ve ever had to file thru that much bullshit, but these day? In light of me doing a ‘credit course correction’? I’ve never had so many offers of “easy credit” before (which is going to be another rant altogether later) but yeah, get $4000 in “easy credit” now…

At 62%interest for ten years

As they say, “who be shittin’ who?”

OK… so WAY down deep in the pile o’bullshit is a letter.. not certified.. no nothin’
Just plain ole “To Big Country Et Al”
Return Addy is a Lawyer

Dumbitchs’ Freebie Court Assigned Lawyer

Now, despite FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS I didn’t want to become a “test case” with alllll that entails. I’ll just leave it at that…

No wonder I had a bad feeling…

Kenny Rogers said it best: “You got to know when to hold ’em, Know when to folder ’em, and Know when to run…”

So, we called ENDEX (end exercise)
We’re not done, but we had to bail to keep the fight up. To be honest, I’m done the fuck in. Between having my last visit with Addy, the fact she can’t even say her own name nor any other words. She’s almost nonverbal at this point as no one is actively working with her to speak… Mother. Fucker. I’m exhausted. I need time to regroup, reorganize, reload…

This fight ain’t over

I just realized I haven’t had a vacation in what? Since 2012.
Gonna be a looooooooooong summer I guess.
Holler at y’all Later

Big Country

27 thoughts on “OK Here’s The Skinny”

  1. Getting her in a comic strip is cool AF.
    Nothing could be more fun as a lil’ shaver than that.
    If you ever need motivation of why it’s worth fighting for this FUSA.
    There it is.
    I was paranoid before they were ever out to get me and like the Sarge said, you don’t scare me, work on it.

  2. I’m struggling to understand court appointed lawyer for hot mess and onlyfans ho that has a record and no means of support for the kid. Then again, I’m struggling to understand how TN can be that screwed up. Clearly, there is no reason in the world, other than spite.

    That said, this is a teachable moment for the crusty bastards amongst us. There is no justice. The process is the punishment. It literally doesn’t pay any more.

    Fuggit. Let the women fight it out.

    Us, well, the mob is right. You know, as Silvio said on the Sopranos – “Ya know…we’d be better off if he weren’t around”. No way I go the ‘correct’ route when I’m caught in a situation now. If my grankids were involved, I’d lay waste. I’m old. I’d consider what happened to me worth it if it meant they could have a good life. For instance, if a tranny shot my grandkid in a school, I’d probably disappear it’s whole family for creating and fostering the monster. No drama. No poasts. No interviews. Just “wow, innit weird?” Prolly unrelated.

    My daughter bought me a coffee mug – “Calm down, let papa fix it”
    I’d say here, “Calm down, let big papi fix it”

    I pray that DC doesn’t savor that small victory and come after Gran #1.
    You need to ensure that DC doesn’t let a small victory go to her head and come after Gran #1
    I’m praying for you dude. All I can do since Herself saw the credit card bill where I’d been donating. I may take on any dude, but Herself? Notsomuch.

    Far as Gran #2 goes, I don’t know. But, my 3rd grandson didn’t say a peep for years. But when he did, he said full sentences. I told the wife she was full of it, and she played a conversation she recorded with him that I could understand every word. Blew me away.

  3. Good to have back on line Pard.
    Kylie is certainly a cutie! Rest up, gather resources, plan. 👍🏻

  4. BCE~ is Addy still living with the Crypt Keeper and not the Sperm Donor or the Only Fans Slore aka Dumb Bunny/Cunt? Is there anyone near Addy that will be keeping eyes on her to ensure her safety?
    Any boots on the ground intel gathering to take place?

    That “Feeling” you get when something is going sideways off the cliff into a volcano, never ignore it. Welcome to the club. Some of the Women in my family get it right before a death or accident. I drove a co-worker to the hospital at 5 am because he looked funny and was trying to tough it out. He was having the precursor of a heart attack. Three stents later and a pacemaker that day by noon. I told a friend he needed to get his affairs in order. He listened and saved his family a lot of grief as some of his relatives were mercenary about his estate. Take a deep breathe and go shoot some targets. Then carefully plan.

  5. Glad you surfaced. Yes. Unless you are blue dipped the courts will not find in your favor.

  6. Dam BCE. Good to hear from ya! Glad yer back!! Nothing to disagree with any of the above. That really IS a flocked up mess.

    Anything I can do? At the least, prayers and MANY good thoughts for all.

    Mike in FLA. (yer almost neighbor)

  7. Time to rest and get a new plan. I’ve learned to always trust the gut feeling. Prayers for you Gretchen and Addy.

  8. Relieved that you’re okay and didn’t do anything stupid. When I saw ‘Rubicon crossed’, my heart skipped a few beats. Y’all are still in my prayers.


  9. yeah, that sucks big time. about your “six sense” I thought long and hard about it myself.
    the best I came up with is that the other five are picking up signs that you not seeing right away.
    so, rest up. get your head to working on plan b. there is no way in hell the clowns up there are NOT going to fuck up again. from what you have told us, they are a rolling train wreck. so it is just a matter of time. kids can and do bounce back like you will not believe. I seen it too many times in the past.
    as we used to say in the medical field, if the kids bones where in the same room, they will heal.
    and faster than you would think possible too. so, keep “her space” ready. put aside some travel cash
    to make another run up there when it does happen. and keep all the paperwork you have already done.
    the dip shits will fuck up again and you should be able to step in and save the kid.
    you may have lost a battle, but the war is not over yet. still praying for you guys here

  10. Like @BInVT asked, what do you need from us? Might be time for a direct fundraiser rather than selling off your good stuff. I’ve got a few lazy bucks laying around that would otherwise be spent on next week’s beer that I shouldn’t drink and won’t miss.

    p.s. new user name for new site – I seldom post, but I’ve around here and on Gab

  11. NEVER ignore that voice inside.
    Very good to see you back on line, very sad about the drama in your life.
    You don’t need my advice, but try to get the best deal you can without making a harder road for everyone. The temptation to lay waste and be stubborn is a natural male trait, but so is negotiation and planning; your next moves will be more successful if you are in control instead of fighting off your back foot with the other one in a bucket.
    Get good sleep, eat right (caveman keto etc). Valarian root is useful so is natto and serrapeptase.
    Let us know how to help.

  12. Prayers for you BCE, I know saying it is a whole lot easier than livin’ it, but here goes:
    Nine times down, ten times UP.
    I used to say that as long as you don’t give up, you can win.
    I have since gotten somewhat cynical.
    My New and Improved outlook on life is:
    Don’t ever give up being an absolute Pain to the people who deserve it, may they choke each time they see me and have Nightmares thinking of the problems I bring into their lives. Whether I win or not, they will never win.
    My new Motto:
    “Living rent free in the Bastards heads”

    BCE, My Prayers are with you and the family, let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    MSG Grumpy

  13. Glad to have you back. I was worried about you. Some prayers involved. Awful sorry to hear about the baby. Take care of yourself though. There might be other stuff you are needed for after all.

  14. “God HELP the poor bastard who finally captures her heart and mind (provided me and Papa don’t kil’t his ass and bury him out of…well… just being over protective Aye?) ”

    With male relatives with that sort of attitude any guy with sense will steer clear of the bitch and leave her a crazy cat lady by her 40s. It’s not like exactly that hasn’t been happening already for decades and happening to women who KNEW they were just destined for perfect everything and whose overbearing family men KNEW their little princess would be so ultra-desirable everybody would put up with their posturing bullshit.

    And then, that didn’t happen. And none of them knew how to handle it.

    Check your premises. Stop being such a pretentious dumbass. For her sake, at least. You want her married, you’ll be damn glad when a halfway decent and only half-enthusiastic guy happens along, and you’ll be as nice to him as you know how. Because you need him more than he needs you.

    1. Wow… well, that’s like your opinion man.
      Yer entitled to it, but be a leetle more polite, esp. in light of you not using a real name, email addy, and a VPN and this’s MY house. Not yours.

  15. BC, I will never understand why you have a tendency to indulge the trolls here. Incels like the appropriately named dumbass are incapable of understanding that it’s our duty as men to defend our women not because they are weak, but because they are precious. But I guess when his experience with women is limited to watching Pornhub an idea like that is simply beyond his ability to grok.

    Glad to have you back, BC.

    1. I appreciate the sentiment Porky… it’s the whole ‘practice what you preach’… 1st Amendment and all that… However, that fuckup just got his ONE warning and no other bullshit will be tolerated. Now? IF he goes retard, I’ll publish it, reply, then delete his bullshit, leaving my righteous mockery up for all to see… Glad to have you back BTW… haven’t seen you comment in a minute.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to respond, BC. It has been a minute, hasn’t it? I’ve been around, just lurking in the background while I weather the slings & arrows of this slow apocalypse. You’ve got a good crowd here & by the time I get a chance to read the latest most everything I would have said has been expressed either much more eloquently &/or effectively than I can manage.

        1. got to get in on the dumbass – its real simple. if a suitor for this someday lovely young woman passes muster with a *man*, both know the future is looking up.

          my father in law was such a man, a vet of old wars, and happy that i wifed up his beautiful daughter, my bride. still miss him and my old man both, greatly.

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