The Red Hot Chili Pupper and Another Konvenient Krainian Kommandant Killing?

The Chili Pupper is Red Hot and running
Adding tot he mix is the Red Headed Gran who’s here for a few weeks and of course over the moon about the new pupper. The tow of them just. don’t. slow. down.

Any and All donations vis-a-vis Adderall, Methamphetamines, Crank and or Good Blow would be appreciated… I ordered a CASE of Monster today. Got me a hunch I’m going to be pounding them by the case over the next few.

I joke, I joke…

But anyways, all is good here at the Casa. The pup finally dropped a deuce which is a good thing as she hadn’t since we got her three meals and a lot of water ago. Of course it was as big as she was. I was getting a wee bit nervous as that’s a looong time for a pup to be backed up, but now that she finally cut loose? Everything is back to coolness.

To the Trenches:
News comes out of the Krain last Thursday:

Per the story HERE the Ivans dropped heavy on a base that resulted in 18 “Mercs” KIA’d and 30 WIA. The Krainians interestingly collected all cell phones from everybody in the A.O.

This story was confirmed by multiple sources. One stating (and has subsequently been ‘memory holed’ that it was a group of Brits with a ‘Command Element’ who were there to train up the Krainians there. One of them pretty much a mirror of the Sputnik article was SANA:

Happens frequently
The big deal?

I get a tip from one of you readers (H/T to DE, many thanks bro!) with this as the lead:

21 hours ago.
I then verified it HERE:

Per the article, his stiff was found Saturday

As I emailed D back: “ANY bets that stiff was cold… like as in frozen/defrosted cold?”


Board Stiff

As in Iced Down and set up.
My reason for saying this is buried waaay down in the article is this:

Notice it does not list him as “Acting as a Emeritus” or something like that
So which the fuck is it?
Was he ‘retired’ still serving or sheep dipped?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Especially in light of the Helo Crash in Australia which happened back in July of last year:

The interesting thing about this one was at first they reported that there was an Aussie One Star and his two-man staff on board. That they, and the crew were all KIA over the ocean.


No mention of the General ANYWHERE
At all.
The crew are showed to be smoked, but the Gen’rul and his staff? Not so much. The rerason that this is part of what I’m talking about is around at same exact time, in the US, another “Retired” US Army in this case, General died while piloting a single engine aircraft over Maryland:

Seems July 28th, 2023 was a bad fucking day to be an DotMil Aviator, and if the original news was correct, a really bad day to be a One Star in two different Militaries Aye?

Per the Asia Times however:

The story is dated July 30th 2023, but the strike happened on July 28th 2023… the very day of the tragic ‘accidents’ that smoked two general officers… the link is HERE

Per the article “…on the evening of July 28, Russia attacked a Ukrainian command post in Dnipro (Dnepropetrovsk) with “precision weapons” after Ukraine launched an attack on a Russian command post in Taganrog in Russia’s Rostov oblast (province).”

And the reason for such a quick notification as opposed to the usual ‘couple of days of obscuring and obfuscation’?
Well besides General Officers being high visibility folks there was a wee problem which is why I think they did what they did. Specifically: “…There are some videos circulating and photos that show some of the damage and it appears likely that the Russians hit the command post. The full extent of the casualties is not known. Reports say that some people are buried under the debris.”

Which is a way of saying that said-Generals carcasses are gonna take a while to dig out, IF they are even viable for recovery. Some of the bunkers that the Hypersonic Missiles have been hitting were, mind you WERE, rated for fucking almost direct hits from Nuclear Weapons (at least Hiroshima Sized) STILL and got blowed the fuck up.

Ten Thousand Tons of concrete and rebar crashing down on your nugget tends to leave a closed and sandbagged weighted casket as a result aimiright?

So, my call?

Ivan bagged them another US General.
No harm no foul IMO.
Mess with the bull, and you’ll always invariably get the horns. In fact my only problem is we haven’t had enough Perfumed Princes from Sodom-on-the-Potomac get smoked yet

So we can always hope
Jes’ Sayin’
More Later
Big Country

19 thoughts on “The Red Hot Chili Pupper and Another Konvenient Krainian Kommandant Killing?”

  1. Interesting times…indeed. Prepare

    I’ll just stick this right here, BCE. You keep doing you, we’ll be here until The Fall.

    1. A general officer still in the military today means they’ve passed the loyalty tests the regime has mandated – meaning they’re not friends of legacy America or the Constitution.

      So if the Rus are taking them out one by one, does anyone have an address where I can send a thank you card?

  2. But but but the Joepedo says there have been no flag shrouded caskets showing up in Dover under his watch. I’m sure there have been an unusual amount of training accident fatalities and Suddenly since the Spring of 2022 in all the armed forces of Oceania which has never been at war with Russia.

  3. But, But, But General Aesop says (insert best Roman accent) Carthage, Err,Bad man Putin and Russia MUST BE Destroyed.

    How much longer will The General continue to spout “the current MSN line “?

    Maybe he should stick with music and California politics.

    1. The ability of Nurse Ratchet to cling to her position on this one is laudable. I mean, all the men are dead and they’ve lost 1/3rd of their land mass, and growing, but, she still thinks ‘murica, fuqyeah!
      I dunno how YOU measure, but losing land and men does not equal winning in my book?
      For a supposedly smart person she sure has some blind spots.

      1. She clings because she will NEVER post any cogent rebuttal, she’ll cherry pick what comments are posted to her absurdly long screeds ( brevity is the soul of wit ) desperately trying to paint his pigs lips red,, but alas alack, to no avail.
        She has zero credibility while STILL trying to prove masks are good, really reals, which is just plain ignorance, while his absurd ‘Kraine takes are blue-pilled; dyed in the wool; I drank, no I chugged, the Koolaid regurgitations of the USA,USA cheerleading chumps.

      2. Oh, Someone is winning, just not the ethnic Ukrainians. (And not the actual Rooskis either. Neither combatant side wins in a brother war. #handrubbingintensifies)

        And “all the men dead”? Sounds familiar …
        Gandalf reveals Grima Wormtongue’s treachery in Théoden’s court at Edoras:
        “How long is it since Sorosman bought you? What was the promised price? When all the men were dead, you were to pick your share of the treasure, and take the woman you desire?”

        Only They’re not after just Éowyn. They want all the women. Immediately ante bellum Ukraine had a population of 44 million. Over 9 million are refugees, the last figure I read. Think of the human trafficking that must be going on in all that confusion and chaos. A blonde, white female is the most valuable (and that probably includes specialty tastes for … pizza). Anyone know what the price trend has been since the war? I’ll bet the price has dropped. Supply and demand and all that, doncha know. (Analogously, I know that the street price in Pakistan for “battle rifles” dropped to about 60% of the baseline going rate within weeks of the US debacle fleeing Afghanistan. There was such a flood of arms onto the black market from what we left behind.)

        1. Do a search and a certain ethnic group who like small hats ALL were flown out of the Kraine BEFORE the fighting started.
          Any bets on when the fighting is over they all return, buy up everything and grab their pick of the hot Ukrainian women ?

  4. Makes me think of those two SEALs missing from the boarding attempt not long ago. (don’t they wear some sort of CO2 inflatable PFDs when working over and around water?)

  5. Boys your focused on the wrong flash point. It starts when Iran announces they got the bomb! U think for a nanosecond the Jews will allow them Sand Niggers, radicals whom have sworn to remove em from the face of the planet to threaten Israel ?

    It’s interesting that US General Zalinsky whom is ripping the US off for Billions with a B, is still sucking air. One has to wonder exactly how much of that moneys actually coming home to the US, in the form of kickbacks to the Democratic Party?.

    It’s objectively clear that those nations in the EU, and England are done, with war monger leadership. England just wrapped up a blood bath of an election, next up France and that faggot Marcon!. Won’t be long and Castro’s son up in Canada will win his walking papers.

    Meanwhile here at home the press continues to laser focus We The People on a half wit in the White House. Absolutley laughable every-time they put Poopy Pants in front of a camera. Won’t be long he’ll be drinking his Baby Formula out of a Tommy tippy cup just like the wee ones.

    Seems like the 25th amendment was penned just for Biden and his Circus. Not yet friends theirs some arrangements being made behind the curtain. No sir Biden and clan are going nowhere without full pardons for their crimes against humanity. That was told to a group, by a sitting Oregon Senator last week.

    Yet my biggest fear is Mike Obama gets into the mix. Ol big Dick Mike could cause real deal problems for Trump. He concerns me.


    1. Dirk: I just figured out the Dream Ticket for the Marxist-Infanticide (Democrat) Party. Mike should choose that Deputy DA Fani Willis from Georgia. Their campaign slogan would be: VOTE FOR TRANNY AND FANI! Do we live in interesting times or not? Take care of yourself, my brother. Bleib ubrig.

  6. Post some pics of the pupperator, they are always worth a laugh and a worthy distraction from all the MSM nonsense being flapped about

  7. I continue to come here because of “ The Masters” Spoofs, the truth, I need a laugh a giggle, at our world. Here fun is made of shit that’s all edged to be important. Biggy shreds em! Gotta love it.

    France just transfer ownership over to the REAL communist party looms, as I read today their choices were “ Debt,,,,,More Debt,,,, Unreal amount of Debt!”

    England managed to pull of the same set of Communist leadership!, I’m certain the peoples of both nations really wanted what they got. Do We the People ever truly really get what we want! Hey isn’t that a Rolling Stones Tune.

    And the good ol US of A, I feel compelled to mention this. Brothers and sisters if you ain’t prepped or Prepping your simply fucked, how irresponsible can a family leader be! What do you mean you can’t protect your babies, your food from the neighbor down the street ?

    I have a proven 100% effective response. Turn the TV off, turn up the music, or better yet make your own music. I’m trying to learn the guitar, what a disaster, when I play the dogs howl, the geese started cackling loudly. All I can do is laugh and keep making noise! Besides I dig my new 1954 telecaster!, a gift from an old friend who’s failing.


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