A -Slight- Miscalculation W/Cowboy and Why This’s Short…

Tired here.
First off, As the Brits are Wont to Say:
Happy Treason Day You Ungrateful Colonials!

Fuck Yeah!

We went to see Cowboy today, who’s still in the deepest of dumps. Like down-down. Told him I dig it, but he’s got to start hardening the fuck up…

Wallowing in a self-induced pity parade ain’t going to do anyone any damned good.

Sooooooooo on the way over to his house, we found a guy who was, which as shitty and horrible as it sounds, was selling puppies off 301. Now, before anyone climbs up my 4th Point Of Contact, we stopped per Gretchen’s request as I have issues (i.e. potential puppy mills and whatnot) with some shady shit like this. She had me turn around and go back…

That being said…
Turns out this dude is trying to do a ‘righteous thing’ to a point.
He’s got a farm a waaays down from Cowboy’s spread. His female doggo got knocked up by the next door doggo, and had a litter of 8 puppers. Complete Mix Breed… he had pictures… a Labradoodle (his) and Pit Mix of some kind…

He was selling them with the proper shot certs and 1st paperwork one would normally get when you get a dog taken care of the first time ’round at a vet… As he told me, he just wanted to recover the invested medical money, as they already had about 3 other farm dawgs already, and to drop them off at even a no-kill shelter these days here in Florida? Well… let’s just say ‘no-kill’ ain’t so much these days… they’re overcrowded and overrun… fucking shame is what it is.

The biggest selling point to me is as we discussed the various issues is that he refused to sell to any blaqs, as he feared they’d be used as bait-pups for Niggershines and fighting pits.

How’s that old phrasing go?

“SOLD ‘Murican!!!”

Fuck it… I did 6 hours of OT this past week… a Cee Note for a ‘good thing’ for a best fren who’s hurting ain’t going to bother me amiright? I mean hell, when you’re as close to bankruptcy as I am? What’s another $100?

“You care if it falls?”
“The Roman Empire?”
“Fuuuuck it!”

Which is another thing… that’s well within the cost of what a first visit is to the ‘free pup clinic’ we have here in Tampa and where the paperwork is from… it’s where ALL the animals here at the house (besides Sapper) have been taken for 1st Shots and Spay and Neutering…. so I knew dude was pretty much on the level.

I also checked her gums, her toofuses, all the ‘stuff’ the Ex taught me… ALL of the pups seemed to be in good shape and good to go. There were 3 boys left, and 1 girl. The girl kept snatching Gretchen’s skirt and playing tug-o’-war with it, which is what got our attention.

We got to Cowboy’s place, and then loaded him in the car with a “STFU and get in the car asshole!” and brought Cowboy down… my thought processes of trying to make this a sort of a “John Wick” thing… granted it’s only been about 3 weeks +/- but hey… I know he’s got a fuckton of work on the farm to do daily, however a puppy is a whole ‘nother level.

He initially loved the idea, cried his eyes out…

And seemed onboard…
Problem was, when we got home, he just. couldn’t. do. it. yet.

Stress the word yet…
This dynamic I was not quite expecting.

I figured sunshine, puppies, rainbows, new life and hope and happiness… that’s what I get for have a wee bit of a romantic soul I suppose.

Better to stick with my curmudgeonly side…
‘Cos now?
I got me a new puppers………….

Meet “Chili”

Who could turn away brown eyes like that Aye?

I decided on ‘Chili’ as is she’s waaay more chill that any other pup I’ve ever seen. And that’s a lot of pups… The Ex is was/a professional dog trainer, and we had, at any given time 4 doggos in the house full time, never mind BEFORE she went ‘career’ with the dogs… we had a TON of puppers over the years… Chili? She’s soooo mellow. Gretchen wanted to name her ‘Xanax’ after her favorite med, which ‘Zani’ would be the brevity call sign, but I called a big negatory on that…

Of course the Sausage Princess had minor concerns initially… more like “Who is that!?!” and all sorts of curiosity:

That was taken while I took the above pics of the FNG.

Once she realized she’s not getting demoted nor replaced, she’s already gone into “Big Sister Mode.” Their first walk together outside was fucking clown show… Sapper walking Stella, and Me walking Chili, who was ‘puppy-bouncing’ all over Stella, me, the Sapper and generally being a ball of fun…

Mind you we had a great visit with Cowboy, but I did not expect to be bringing home Chili.

It is what it is, and she’s sweeter than all get the hell out.
So hence my exhaustion.
I’ll have more later
Big Country

21 thoughts on “A -Slight- Miscalculation W/Cowboy and Why This’s Short…”

  1. Good for you on getting a new pup.
    One silver lining is the Gran when she comes over can play with the pup and they can wear each other out.

    1. I strongly reccomend, if you have a heart and a soul, do not go to one of those SPCA events or booths at the fair.

      It is really hard not to take one home.

      We have one very large doggo and two is just unworkable but, maaaannnn it is hard to say no.

  2. That’s the Roman Red scene in Mel Brooks’ History Of The World!
    They found a dog and cock fighting house the next subdivision sector over as part of the Fundamental Transformation.
    Those who are harming animals will eventually move on to people.
    They belong in the Chipper with the Chesters.
    An old tasteless and hilarious cartoon in Hustler, that I read for the articles. (/s)
    Good on all animal friends.

  3. I needed to read this, thanks.

    and I so love it when a pets name is revealed so quickly and appropriately.
    Dogs are God’s gift to man.

  4. Hrrrrmmmmmm. A North American Shoe Eater, by the looks of him. Renowned for their exceptional ability to eat and chit! 👍

    BC your instincts were bang on the money with this. It sounds like your bud needs that dawg far more than you do. The fact that he turned the pup down speaks volumes. Like… that almost warrants a trip to the shrink. Now I’m worried about him too.

    Does he have any guns? Ya think maybe you should confiscate them for awhile – while he sorts out his thoughts? Might be a good idea to drag him outside and maybe go camping or fishin?

    Watch him, BC. He’s in trouble – or it sure sounds like it..

      1. Oh okay.

        A horse’ll do it too. Grieving people need someone to care for besides themselves. It gives ‘em a reason to keep going and to deal with their grief…

  5. Who doesn’t love a new puppy? Complete with wetting in the house, chewing your furniture, stealing all of your socks, and wanting to play at 2am?? Yes, you did a wonderful thing. It’s too sad that Cowboy turned down a chance to lift his spirits and get back to life. His wife would’ve wanted that, I’m sure. Chili is adorable and you will see the Sausage Princess get younger too. Good on you.

  6. You’re a great friend.

    Many people act as if their friends misery is contagious. Last year, when the old lady left, I had to put my dog down, and my life was coming apart, I can count on the number of friends I had that made sure I was ok and wasn’t going to eat a bullet on my left hand with a few fingers to spare. Hell, the people I met in AA seemed to care more about me than my own kids.

    He’ll be OK, he just has to work through it. As long as you are there for him, he knows that and should be OK.

    1. Unfortunately most of us find out too late that when the chips are down our supposed friends are nowhere around. Going through that myself right now with cancer, all we can do is learn from it and drive the fuck on.

      1. Dude… what kind of Cancer?
        Check out my poast on what I put Gretchen on… shrunk the tumor from 25mm to 15mm and went from Stage 2A+ to Stage 1…
        DM Me at my protonmail account

        Read this: https://bigcountryexpat.com/index.php/2024/03/28/ok-a-good-news-follow-up-and-dont-epstein-me-bro/
        Learn it, get the shit and START IT ASAP
        I’m no way a doc nor pretend to have serious med intel, but this worked and comes from a variety of white papers out there that I reviewed and decided “Why the fuck not?” as DeadDad became Dead b/c of cancer, and I had my own scare.

  7. Aye. Anyone that buys a friend a doggo and is willing to take care of it until things work out is A-OK in my book. Hope Cowboy tames his dragons and comes up smiling soon.
    And thank your Wife for keeping you on the level too. 😉

  8. You’re a good friend BC, everyone should have at least one but unfortunately most of us find out too late we’re surrounded by fake ass mofros. That’s a couple of good looking pooches you have there, we’re especially partial to black dogs ourselves, there’s just something about them, although our current creature is black and white, a high powered rat terrier named Lucy. Best cancer medicine I could’ve asked for and she needed out of a bad situation. Anyone who abused animals is lower than whale shit.

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