Friday Night Fuzz Follies

So slept in ’til 16:00! Whew… worn out and tired I have to say. I’m always running a deficit of zzz’s on a regular day, and add on the whole emotional aspect of yesterday and I was wiped the hell out.

Now, Friday night. We had a LOT of rain here in the Tampa Area. The pic I put up of us Sapper took as we were on our way out the door. Many thanks from Gretchen regarding her birthday wishes from you all out there. Again, y’all shame me by your kindness.

Well, we went to Hooters as I had said. We intentionally went later-ish as the Friday night dinner crowds here in Florida, especially in the early summer are outrageous, so a later din-din is warranted. That and less chance of screaming kids being present as well.

We got to Hooters which was surprisingly still crowded. I had my own personal moment of pique when I drove by and saw this:


One of Hillsborough’s Finest parking in the Handicapped Parking spot. I as you can see for this poast, have removed the identifying marks on the thug’s vehicle, because as of right now, I don’t want any of y’all to start putting them on blast.


And as you can see, his partner was parked next to him, in a regular spot. Now I took this pic on the porch of Hooters after having to park waaay off in the distance, and walking in. I then went in to look for the offending asshole, and didn’t see him. At this point I settled in to having my dinner, as it was Gretchen’s Birthday. Not really a big deal, and hey, I figured I’d just leave it (the picture) as an annotation for some blog-fodder later.

The trouble happened when I realized I forgot my readers out in the car, and went to retrieve them. I noticed that the offending fuzzmobile was now gone, and as I do have a handicap hanger, I’d move the car so Gretchen didn’t have to get soaked when we left. The mistake was not realizing that Badged Thug Number #2 in the other vehicle was in his truck.

HE initiated the encounter.
-I- wanted nothing more to do with him NOR his asshole-attitude. He initiated by rolling down the window, and in a nasty, somewhat accusatory voice stated “I saw you take that picture… WHY did you do that?…” and the like… he then grilled me on why I just didn’t come in and speak to them, at which point he cut me off… His stated objective was to “change my perception” of the cops b/c at one point I stated unequivocally that I have had too many recent negative interactions with Law Enforcement and that I needed to get back to my wife’s birthday dinner.

He even went as far as to get OUT of his truck and then continue to, in my thought process, to harass me. I even told him that No, I did NOT want to continue this discourse. I finally begged off by again repeating that it was my wife’s birthday and Adios, that there were no hard feelings… (BUUUUUUUUUUUULLSHIT! there weren’t/aren’t… I just haven’t made up my mind if I want to open that ‘can of stupid’ as shit like that NEVER ends well for the guy who tattles on the cops…they ‘police’ themselves and then the guy who reported them gets fucked with forever…)

So, I got back to the table, and Gretchen was all upset as you can imagine. What then bothered me, was Super-Trooper during his discourse to me told me he was off duty, just trying to eat with his friends. Seems I had ‘ruined’ that. As I ordered a SINGLE Beer, Super Trooper comes back into the restaurant, walks around a bit, and then stationed himself by the front door.

Uh. Oh.
Enemy Action… I just knew it.

Gretchen told me I was over-reacting, but that lil voice was screaming at me. I then ‘faked’ needing to call Sapper, (it was very loud in the restaurant) and passed by him, all friendly-like and made some innocuous statement about the heat and wearing Body Armor… I went outside, faked the call… went back in and on this pass by I asked if he was doing ‘double duty’? which is when the cops work after hours at a place doing security style work. I’ve seen it before, and his answer of “Gotta make that money” didn’t ring too true…he just seemed too fake about it…

Either way, I settled in, and didn’t tell Gretchen my suspicions. He was behind her, so I could keep an eye on him over past her shoulder. He just stood there the entirety of our meal at the front door. I made sure to have only the one beer juuuust in case my radar vibe was correct. Dinner was good despite this guy making my antenna ring. One of the things he kept doing was talking into his earpiece/throat-mike though, which absolutely made me believe I was being set the fuck up. Times like this and in a land far away, I’d just be able to shoot the fucker and that would have been that, another dead tango down. Unfortunately, we’re not at that point


We finished a very nice meal, and got up and left. I said a friendly Good Night as we passed him, and went to our car. I walked over and opened the door for Gretch, and surreptitiously saw HIM watching our every move. We had backed out of the spot, and we were headed to the exit, when I saw in the rear view Super Trooper came hustling out of Hooters and fumbling with his keys to get in his truck!

GOTCHA Motherfucker!!!

I immediately put on my left turn signal at the stop sign. Going left would take us out onto the main drag. He saw this and then he went out of sight as he started to unlock and climb into the fuzzmobile.

I killed the lights completely
Dive! Dive! Rig for Silent Running!!!”
Told Gretch to hold the fuck on!!!
And turned right into the very Large Mini-Mall parking lot at combat speed. I fucking gunned it. I positively flew thru the parking lot, and aimed for getting behind a cluster of trees by another restaurant that blocked the view so if he looked right, we’d be gone and gone. I looked back, and saw him stop at the same stop sign I had been at 60 seconds earlier, and off he went to the left!!!

Guess the head fake of the left directional worked.

Given it was dark as all get out and raining, plus he obviously thought he’d out-thought me, (dumbass!) he went to the left, and I’m willing to be, dollars to donuts that his buddy was waiting in ambush up the road… pull me over, have me ‘fail’ the Roadside sobriety test and/or plant some evidence, never mind that when they run me, they find out I’m out on Bond?


It would have ended exceptionally poorly for me.

Hell… thankfully that mini mall is so huge… it even has a Frontage Road Access that we used to go home on… it took us about 3/4 of a mile away from Hooters in an out-of-sight-out-of-mind way, and then we got on the Interstate, which the Sheriff can’t ‘tag’ me on… only Staties can do that and it’s got to be for good reason. Plus the tag is still registered to Gretchen’s Dad, so they’d have no idea where we were headed locally.

The only change I’m making now is I’m removing the identifying plate frame (my Rakkasan plate holder) and scraping Gretchen’s initial stickers) off the rear window, thereby putting us back in ‘gray man mode’ ‘cos I’m pretty sure Officer Fuckwad is still smarting from Friday night…

What absolutely kills me though is this idiot wasn’t the one who’d been in the wrong! His fucking buddy was the one who’d parked in the wrong spot!!! I guess though that whole “you attack one, you attack us all” herd-moron mentality does run really deep with these fuckwits.

Congrats there Superswine!
You sure did change my perception of Law Enforcement!
You utterly reinforced every. single. negative. stereotype. I have ever had about ALL OF YOU. I wouldn’t piss on a cop now to save his/her life if it depended on it. I sure as fuck won’t stoop to assist EVER in any way, shape, or form in the future.
Fuck You All, now and forever more.
More Later
Big Country

46 thoughts on “Friday Night Fuzz Follies”

  1. Hey Big, Delta Mike here, the USA for MOD guy of Hate Tank fame on yer blegg comments… Good on ya for the fuzz, be my move too! Fuk em. Don’t know if ya dig coal country tunes, saw these guys at “The End of The World Tour” in 2017 when Mayans said we were toast or whatever, check it out- and FYI, dislike Floyd, but this is good iffn ya dig that, google Boboflex sound of silence- killer, Band defunct, but hey, cool is cool, right?

    Semper Fi,
    Delta Mike

  2. You, BCE, are a trouble magnet. It purely seems to follow you around and get sucked into your trouble event horizon.

    Good job on faking out the popo. It used to be, 15-20 years ago, that LEO ran about 50% good guys/a-holes. Sadly the DEI and other bullshit has pretty much run any of the good guys of all flavors (actual good-good guys, semi-good guys, lazy good guys, apathetic guys, not totally asshole guys) out of most departments.

    Car is registered to not-your-address? Good on you. Change the hubcaps, too. And if it hasn’t been washed, wash it. If it was washed, run it up and down a limerock road and let it collect dust.

    Make sure to park it where the license plate can’t be easily read, also.

    Good luck, can’t wait to hear more of this story.

  3. Thank you for reminding me to replace my covert bodycam….like a dashcam but for loop recording events around my person. Hmmm, must decide whether a glasses frame mount or on a hat brim. Wretched authoritah usurpers and bullies… doesn’t wish them death but an obituary would be comforting reading. May The Lord grant us wisdom, discernment and courage, and victory in battle.

  4. They can do an associate run on Gretchen’s dad and might have known about your bond because of it. Especially if his buddy was up the street on his laptop while dick face was monitoring you. I admire your decisive action and agree with following your gut. We all learn to trust it. His actions were sus as all get out. But daym you are a major shit magnet bro.
    Time to lay low for awhile.

  5. the poo poo are now mostly comprised of the younger “feelings” generation who are absolute fucking emotional/psychological retards with badges. it would seem they are always gaming folks instead of acting like professionals doing a job.

    worse yet, they believe they are better/smarter than the average murkin, where the hiring pool actually comes from- for now…

    when the economy hits rock bottom, they will still get paid in the same worthless $s as the rest of us along but with a lot of disgruntled, wronged, malcontents surrounding them.. like 10,000 :1 against.

    ouch! that’s going to leave a mark

    1. I am informed by a neighbor who is indeed a good cop, with years of experience, that some of the new hires have a military background, and seem somewhat rough edged about civilian safety…it doesn’t necessarily matter a lot to them…Some, like a cop in the Phoenix area who shot an unarmed man crawling on the floor, were trained by Israel…

      1. Philip Brailsford was the “badged orc” who killed an unarmed and already on the ground guy – and then was acquired of murder. Brothers – don’t ever forget the “enemy fuckers”.

    2. Not all cops are assholes. But every asshole wants to be a cop. And they get employed.

        1. Corollary: Just because a cop happens to be in the right place at the right time to do a good deed doesn’t make him/her a good cop. Plenty of cops with awards for valor or whatever have later been proven to be secret scumbags.

  6. Don’t forget to remind Gretchen that the new criteria is “will he make a good apocalypse warlord”?
    Shytte that goes with the turf. And belated birthday wishes for the gal.

  7. It makes you cry to see how far our once great nation has fallen. Politicians, bureaucrats, police and judges all openly corrupt now.
    We are in the opening stages of the collapse. The petrodollar is over, our debt to gdp is negative and the dollar will soon no longer be the reserve currency and EVERYTHING will change and it’s gonna SUCK !
    Meanwhile the clueless politicians are terrified because their “Wizard of Oz” magic tricks and controls are no longer working so they figure “screw it, we have bunkers let’s start WWIII”.

    In the meantime, in order to survive all of us MUST become “the grey man”. On the surface appearing boring, following all of the rules, a non threat. In private be something totally different but NEVER in public.
    BCE, my brother you were 100% right in that situation and it would have pissed me off too. BUT you put a target on your self with those corrupt cops and they LIVE to f*** you up !
    Good plan to exfiltrate out of there but as things get shittier fellas, we ALL are going to have to ignore some injustices and be “grey men” to survive.

    1. Oh they will get to all of us eventually under that plan Brother unless you’re planning on becoming one them…Tribe is the only way we survive otherwise you are just waiting around waiting to get eaten last… Think if Big Country had ten or a hundred solid dudes he could count on that he could of called on and said hey I have a pig hassling me come down to the hooters and lets have a chat with him…I don’t think he would have to worry about them again…

      1. The problem lineman in that situation, they are too damn stupid to realize that they should de-escalate and leave. NO, they are “Billy Bad Asses” with a badge and instead they WILL escalate and call a bunch of THEIR buddies with them.
        The system is totally frigging corrupt besides many of the cops, MOST of the judges.
        They’ll lie under oath, plant evidence, and there won’t be shit you can do about it.
        You’ll be like the poor January 6th bastards who are stuck in jail and fucked.

        BUT that’s NOW in Stage 1 of the collapse. Stage 2, things start happening as the system breaks down further and things like corrupt cops just “disappearing” in the night start happening.

        1. I’ve seen plenty of times cops just walk away when they are outnumbered and feel like they might be on the receiving end of a beat down…

      2. Good to see you posting, my brother. I pray for you and your family every day. Call on me if you ever get up to my A/O. Bleib ubrig.

    2. I’m due to get a renewed registration on my truck next month and I’ll be changing the personalized ‘vet’ tags I have now to something less noticeable. Whenever I hear someone say “Support your local police” I cringe.

  8. At least you’re not at the point of leaving them hogtied in the bar ditch, yet.

    Wasn’t me. Just an acquaintance who figured he was no longer welcome in Florida. Probably wouldn’t have been anything if the cop hadn’t threatened to put him and his partner in one of those work farms. (Partner, as in the old-school buddy way, not the newfangled butt pirate way.)

  9. BCE:

    I waited a day to write this but on first reading the entry and continued rumination I think you just put yourself and Pretty Wife Gretchen on the local yokels radar county wide? You are not a grey man but first cousin to the Hulk. You are memorable to the Po-Po. I would not be surprised if a later visit from Officer Fife happens at your domicile. This was totally avoidable if you had chosen to not become engaged with the Po-Po by taking the picture. This was the precipitous action, your event horizon to a possible bad encounter.

    So what, they took a handicapped parking space for whatever reason. It is none of your business. You had no knowledge of why and other than indignation you chose to insert into a situation that was only a lose-lose for you and Pretty Wife especially if you are on a Bond.

    Let me spell this out for you: Dateline June 21, 2024 Hulking Florida Man assumes room temperature for assaulting LEO’s. Film at 11:00. In other news water is wet and the Po-Po get the first last say. Five years later your next of kin have their day in court, maybe.

    Please don’t be that guy, I know too many that are plowed under or doing time for stupid shit. The community needs your brains, skills and abilities for the upcoming sportiness. Sure you got some laughs out of Barney Fife but those meat sacks don’t forget someone like you. There’s a rule in sales that people will tell 10 other people about a good experience but will tell 250 about a bad. Barney had a bad experience and has already told his buddies to BOLO the Big Guy.

    Stay safe for Pretty Wife, Sapper, the Outlaws, Spawn and the two Grans.

    Spin Drift

    1. WHile I agree for the most part Spin the “It is none of your business” is where I draw the line

      By taking MY Fucking Spot they MADE it MY Biddness.

      Gretchen and I had to walk the 75-100 yards, in a downpour, to get inside a restaurant when the spot reserved for guys like myself was taken by the thug.
      Even SuperSwine said when I told him I’m an ‘in-line-of-duty Combat Related Disabled Veteran”, his answer was, and I quote “Well you’re entitled to that!”
      Really!?! Thanks for that judgement call your Honor, beggin’ your pardon m’Lordship!

      THIS from a swine that when I asked HIM if HE had served and his answer was NO but that “he had a lot of coworkers who were vets”
      I got nothing for him. Again: Fuck Him Now and Forever

      1. Big Country:

        Yes agreed, I grew up next door to an on the take NYC police sergeant. I learned that the fix is always in and that its a small club and you’re not in it. That was 60 years ago. Situational awareness today makes all LEO’s not your friend, engage at your peril.

        Granted you earned that spot by your service but Sun Tsu would have kicked your butt for engaging in a battle on unfavorable ground with unfavorable resources with open flanks. Kinda dumb for a Rakasan. Please be careful going forward.

        Be well;


      2. You did right about taking the photo.

        I hate fuckers who park in the Fire Lane and suck up the handicapped spots. Bad enough it’s usually one of ‘them,’ but for a LEO to do that?

        If I did it, without a placard and the wife (her placard,) I’d be fined and possibly arrested.

        It’s definitely a multi-tiered judicial system.

        Is the Sheriff in your area a good one? If so, be funny good if the photo got sent to him.

  10. Tough guys all. Until several hundred of them are cowed by one turd with a rifle as in Uvalde.

  11. Haven’t had encounter with LEO for a long time fortunately. But every single time I was confronted by them was unpleasant. For many years, agencies have been employing fools and small-minded, vengeful people. I think they live to fuck around with the citizens in their jurisdiction. It’s absolutely infuriating and the best course of action is to avoid these assholes at all costs.

    Of course, I can understand how this has happened. And it’s a shame we all have to endure ti. For now.

  12. Pretty sure the County can write tickets on the State Road. And one beer is enough to get grabbed for DUI not DWI. Just saying. I’ve seen it happen.

  13. Be careful out there. The Cure For Male Loneliness is not picking up litter in an Orange Jumpsuit while Walt Longmeier and Victoria Moretti sit in the shade and watch.

  14. Be careful Rhonda Santis (Israel) passed that don’t get closer than 25 feet around donut molester pension mongers.
    Chomping on a bearclaw is serious business. (rimshot)
    I’m kinda liking this Anarcho-Tyranny as a few Normsters wake up…but not enough.
    You know what’s worse than a minion of a state?
    A copsucker mall cop!
    Got one in the archive of some Filipino (?) or some place of porkys on Segways with toy guns because they didn’t have enough lead spitters to pass out!

  15. “Law Enforcement” exist to:
    1. Protect their Masters.
    2. Protect their bruthas and sistas in Blue.
    3. Generate revenue.

    Anything else they might do is purely beyond their reason for employment.

  16. God I’m fucking laughing my ass off! I see nada has changed. Same old guys same old views.

    Ill give you a 27 yr LEO tip.

    Don’t Fucking Talk To Cops!,,,,, they want the parking spot, it’s theirs. You see the E on the plate stands for EXEMPT. Don’t hate the players hate the fucking game!

    The problem with sets is this, if you are in a set of 25, you got ten agents or snitch’s in the set. No thanks Ima do it my way.

    Which reminds me of all old observation, goes something like this.

    One Man With A Rifle Can Change The Entire World!. Tic Toc Friends


  17. Hey, what’s the little colored pics on the side of posts mean? Sheesh did I get kicked outta the club?

    With that being said,,,,,, I’m off to my 2 and a half yr old grand daughters Celebration of Life!

    This is gonna suck. Already know I’m going to cry my eyes out, my hearts crushed. This is family duty stuff. Don’t have a choice


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