APOLOGIES!!! Emotionally DRAINED Tonight, Full Update Tomorrow

Spent the better half of the Day w/Cowboy.


That was a tough one.
Both Gretchen and I are both spent like a shell casing fresh off the range.

More Later
Big Country

4 thoughts on “APOLOGIES!!! Emotionally DRAINED Tonight, Full Update Tomorrow”

  1. Mongo,
    Truly, you are a friend when friends are in need, God bless you all.
    Take care

  2. Prayers for Cowboy and his family and that he may one day see her again. God Bless you and Gretchen for helping as best you can during this time.

  3. A most excellent thing fer y’all to be doin! Lord knows he needed that, and even though it was a drain, y’all were SO right to make that time fer him!! What *Scoutergreg* said – Bless y’all fer being there for him when a brother is in need. Prayers, crossed fingers (and toes) for all.

    Y’all take care,
    Mike in FLA., yer almost neighbor.

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