Happy Birfday to My Wife Gretchen!

Dinner out w/the Wife:


Post cataract surgery, sometimes the light hits my eye ‘wrong’ and makes me look like I’m not human or something, like a T-800 w/that glare happening. Gretchen on the other hand:


Looking good for Birfday #29

For the 25th time.
Not a bad night… had an -unsettling- interaction with Law Enforcement again but that can wait until tomorrow.
More Later
Big Country

NOW we know why they don’t want to visit anymore…

22 thoughts on “Happy Birfday to My Wife Gretchen!”

  1. Just specializing in bustin ur balls, Big, heheh, but are those krani colors? Happy Bday to to your lovely wife…You are Blessed!

  2. Happy Birthday, Gretchen!
    Looking at you two reminds me of a portion of a Biblical scripture (somewhere…) “And there were giants abroad in the land in those days.”

    1. Many thanks “Woody” Yeah, as it was said in David Spade’s “Deuce Bigalow” when he was dating that Giantess: “That’s a BIG bitch!!!”

  3. Mrs. Gretchen, I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays.
    I know this year has been Ultra tough for you and BCE as well.
    But you are tougher and BCE is da Rock. The picture is proof, that the big “C” gots whooped and you are not just survivin’ but Thrivin’!
    I have not been available to comment much in the last 2yrs, but I have been reading and praying for your whole family and enjoying each and every post.
    Don’t let the small stuff like buggy LE get to ya, as a wise man once said:
    “The best Revenge is a Life well lived” Go out there and enjoy the eveh Loving Heck out of Life and have those PoPo, Feds and weirdoes die of envy.

    God Bless and Protect y’all
    MSG Grumpy

  4. Happy birthday indeed, and many happy returns. It’s looking good on you. Been in my morning commute prayers regularly.

    My FIL would tell you he had 50 years experience of being 35…

  5. Hi BCE,

    Happy birthday to Gretchen, have a great day and celebration.
    PS. Thanks for mentioning the cataract surgery, as I had my cataracts done 2 years ago, and I have noticed the same thing, if the light hits my eyes at a funny angle I also seem to have a weird reflection looking back at me. I thought I was going nuts as family members couldn’t see it, so thank you.

  6. Best belated Birthday Wishes Gretchen! High hopes for great days and many happy returns!

  7. Happy Birfday, Dear Lady. You have more fans of The Hair Diva than you realize. We wish you many more Birfdays to come!

    Big Country…that’s not a glare/light…that’s the leer the doc left in when he took out the cataract. Gretchen’s appears to be a “Come Hither” look. I’ll see myself out.

  8. well, it’s the first day of summer, and happy birthday to you, Miss Gretchen. God bless you today and always… and Big – you have to know you’re batting waaay over your head and out of your league…(good job, Billy!) Stay safe folks… between now and Thursday especially

  9. Wish happy bday to Gretchen.

    As to po po. I think any interaction with them will be odd going forward. The febbies are liking there role.

    Going to get odd going forward.

  10. BCE and Gretchen:
    Happy birthday to Gretchen!
    BCE, take excellent care of your treasure there.
    Especially from those of us that have lost ours to cancer or whatever. God Bless Y’all!

  11. Happy birthday to Gretchen, and I’m glad you guys got out for some off time together. Sounds lime there hasn’t been a lot of it lately.

  12. Appt B-day G ! You two look great!

    Tiny, where didya get that shirt? That would go perfectly with my camp shorts, flop hat and crocs…

    1. Yo Glen! Another man of good taste… I like that. I got (them) from https://www.royaura.com/ No $$$ for the reference. They have an AWESOME collection and they don’t break the bank. I got three really nice ones to get a wee bit ‘dressy’ (leastways dressy by Florida night out standards…) Shirt Sizing is good/accurate too which is my (pardon le pun) biggest problem.

      I will warn you tho, they take a minute to get here from Chy-na. Couple of weeks at least. But they seem well made. The only issue I had was the pants run -really-small and tight in the crotch… I only got one ‘trial pair’ and looked like I was advertising my religion it was that tight. Not sure on returns as they’re ‘harem style’ baggy beach pants, and they’re pretty unisex, so’s Gretchen is now wearing them and they look good on her.

    2. I was gonna say something similar and ask Miss Gretchen if she let’s him wear it in public! I didn’t know he was into bowling! Happy Birthday, Miss Gretchen.😁😁

  13. Yes a belated Happy to your lovely wife! And way to tease us about the LE interaction. Hope all is okay.

  14. Man, you got a don’t fuck with me look even when you’re smiling.

    First thought I had was dayum! That dude looks like he’d peel your head off your body like a pop top, and probably with the same grin.

  15. Happy belated birthday to Gretchen. Hope you two had a nice evening out. Took my wife out to brunch today for her birthday. Went shopping for her gift last weekend as she couldn’t wait. My bank account hasn’t recovered yet.

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