Thaaaaaaats Better!

Sooo much better having central air that works.

Sapper and I went to a supply shack in Tampa proper yesterday… Place was deep in the Heart of the Hood. Cost me double of the one I ordered on the ‘zon. $20 for the ‘zon, a little over $40 for the one we got. The problem w/the ‘zon order is I ordered it on Friday for a Prime Overnight delivery and the ETA was 10pm!

Not good enough.

So 0800 we took the ride, got the part and I did the installation. MUCH better now. The ‘zon-cap if you will, showed up at 10pm, so now, as suggested by the majority of you all, I have a spare tucked away if this should happen again.

Sapper thinks we should do this annually either way. Just in case sort of thing and sort of how we pull PMCS on the filter monthly, and the blower unit gets checked every six months.

Either way it’s nice to enjoy a coooool Sunday. Took quite a while to cool off the house after the repair as it had hit 86 inside… even the cats were uncomfortable. Gretchen was the only one comfy as for instances like this I have an ’emergency window unit’ I put in the bedroom for her. Only thing I hate about that thing is despite it’s size, it’s an energy pig.

Not really caring these days. Just preparing for the worst. Getting as much overtime as I can to make bank so’s I can keep getting MOAR of the ‘necessities, the bare necessities” that Baloo in “The Jungle Book” was singing about:

Granted, in the way the song goes, it’s all about ‘the moment’ i.e. one shouldn’t worry about anything other than fulfilling the very basic needs and instant gratification, living life day by day and focusing on the moment. In my view?

Making sure we got the ‘bare necessities’ to ride out the coming storm. MOAR Food, MOAR Ammo. MOAR Comms gear.
I’m good thanks.

Feel free to contradict me.

The Feds tried to close down and ‘confiscate’ Alex Jones’s studio the other day. The only reason they didn’t was he locked himself inside, and called the Local Sherriff who told the Fibbies to fuck off and die in a fire.

THAT is a cautionary tale. Ole Alex Jones IMO is a nutjob. I was listening to him back in 1998-99 when he was broadcasting back in the day from Austin TX. Being stationed at Fort Hood (Da Hood) he was always good for some laughs. His “Black Helicopter” conspiracy shit (all Blackhawks and modern choppers are black-ish in color) His claims of “All the Russian/NWO Armor ‘stashed’ at Da Hood…. Man I could go on for days… Problem is, he’s like a broken clock. He’s at least right twice a day.

The “Russian/NWO Armor” of which he spoke of was a vast collection of shit that various units brought back from Gulf One. So much so that the CG (Commanding General) of the base had to have it ALL centralized as there was just too much to go around… like almost a Battalion worth of Soviet Shytte plus ‘other’ interesting items that the units who deployed to Saudi first, then Kuwait and then back home? I mean each and every. single. unit. scrounged -something- to take home.

Case in point, sometime when I was in 2/187th, the 5th Group Barracks had a ‘shakedown’. They found, no shit, a fully functional and (could be) armed 12.7mm DsHK Russian Heavy Machine gun in one of the rooms. I say ‘could be loaded’ as there were a bunch of ammo cans, new, fully loaded with 100 round belts as well. It was not demilled.

Seems some of the 5th Group engineers had ‘collected’ the weapon, tore it down, and put all the pieces-parts in with the engineering stakes and ‘other’ engineer surveying equipment. I mean the tripod? Yeah a tripod is a tripod is a tripod… especially to REMF inspectors… and if you threw the barrel(s) in with the ‘other’ long metal tubular objects I’m sure they’d be overlooked as well. And unless you knew what you were looking for, the receiver group could pass through as well…

No one got fried for it tho… the Group ‘donated’ it to the on post museum. Used to be on display. Not sure now as the last trip there the Museum was closed.

But yeah.
I mean another “for instance” was in 1994 when I was stationed in Hohenfels. One of our ‘new-ish’ M-113s developed a fuel problem. Leaking fuel cell. It was ‘new-ish’ to us in that it was a hand-me-down track from I think 4ID. Well, our wrenches went to work, started to tear things apart, removed the cracked fuel cell and lo and behold!

There were 4 folding stock AKMs inside the fuel cell. Seems (they think) that the crew and/or maintenance team (in Iraq/Kuwait during Gulf One) had stashed them (the AKMs) inside the fuel cell with the intent of recovery after they had returned to Germany from the Gulf.

The problem was, THEY went back to Germany. The track? According to the investigation, it sat for a loooong minute in Kuwait before being sent back to Germany. At which point instead of going back to its point of origin, it went to OUR unit as we had the most burned out raggedy-assed equipment in all of EUSARA.

I mean hell, we were the OPFOR.
We ran out shit into the ground like you fucking read about. So, after us having it for about a year, they think them AKMs being battered around inside the plastic fuel cell finally cracked it, resulting in the need to swap it out. I mean I’m impressed that the fuel cell lasted that long as in 1/4INF OPFOR, we ran our vehicles balls the fuck out 254-7 for at least 230+ days a year. I’m amazed it didn’t happen sooner.

So, yeah… if I start slacking in Poasting, it’s because I want to start running a wee bit “quieter and deeper” so to speak. I have waaay too many things to do before they come to cart me off to the camps so to speak. I do NOT want to be ‘that guy’ who pokes his head out of the burrow, only to get cranialized.

So More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Thaaaaaaats Better!”

  1. Hey Big, did you know Mack Spears at Hohenfels? I grew up with him and our careers overlapped for 20 years. Eod1sg Ret

  2. I wonder how many German machine guns and subguns, not to mention Lugers and what else, came back from Europe in 1945 and are stashed away somewhere. The guy I am named after was in the engineering corps and they destroyed a ton of guns but I bet a lot of those guns accidentally ended up in luggage that came back to the U.S.

    1. My old ARNG unit armory had a “museum” room of sorts that was loaded with captured German infantry gear that the unit took home in 1945. Up until sometime in the 1970’s it featured an MG42 with some belts of live ammo and some live potato masher grenades all sitting under a glass display case. This armory also “lost an M-60 in the 70’s that ended up in Northern Ireland, so increased scrutiny put an end to the museum room soon thereafter. They got around to closing the armory NCO club bars nationwide in the 80’s and the unit was never full authorized strength again.

    2. There was a widow in Chicago who found a near perfect STG44 her late husband had brought back. Turned it over in a gun “buy back”. Wouldn’t be surprised if the popo sold it and split the profits. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of those WW2 vets kept a few of these things because they found that they couldn’t trust fedgov. These guys would have been old enough to remember the Bonus Army and the way they were treated.

  3. Caps don’t really wear, they just run until they fail. (I think that technically there is some falloff in charge rate, but that’s not pertinent to how an AC uses a cap.) I would say instead, just get another one, keep two on the shelf (I have one on the shelf now) and replace them when they fail. You just found out how quickly and easily they are changed once you have the part, so two-is-one on the shelf should be fine. When you can’t get caps anyone, you probably can’t get the power to run the AC anyway.

    If you go Gray Man, first, good luck with that being as hard as it is for you to even fake gray, and second, I’ll console myself the loss of entertainment with what an pain in the ass someone Gestapo has in their AO.

  4. Ol’ AJ….he’s good for a laugh, here and there. I think his only redeeming quality is that his very existence and doing what he does pisses the left off with few equals.

    I stopped listening to his show because when he does have a good guest on, like, say, Matt Bracken or Peter Schiff, he can’t seem to shut his cake hole and let his guests talk.

    Personally, I much preferred Art Bell for talk radio.

  5. Our Company brought a 75mm recoilless rifle back from Granada. The USAF crew were convinced that we had brought it in, and so didn’t hassle bringing it back . It’s in the 82nd Museum, last I saw.

    When I was in Group we had a plethora of Sov Bloc weapons AKs, RPDs, PKMs, SGMBs and RPGs. Know your enemy.

    1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      Good for Alex for beating the FedBois.
      If they’d just ignore him and leave him alone, no matter what he sez…….well, being DildoCrats and RINOs, they just can’t do that, can they?

      (I’d hate to be the FedBois in their next “stack”, ’cause you just know that someone will prepare ahead and come behind them…….and, ’nuff said.)

  6. Mr. Pete, our next door neighbor in CT was an 82nd Airborne D-Day vet. Went to see him and his Pretty Wife on a trip back east in the mid 90’s. Found out he passed away same day as my mom. Small world. Pretty Wife showed us his Lugers he brought back, one with crossed anchors 1939 and one with cannons 1936. Very cool.


    Happy White Pride month

  7. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Yeah…I get what you mean mean about A/C.
    I’m out west, a lot dryer, so I have a swamp cooler.
    Which just quit (suspect burned out motor and wiring problems).
    Just before the Summer Heat begins.
    And finding a repairman? It’s a dying art.

    1. Check out I found that when I was in Iraq, and it helped me learn HVAC.
      Only reason I had to replace my entire system a year? Year and a half ago (couple grand there) was that the cooling coil had completely rotted through. Otherwise I had kept that fucker limping along for 5 years past it’s expiration date…

  8. Did anyone get Adolf’s gold PPK?
    Stalin’s golden Tokarev is pretty cool as well.
    Just think what trinkets the glorious 69th rainbow rump rangers will bring from the Moscow Green Zone after the glorious march and brilliant Volokolamsk Highway victory. (s/)
    AJ roasted Mr Potatohead Stelter from the Communist News Network so he gets a limited pass for that and some normies would still be off in sporstball muh grill land without AJ.

  9. My American grandpa brought back a French cavalry carbine, a Vz24 and bayonet, and some kind of submachinegun. He kept the subgun with a friend out in the country, until someone “broke into the barn and stole it.”
    When my grandmother passed away and Dad sold her house, he and I went through it with a fine-tooth comb to see if that subby was hidden away somewhere.

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