Two Tiered Just-Us and I Need a SERIOUS Vay-Kay.

Nope, nope, this isn’t about OrangeManBad getting the ‘wet-willie.’ We ALL knew that was a most assured outcome. The best way to put it is (h/t WiscoDave):


THAT is the self-righteous sanctimonious piece of shit that gave our Gran#2 to the BabyDaddy in a utterly corrupt back-room deal and then sucked over $75k out of us while continually insuring we had ZERO chance of ever getting her back…

The link to the fucking TRAVESTY is HERE
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast
I’m not gonna FedPoast

Oh but OH HOLY FUCK do I feel the fucking need to

It’s fucking bullshit Aye…

So, enough there. Use your imagination as to what I’d reeeally like to do to that utterly smarmy self-serving sociopathic piece of shit. Involving the Flammenwerfer as the coup de grâce… meaning having him writhing around, on fire, in exceptional and exquisite pain….

With me laughing maniacally the entirety of it…
In Minecraft of course…

Yep. Two Tiered Just-Us System.
It protects it’s own, to the point they’re going to be really surprised when not if they start being drawn and quartered, and their guts being fed to hogs while they’re all still alive and screaming. Can’t wait to see the looks on their collective faces… Pure-Dee Pikachu Face as I’d expect…
Until the screaming starts…

I’m sensing a trend here….

The other “Name of My Pain” today is a recent and not totally unexpected thing from a recent shopping trip. Gretchen has tummy issues. Not many things she can eat that don’t cause bloating and pain. One of the items is the Special K with the yogurt ‘chunks’ or whatever they call it. She has at least one bowl a day, maybe two if she’s feeling like having it for dinner as well as her breakfaqst.

Needless to say we keep it in the pantry.

Last night after a few brews, I had the munchies, and decided it’d be advantageous to have myself a bowl as well, as hey, been a looong minute since I had some cereal. Up in the top shelf is where we stash the boxes, as the top shelf has plenty of room for them tall boxes. I saw that the boxes (2x) I had bought yesterday on a BOGO (pretty good deal, but still… $8 for a single family size box of cereal??? C’mon man!) I saw the box (open) that I had bought the week before.


The ‘new one’ on the left, the week old one (open) on the right… What prompted me to investigate further was as you canb see, the new box is taller and thinner…

Now, it sounds dumb, but to my trained eye, I was like… “That’s not right!” in that I took a lot of classes at MassArt back in the day, and I just had to check… I have some abilities in I don’t know what to call it? Spatial Equality/Sizing/Awareness? It’s hard to describe… I get a visual and can tell if something is actually bigger or smaller, or at least volumetrically capable of holding ‘stuff’ the same way… it’s part of the trickery of modern packaging and there’s an art as well as a science behind it… it was a class I actually got a solid ‘A’ in…

Both boxes were the same width on the front side… it was narrower as you saw on the linear side. The newer box being just taller. I measured them. The trick:
Old Box (Purchased only one week earlier)

19.1 oz.
New Box (Purchased yesterday)

17.9 oz

A difference of 1.2 oz.
Considering that a serving is 42 grams of cereal, which equals a cup, 1.2 ounces of cereal is 34 grams, which equals (in bran which was the closest thing I could get to straight cereal) .52 cups of cereal.

This means that Kelloggs is shorting a half a cup of cereal per box, but still charging the same as if it was still same as it ever was… Much like the Just-Us System:

Like I said… I positively need a vacation…
Leastways for maybe a night or two on the beach somewhere.

But unfortunately it’s not happening anytime soon.
I’m banging this out in the extreme heat as the ‘new-ish’ AC has crapped out. I’m hoping it’s the capacitor. I’m pretty sure it is. (Please GOD let it only be that). My AC Guy, the awesome Joe-the-AC-Guy who I’ve had for years? He retired… moved to Ohio!!!!! I had no idea and he’s been taking my calls, walking me through various potential fixes… he finally let me know today he’s gone!

Aw shit.

He –did- give me his apprentice’s number, but he’s working for “Giant Conglomerate Air-Conditioning Repair Incorporated” and can’t get here anytime soon. So……….

I ordered a new ‘cap’ on the ‘Zon.
Gets here tomorrow…
If that doesn’t do it, I’m screwed

Talk about enough bullshit to make Mister Peanut even saltier…
I’m sooooo over being a shytte-magnet.

Now, lastly, anyone who wants me to take a crack at Missing Relations DotMil records or whatnot, email me at
I’ll need the following:
Full Name
Service Dates and Branch (if available)
We can discuss pricing and whatnot… I’m not sure if we should do a flaty rate or hourly? Hourly could get deep… I mean as an example: Uncle Connie? In trying to find out if anyone had come across any wreckage that had previously NOT been Identified, I ended up emailing every. single. Dive Shop and/or water excursion shop in both Australia and New Guinea. As Connie’s A-20 left Cairns (Australia) and was hopping to Moresby (New Guinea).

As I said in the article in question “Well, back in 2020, as well as 2021, I went and found almost ALL of the SCUBA shops that offered dive excursions on and around Cairns and Port Moresby. Believe it or not, there are 3 A-20 Havocs that are within ‘normal’ diving range’ i.e. no mixed gasses needed. I got in contact with them all, and kindly, they let me know that they (as a collective group so to speak) had not found the Abijah Gooch, but IF they did, they’d be in contact.”

That was a metric shitton of hours involved.
So flat-rate? We can discuss options as we go.

So, other wise, More Later
The Hot AF Big Country

29 thoughts on “Two Tiered Just-Us and I Need a SERIOUS Vay-Kay.”

  1. A new cap almost always fixes it. One advantage of living in the city is that if its daytime I can get a cap off the shelf at the local ufixit. (Actual name.) Our outside machine got installed closer to the brick wall than it should (borrow your pikachu face?), so our cap goes about every other year right when it gets to 100 degrees. This reminds me that I’m due, and I should just order one and have it on the garage shelf.

    The shitty thing is that a lot of techs sell entirely new systems on a bad cap.

    1. What really fries my balls is all of the AC Supply depots locally? At ALL you have to show your HVAC license to get a part. PURE Monopoly. Last time I needed a cap, the shop I went to, the guy behind the counter was former 82nd so I ‘patch rubbed’ him and he sold me what I needed… he’s gone, so my only -in- is as welll dammit…

      1. That’s balls. Even the ones that cater to techs still sell to anyone with cash here in Dallas.

      2. If you have a grainger or motion industries nearby they will have capacitors and usually fan motors.

      3. My POS brother-in-law will try to upsell someone a new unit for the smallest thing because then he gets a commission on it. Need a new cap? He’ll sell you a whole new unit!

        He should be dropping from the clotshot any time, now. The world will be a better place when he does.

  2. Ah, BCE – been there, done that too, my friend. I’m lucky, the HVAC guy/expert in my circle is my brother-in-law, and even though he’s ‘no longer practicing’, as it were – he still does work for family and close friends (essentially at cost – if you’re not an ass about when he can get there), or for his “I don’t want to do this job” rate if you are. 😉

    And yes, he did a ‘remote diagnosis’ using me for his eyes and ears to determine that the most likely issue was the starter capacitor – then called the local HVAC supply shop for me to go and get the part and install it. Fixed it right up – been right as rain since. 🙂

    Here’s hoping you have a similar resolution, or one that’s at least not much worse.

  3. I’m totally in vacation mode, just finished a crappy short week, but getting on a plane to southeast Florida coast in the morning for a week.

  4. Welcome to Bindenomic induced shrinkflation comrade.

    As to the A/C – post the model number and Mfg. name of the unit so I can look up the diagram.
    I have several caps on hand for my unit and even for a couple of neighbor units, just in case. That or the capacitor size and op voltage. Note, try (difficult) to find a U.S. made capacitor even if old, most vendors carry Chinese shit and these fail constantly.

    1. 2 boxes sitting here, run capacitors. Trade-pro from chi naaa and AMRAD from the flag wavers USA made splat right in the middle of the box, they even put it in the part # for this 35/5 x 370/440, get this USA2227.
      I had heard that amrad was one of the two top caps to use, don’t recollect the other at this moment, but would not surprise me if it is one I thought had been gobbled up in a “merger” or acquisition by a conglomerate, so what would happen to the quality in that situation…?

      A quick story, after a few years past install, the cap went out on a relative’s unit, some guy’s buddy comes out to put in a replacement, mex made, blew in a month so he has to come back and puts in a china one, ran for several years, at least, on that one, had to replace again (lucky bro had one in hand, he was having to change his every 2 or 3 yr.) so bit the bullet and got another for on hand, that AMRAD, so waiting to save my own backside next heat wave.

      Another real good tip is to have a stop leak put in the charge, since the new units use aluminum A-coils, prone to pinhole leaks, so one local big Co. always puts stopleak in new installs, since a 3 year +/- leakdown being common, got the warranty period past so lots of owners irate having to pay to have something just out of warranty need work of serious nature. Got a spare stop-leak for maybe 30 bucks after needing a charge of 3 lb of the new n improved freon and the guy graciously only charged 300 with the stopleak included. Remember when there never seemed to be a need to charge AC units? Good ol’ copper coils, try to find one in an a-coil, if you can, don’t hold your breath, same for a solid metal car radiator without plastic tanks, even a replacement for old cars that came with all metal get the plastic tank treatment, it seems.

    1. Trump isn’t going to jail, or even being seriously inconvenienced…That 3d world “acting” judge made so many blatant errors, like not requiring a unanimous verdict and many more, that he’s practically asking to be reversed…By the time this case is thrown on the trash heap, Trump will either be President, and pardon himself if necessary, or he won’t…Meanwhile, he has gained support…

  5. You can whip up some killer trail mix with Special K, raisins, cranberries, white/dark chocolate morsels, mixed nuts.
    And justice for all under a blind lady liberty?
    Constructs of the white male patriarchy and no equality of results for all.
    It only gets worse until defenestration and glowy bois can serve at the bath house glory hole.
    Be happy, it pisses the comrades off.

  6. I feel your A/C pain. Mine died last week. It’s 20 years old and uses R-22, which you can’t get for love or money, so the whole thing has to be replaced to use the new refrigerant (thanks EPA). I’m working with the same HVAC guy that I’ve always used, so I trust him. How does $11,350 sound?

    1. Duuuuuuuuude… that’s a ripoff IMO. Paid $7k installed for a 4ton here… of course I knew the guy but that’s insane!

  7. Re rates for research…

    Maybe use a hybrid model. Have a flat fee that covers everything up to, say, 10 hours of research. Takes you all 10 hours or only 5 minutes, fixed price.

    After that, go per-additional-hour with the client authorizing up to N hours. When you hit N hours, get paid, deliver interim report (which realistically means you stop at N-1 or 2, so you have time to put a good synopsis together), and see if they want to keep going for another N.

    That way you and the client both have protections. The initial fixed cost helps to screen out non-serious clients, and keeps you from dealing with lots of small, not-very-profitable requests. When it clicks over to per-add’l-hr, you get paid for work done as it’s done (more or less), so a client can’t stiff you on the whole job. The clients get interim reports so they can see you’re making progress, and needing to pay as they go and reauth means they’re not going to be surprised by a huge bill at the end.

  8. I feel your pain on the cereal box discovery, but they’ve been doing that for years. I did overnight stock at a local grocery about (5) five years ago when I first noticed.

  9. 74 sunny with a sweet breeze here on the eastern shores of L Superior

    AC? who needs that? haven’t needed “air” in 8 years so far..

    FL? BTDT way too many peepul and waaaay too HOT for me these days

    1. Yea have to wonder how many people are going to die when they don’t have power to run their AC and No Freezer so no Ice…Glad I live where I don’t need it…

    2. I’m working in St. George right now and it’s kissing 100F. Being in a graveled substation is almost as bad as working on top of a mirror. I have to get up 40 feet before it starts to *feel* cooler.

  10. Speaking if 2 tier…

    There is a case out if PA regarding a Commonwealth Court having two guys thrown in jail for a civil matter over a licenece.

    The commonwealth court does not have autjority to do so – the tyrant judge is nakedly corrupt.

  11. Oooooooooooooo, I have to have my Name Brand cereal and it went up in price…………..
    Oh No, my AC MIGHT go out……………

    About time for another begathon, doncha know…………Hey I get it: plenty of suckas out there.

  12. Hi everybody, it’s June 1 as I type this so Happy White Pride month.

    Be ungovernable, co-opt their message, wrench in the machine, Free DJT!


  13. Ran into a “hard start” issue once. We had pack units on each end of a transmitter shack. Our shack was an offshore comms shelter with stainless hardware and a dogged door. Had a pack unit on each end. It would alternate between the two, or use both depending on how hot it got inside. One day, unit one started blowing breakers. AC guy came out and diagnosed it as a hard start. The compressor got a little tight, and it wouldn’t kick over with the cap it came with. Not sure if he went bigger or smaller, but it worked fine after. He said all compressors change over time. Some get tighter, harder to start, the others get easier.

    When the ChiCough hit, I started ordering spares when I could. Oil, filters, grease, work clothes. Might be smart to keep a couple caps on hand, just because.

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