6 thoughts on “Home Safe”

  1. “Home is the sailor, home from the sea
    And the hunter, home from the hills.”

  2. If it were under better circumstances…your good lady on her way with a date with a knife and me convalescing from getting my own guts going under the knife, I’d have suggested you stop for lunch near Pensacola as I live about 2 miles north of I-10. There’s a great Philly cheesesteak shop up here.
    They say God only gives you burdens that you can handle…well…
    When he’s done proving that we’re all a bunch of fuckin’ Terminators, we’ll get to hook up either near here or there.

  3. It’s good to get out and about on morale booster pack.
    Visited Harold the Brain at Pineland Safehouse and he is getting a 1000 gallon gasoline tank installed on the acreage!
    Next time I’ll be able to put some petrol in the jalopy right in the driveway.
    How I love that Realtree bike and just want to ride it home but it isn’t highway rated or plated and car for bike is a terrible deal.
    Keep calm and stack useful items deep.

  4. Hey Brother just came across something that maybe you should get your lady on and that’s low dose naltrexone… Supposed to help with all kinds of ailments and cancer…

  5. still thinking how shabby those 187th barracks looked. those overgrown bushes/trees were supposed to be dwarf shrubs.

    what a disgrace. those buildings were clean and bright and nicely/military style landscaped. the fucking grass was Tops pride n joy.

    and the HQ looked like shit too. everything there needs a fresh coat of paint by the looks of it.

    nothing about that picture besides the color looks the same at all. and is that an air conditioning unit in the lot?

    JHC! air conditioning? back when i was in, you wanted a cool breeze blowin in your face you went for a 10 fuckin mile run..

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