Been Out Of Pocket and Busy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for being out, but been being a full time ‘body servant’ to Gretchen has been tiring AF. She’s been in a lot of pain, but is now doing better. Doc did a great job, nay a fantastic job on her, but for a lil while, I had to ‘take up the slack’ as she was not a happy puppy.

Seeings that the puppies in question BOTH got cut on, I can’t blame her. Doc not only got rid of the cancer, but also evened out both of the breasts, and then did a lift. Literally she’s got a new rack.

So, been busy.
Lots of good comments on the whole boat shitshow. I’m still not convinced. Either way, conspiracy or not, the entirety of the country is on a downward shit-spiral.

Take for instance the latest retardation coming out of the Oval Orifice. Sunday… EASTER SUNDAY the (mal)Administration has declared it to be  “Transgender Day of Visibility”.

Not sure who the fucktard is making these decisions, but I’m sure he/she isn’t a Christian nor a Catholic. Which only leaves two choices for possible religious affiliations, one of which in less likely (Islamic) OR

The moar OBVIOUS choice being just a “cohenincidence” of course I’m sure… I mean otherwise IF it was good ole “Joe from Scrotum” well, he just blew that “I’m a practicing Catholic” out of the water as a fucking lie. I mean, for a while, he did appear to be a ‘traditional Catholic’ especially his love of little children (in particular his daughter from what we’ve heard).

Yeah, the Kidsmeller, or leastways his handlers I think might have fucked up by the numbers again. Especially since they seem to have forgotten that ALL them illegals and south-of-the-border Hispanics? Like 90% of them are functional practicing Roman Catholic.

And most of them have ZERO love for the tranny-freakazoids.

So IF OrangeManBad has any people worth a fuck on his Election Committee, he’d make a commercial bashing the ever-loving-fuck out of the Pantshitter for this one. Mainly because the actual numbers show that real time support AS WELL as ACTUAL NUMBERS of real trannies is in the single digits percentage wise.

Meaning that they (the trannies and supporters) would have ZERO effect on any REAL elective numbers. In fact it’s be a good move as the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, what with their reflexive “Anything OrangeManBad does = Evil/Bad” reactive methodology, all that would do is cause whatever wavering folks who initially –didn’t– want to voat for him, to take the time to step out and do it. If only to “give the finger” to the freaks and Enemedia.

He needs to get out there and use the Enemedia AND their automatic default attack mode against them. Employ it as a positive. He did it the first time around, and it worked, up until he let his (((son-in-law))) dick-bag to start telling him what to do. He needs to shitcan that fucker… if anything, put him, on a plane, alone and have it crash somewhere over the Atlantic.

So, on that note, gotta go help herself take a shower. It’s a bitch ‘cos she can’t get -anywhere- wet from her neck to her waist, leastways for another couple of weeks. And last note: Happy Easter Y’all. He is Risen!

So More Later
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  1. I’m gonna go with “small hats, big noses, huge problems” as the players behind the transfaggot proclamation. The regime is absolutely loaded with them, hell probably upwards of 6 million. And make no mistake, this is straight up blatant antagonism for its own sake.

    They clearly relish shitting all over sacred tradition, and how better to do that than to desecrate the holiest day of the year for the Catholic Church, and many other mainline Christian denominations, with this misplaced praise of damnable perverts.

    Of course we are at the point where more of these insults will be heaped upon us, so prepare psychologically for that, and try not to let it piss you off, is the best advice I can offer. It is an outrage, but we shouldn’t be giving these pricks the satisfaction of getting is visibly agitated.

    If there is to be a reaction, let it be done stealthily and without explanation. These dirty fuckers should be fearful, very fearful. The best way to instill that existential dread is for some of theirs to fall to random and quiet retribution. That is all.

  2. The Catholics were infiltrated 2000 years ago, they’ll figure out eventually.
    Barry and Big Mike are behind all the rainbow batthouse gloryhole server and BM did the first tranny story hour.
    Somewhere in the deep archive I have the EPIC actual auto transmission on the floor of the restroom with the caption…there is a tranny in the men’s room.
    About the ship and Marilyn Moseby bridge in 2040, some experienced seafarers are calling bravo sierra on the steering, says modern ships have back ups and there were warnings about cyber attacks on vessels before all of this.
    Found some dank morale patches of a chair against the wall!

    1. Catholics, at least the “Roman Catholic” (latin type) didn’t exist 2000 years ago. But yes, you’re right, they have been infiltrated; our dear leader is proof!

  3. Well, as to responsible Roman Catholics, the Commie unPope has been quietly and not so quietly showing support for the fags and trannies. Which is no surprise because the College of Cardinals kind of forced Benedict (the KrautPope) out because Benedict was a serious rules follower and against the Lavender Mafia (as the gay cardinals, bishops and priests are called) and installed the current Commie unPope as their meat puppet (much like Slo Jo is the meat puppet of the Deep State.) So there is a quiet upswelling of old school Catholics who are really getting tired of the bullshit from Rome. And a quiet upswelling of old school American Catholics who are really getting tired of the bullshit from Catholic Charities (who are major movers in the illegals invasion) and Rome, especially when Rome censors the good cardinals, bishops and priests who aren’t following the gaying of Holy Mother Church. A reasonable portion of these American Catholics voted for Slo Jo because he was Catholic. Now? Lotsa hatred for the Regime and what they have done to good Catholics (fucking terrorists because they believe in marriage and children? WTF?

    Especially since a good portion of the lower ranks of all the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, you know, the dudes that actually have to enforce the edicts of the upper ranks, are… Catholics and lots of them are going through ‘crisis of faith’ moments as to whom to support, themselves and their families or the upper rank deep staters. Which is why there’s been a steady hemmorage of good workerbees from said intelligence and law enforcement agencies over the last three years. Not enough hemmorage, but still, like in the .mil, it’s the real workers and squad leaders and the ones that actually hold things together that are the ones who have left or are contemplating leaving.

    Glad the Doc was able to do the coreplugs and reconstruction all at once. My wife’s boobs removal was a horror show and looks like a drunken Jack the Ripper/Red John with epilepsy sliced her yabos off.

    1. Going with “You are what you do, not what you say!” the Catholic Church is the world’s largest pedophile ring, disguised as a religion.

      Something about ‘better to tie a millstone to you neck” quote about children makes me say I have no respect for ANY religion that has been watching this and said nothing!

      1. No. The Catholic Church isn’t. Islam is.

        As to Christian Churches, there’s actually less abuse amongst Catholic clergy and laypersons against children than in most other Christian sects. The worst? Probably fundies like Church of Christ though the Baptists and Methodists are right up there.
        Though regular Mormons aren’t, the Fundamentaists are ad all the sins of the Fundies (plural marriage and child abuse are lumped into the overall Latter Day Saints even though the normals are radically against the fundies.

        Don’t buy into what the eneMedia has told you and tells you about the Catholic Church abuses. Not saying they’re bad, but in comparison to many other sects, they are minor league.

    2. That is the best Easter photo ever. Congrats my friend, I have summarily stolen it. Best regards to you and yours on this Easter from Crystal River.

  4. The Israel lobby, also known as the Zionist lobby, are individuals and groups seeking to influence the United States government to better serve Israel’s interests. The largest pro-Israel lobbying group is Christians United for Israel with over seven million members.[1] The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is a leading organization within the lobby, speaking on behalf of a coalition of pro-Israel American Jewish groups.

    see why Israel can kill innocent children with American taxpayer money

    1- Because the God of Money of our World is a Jew who supports and lives in Israel. For more details, click on the following link.

    2- Because

    See how innocent children are killed by the most powerful Israeli using American bombs at

    Al Jazeera Arabic Live


    if you do not do something such as going on the street and telling your government which is controlled by the Jews to stop killing the Gaza people and stop the Israeli War and send food to the starving people of Gaza. If you can not do it then forward this message with the above two links to at least 4 of your friends and ask them to forward it to 4 of their friends so that the world will know that the new mass murderers are the Jews of the world . It is ironic that the Holocaust servicers (the Jews) are creating a new Holocaust against the Philistines in Gaza.

    if you do not do this also then you do not have a HART

  5. Electoral politics have little to do with it, it is simply another humiliation ritual. Shoving our faces in the fact that we have lost any semblance of control over or say in our “government”. This “election” should be a slam dunk for Orange Man but he will “win” only if They allow it. Even then, nothing will change unless Trump has grown a spine and added a few dozen IQ points since his last time in office where he was swindled, hoodwinked and led by the nose at every turn.

    1. They’re going to allow it so they can admit the Economy is in the Toilet and he gets the blame.

  6. This is a repeat of 100 yrs ago, the same (((bad actors))) pulling the strings and leading us down their path to a Bolshevik takeover.
    Weimar Germany dealt with the same issues we have, except we don’t have the backbone to fix it. That would be racist and cruel, so we’re told by our handlers.
    And the masses refuse to figure it out. They can’t see another Holodomor coming because they don’t study history, brainwashed into subservience.
    Gonna be a helluva ride, for those that can think and survive.

  7. “So, on that note, gotta go help herself take a shower. It’s a bitch ‘cos she can’t get -anywhere- wet from her neck to her waist, leastways for another couple of weeks.”

    Two words, dude. “Saran Wrap.”

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