A Bonus, Oyster Rage And Other Things

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A nice day laboring for the People in that I got an on-the-spot $100.00 bonus for good work at Peoples Glorious Tractor Factory #206. One of the customers from the Proletariat gave a good review on the Goolag that mentioned me by name, which then equated to a $100.00 instant bonus.

Who knew?

Guess that new policy was announced during one of those meetings where you learn to sleep with your eyes open, and ignoring all the endless droning on of the Commissariat. Either way, this means that I’ll be ‘scalp hunting’ for a few more reviews as I can use the Rubles.

This being said, I took Gretchen out to dinner tonight.

Her new labs came back, and one of the other things noticed was exceptionally low iron. Like as in anemic. She’s suffered from that in the past, so one of the best ways to boost that is, of all things raw oysters.

Now myself, despite being brought up on an intense seafood diet, as I lived right there in a fishing ville on the North Atlantic, I personally can’t stand oysters on the half-shell. Fried? No ish. Cooked in -something- like a chowder? No ish. Raw like a hocked-up loogie/lunger on the shell? Hard pass.

Ah-yup. Can’t get past the whole ‘ice-cold booger’ thing

Now, we tried this this past weekend to get some oysters. Sapper took us out to dinner on his tab, which was pretty damned cool, as he recently got a promotion and raise at HIS job. Hence time to celebrate, as good news around here lately has been a mite sparse. When we got to said eatery, we were informed that they’d just run out of the snot-on-a-shell, and that Wednesday was when we’d be best assured to get a platter of them, as that was when the delivery came in fresh, and that “Wednesday was a slow night.”

My ass.

A 40 minute wait for the table.

Only to be told that they ran out of the snot-on-a-shell 10 fucking minutes earlier.

Cue “Oyster Rage”.

I was soooooo pissed off at the situation… now to be truthful, I was also having some –serious– low blood sugar anger… Hangry AF as you will… now I didn’t take it out on the poor girl… Not. Her. Fault. but as far as the situation? I was seeing fucking red.

I immediately ordered a double Beam, straight, no rocks with a Miller Lite Draft (no Tranny Fluid for me still… I’m doing my part… how about you?). Told her it was to calm myself down as I was really upset at the situation, and not her.

Not sure how she did it, but she managed to get a tray of a dozen for Gretchen. Methinks there were some ‘reserved’ trays for local VIPs or something… leastways when I was growing up on the seashore, that’s how we handled that sort of thing… put some aside (like lobsters and such) for the VIPs and fuck the proles and tourists.

Gretchen said I scared the poor thing half to death. It might have helped her with her motivation to get a tray for my beloved… either way, I made up for it with a $30 cash tip after making sure that she was going to get the tip-$$$ and not get fucked by the usual communist ‘share-and-share-alike’ tipping thing… as I myself too have been a victim of that scam. She was also a great worker/waitress. She deserved it after dealing with me tbh.

T’was a great night actually.

The fucking fish and chips is off the chain at this place. Forearm-length piece of North Atlantic Cod (for real, I can tell the difference if it was being faked) in a real Brit-Beer-Batter? And the fries/chips?

Wonderful… A+++, would Highly Recommend, 10 for 10.

The problem as I found out was that they’re exceptionally short staffed. That’s why the empty tables, but a 40 minute wait for a table, on a “not so busy night.” Seems that even offering higher than normal waitstaff wages, no one wants to work there. So, this leads me to believe either an exceptionally toxic work environment, or…….something else. Considering our waitress was pretty chipper and upbeat, and the staff working seemed happy despite the fact they were getting run ragged, I’d say there’s other issues at work here.

Your observations/thoughts?
Mine? I think that the subsidization of not working fucked up things horribly. Add on a $20 mandatory minimum for what’s not a rocket science job, and you got issues. Then add on the amount of ‘excess deaths’ from the Vaxx (but not the vaxx… not that!) and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing.

We’ll have to see as shit keeps ‘percolating’ as they say…

Now, other things that’ve –not– made the news:

The Krainian Head of the Gestapo, “Boris” Budanov came out and said that Alexei Navalny, the “Color Revolution Agent” in Russia that was imprisoned (quite righteously so) for treason in the Artic Circle Gulag, died of a blood clot.

Now this ain’t no opposition rag…
This’s the local news in the Krain.
Think “New York Slimes” of Kiev.


Now THAT IMO, throws a very large and ugly wrench in the Untied Staatz stories about the stories of “…the valiant opposition leader MURDRED most foully by VodkaManBad!!!!”

Yep… seems the fucker was 5x VAXXED to the MAXX!!!

Now why Budanov is doing this? Well, I have a suspicion that it has to do with those bio-labs and info the Krainians have.

Methinks that by publically calling out the story of Navalny being killed by a Vaxx-related injury, as opposed to a ‘murder-most-foul’ by VodkaManBad, this his way of saying “We have the dirt on ALL you fuckers, and if we don’t get more cash, we’ll let even MOAR damaging info out about the Vaxx and the whole shitshow you fucks did to your own people.”

I mean the vaxx AND the virus was developed somewhere
And considering we’re not really sure what the CIA was up to for the PAST TEN FUCKING YEARS OF SUBVERSIVE CHEM-BIO ACTIVITIES THERE, you might be able to understand my -hesitance- to believe anything our ILLEGITIAMATE Leviathan Corruptocrat DotGov has to say anymore.

Make of it what you will.

Last thing:

Couple of MORON smoothbrains tried to say that the pic of the first M1 Abrams smoked by the Rus was bullshit. Said-pic being this one here:

Something I failed to mention when I showed it before… If you can see the white-outlined rectangle above… I’ll outline it here in this pic:

That, my friends, tells me that that is one absolutely dead AF M1.

Reason? That right there in the red circle is one of two ‘blow out panels’ on an M1 series Tank. You can see them here on a pic of my own model of MY M1A1 I rode on in the Cav… and yes, I have a model of every. DotMil. Vehicle. I worked on/rode/drove from my time in service… makes for a nice display TBH:

Right behind the TC hatch… mine is missing the .50 as Spawn #1 ate it when he was a lil kid… Anyways, The concept is that those doors, IF the tank takes a bad enough hit, will keep the crew alive WHEN and IF the ammo on board starts cooking off… The vid is here:

The doors are held in place by about 16 short bolts on each, and have 2 shackle points to remove the doors IF they need to get to the ammo racks. The three circles are pressure vents that keep equalized pressure and humidity at a minimum in the ammo racks. The blown out tank above shows the white industrial strength adhesive they use to make sure water and other shit doesn’t leak down and into the ammo bustle. Seeing that white rectangle means the ammo storage blow out panels have blown… which means that the tank itself is dead… at the very least…

HOWEVER… the issue is that the MOST telling thing about that pic is that the smoke is NOT coming from the ammo racks… The smoke is coming out of the Tank Commanders Hatch, and the Loaders Hatch (circled):

That tells me that they most likely had the Ammo Access Door locked OPEN. The door, seen here (red circle):

…is a heavy motherfucker… about two inches thick on an M1 with the 120mm Main Gun… the one in the vid is the old 105mm main gun round FYI… thing is, it’s not designed to be ‘locked open.’

There IS a lil workaround “Joe” came up with. The door is activated by a knee-switch which activates the hydraulics to pop the door open. In this vid I poasted, it’s obviously an older model M1 as on our newer models, that Blast Retention Door moved like a motherfucker, and you could lose a finger/hand to crush damage if you weren’t cautious. The workaround was to have the door open, and then disconnect the circuit breaker keeping the door in the “open” position…

Good in training.
BAD in combat, as seen by the pic above.

That means the tank got hit bad enough that the on-board ammo blew the fuck up, and took out the doors, but because the smoke is coming from the interior that means the majority of the blast vented inside the fucking tank itself!!!!

“Hello, my name is Crispy, How do you do?”

Ain’t no one got out of that fucker IMO.
Post-Toasties Anyone?

And all the ‘other burning shit?’ in the pic… I’d say it’s the crews personal gear in the racks outside… not that they’re ever going to need any of it again…

More Later
Big Country

35 thoughts on “A Bonus, Oyster Rage And Other Things”

  1. The issue with restaurants being short staffed is due to Gen Z and some Millenials being lazy fucks who refuse to work. My 3 kids are Gen Z, they’re 23, 21 and 20. All 3 work but many of their “friends” do not.

    As an example of some members of Gen Z:

    My middle daughter is doing the lesbian thing these days. Her girlfriend is 19 and cute but has one of the worst attitudes that I have ever seen. She was so lazy that she dropped out of High School at 16 and claims that she has “mental issues” and can’t work. She claims she has Borderline Personality Disorder and Autism. YET she is too “stressed” to ever see a shrink. So how does she know she has these conditions if she’s never seen a shrink ? Oh, Tiktok where other dumbass teenagers have videos saying “if you feel X,Y,Z then you have X”.

    This girl ALWAYS has a BS excuse why she can’t work or do something but is used to sponging off her parents and now my daughter. Her main goal is to get classified permanently disabled at 19 so she can get Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing, Obama phone, etc.
    “Working is for suckers” she says. “screw working, I’ll stay home and stay on social media, play video games and watch Netflix all day”.

    The thing is MANY of her friends are like this and my other daughter who is a nurse says many of the kids that she went to High School are like this as well.

    You’re right BCE; between government programs, helicopters parents, participation trophies, and the lockdown, GEN Z and part of the Millenial generation are ruined.

    1. I know all about lesbian daughters Jimmy. Like yours, mine has a batshit crazy life partner with mental issues.

      I am convinced they get a lot of this shite from the schools. Everybody gets a prize, nobody fails, your self esteem is more important than an education, all the kids are different, unique and special – no no no, they’re all the same and nobody is better than anyone else… it’s lunacy…

      1. I agree and I call it the “lesbian thing” because officially she claims she’s “pansexual”.
        So, I said Ok that’s bisexual ? Nope – she said she can love anyone of any gender.

        It’s all bullshit because before the girl she’s with now, she always dated guys and even lived with a guy right before she broke up with him, moved half way across the country to live in New England with this girl.
        They got pissed at me because my wife and I are Facebook friends with both of them and I told them last week “for 2 supposed lesbians, you 2 sure talk and joke about guys and dicks a lot. Every lesbian I have ever known NEVER talks or jokes about guys sexually.

        Basically I think with a lot of the younger generation these days is “if it feels good, do it” and “anything goes”.
        I blame their damn mother. In 2011 she out of the blue left me for the guy she was having an affair on me behind my back and then got full custody and limited my visitation in a nasty court fight that she of course won. Her husband didn’t GAF about the other 2 kids just the youngest girl and those 2 have issues between that and the bullshit taught in the liberal school they went to.

  2. The normies are heavily invested in the myth of the Abrams’ invincibility. And the idea of American secret super weapons that will magically transform the Ukes into death dealing destroyers of worlds. They’re all over OyTube poasting fake stories of glorious Uke victories and crushing Russian defeats…😂

    Gawd I laughed at your tank-eating spawn! I remember coming home and seeing my reloading bench covered with stickers and decals. My Pretty Ponies, Ghost Busters, Barbies… and it didn’t bother me one bit.

    1. Speaking of which, where is General Aesop these days ?

      He’s awfully quiet and I miss him calling us Putin boot lickers. 😀

    1. B/C some of the folks I tag aren’t following me, but like some of my occasional rants and reference them, and also, what does it matter?

  3. Related to the door circuit breaker trick in yhe broader sense:

    Make something stupid proof? Possible

    Make something idiotic proof? No!

  4. As soon as you said smoke from the TC hatch, I thought “Jutland.”
    Not too far into the battle, when the British ships started getting hit, the Brits started catastrophically exploding while the Germans were just heavily damaged. It was found out after the battle that the British obsession with gunnery speed meant that they had locked all the anti-flash magazine doors open. Got them an extra 1-2 shells a minute, man. Also means that when a gun was hit, rather than losing the gun, the explosion flashed all the way down to the magazine and broke the ship’s keel.
    We know this because the Gunnery Officer on the Lion was an old-timer and made his people use the magazine doors properly. The Lion lost a gun, but didn’t lose the ship with it.

  5. There isn’t much I miss about living in New England but the fresh seafood is one thing I liked. Living in the midwest, we just aren’t getting fresh seafood no matter what they say in the store. We used to get fish and chips from a local place when we lived in New Hampshire and that fish was swimming earlier in the same day.

    1. Same here, great Ling Cod fish and chips and Dungeness Crab on the very north coast of Ca. But wouldn’t trade my pot of brown bean and corn bread in Missouri for that batshit crazy place now that I’ve moved back home !!!!!

  6. “ The problem as I found out was that they’re exceptionally short staffed. That’s why the empty tables, but a 40 minute wait for a table, on a “not so busy night.”

    Don’t eat out much but have observed the same thing many times since the boolchit pandemic.

    Not many wanna work to hard, tired of the glorious tractor factory bullshit. Quote from my Dad after he retired, “I was tired of the bullshit”. That phrase stuck with me and was observed on a regular basis. Year’s later two more of my elders I respected said the same thing.

    Then my day came early a few years ago, not by choice and I understood completely. 40 years of working starting with a lawn mowing business before I could even drive and a few good years left and said phucket I’m out, not gonna slave and make money for these phuckkers anymore. Happy but I’d rather be working, so far so good.

    Prayers still coming your way, lean on your faith. In the end it’s all we got

    1. Just an aside….the Pro-Act, meandering through the halls of congress, will positively hinder anyone from becoming their own boss. At this point I’m just delving into the whole mess; but it seems as if the “elites” don’t want workers to work anywhere else BUT in a phukkin’ business.
      Better to keep an eye on ya; me thinks.

      1. I’ve been self employed since 1986 and tax free for the past 20, and don’t see any reason to change. What I do and what I earn is my business alone and nobody else gets to say anything about it. fuk-em-ded

  7. The way you make sure “your” server gets ALL of the tip, is to make it a gift, not a tip. Gifts are not taxed or reported, so you gift your server because you “like” her, no sharing unless it’s her choice.
    The VaxX has fucked up everything! Talk about supply chain issues… Found out yesterday the repair shop can’t order suspension bushings for my Ford!

    1. Last time we ate out (4 years ago) I handed the waitress a $10 bill.
      I pay everything with cash.

  8. If a ‘knee switch’ opens the ammo locker door, what commands the close? You mentioned the hazard to fingers and hands but not the action that causes the close. If opening a breaker would freeze door movement, was there a timer in the loop?

    And I’m Old Cav, like black boot. ADA Chaparral/Vulcan.

    1. Releasing the knee switch, you got like a second, maybe 2 before the door slides shut. Normally, as you pull the round out ass-end first, and it’s in your arms/hands you pivot towards the breech with the round as you turn it/flip it over to get the pointy end into the breech. As you pivot, your natural movement makes your knee let off the switch. Then the door shuts.

  9. Re Gretchen’s low iron problem. Years ago, when my sis-in-law was pregnant, she was quite anemic but couldn’t tolerate the constipating iron pills. Her doc said to cook everything she could in a cast iron frying pan, and that worked for her. YMMV

    1. With my wife and anemia from her monthly, it was fried chicken livers, liverwurst and braunschweiger sandwiches, and pate of cooked chicken livers.

      A good multivitamin with iron tends to not constipate too much and serves as a good base for other vitamin and mineral supplements.

  10. BC – am with ya on oysters. Can’t stand the things other than in well made chowder, sadly around here (land locked center of the world) chowder is 80% spuds, 5% watery stuff and maybe 5% actual protein of some sort.
    As to serving wenches and wankers, the problem is fooking endemic. Since the bat flu hit, ALL the restaurants in the Midwest are suffering severe short staffing, just can’t find people. Don’t know why or what all the folks that used to be working in hospitality have gone on to make ends meet but they are scarce as hens teeth. Not only restaurants/bars but also hotels, motels and store clerks – few to be found. Things are really effed up. We have a couple of watering holes with familiar staff that are always present, but others, every couple of weeks when we stop in, it is a new face and usually not very competent or experienced in the business of waiting on tables. We tip based on quality of service, wife used to be a waitress back before we met (white knight and all that) so she has a soft spot the size of Saturn for waiters and waitresses. Ergo will tip $$ like mad for the good ones. I feel my wallet squeak each time that happens, but what can one do.

    Glad you got a decent meal and service, gal earned her keep. Prayers ongoing for Gretchen and family.

    1. Some of the issues are due to the increase in minimum wages and places not being able to afford to hire, and a lot is due to the shear numbers of people on disability or unemployment.

    2. “Don’t know why or what all the folks that used to be working in hospitality have gone on to make ends meet but they are scarce as hens teeth.”
      Handouts. Never ending unemployment checks.
      I know a chef who could work but instead takes the freebie payout instead of working.
      I’ve lost a lot of respect for that “man”.

    3. Oyster chowder? Never heard of it.
      Would never eat a nasty assed raw oyster but I have been known to do some serious damage to clam chowder (new england or manhattan) and conch chowder.

  11. The covid bs, more onerous regulations regarding wages and overtime, and colleges have screwed everything up. An amazing amount of 30 -55 year old folks that worked in the service industry went to school and are getting their degrees in underwater basket weaving and basketball American studies. Folks younger than that are still at home with their folks, since they expect to make 60 grand a year to waitresses or ring up you burger or it isn’t worth it

  12. Oysters are what drip out of Ox noses when pulling heavy wagons… How can anybody let them slip down your throat without gaging?

  13. Oysters…fried, steamed, BBQed, raw…don’t give a shit. I’ll eat them all… in season. Guess it comes from being a Floridian.
    Never did like squid or octopus.
    Singlepus, yea…just not octopus.

    1. No, it doesn’t come from being a Floridian.
      I lived in Fort Myers and Cape Coral for 40 years and NEVER ate oysters of any variety. The very thought makes me dry heave.

      I have however eaten more than my share of all kinds of seafood and especially Grouper. Gator tail and turtle octopus is too spongey and shark has a metallic flavor that leaves my tongue feeling like a 9v battery so I only tried them once.

      Set a plate of grilled scallops and shrimps with no adornment in front of me and get the hell out of the way.

  14. Steamed, select, oysters, right off the grill, on a cracker, with a dash of Frank’s wing sauce…washed down with ones favorite beer… pure heaven.

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