A Book Review Tomorrow

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Finishing up Don Shifts newest:

Rather Appropo is it not!?!

Seriously… so far, a good read, I’ll go in depth tomorrow.
Had a full day. Glorious People’s Tractor Factory Phone got knocked off the desk and broken by Bob-the-Cat. Screen shattered when it hit my 10kg weight. I got one of those kettleballs I curl at the desk to maintain -some- muscles…

Damned phone is trashed tho…

Hit just right to get totalled.

Otherwise, more tomorrow… early bed as I have a long day of Gretchen oriented Med-Stuff to deal with

Big Country

8 thoughts on “A Book Review Tomorrow”

    1. Said before, but bears repeating,…an anitisemite is anyone a jew dislikes or fears..

  1. FFS – you too, eh?

    I’ve never broken a cell phone in my life. One day I said “Ya know what? I’m a responsible adult, careful with my stuff. Ima gonna take the case off my cell and be done with that bulky POs!”

    And that very day, first time in 15 years…I dropped my fuggin cell. Shattered the screen and I just wanted to grab a mallet and pound what was left into dust! 😡

    I STILL get pissed right off just thinking about it!!!

    1. And the damn things USED to be $200 and now are over $1000 and up if you get the latest greatest.

      Between my elderly mother in law and butter fingers daughter, the Verizon protection plan pays for itself every year.

  2. That Abrams.

    This is how the Abrams story was covered on the RU state TV news today


    Funny how the Russians show very clear drone video of it moving about but only very blurry stills of the actual “attack by a kamikaze drone”. Plus it looks very like the UA crew got out and walked home.

    Maybe it was something that happened after running over a landmine. Then someone throws in some thermite grenades as a going away present. Or it just broke down like the Leopards are doing in large numbers. Turns out Soviet gear was built to be treated like shit while Western gear is rather fragile. There again the Soviet gear blows up at the slightest excuse. Although the Turkish tanks did not do too well when they invaded Syria a few years ago. A whole bunch of Leopards went boom in short order and the Turks very quickly decided to declare victory and go home.


    If you want to know what Soviet TV was like in the 1980’s watch Putin’s “State of the Union” address yesterday. Change some names, change some numbers and the patriotic slogans and Brezhnev could have given the same speech in 1980. Even the glazed look and faked enthusiasm of the audience was the same as in the 1980’s.

    Seems the “Great Patriotic War II – The Empire Strikes Back” must be not going too well if Putin spent most of his time talking about grade schools, potholed roads, and outdoor plumbing in Siberia. And yes, he did mention the modern equivalent of tractor factories. RU civil aviation aircraft production. That’s very big on RU state TV at the moment.

    Onwards to Victory. Workers of the World…Sorry. Wrong war.

  3. Just read the last war. Good book. Got it on Amazon.

    Book posits two approaches to ultimate weapons. Would we had someone in the wings like the hero of that story.

    Have to read yours as well.

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