Christmas Day and The Latest Observations About The Krain and The Med

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Nothing sez “overworked” than a stress fracture on my hoof Aye? Pressure/stress fracture on the leg foot from alllll the cooking/cleaning that I’ve been up to over the past? two months? including Thanksgiving?

Yeah, been a busy couple of weeks to say the least. We did Christmas Day at Gretchen’s Parents place, and it went great.
The foot hurts like a motherfucker, but hey? Foot pain is part and parcel of being a grunt… We had a lot of fun… well Gran#1 did, me and Gretchen? Notsomucho… not that we didn’t… it was more to the fact of having to make sure -everything-… gifts, food, parents and Gran were all doing the right thing, at the right time.

Gretch spent most of her time being ‘Johnny-on-the-Spot’ for her ‘rents, as well as ‘herding the cat’ known as the Redheaded Atomic Firestorm, AKA Gran#1.

Me? I was on the Cooks Detail per usual.

Missing from the pic is the mashed taters, as I went “Full Philistine” and made the Bob Evans Nukular Mashed Taters…

There’s only so much one dood can do in a compressed day…. I mean I think I did well… 3 pound boneless Turkey Breast (perfectly done), a three pound spiral cut baby Ham, my super-seekrit Dressing (which I’ll poast the recibe on in a minute at the bottom of the page as I’ve gotten a LOT of requests for it) and Garlic Green Beans…

Needless to say, I pulled it allllll off and everything came out of the oven/off the stove precisely on time so’s everything was fresh and piping hot.

The only major fuckup was I forgot to grab the bag of frozen-to-be-baked sourdough rolls when we left the Haus… dammit… Leaving the casa we were bringing so much bullshit I overlooked the rolls… pisses me off, but no one was overly upset… One of those “woulda been nice if” sort of things…

The gift opening went well. Gran#1 helped Pop-Pop (Gretchen’s Da) open my plaque I made for him:

…and that was the gift of the night… Dad was really happy about it… like majorly. For those who missed it:

Dad tripped the fuck out over it, as he’d lost/thrown away most of his shit from being ‘in’… he loved that I got the rockers made and it was the gift of the night.

Then Gran#1 got some ‘stuff’ as well… a couple of games, one being the classic ‘Operation’ and then no shit, SIMON if you can believe it:

Maaaaaaaaaaan… lot of memories from Simon. MomUnit and DeadDad had it back in the late 70s. They and their frens used to get stoned and -try- to play it… they had that version above, whish is the 1978 1st Edition. The new one is significantly smaller, but works the same… do far my best is 15 light/number combinations. The thing is cool, but frustrating AF…

The ‘RAF’ as we’ll call her for brevity (see above) got a pair of matching pink Sketchers that her GiGi (Gretchen) has… now all she needs is a pair of matching black leggings and top, and we’ll have a “Mini-Me” situation unfolding. And BTW, if you look in the background of this pic, you can see Dad wearing his Sailor Whites right behind the RAF’s head… I’m really glad I got to do up his service plaque… he’s called 2x times already today and mentioned how thrilled he is to have it… Makes me happy AF to have been able to do it for him TBH.

Moving on:

As far as international ‘stuff’ happening/current stoopid: It seems the Krainians managed to take out a BIG landing craft, specifically the Novocherkassk, a 320 Foot Amphibious Assault Ship.

It can carry up to 10 tanks and 340+/- personnel. The ship’s regular crew is 87 people. It got hit by what folks are saying are the Storm Shadow missiles, which were supplied by the Brits and the French.

Blew the ever-living FUCK out of it from the vidyas I’ve seen. It was docked and from the size of the explosion, it reminded me of the Arizona going full retard when the Japs hit the magazine on the Big A… got me a hunch something similar happened to the Novy, as it too went full retard and blow’d da fuq up HUGELY!

Credit where credit is due, Good Op. Not that it’ll mean anything except hurt the Russian Morale and Pocketbook, as I imagine that a boat like that costs a metric shit-ton of Rubles. On the other hand, word is that the two planes that launched the attack? A pair of SU-24 Fencers:

These being a knock-off Soviet version of the US FB-111. According to reports, they were shot down during the second attack run. They literally went and launched successfully, blew up the boat, RTB (returned to base) refueled and rearmed, and went back the same exact route for a second strike

Say fucking what!?!

NO IDEA what genius came up with that particular plan?

Tell you whut, NOW the Krainians are down MOAR two planes… Utterly Irreplaceable planes for that matter… I highly fucking doubt that they’ll ever see F-16 #1 anytime in the next year, if ever… That’s just my call… fucking morons I swear.

I mean it’s been a looooong minute since they had any significant amount of Aircraft at their disposal, and it seems they didn’t heed Han Solo’s admonition of “Don’t get cocky!” and decided to try and run another attack, the same day, using the same route.

Even at the lowest level (Infantry), we had beaten into our heads never use the same ingress/egress on an Op. Basic Operational Security 101. Something the Krainians apparently failed… again. If they know HOW/WHERE you got in? They’ll cover it after the fact.

That route you used to ESCAPE/EGRESS? Same dealio. Might as well catch someone else lacking in the brains department who decides to do the same thing again, which leads in most cases to a bad case of the “deads” which brings us to the aforementioned Fencers, which are probably toast/scrap at this point.

In fact, shit like this makes me question the basic IQ of the Krainians. Like when right before the BIG counter-offensive, where they had all these front line looking motherfuckers holding one finger up to their lips like “Sssssh!”

As if Ivan didn’t know this shit was coming

Makes me truly wonder if these guys are in Somalia-Levels of IQ Dumbassery? It’d make sense as I don’t think anyone with an IQ over 70 would be doing what these fucking retards are

Jes’ Sayin’

Either way, I do applaud them for getting it done. However, it’s tempered by the notes that followed (via 3rd Party Sources) that they fucked up and got two irreplaceable aircraft ‘Aced-Out’ so to speak… never mind if the crews lived or not either… I mean wow… great publicity, as I can’t find any Western Media who isn’t putting this ‘on blast’ (as if it mattered at this point) but man, talk about prolonging the end?

Then, in the Med, after ALL our ‘allies’ essentially told us to ‘pound sand’ regarding the non-stop unending Israeli Defense bullshit, well, like I wrote about a couple of days ago, this lil bit popped up:

Wait One……………
FIRST Missiles?
This has to be bullshit

Mainly because going back just a few weeks ago the DotMil was trumpeting how they were shooting down Houthi ‘stuff’ on the regular… I got me a hunch that now, since folks like me and CDR Salamander (linked substack) have been talking about potential ammunition shortages, the impossibility of reloads, and the general fucked-uppedness of the current US DotMil Navy sit-rep there in the Med, that now they say that they just NOW started throwing ABMs at the incoming Houthi ‘stuff’

So which is it?

Did you or did you not stop a bunch of Hostile Houthi Hardware Hightailing it at Hebrew Hosts via shooting them down with all them hi-speed/lo-drag SM-2 missiles? Or was it all bullshit?

Inquiring minds want to know, because as I read the FauxNews story, and it’s sort of ‘murky’ if you will. My own opinion is that since it went ‘public’ on just how much ammo these tin cans have, (or lack that thereof/reloading capacity) and how quickly that shit can get spent, nevermind the fact that at-sea reloads? Nope… shit ain’t happening…

In fact, I’m sure some Navy PIO (pubic information orifice, no misspellings fyi) puke decided they needed to reassure us, the fucking taxpayers who’re footing this retard-bill per usual, that No, they haven’t been using and expending the sooper expensive missiles that require the boat to go home to be reloaded in the defense of the Yids!

Nope, not those missiles

We’ve been using these missiles

Nothing to see here, these aren’t the droids you’ve been looking for, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, the check is in the mail and that broad was dead when I got here I promise…

I’d swear they’re gaslighting us, but since gas stoves and dryers under our current occupational dick-tater-shit wants to outlaw gas ‘anything’ I must me sorely mistaken amiright?

You tell me…
All I can do is sit here, be thankful my wife, best bro, and Gran are safe and cool, and that I have enough food and ammo to keep it that way. Let me know if you think I’m wrong or insane in the comments

More Later
Big Country

21 thoughts on “Christmas Day and The Latest Observations About The Krain and The Med”

  1. Glad you Christmas season’s been going better since the time when your Hyundai committed seppuku!

    Yeah, given the spoiled brat attitude of Bibi and the rest of the Israelis and the way the US MIC has spent years firing the competent/sane and grifting like hell, I’d say it’s likely the Israelis would order their US lackeys to shoot down incoming junk with whatever they had at hand–while having no idea how the rotted state of the US MIC makes effective resupply a non-starter. They only thing the SOBs don’t have a shortage of at this point is laughable lies.

    By the way, thought you might enjoy my comment on Sido’s latest article: the story and Arthur’s commentary is hilarious in and of itself (in Sub-Saharan dark humor sort of way) and my comment has of ghetto version of the Snow Miser/Heat Miser song you mentioned a few posts back.

  2. Seems for the bulk of Americans the media is right. They have the collective memory of a pigeon. A blatant lie is forgotten as they go see the next Football Talor Swift cameo.

    The stupid it burns, no it doesn’t or Boobus Americanis would remember better?.

    Yet somehow the mass media continues to dance and amuse the sheeple all is well, even as their bills come due from Christmas festivities. At Walmart you can use Aspire financing to pay for your grocery shopping over an “easy 4 month plan” at I’m sure a high interest rate.

    Maybe next month your boss will give you a raise to pay for that month’s food AND the Aspire payday loan sharking.

    War and destroying the Republic is expensive so inflation will continue to eat at our wallets while we defend the Sovereign State of Israel (*uck defending American Boarders from military aged male “Undocumented Immigrants”).

    Rome fell from debasement of its coin and Barbaran invasion. We’re spending trillions we don’t have for wars and inviting, transporting and making sandwiches for the invaders.

    Going to be an interesting (as in Chinese curse) New year?

    Protect your trusted family and trusted friends.

  3. Given NATO/the USA has gone balls deep in Ukraine, I wonder if the Ukrainians actually planned that op.
    Either way, a landing craft that’s not being used for much isn’t much of a win.

    1. I’m betting that a western analyst planned the route, told them explicitly to only use it once, and the krains said, “WTF does this guy know, he’s some desk jockey. We’re manly man pilots, we will go again!”

  4. The Fox News banner pic makes me wonder if they’re desperate to try new things. It says they popped a ASM (anti-ship) not a ABM. Maybe the .fg did a software upgrade, maybe some inboard hacker figured something out ot they are just fucking desperate because they’re Winchester on ABMs

    1. I’m also curious if it was really an “anti-ship ballistic missile” as noted in the article or was it just sloppiness on the part of the journalist intern who was assigned to write the article.
      Also, i read somewhere in comments (maybe here, in an earlier post) that ~some~ of these Yemen drones had been downed with cannon fire, for those of us doing missile inventory calculations.

  5. Forgot the rolls on Christmas? I did even better. Left the honey baked ham in the fridge at the house. Had to go all the way back to get it and delayed dinner a half hour. It was still a merry Christmas with all the descendants and their spouses or common law spouses.

  6. I recall a similar retarded strike called Linebacker II. Fly the same routes, same altitude, same time on target, same targets. Stupid can’t be removed from the human brain.

    1. JiminVA,

      You are so right and worse they were using B52s whose only defense against SAMs were powerful jammers. The Vietnamese (and their Soviet “advisors”) were waiting for the 2nd wave and ready to punch through the B52’s jammers. We lost a squadron of bombers that way (16) and of the air crews, 43 KIA and 49 POW.

  7. Y’all notice the very new looking clothes, jackets, shoes, bags, backpacks, and whatever these illegal invaders are wearing in most all photos or videos. They don’t look dusty, dirty or worn out from all that many, many miles they have been “walking”. Somebody been spending big money to screw us.

    1. I noticed.

      Also not a lot of varation in hair cuts

      A lot of high and tight or crew cuts

  8. The Kraine is a corrupt shithole that makes the banana republics look good. Americans truly have no idea who their friends and enemies really are. The Ukes are vassals of the neocons and international jewry; comparatively speaking the Russians are the good guys.

    I’m wondering where those planes are coming from, myself. The Russians can strike anywhere in the Kraine with bombs and missiles… I’da thunk they’d have cratered every run way in the Kraine by now. If they didn’t come out of the Kraine… where DID they come from? You can expect retribution on the way any moment, that’s for sure…

    1. Yes, but…

      Ukraine is a tool that we call a friend but, is really just a proxy.

      They are cynical cannon fodder that they are using to fight a personal war against Russia without using direct US support. Direct, kenetic US involvement would put their positions in peral and they cannot have that.

      After Biden I don’t know that we will have many freinds (or satraps for that matter) left

  9. “The only major fuck up is I forgot to poast the recibe at the bottom of the page.” There…FIFY! *grin*

    You keep doing you, Big Country…You’re appreciated more than you realize. Now…POAST THE RECIBE! I’ll be needing it for New Year’s Dinner @ Firebase Magnolia upon my return there.

  10. Simplicius suggests there’s a strong possibility that this old landing craft was hit by a local drone or two, from saboteurs who also provided the intelligence for the strike…Apparently they’re not finding the missile tracks to confirm it was Storm Shadows..

  11. Why would you use a surface to surface missile against an air target in anything but a SHTF situation?

    Supposedly the newest Kraine recruiting directive does not require new recruits to have :
    2-Eyes, lungs, kidneys, legs, arms, or any feet. They will also take people with Parkinson’s, a crooked back, a trach, various other conditions that would tend to need regular medical treatment. They have gone from the bottom of the barrel to the dirt under the barrel to suctioning out the outhouse pit. Though I suspect wearing a “Little Hat” will excuse you from service.

  12. Sounds like a good Christmas BC, have a better new year than the last. I went with the old faithful on prizes this year, EGG, everybody got a gun. PSA had a killer deal on AR “pistols” $439 each. Much excitement, specially at the midnight 2 minuets of fury party. All my peeps got a noise maker and a case of ammo, this is prolly the last “Xmas” this rat infested country will have.
    Go big or go home.


  13. Something to ponder: if the Novocherkassk has/had a complement of 87, and it went all Arizona, how is it that only one person was killed and two wounded (and already released from hospital)?

    Even a minimal crew on board while in port should have seen more casualties…

    1. Ship tied up at the Dock, attack likely at Night, and unlike a Battleship, not much Ammo on Board. The “Arizona” mostly Sank itself, the Magazine that the IJN Pilot Hit had almost a Thousand Tons of Explosives -and the reason it has never been fully Salvaged is that there’s still more than a Thousand Tons of Ammo in it.

      And I wouldn’t call the Loss of an LST insignificant to the Operation in the Ukraine – at some point, when the Ukrops start to Collapse, the rest of the Coast, and Odessa will have to be Taken. Landing Ships will be Essential to put forces in from the South of that Area; My question is, given that the Navy Yard at Sebastapol is being Targeted, with several Attacks ‘getting through’, just how Good is Russian ADA? Storm Shadow Missiles >have< been Shot Down a number of Times before, at least once by a "Pantzir" ADA Truck- (Short-Range Gun/Missiles on a 10-Ton 8 x 8) that was on-line with longer-range Radar Units. I'm suspecting that this 'Incident' is going to have some 'adverse career effects' for some Red Army guys, once the Board of Inquiry gets done…

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