Proof of Numbers, Hardship and a Pogrom?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
First off, a confirmation (of sorts) for the fuckstain commenter BFYTW who’s obviously a Krainian Cheerleader who’s comment “Source: Trust me bro!!” Well here’s the proof:

Go fellate Krainfeld, or better yet have him suck your dick as it’s obvious from the earlier stuff I’ve poasted about him, that’s his ‘thing’…. and btw, YER BANNED. Only had two people I’ve ever banned from commenting, you’re #3.

That was taken from Andrei Martynov’s Website (link HERE) who’s not been exactly a cheerleader for either side. I was incorrect on the sourcing, in that it wasn’t a higher higher who was being interviewed, but one of the Krainian Grunts who was doing a ‘tell all’ which I’m sure at this point he’s in a shallow grave, thanks to Krainfeld’s Gestapo.

1,126,652 Killed in Action / Missing in Action…

Yeah I got that wrong too… it wasn’t wounded… it was missing

And judging from the vidyas I’ve been watching, some from Russian Sources, some from Krainian Forces, let me tell you, the number of ‘stacked dead in windrows’ are all Krainian at this point. The myth of Russian soldiers doing ‘human wave’ assaults have gone the same route as “Jews made into soap/lampshades/babies baked in ovens”

Complete and utter Judaic BULLSHIT

Also, Yay Me!
I was right… seems that the Jane’s Intel folks stated that the ‘spotted Abrams in the Wild?’ It is an export model… specifically that had been set up to go to Morocco. This export model is the “…M1A1 AIM v2, also known as the M1A1SE (Situational Awareness) – an export version that was destined for Morocco, with a thermal imager on the TC Weapon Station(CROWs), but is not equipped with the uranium armor on the front glacis of the vehicle.”

As Razorfist so aptly puts it:

“Fuck You I was Right! Fuck You I was Right!”

(That’s if the vidya doesn’t load)

Yeah, love being ahead of the power curve.

Speaking of “Jews made into soap/lampshades/babies baked in ovens” we get this story about the hardships endured by the hostages taken by Hamas:

The “horrors” endured?
Sleeping on plastic chairs?
Barely any food?
Waiting to be executed while in a tunnel?

Sounds like what I’d call “Tuesday” at Mortaritaville, AKA Camp Anaconda (the Biggest Airbase we had) in Iraq circa 2004 to 2008….

Sleeping on plastic chairs? Check; that’s all they had at the airfield.. check in, and wait… and wait… and wait… however many hours it took to catch a flight to Germany and/or Kuwait… days sometimes… in un-air-conditioned rooms at some points…

Barely any Food? Yah… MREs IF they had them, more often than not these shitty ‘lunch in a bag’ Tuna or PB&J wannabe MREs that a REAL MRE would have been preferable…

Waiting to be executed while in a tunnel? Anyone who ever was under fire in Mortaritaville (Anaconda) well, it was called Motaritaville for a reason… 90% of the ‘bomb shelters’ were half pipe 4 foot wide half buried in the ground with some sandbags… you hoped like hell the Haj were exceptionally bad in their aim, otherwise, yeah, it would have been an execution in a tunnel…

I’m surprised they haven’t re-issued the ‘masturbation machines’ or ‘fed them to lions’ or some such shit…

Look, not to make light of it, being a hostage purely sucks I’m sure… however, the first two or three old ladies that got released? Before the Mossad or whatever could stop them, they made statements saying that they were, overall, treated nicely and decently…

Which goes against the narrative…

Mind you them 3 old ladies have positively disappeared after this… any bets that they kil’t ’em rather than let them keep telling the truth? I’m sure that Nutjobyayhoo wants them in a shallow grave posthaste. Probably listed them as “died due to the stress of their capture” or some such bullshit….

Can’t fuck with the narrative now can you?

Just like ¡Genocide Joe! can’t be seen as weak, they’ve been desperately hyping that 4 year old Dual Citizen baby who got recovered as an “American”. Despite reality is the kid speaks no English, and ONLY has ‘Murican Shit-Tye-Zen-Ship as the parents made sure that Mom’s US Citshit was used for instances just like this. Meaning IF shit went completely sideways the kid would have an American Bolt-Hole to run to…

How’d that work out for ya?

IRL, Hamas has not released any US Shit-Tye-Zens as an absolute Fuck You to ¡Genocide Joe! AND the US of A.

My bets is that we won’t see any releases until ¡Genocide Joe! promises to keep funding Hamas… which at this point, Nutjobyayhoo has already said that as soon as he’s done dealing with this shit, he’s going to get back on the ¡genocide! train full time…

Gonna be some interesting times ahead…¡Genocide Joe! is looking worse and worse as time goes on, even more frail and brain dead than usual… how this doesn’t count as elder abuse is beyond me…

The Trials AFTER the Krain Ends/Settles for Crimes Against Humanity against ¡Genocide Joe! and Boris Badhair are going to be EPIC. Thing is, they’ll either put Joe in the ground (hard to try a dead guy) OR if they had the balls, go after his cunt of a wife and ALL of his ‘controllers/advisors’ and hit them with ALL the charges…

Either way, (((certain folks))) can’t be too upset that over what’s probably a million, million and a half Orthodox Christians have been killed off… And then they wonder why everyone seems to have ‘turned’ on them? Talk about a lack of self-awareness, and a lack of personal responsibility…

Any bets the next Inquisition starts in Kiev?
I’m saying it here first.
Got a hunch when ALL is said and done, the Future Pogrom in the Krain is going to make all previous ones look like a spring picnic.

Jes’ Sayin’

More Later
Big Country

22 thoughts on “Proof of Numbers, Hardship and a Pogrom?”

  1. “1,126,652 Killed in Action / Missing in Action…

    Yeah I got that wrong too… it wasn’t wounded… it was missing”

    Missing….and of those, I wonder how many of them are deserters/guys who saw the writing on the wall or didn’t want to be there in the first place and got the fuck out of dodge.

    I’d be willing to bet that number’s pretty high.

    1. If you’ve seen the vidyas I have, it’s b/c the Krain is dogshit about body recovery/evaccing wounded… one vid I saw months ago was a treeline that Ivan had taken back after a severe back-and-forth… over a period of like 2 months… almost every square foot had a rotting desiccated Krainian Korpse laying out in the open… like dozens and dozens… easily ID’d by the blue tape on said stiff’s body…. it’s a pure horrorshow… realizing especially when I see old guys getting KIA’d in some of these vids? Realizing that they should have been home with their grans, and not in some Godforsaken field… evil…. pure-dee fucking evil is what it is….

      1. We’ll probably never know an accurate account of the death toll. The incentives for keeping the pay of the dead as potted plants, vs the death benefit collection (rumors that money is fast tracked to leave for the “refugee families”). The right guy sitting behind the right computer is probably making fake battalions of troops to collect pay, sell allotted gear then kill fake troops off to collect the money.

        Sad part is there’s probably real people rotting in a foxhole who are having their existence scrubbed by some other guy behind a computer to hide the loss and cover the losses for some officer.

        I have negative trust about anything going on over there.

        All I know is: I’m broke. My truck is broken by stupid emissions add-ons. My customers are broke. The only people I meet under 20yrsold are stupid/gay or illegal with bad intentions. It’s only going to get worse.

    2. How many were left on the field? BCE has notrd them leaving men behind and I bet a good number if them are “MIA”

      Ukraine is going to have good poppy fields.

  2. They were NOT fed to lions, you filthy liar. They were put into a cage that had a bear and an eagle in it. The bear would crush them to death, then the eagle would swoop down and peck at the bones.

    That’s not me making a joke about Russian bears and American eagles, by the way. It’s an account published by a Survivor of something or other. Where those dastardly NAZIs got the bears and eagles no one knows.

    1. HO GAWUD that cage was real goy it was right between the swimming pool and the maternity ward. My great uncle Moshe survived six death camps after they killed him on the electric floor holocoaster!

    2. The Nazis also borrowed Godzilla from the Japs to vaporize the 6 gorillion bodies. It’s well documented by the survivors.

  3. Dual nationals are not Americans. They are not our countrymen, nor our kinsmen. They have no loyalty to America, nor Americans.

    1. Well said Sir. Pledging Allegiance to anything is not ‘joining the country club’. You swear to put your ass on the line if the rotating object meets the shite\fertiliser. I did it once only.
      Dual nationality is BS – nothing but hedging your bets. I believe it was originally illegal in the US and banned it. I’m sure the Kosher Nostra put in an ‘exception’.

    2. Amen.

      All dual “nationals” should be repatriated so they can join the IDF in time to face a Pan-Islamic onslaught.

      The Pakis’ promise to provide Turkiye with nukes if they intervene should take the wind out of the sails of Israel’s Samson Option.

  4. Arguing with members of the Krain Kult is like arguing with Covidians. They have so much of their personal identity wrapped up in The Narrative that they will argue in the face of facts and logic to the bitter end rather than admit they were wrong.

  5. And to the globalist it’s just another day of population control. Their are issue worthy of fighting for, nazi’s ain’t high on the list. Of the 100 billion dollars sent I wonder how much made it back to our elected officials accounts? I’m going to guess 20%. Seems reasonable.

    Dying for one country is not what’s happening. When I read “. The US has a vest interest in a specific reason of the world” it really means corporate America has an interest in plundering that nations natural resources.

    It’s good to be the big kid on the block, one day that’s going to backfire, the US is gonna get curb stomped, well the citizens will,,,,,, big business those whom caused the problems will be in a bunker somewhere doing what they do.

    Wanted to reach out to “That Farmer” above. Brother I feel your pain, what this communist govt in DC has done to ranchers, Farmers is wrong. Big business is running you guys out of business, they want what you,,,likely your family have had for often hundreds of years. Fuckers think there entitled to your shit.

    Wanted to suggest to all here that if you’re looking for good dope, solid historical data consider going to Armstrong Economics blog. I’ve followed Martin for the better part of twenty years. His dope is scary accurate, uses a computer programmed with vetted historical data, basically reviews the past to determine the future.

    Armstrongs predicting a very unstable2024, I know that’s old news here, I’m a paired subscriber there, find the information projected to be wicked accurate.

    Christmas lights are up, Christmas trees up, looks awesome. Happy wife, happy life. I got my Christmas present early. My wife bought me a Gibson Les Paul #35 and two Mesa Boogie tube amps for Christmas. “I don’t even play the guitar”yet.

    Boys the truth of the matter is simple. Manage your families life no such thing as news anymore, all propaganda, turn it off, live your life respect others help where you can.

    We had the honor of working at the Reno VA guest house for 12 days. Serving Thanksgiving dinner just being with older shot to shit vets. The healing going on in the great room, one vet to another is amazing to witness. Often believe more healing of hearts and souls happening there than in the VA hospital across the street. These people are my hero’s

    We’re back to volunteer for another 10 days at Christmas time.

    Gents find a worthy organization and give em some of your time, pitch in most of these organizations lack man power can all use the help. The opportunity is amazing, the gift of your time is valued. If you’re a crusty old fuck, this may just soften your heart to the good in this nation.


  6. The little girl that was four. Well, her aunt was a major buyer of Hunter Biden’s art. I’m sure that she got released early on merit/need and no favorites were played. Yea, right.

  7. I was up at Anaconda 06-07. We stood up, trained and deployed, the Ugandan guard force. On the day they stood post for the first time, they marched on parade, at the stadium, for the BDOC commander (The Ugandan Sgt Major wanted this). As they passed in review, about twenty mortar rounds landed in the area which would become the security force camp, at the East end of the perimeter. It was just the insurgents saying, “Yeah, we see ya. We know what you’re up to…”. It was actually kind of surreal to watch our people on parade and a mortar attack less than a klick and a half away, at the same time.

    1. Down at the Basrah Palace, Nov 05-Nov 06. We got hit with rockets and mortars regularly. It wasn’t until about a year later that I learned that the Palace received the second largest amount of indirect fire in Iraq during 2006. It was surreal how quickly we all got used to it.
      We had to fly up to BIAP for our end of tour awards, and a Katyusha hit about a klick away from the PX area one night while we were there. Funny seeing guys DIVE into the gravel for a rocket.

  8. If they will admit to that number than it is probably more.
    Watched some more WAR viddys and it is all about the tanks now.
    One showed for UKE tanks getting smoked out on open plains.
    Ivan has a winner in the T-90, me likey.
    Soon it will be children, pregnant women and old men to depopulate Heavenly Jerusalem.
    Saw a gut busting meme about a hostage that was released because she was too bitchy!
    Glad the full moon is going away, I get almost to a point of howling when it is around.
    Keep meaner than a rattler and always carry on.

  9. Yo BC! When you brought up Balad (Mortaritaville) brought back lots o’memories and had me laughing my ass off. The good old days in ‘05 living in a tent in H6 across from DFAC 2, inhaling smoke from the burn pit headed via short bus to the munitions area. Worked nights and yep them assholes would always lob mortars around dusk which is when we’d try to hit the gym but instead ended up in those concrete tunnel death traps surrounded by gravel! Stops mud and provides instant shrapnel upon impact, what a deal! Nothing beat Saddams private movie theater equipped with an old school pee trough, who can forget that? Shyttin pants taking said short bus back from DFAC 4 midnite chow to the bomb dump and C-RAM going off. We thought the fookin radio in the bus went apeshit and possessed before looked out the windows and saw the tracers lol. Went back in ‘07 and was a lot different. Ugandans checking IDs at the DFAC, Georgians (Vlad and Dmitri not Jack and Bill) walking around with their AK’s. Rode a desk both times there but still saw and heard lotsa cool shit, could go on and on. Thanks for mentioning tho, made me day

  10. I wish I shared your optimism but I don’t see tribunals or accountability of any kind coming for all this manufactured bullshit. If so, by who? I’m usually in agreement with you on most things just not this.

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