An Abrams in the Wild and Krainian Kasualties Leaked

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A rainy couple of daze here around the casa. I wasn’t feeling too well… methinks it was just plain exhaustion. Running flat out is for the young, and as we’ve seen I’m no longer in THAT category by far.

Haven’t been writing much about the International scene as of late as well it -was- the Holidays, and just making sure my own are taken care of is hard enough. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up and track of some of the events.

One of which is now the second photo of what appears to be an M1A1 Abrams in Krainian Possession.

The reason(s) I say an M1A1 (standard, probably export model) are the following using the pic with annotations:

The Red Circle: That’s the bore-evacuator. Catches the fumes from the main gun firing. That’s the fatter, rounder model which means that the gun on this is a 120mm Rheinmetall M256 main gun, the same one that bonked me on the nugget and got me medically retarded out of the Army (10,000 pounds to the grape’ll do that)
The Green Arrow: That’s the CROWs system for the .50cal M2 Browning Machine gun. That stands for Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station which allows the T.C. (tank commander) to remotely fire his .50 without becoming exposed.
The Blue Arrow: Shows part of why it’s NOT an A2 and that’s the TC Thermal Viewer Station. It looks like this and is inside the blue circle:

Yellow Arrow(s): The lack of heavier armor on the front glacis of the turret shows this’s a Standard M1A1, and not the M1A1H, ‘H’ for ‘Heavy’. Mid 90’s they added more plate on the front which leaves a raised and distinct outline that can be seen. The pic above BTW is an M1A2 BTW, and has the heavier armor incorporated into it… those are I.R. marker panels to help with Friend or Foe ID through IR.

Not that this’s going to help them. Word is that they’re in the rear around Kupiansk in Kharkiv Oblast.

No idea if they’re ever going to let them out to ‘play’ but my guess is “Oh Hells Noes!” as like before, the Leo2’s got positively obliterated, the Bradleys, and then the Challengers as well. Western Tech ain’t it’s all cracked up to be…

That being said, word is out now, even in Western Wishful Thinkingville that the Krainians are trying to bail out of Avdeevka… specifically the big fortified factory that they’ve been digging into since 2014. The Russians, despite taking casualties have made some pretty aggressive moves and are doing the ‘inch-at-a-time’ house-to-house fight, rather than plastering the dug in Krainians with bodies and firepower. Octobers Casualties have run between 200 low, to 500 high, mix of KIA/WIA.

Now, on the other side.

Somebody is in trouble
Seems that much like that cell phone company a few months back who did the whole ‘send a text to a dead fucker thanking him’ promo, the Main TV Station for the Kraine, “Inter”,

also known as “1+1” (as it was the first commercial television station in the Kraine) well…

Somebody done fuuuuuuuucked up
Quite spectacularly.
During an interview with the various talking heads, the ‘ticker’ on the bottom showed the number of “Missing and Killed Armed Forces officers/men:

1,126,652 Killed/Wounded

Within a few minutes the ticker was cleared, and later the channel began to apologize for this figure… I’m sure that said apology was heartfelt I’m sure. When the Cell Phone company fucked up, that was when the numbers were about 500,000 known dead…

The cemeteries don’t lie… my understanding is you can no longer get ‘recent’ pictures of the BIG DotMil Cemeteries around Kiev… that and what graves they are digging, they’re now down to dis-interring Russian Soldiers from graves from World War 2, which is an abomination and about as dishonorable a shit thing they could do, they’re piling 3-4 stiff in each hole.

That’s even IF the stiffs are recovered. Plenty of TikToks out there from highly pissed off Babushkas asking about their sons, and soon enough their daughters methinks… Lots of vids of dead Krainian Chicks in trenches as of late…

One unit Colonel who’s on the run now officially, got caught writing off his dead as still ‘on the books’ as the way they pay the troops (IF they even get paid at all) is the money goes to the Commanders, who then ‘feed it down the chain’… this Battalion Commander bastard kept LOTS of guys on the rolls as still alive, and was pocketing the $$$$.

I’m not even going to go into the whole GI Insurance, or their version of it so to speak, and the scamming going on… They’re going to write books about this shit and what went on after…

“The Last Great ‘Gasp’ of a Dying Empire” with a cast of millions and starring Whomever is Grifting Hardest At The Moment.

One Point One Million
The mind boggles.
Have to see how it plays out. Right now it looks like Krainfeld is ‘all in’ on the whole “Game of Thrones” against his General Zahluzny (Bless You!) and they’re all going back and forth in a complete haze of bullshit and hubris… how they think they’re going to recruit 20k a month, get them ‘suited and booted’ and out on the battlefield? It’s insanity… all the while the Grift goes on. Especially in Greater Britishstan and here in the Imperial DotGov who have no fucking idea nor grasp of just how this’s going to play out… I mean they really think that THEY are going to dictate terms to Putin?

It is to laugh. They’re so far gone it’s no longer funny… in fact clearly delusional and quite possibly genuinely General Ripper levels Insane. Ah well. Don’t forget, Raffle is still going on, and so far I’ve only had like a handful of entries. $10 a pull gets you a new Gerber Rifle Tool and a Brand New Surefire Helmet Light. I’d call it a good deal…
So, More Later
Big Country

14 thoughts on “An Abrams in the Wild and Krainian Kasualties Leaked”

  1. Euros do that squads ride on top of tank and APC that we just don’t do.
    The most disturbing Krain viddys I have seen showed one get blasted with the troops on top and some were actually charcoaled, another showed smoke deployed way out front with the troops running behind in the open and another showed stuck hatch APC while under fire in a minefield, last man out gets his feets blown off.
    Even Friday JH Kunstler said these Krainians are just not military minded.
    No biggie to the MIC Warpigs and Heavenly Jerusalem scum oligarchs KIA is a feature to them.
    I had some unwell as well and family hooked up some RX meds that cleared it up after a handful over two days.
    Patched up my camo puffer with a piece off a long in the tooth headband, it is my precious and no sh1t Gollum, had it for over ten years!
    Jed Eye Knight is all about the mind frame headspace or the where there is a will there is a way.

    1. Yeah. This is why you don’t want your commander-in- chief to be a Jewish globalist with zero
      Empathy for all the goys he’s getting killed. Someone needs to frag him soon, although the damage to the future of Ukraine is done.

      Their are several American versions of Zelenskyy in the wings hoping to get a chance to duplicate this fiasco with white boys from Iowa, Idaho, Michigan and Texas.

      Gov. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois, a true trust-fund billionaire (Hyatt hotels), is closest to achieving the dream.

  2. 1,126,652 Hahahahahahahahahaha.
    Thaz alot uh Mazuryky.

    Glad to hear The Bangers mighty Chobham Armor is the Propaganda the Fag puffers are known for.

    How bout Ireland?
    Think the Lads are gonna Reconstitute? 3.0 should be Interesting. God Bless’em !
    Out come the Caches.

    1. They should play that old Paul McCartney and Wings song that got the UK government in a huff during the troubles in Northern Ireland, “Give Ireland Back to the Irish”. I’m sure these days it’d be banned as Islamophobia like boxer Connor McGregor being investigated for hate speech for speaking out against replacement immigration.

      1. The Irish traitor Government is playing with fire going after Connor McGregor…It could get interesting real fast..

  3. Call me a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” but I find it INTERESTING that a certain very small minority in Ukraine is running things and it seems their strategy is the massive depopulation of Orthodox Christian Ukrainians.
    Meanwhile almost ALL of that small minority’s members in Ukraine were flown out BEFORE the fighting started.
    Interesting isn’t it ?

  4. Even if the number of KIA is half that number, 500k dead in a relatively small country is huge and will have generational repercussions for a long time.

    1. Well, it’s certainly bad for Ukraine, if anyone actually cares about that. It will be the basis of a demographic crisis that may well end it as a viable country. I don’t really think Putin wants all of Ukrainian territory (and the cost that will come from having to assume responsibility for rebuilding it), but Russia may end up with it regardless, if it collapses. And collapse looks pretty likely to me.

      Further, that those losses were incurred at the behest of the shit stain neocons in the US, and also by the similarly defectively-minded imbeciles in Great Britain, I’d say it’s going to be bad for America and GB at some point, as there is likely to be blowback once a full accounting of the losses is done, and the reality of what has been done to Ukraine fully sets in with the remaining population there.

      Then too there is the fact the entire SNAFU of sacrificing scores of White slavs, many of whom were presumably Christian at that, has been directed and overseen largely by (((the usual suspects))). It is they who should suffer the worst consequences, but if history is any guide, they will mostly escape accountability for the disaster they have caused.

      Of course, none of this is news, it is the same old tired shit that has been done so many times before. Nice that it is being noticed on a larger scale in the present instance, but I am not optimistic that culpability will be properly ascribed. These slimy sonsabitches have a way of wriggling away and never paying the price for their disasterous decisions. May this time somehow be different.

  5. Not news, It was posted somewhere after the announcement to ship them some it would be months because they would have to come off the factory line without the secret sauce items in case they(knew) they were lost.

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