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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yesterday at about noon Gretch’s Dad took another header. He’s OK as far as like no bleeding damage BUT it looks like the rod that they implanted in his hip? leg? from the car wreck that kicked off this shitshow to begin with broke in half.
Now they got to figure out if they’re going to do surgery or just -leave it- in place…

So I’m going to be busy w/Housekeeping until Sunday night

<Le Sigh>

Oh and for the turdburgler who commented that the last poast was gibberish? Yeah, I got sidetracked telling a good story like most Irishmen do, so hey, don’t like it? Get fucked. You’re banned. As far as WHY the Corps cancelling the ball?


THAT concerns me moar than anything else…
As other commentators and DMs I’ve gotten, the Corps would hold a Marine Anniversary Ball even if it was down to the last two Jarheads on the planet Poast-Apocalypse… my story was meant to convey the humor AND lengths that a certain aforementioned group o’Jarheads did go thru to party down… in a Red Zone, in the middle of a fucking war.

There’s ALWAYS a Marine Corps Ball.
Hell even in John Ringo’s Master Zombie Classic(s) “Black Tide Rising” book series, the Marines had a Marine Ball despite, you know Zombiepocalypse!?!

First book of the series, highly recommend
Click if you want to read and yeah I get a ‘taste’ for the referral.

So yeah, Cancelling the Ball?

Bad Juju Methinks.
More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Everything is Cool BUT”

  1. Yeah it’s pretty fucking weird but then again not so much really these days. Every day we get closer to an election the weirder it’s gonna get so buckle the fuck up.

  2. yeah. was talking with my neighbor about it. he is a marine, and he say it never been done before
    so, something is up for sure. he also thinks the clowns in power want a war so bad they can taste
    it. he figures if not by the end of the year, next spring at the latest with these assholes.
    he getting a propane generator installed next week and a 250 pound tank to run it.
    and he trying to stock up on his meds too. although that is a bit hard these days
    as I have said before, I don’t really think we going to have/hold a election next year myself.
    they in power now. and they not going to leave if we “vote” them out.
    and they wonder why there is still over 1 million background checks done each month too.

    1. I service propane systems, I’ve installed tanks on 15 generators this summer/fall. We did 2 last year.

      I’ve also been showing customers how to use their bulk tanks (500-1000 gallon) to fill forklift and grill bottles. I can’t sell them the parts due to liability issues but I can show them the Amazon links.

      People are waking up.

      1. About ten years ago I got a wet kit to fill my 20 and 30 pounders from my dual 500 gal tanks from the propane distributer. Is that a new dumb fluck rule put out by our betters? I even have an adaptor hose for my travel trailer regulators to a bigger 120 gal tank when I was hoping around the country if I was staying in one place for the winter and got that too from another distributor. Are they no longer available? I still have mine.

        Hey BC, is your site having problems again not keeping (saving) commentators name and email stuff?

  3. Don’t matter what the brass commands there will be a birthday celebration wherever there are Marines It’s the ranks that make the Corps the brass are just for window dressing

  4. Not to say that the Jarheads (with a left hand thread) out there aren’t real Gyrenes, but I’m willing to bet a paycheck swap, and dollars to doughnuts, that somewhere out there, a bunch of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, are having their own, private, under the table, on the QT and DL, Marine Corps Ball. Small groups, here and there, quietly (or maybe not so quietly). Tales to be passed around in years to come, “Did you celebrate? We celebrated The Birthday……”.

    Hopefully everyone has learned their lessons, and NO pics taken (especially on cell phones). Digital is forever, boys and girls. No pics, no evidence that can be held against anyone just in case Command decides to get a wild hare (misspelling intentional) up their faggoty butts.
    This is one time to disobey a “lawful” order, and do it with gusto.

    B Woodman
    SSG (Ret)
    US Army, Signal Corps

    1. OOOH-Rah! Staff Sgt!
      E-4P (Med. Ret.)
      US Army, ABN/AASLT Infantry
      “Legs Can Suck It!”

  5. Jarheads used to tease Pappy with an Ain’t Ready for Marines Yet but it was all good.
    Russia has some new toys coming online like the Pak DA stealth.
    Burn it all down better terms are acceptable.
    Plan accordingly.

  6. Why CENTCOM did what it did. Might it have something to do with Rob Malley and all the other Iranian spys in the WH / State Dept? Gaza / Lebanon is purely an Iranian show (Hamas rarely went all ISIS on civilians before Oct 7) and the WH has just given directly or indirectly many $10’s billions to the Mullahs.

    So we have a shooting proxy war with the Russians. Which DC did not want. A proxy war with China since 2020 (the Declaration of Emergency was under the bio-warfare laws not public health ones) which Apple etc does not want. No de-facto Chinese slave labor plus offshore tax havens, no Apple etc. Poof goes a couple of trillions dollars of stock pension money / private wealth. Plus a Prez bough and paid for by the CCP. And now a shooting proxy war between Israel and Iran. Obamas / Bidens best buddies. Iran that is.

    So back at CENTCOM it may be all General Weidling at Verteidigungsbereich ‘Berlin’ HQ in April 1945 at the moment. Your government has pretty much collapsed and is lead by a drooling idiot who thinks he rules the world. Everyone around you is either negotiating with the various enemies or pretty much working with them. Nobody can be trusted. So batten down the bunker and keep everyone close. And pray you can find some shit filled sewer to escape through when it all goes final clusterfuck.

    Or it could just be that the top guys at CENTCOM were pissed than none had got an invite. So they took away the ball so no one could play.

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