Just a Short One and More Evidence of Krainian Kriminality

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Just a short one as I sliced open the tip of my pointy finger, one of the two I use to type with. Cut it w/out even noticing when I opened my Box o’ Coffee Brand Coffee K-Cups that I’ll review tomorrow. Get yours on the link in the right side of Ye Olde Blog with 10% off with the Coupon “NTJ”!!! I get a teeny taste of any purchases FWIW.

So, yeah, the latest sign of all the winning?

So yeah, Females getting drafted.
That’s bad
What’s even worse?

Pregnant women?
OK, granted that the US DotMil has preggers Uniforms for the females, however… if you read this article and others, not only are they making uniforms but body armor.

Not for nothing, but uh… any US DotMil females who are ‘in the fambly way’ are generally exempt from deployments, and/or anything that could even be considered ‘hard work’. No way in hell would even the pozzed out US GAE DotMil expect, or even design a set of body armor capable of being worn by a pregnant chick.

As far as I’m concerned, this’s criminal to the extreme.

Just like all them healthy members of the SBU who seem to take such enthusiastic pleasure in rounding up folks for the meatgrinder. Seen a couple of vidyas of people turning the tables on the Krainian Recruiters and curbstomping them into oblivion. Funny how these (((guys))) all seem to have made a pile of cash, and are riding around in premium rides (I saw one with a guy driving an H2 Civvie Hummer) and somehow still not on the front line themselves? Funny how that works huh?

And for the final few, first, I need to re-record this with the Benny Hill song on it… “Yakkity Sax” I think is what it’s called:

This goes under “Nowhere to Run…” AGAIN
And then lastly, I’ll leave the video of the FSB (Russian KGB/FBI) snatching a spy… according to reports, “…

a citizen of Russia, born in 1981, proactively reached out to citizens of Ukraine through social networks, in communication with whom he began to express radical views on the political course of the Russian Federation and readiness to support the Ukrainian armed forces.

As proof of his intentions, Vyrus poisoned the water intended for mobilized military personnel. He filmed the entire process on video, which he sent to representatives of Ukraine involved by the SBU to recruit Russian citizens for the purpose of organizing sabotage and terrorist acts on Russian territory.

A criminal case has been opened against Vyrus for attempted treason and terrorism. He was charged and taken into custody.”

What interesting is the very last 2-3 seconds of the video… notice something on the wall?

Every. Single. Time.
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19 thoughts on “Just a Short One and More Evidence of Krainian Kriminality”

  1. Did I notice something? Boy, did I ever! Unless the vidya is reversed, the American flag is hung incorrectly ☹️

    Stars to the upper left, boys!

  2. Where are the FemiNazis?
    They should be cheering over the treatment that women are getting in the Ukraine.
    The same treatment for men AND women alike!
    Equality! No matter what! Or who!
    And yet…….crickets (chirp…..chirp…..)
    Damned hypocrits.

  3. You don’t think .gov is watching the drone blow up at the entrances? You ain’t gonna get a javelin up the ass, just a drone at your front door and back door…

  4. I’m having issues here.

    I came in on Brave browser, got the ad, and tried to check it out. It popped up a “sign up” screen that would not leave and had no shutoff “X” spot. So I switched to Edge. Edge displays no sidebar.

    I don’t know what is going on, but it is not helping your sales any even if I’m the only one having the problem.

  5. yeah, that sounds bottom rung. when the bastards start drafting kids like the Nazi’s did in ww2
    you know they really fucked. I remember reading that Stalin kept something like 2-5 thousand
    crack KGB guards to keep order at home instead of sending them to the “front”
    either way, unless they do something to stop the drones, they are fucked.
    there has to be some sort of way to detect them and also some way to bring them down.
    or maybe use RDF unit to back track them and kill the controller or something ?
    as it looks now, a poor grunt on the ground doesn’t have a chance.

  6. 60 yo women and those with health issues MAY be considered unsuitable for military service? That means they MAY NOT be considered unsuitable. Seems to me at this point they ran out of the “bottom of the barrel” recruits and are now scraping at the dirt under the barrel. But expect the Krainians to have a glorious Fall/Winter/Spring offensive and drive to Moscow any day now.

  7. Meanwhile the neocon shills in the U.S. are doing the bidding of their Jewish masters and screeching about how we can’t even suggest a negotiated peace in Ukraine. These asshats are all war criminals and should be tried and summarily hung for mass murder.

  8. Someone pass this one on to Peter Fuggin Grant. The old boomer pin head went off on me when I tried to explain the totally mysterious surge of antisemitism to him. He got pissed, pulled the old Nurse Aesop routine of “show me your work!!!”

    Of course, we all know how that goes: you write a bloody novel proving your point and the retards won’t even read it because their fellow faggots in jew media say otherwise. Never figured that one out: both those tards say they don’t trust the media at all…but’ll believe it whole heartedly if it supports their viewpoint. If the mass media agrees with you… THAT’s when you really need to question your viewpoint. I told Pete to go suck a fart and do his own homework. As you might expect it went over well! 😂👍

    I’ll say this for Putler: he sure knows how to handle jews. The reason they hate him so much is that he threw them out of Russian financial affairs, tied the currency to gold… and now Russia is putting the military AND economic boots to them in the west. At some point… we will have to do the same.

    This hebe will probably disappear into a work camp, or possibly the basement in the Lubyanka for a bullet behind the ear. It’s all good far as I’m concerned. There are many more that deserve the same treatment.

  9. Truth is the first casualty of war. I don’t think we will know the truth for a long time if ever. I think both Ukraine and Russia have lots of difficulties and are taking lots of casualties that neither side will admit. But Russia has an advantage as it is larger with many times the population.
    But will Russia have a big advantage because it’s troops are blooded? I have my doubts because their army is based on the soviet system and does not have a professional NCO class. They use junior officers where we use NCO’s. And there isn’t much feedback to the officers that butterbars get from their platoon sergeants. And that hinders them more than they will admit. Until a modern day Zhukov rises who would dictate from the top down that’s going to hurt them. The troops have learned the vital lessons but I suspect that the knowledge doesn’t flow upwards very well because of their culture. That said the war is Russia’s to lose. And who knows who is winning at this point.

    1. The thing about the NCO’s is no longer true. They’re been building that core for the best part of 15 or more years now, granted it might not have the institutional knowledge the way the west does or did, but they’ve been fixing that particular double.

  10. So when the US had a draft for ‘nam. What happened if someone decided they were not interested, and that person instead of de-assing, decided to make a statement? Did they send a lone MP or the local PoPo to do a pickup?

    1. A little of everything. I know of one guy who just bummed around the Caribees on sailing workboats and ended up in Canada. Seems to have eluded notice and the dragnet entirely. Another one with an impressive combat record in Vietnam was living the vagrant biker lifestyle out West and was approached by a couple of men in suites in a pool hall and was informed he had been drafted months earlier. It does not seem like sweeping them all up was ever a plan or that the same amount of effort was put into finding them.

  11. Putting women in dangerous situations for financial gain?
    I thought that was called “pimping”.
    And a nation which fails to value and protect its’ women and children has no future.
    This applies to both Ukraine and the US.
    The people behind this war, those who finance and influence the Deep State agencies worldwide, act to destroy individual liberties wherever they can. Look for points where a small input can have a broader effect, and make note of them, in case they should be needed in the future.

  12. So old, young, and pregnant goyim are on the must go list now, shouldn’t be long before the small hats suddenly and too late realize a dangerously large number of those goyim are of a nyati variety. As for the drones, ” don’t get off the boat” is getting updated to don’t leave the canopy till the drones are all used up.

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