Yeah, Like I said, The Infantry is For Now, is DONE

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

These days?
Yep… nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide baby…

Found some vidyas courtesy of Simplicius76 on his substack.
They’re all shot from the perspective of observation drones (for the most part). a couple of them are drones that appear to be dropping small mortar shells, my guess is 50mm as it’s the smallest mortar round they got with a weight of 1.8 pounds in total. These drones also seem to have “Laze and Blaze” capacity, in that a lot of the Artillery shells that are being dropped land -right- where the crosshairs of the drones Point of View is looking, meaning they’re probably laying a laser designator on the target, allowing the Russians to pinpoint the targets for elimination.

That one is about 5 minutes long, I personally would hit mute as it’s got some cheesy 90’s ballad going on for a soundtrack…
The next one is an absolute horrorshow
3 and a half minutes of guys getting blow’d up.
Looks like a bunker, with about 2-3 Krainians in the bunker, with two guys in the open. The drone looks down, and it’s pretty obvious that the operator passed on word “Troops in the Open, fire for effect!” It gets bad… just to warn y’all
NSFW for damned sure…

It looks like the Russians start of with a stonk of probably 82mm Mortars… they bracket the fuck out of them, and the two dudes in the open? Yeeeah… it’s bad. Then as they’re obviously fucked up, what I really think is worse? Their buddies in the dugout/bunker? Yeah, they don’t come out to help. I’ll leave it to you to watch and reach your own conclusions.

Thing of it is, one issue I have is that I’ve been watching a lot of these videos. The number of videos of Krainians being obliterated versus Russians catching hell is like 30-40 to 1. Meaning that there are vids of Russians getting blow’d up, but nowhere at the frequency that you find vids of Krasinians kicking ass…

Add on another disturbing observation of mine: A LOT of the videos show what looks like a staggered line of Krainian Grunts hoofing it down either a trail or a hardball when “all of a sudden” >ERF SHATTERING KABOOM!<
An arty shell hits, and one or two, maybe three guys go down…
The rest of the squad hit the dirt and wait.
One dude ain’t moving, closest to the point of impact
Call him KIA
The other two? Flailing around, obviously fucked up.
The squad?
Yeeeeah, more often than not, they seem to go over and collect the squad weapon(s) IF the guys hit were carrying the RPK/PKM or RPG… then they leave them behind!!! NO MEDEVAC!!! No helping/First Aid attempts!!! Nothing but PURE Blue-Falconry (A Blue Falcon in the DotMil, in the Army in particular, means that a BF is a “Buddy Fucker”)

In fact I’ve seen this sooo often, no fucking wonder no one in their right mind in the Krain wants to be in their DotMil… fucking guys in these videos, shot via drone (meaning the video itself) guys getting hit, and the survivors show them ‘hatting up’ and unassing the A.O. with a quickness, leaving their buddies to die…

Just like in the vid above (#2). Granted, it became obvious at the end that that bunker/dugout wasn’t worth a shit when they dropped that BIG shell (probably a 152mm) on it, but still…

There was enough of a break in fire that someone could have gone out and at least dragged them poor fucked up sumbitches into the hole in the ground, and patched them up, instead leaving them outside to get continually blown to shreds and die outside.

That’s another reason the Krainians are getting slaughtered in wholesale lots. You may not believe in your Country. You may not believe in the reason for the War. You may even have Zero Beef with the Russians and sympathize with them. BUT, when all else fails you fight and possibly die for the guy to your left, and the guy to your right. Your Brothers in Arms. You may not even like some of them motherfuckers, but you know what? In the Infantry, you’ll go down fighting to help and/or save one of them.

Leastways that’s the way -I- was ‘brought up’
It’s readily apparent that the fucktard Krainians don’t feel that way about each other.
No unit cohesiveness… no comradery… no Brothers in Arms
That right there means they’re fucking doomed.

Telling ya, the Krainains are their own worst enemy.
Russia doesn’t have to do shit
Between that, and their cowardly and corrupt leadershit?
And from what I see, a complete lack of unit cohesiveness
I give them maybe til February/March.

Another subzero Winter in the trenches, without food, low on ammo, no armor/artillery/tracks and being constantly shelled by Ivan, while their “Commanders” sit 5-8 miles behind the lines in comfort? I’d say that we’ll not hear about it from OUR Ministries of Lies and Propaganda, but watch for mass surrenders and/or mutinies. Russia Times (RT) and Spunik will break the news… They (the Krainians) won’t be able to hide it long. That and watch for Krainfeld and his Koterie of Thugs and Thieves to bow out and bail to either Tel Aviv or Florida, although Florida, got me a hunch he won’t be welcome here…

Jes’ Sayin’

OH! Another thing I found!
Seems the much vaunted Stryker?

Judging from the lack of damage to the wheels, it either took a top-down arty round or a direct fire tank/ATGM/RPG round. Doesn’t look like a mine took that out…
I’d say no one got out of that alive.
And considering I screenshot that, it was burning quite furiously… badly enough to have me question again everything we were told about the ‘new and improved fire-resistant surviable‘ Stryker’ and how it ‘…was an improvement over the Bradley!’

In what sense?
That it was made out of Laminated Gasoline?
Sweet Jeebus that thing burns like a motherfucker….
Like I said, Infantry and the means to carry the Infantry to the field of battle? Yeah, it’s over for now… Jes’ Sayin’

More Later
Big Country

25 thoughts on “Yeah, Like I said, The Infantry is For Now, is DONE”

  1. Yet I’ll bet that if some Russian troops get hit, they yell “medic” and their buddies provide covering fire and help get them to safety.
    It HAS to be that way for a unit to function because the guys helping get their buddy out of there know that if that if it had been the other way around, they would have been helped out of danger and to medical care.
    That’s cold to just let someone in your unit to bleed to death and not try to aid them or get them back to safety. Even in the horrors of WWI, guys would volunteer to go out into no man’s land between the trenches to help their buddies get back to their lines and an aid station.

  2. I was with BLT 1/9 3rdMarDiv 50 yrs ago, headed for the coast of VN from Subic Bay, we did 12 months overseas and we had a lot more unit integrity than when I was CONUS at 2nd MarDiv, Camp Lejeune. The guys swooped home every weekend, some driving as far as OH and NY to see their squeeze or family. It hurt the unit integrity because the guys didn’t seem to care as much for their buddies. All guys worried about was getting home every weekend.
    I did another 6 months overseas on a MedCruise with 2nd Recon/ BLT 1/2, things tightened up again as a unit since we had no one but ourselves to turn to. We spent a few days sitting off the coast of Crete, waiting to go to Lebanon in fall ’75, that kept everyone nervous.
    I see the same thing in the civilian world, guys have no loyalty to anything but themselves, never had to have a brother cover their ass before, whether to drag you to safety or make sure you get a body bag, they’re oblivious to that kind of friendship and trust.

  3. The infantry is the Queen of Battle, the artillery the King of Battle…and everyone knows what the King does to the Queen.

    Having served in both light infantry and field artillery during my time in green, I never found that truism/joke offensive….it was simply the natural order of things.

  4. fuck me. now Ivan has always love arty. but add in the drones and it becomes 4-10X more effective at least. they no longer have to lay waste a grid square like they did in WW2.
    and when you add in the whole everyman for himself bullshit, they are done. the sooner the grunts realize it, the better off their lives will be. the lack of medical support comes from the top down. and I bet they are beginning to realize that now. hence no one wants to “fight” the Russians now. as a old grunt myself, this scares the shit out of me. we had a medic with every platoon in the 101st.
    there has to be a way to knock the drones out. from the distance of the video, shotguns are not going to do it. might have to come up with some sort of anti drone AA weapon
    maybe a old ZU 23 or whatever that old Russian gun was, might work
    question, do they even show up on Radar ? if not, how does one find them without getting your ass blow away ? RDF maybe ?
    otherwise, the grunts/ armor are fucked bigtime
    just think of how many arty rounds they are saving by doing it this way. compared to WW2
    very cost effective indeed

    1. Only stuff I’ve seen for counter drone work are drone jammers. It was mainly for prisons. How well it’d work for work? Don’t know.

      EWO might be the only thing that would help infantry. Unless an APC has enough juice output to power a big ass jammer to scramble anything within line of sight.

      Coupled with a miniaturized version of the C-RAM system maybe?

  5. Ukraine much like the Spanish Civil War where major powers tested new weapons, tactics and such on mostly 3rd party warriors.

    I shudder knowing how effective small armed-observation drones how much chatter and planning for them to be used by tyrants against “terrorists”. Already NYC was publicly using observation drones to keep a “watchful eye” on parties this year. A short hop from eye in the sky to remote weapons use, eh?

    Between this sort of techo-tranny and this oldie but goodie:

    “There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in. I had found a shocking fact. It wasn’t the secret police who were doing this wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was the ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors.”—Professor Robert Gellately, author of Backing Hitler

    The Patriot Act “See something, say something” stolen from history as seen often even the French Revolution of reporting others for “Not enough Revolutionay Spirit” as not to be reported yourself filled the tumbrels and Madam Guillotines warm arms. Even the leadership fell to her warm embrace see Maximilien Robespierre for details. Almost an Obama of that era.

    Going to get spicy in our neighborhoods as the Government unable to keep up the bread and circuses clings to power as Frank Zappa said so well:

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.

    Protect your family and trusted friends. Tempus fugit

    1. Re: The Spanish Civil War; you are spot-on. Drones have changed the battlefield completely.

      When a swarm of (relatively cheap) armed drones can take out a battalion’s worth of arty/tanks/APC’s, the game is up. For the cost of an Abrams tank, you can get 1,000 drones. New Rules in effect.

      Now change that to a swarm of sophisticated drones with AI up against a carrier battle group. How do you deal with hundreds of desk-sized targets coming from all sides? Sooner or later you run out of million-dollar missiles and they get through. Phalanx can only target so many, and if they’re beyond range, well, that is sub-optimal.

      1. Watch the clip from the new Battlestar Galactica pilot where they are coming out of a nebula and say “start enemy suppression barrage” and start blasting a bunch of guns with buckshot and put up a wall of flak that an enemy ship or missile can’t get through.
        That’s going to have to be the future against drones and missiles.

      2. Navy guy here. First and foremost, we don’t “shoot and scoot”, a carrier group is always moving. We are moving for launches and recoveries and never sit still unless actually at anchor. There is no tank laager or base camp, no fixed mortar emplacement vulnerable to counter-fire. The carrier may have launched aircraft at Point A but that isn’t where they will be for recovery. We also aren’t locked in to roads, mines are useful in shallow water but not in the deep ocean. To hit us you need big expensive cruise missiles or a brace of torpedoes. Destroyers may go close to shore but the carrier doesn’t need to, we stay way out at sea.

        Also, ships have the advantage of size, allowing for more people and more systems like true damage control and firefighting. We are also our own 1st level repair facility with the parts and tools to do a lot while staying at sea. And there is space for Electronic counter-measures like jamming the control signals or frying a drone’s electronics with a radar pulse. A “desk-sized” drone can’t carry much payload and is unlikely to have the 100 mile range required to reach out and touch a carrier.

        1. Rick,
          All good points and true. People forget that the carrier isn’t by herself, she has her whole strike group with her and everything is designed to have a layered defense to protect the carrier. With today’s “standard” enemies of planes, missiles, ships and subs she is well protected with usually a friendly nuke sub keeping an eye out for enemy subs along with the destroyers. In the air you have the Hawkeyes and air wings to protect from long distance threats and short range you have the AEGIS ships along with CIWS on each ship.
          The tactic even today is to overwhelm these defenses. 50 planes firing say 100 anti-ship missiles, the carrier group can handle.
          Now if in the future you have 500 predator sized drones each with a missile, you have to stop over 1000 inbound targets and the odds are some will get through.

          It’s not an insurmountable problem but Navy ships along with Army units are going to have to come up with counters to the use of drones.

          1. Using 500 DJI Mavic drones is a reasonable scenario for attacking a fixed position or moving targets with no AA. Coming up with 500 drones with multi-hundred mile ranges AND the payload to carry serious air-to-ground missiles with the range to attack a moving target at sea is not… Remember 20 knots is 23 mph (around 500 miles per day), so pre-programmed targets are useless.

            We worry about self-guided cruise missiles, not Hellfires. Sending a bunch of drones to a GPS target isn’t of much use unless the controller can update info post launch, and remotely guided systems can be jammed.

            Predator-class or Reaper-class drones are a LOT more expensive than the short range tactical drones, and even the US hasn’t built 500 of them from what I can see.

        2. Unfortunately, Russia and China have hyper, non stoppable, ship killer missiles now.

        3. You guys trying to ‘defend’ the usefulness of Carriers crack me up – When you tell me how the Carrier (and Battle Group) Defend against a dozen or so of those Aeroballistic Missiles, like “Khinzal” or chinamart equivalent (DF-21?) coming in at 10 Mach or so, well then maybe Carriers can be more useful than for smacking down third-world shithole countries….

          Remember, even to the end of WWII, “Naval Strategists” thought that adding another Hundred AA Guns to a Battleship would prevent Aircraft from Sinking them….

          1. Our Esteemed Host’s post is talking about using DJI Mavic (or a bit higher) tier drones to survey a battlefield to swat armor or Crunchies with no organic AA or even the ability to detect the drones are in the air. The argument was that drones were 1/1000 the cost of tanks. A cruise missile or (if they even exist) a hypersonic missile are a WHOLE different level of tech and cost, plus trying to hit a CSG won’t be simple.

            Can it be done? Eventually, yes. That is why CSGs are stand-off systems, any defense of Taiwan will be from far out at sea. No, I don’t ever expect US Naval Aviation to get involved in Ukraine, the Med is relatively tight quarters.

  6. Well ya gotta remember fellas – all the real squaddies in the Kraine are either dead or FUBARed by injuries that took them out and off the line long ago. The guys on the line today are boys, old men, and now women are being thrown into the fray. Add in the fact that any sortie out against the Russians is now almost a suicide mission… suffice it to say they are not made of the same stuff you fellas here are.

    The thought of Biden and his gaggle of neocons, jews, and globalists…pissing away the lives of their people in this way… for nothing… Jesus Christ. We gotta clean house at some point fellas. Our leaders have to be replaced.

  7. The more I think about it the more surpised I am the people are surpised buy this use of drones + arty. I am also surpised that it has taken this long to devlop to this point and be used so widely by feild artillery.

    The Navy was using drones to spot the 16″/50s from the Iowas in Gulf 1. Iraqies even surrendered to one as they knew that drone was a harbringer of violance beyond compare. What we see today is the logical point down the road from 1992

  8. I will say it again, these guys are in a denuded, shelled over moonscape and completely exposed. I would need to see demonstrated dominance over dismounted infantry in fighting in deep forests, dense cities, and triple canopy jungle before I would agree that the infantry is done. It certainly is fair to say that the overmatch is complete where cover and concealment are not available, but that has been true for a long time. The Chinese and Norks in the static phase of the Korean War knew this. They fought a trench war against us in generally mountainous and generally treeless terrain while we enjoyed air supremacy over the front. Korea vets will tell you you never saw the enemy during the day and scout aircraft had a very difficult time even determining where the enemy earthworks were. The Ukies just don’t seem to be interested in considering drone attacks when they dig in somewhere. Oh well, they are on team rainbow flag anyway, so fine with me.
    Let’s play a little game as a mental exercise and consider how the current drone and sensor technology being used in these videos might have been employed by the Americans in Vietnam in say 1968 or so if it had been available. Would it have enabled the Americans to spot PAVN troops moving under triple canopy jungle? I have my doubts. Would it have made night attacks across open ground more difficult? Certainly. VC sappers crawling through the outer layers of wire would have been dead meat. I can see the VC just reducing their attacks on American basecamps and increasing the use of mines and other passive measures that do not expose them to the ISR assets as much. For the Americans, these drones and sensors would have had limited utility and would not have replaced the requirement to actually go out and find the enemy in that deep jungle, fix him, and defeat him on the ground THEY chose as the site of the engagement. That was a tall task then, and I suspect that these modern “assets” that are lugged along and mounted to every helmet might not be as useful in a rainforest as they were in the sandbox. Time will tell, these things are all the rage now and the will certainly be a jungle war somewhere in the world soon enough that will prove me right or wrong.

    1. Most of what you said is correct. However due to the “war on drugs ” we are quite aware that drone size side looking radar that can detect a rifle armed humans exist.

      That was in 2000. I expect they are better now.

      Drug folks do effective camouflage and hide under deep woods.

      I suspect that the VC under ground might still be useful.

  9. Those Vids are Creepy, because they show none of those Guys give a shit about being there, never mind helping each other – they Know they are Dead Meat, stuffed into the Grinder. That’s the War Crime, but to the (((leaders))) like (((zelensky))) and the neo-cohens, “It’s a Feature, not a Bug” that White Men are Dying by the Thousands in pursuit of “Greater Khazaria”.

  10. Now here is an interesting question.

    If the Russians are such awesome ass kicking Ubermensch and the Ukrainians are a bunch of syphilitic tranny loving granny pimping Untermensch how is it on Feb 22’nd 2022 when the Russians had 159 BTG’s (mostly contract soldiers not mobniks), still had all 7 VDV divisions intact, had at least 3000 more tanks and several thousand more cruise missile etc than they have now – how come they did not have their victory parade on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev on March 12’th 2022?

    After all, at least 3 of the 7 VDV battalions on the start line had packed their dress uniforms for the March 12’th victory parade in Kiev. As ordered.

    If it was an epic RU clusterfuck in the first few weeks why not just as clusterfuckery today? The Russians have form and consistency in this area. Not fast learners. Ivan was always very much a special-ed student. The sort who stuck crayons in his eyes. Even at age 22.

    Here is one interesting observation. For most of the first year or so of the invasion almost every video on RU TV about the mighty RU artillery strutting its stuff showed something like a 2S19 Msta going bang sending 152mm of love off to the west somewhere. You just dont see many 2S anythings anymore on RU TV. Its almost all towed. And old stuff at that. Its not just the T62’s they are digging out of the scrapyards in Siberia. Could it be that most of those Mstas etc are now on oryx. Or will be one day when we get to see the rest of the battlefield.

    To know what the lying bastards are trying to hide pay attention to what they have stopped talking about. Not too many s300/s400’s on RU TV recently ether. Or Iskanders. They used to be a regular story. As was Kadyrov and the Tik Tok Brigade. Gone too.

    But they are still advertising KFC on RU TV. Chicken Tenders 6 pieces are only 469 rubles. Which sounds like a deal to me.

    1. Aesop, I don’t see anyone on here saying the Russians are rolling unopposed and herp derp will be in Kiev this week.
      Did the Russians make mistakes ? They sure did.
      Did the Russians take heavy casualties ? They sure did.
      Has the war become a war of attrition that the Russians are winning ? It is.

      You’re not seeing their state of the art gear because some was destroyed and they are probably low on ammunition. You know this because Putin was meeting with Kim Jong Un last week and what did they want ? Mainly ammo especially artillery ammo which the Russians are getting low on and the North Koreans have plenty.
      The Ukrainians have LOST and are drafting women and old men for crying out loud. The only reason there aren’t peace talks is because Biden and his Neocon buddies refuse because they are making a fortune on the money laundering and kick backs.
      Meanwhile innocent Ukrainians are drafted, handed a rifle and sent into a hopeless meat grinder all so Biden and pals can steal.

    2. Bork, Ivan is so stupid that until Elon we used russian rocket engines for our space program for 20 fucking years.

      But Don’t stop believing
      Hold on to that feelin.

  11. Can be jammed, currently not allowed by law, but say a large RC model aircraft like a Spitfire having a pair of internal wing mounted 10/22’s with 50 rounders where its guns should be, might be effective as a drone defense. saw a u tube vid a good while back where a dude had mounted a 45 to nose of a RC helo just to see what the recoil would do to its stability. Pushed it backwards a bit but pretty much stayed on target through all 7 rounds. Ideas like these take a little knowledge of electronics and fabrication but we have always been a resourceful people in the past so who knows???

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