Saturday Sleep In and Getting Old

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Another day come and gone. This one, again, I literally slept completely away. The docs say it’s because I’m running at full steam all week long that by the time the weekend comes around, my batteries are ‘depleted’.

You know it was a full nights sleep when your ‘breakfast’ is Sapper waking you up with Papa Johns. At 1730. Sheesh. Last night though was fun and productive. I made and we all ate the entirity of the batch of molasses cookies I made. They were a bit too ‘poofy’ (a wee too much baking soda… just a lil too much) that made them a bit more ‘cakey’ than I like but the flavor was so good… between the three of us, we killed the whole batch.

The diet? What diet of which do you speak?
Actually, the diet has been going gangbusters. 4 weeks, and Ozempic and man, I’m down almost 29 pounds in total. Between eating well, no soda (outside of a morning Monster/RipIt) and walking? I’m rapidly getting back into good shape.

So I can let it go when I bake up a premium batch of good cookies and gorge.

Now, as to recent events:
Bitch McConnell?

The Gerontocracy ain’t looking too good these days…

Pretty sure that IF the Founding Fathers had thought it possible, there would have been an “Aging Out” Clause put in the Rules.

Thing was, back then? The average age/life expectancy of a Male in 1776 was 38 years old. Only the ‘genetically blessed and/or ‘well off’ (like Washington/Franklin and the rest) made it past their fifties… Hell, Washington cashed in at 67, which back then was old.

The very fact that these fucking retards are saying that the current Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den is up for re-election!?!

Fucker is already the oldest, most worthless skin-puppet in the Orifice NOW and in history… never mind that IF they manage to steal the whole show again, he’d be 82 fucking drooling years old when he’d have to take the Oath again, not that taking the Oath means –anything– any longer.

And because they ALL have been making sure that they’re essentially ‘the only ones capable of doing the job’, i.e. insuring that they don’t have viable replacements (as having a viable replacement makes them vulnerable, so that’s a no-go) means that WHEN they die, as it will happen…no threats, it’s just a statement of nature/facts, (despite how they LOVE to try and change reality to suit their twisted egos) that there ain’t no capable people to carry on… which opens up a bunch of potentially unpleasant problems… I mean the VP? Harris-the-Ho was picked BECAUSE she was a vacuum-skulled half breed dothead-black chick with no real chops… and all the rest of the ‘new breed’ are either hopelessly compromised/Judaized (Zioclops Crenshaw for one) or utterly dementedly stupid (Occasional Cortex, the Titty Bar Slore) that we as a country? Yeah
We’re fucked.

I mean looking at Feinstein? Are we sure she’s actually alive? Modern servo-technology and nanobots have come a long way… for all we know that corpse in a chair is literally reanimated in another room, and they only wheel her out of the fridge for public votes that she has to be visibly present at.

It’s “Weekend at Bernies” 24-7 these days.
As they say “This will not end well”
More Later
Big Country

15 thoughts on “Saturday Sleep In and Getting Old”

  1. Please read all the negative things that can happen to you if you take Ozempic.

  2. Project Appleseed calls them ‘Dangerous old men’
    Samuel Whittemore was shooting at the Brits on their return trip to Boston when he was 78 years old. He was shot in the face, bayoneted him and butt struck him, but a Doctor patched him up and he lived to 96.

    Hezekiah Wyman aka ‘Death on the pale horse’ was 55 when the Brits were on their return trip to Boston. The Red Coats would see the old man with flowing white hair on horse back. He would stop, aim and fire, and another of their fellow soldiers would drop. Then as the Brits closed, he would mount up and ride off, only to be seen again further down the road when another of their ranks would fall to his deadly accuracy.

    The Old Men of Menotomy led by David Lamson these guys were too old to muster with the militia, but not too old to fight! They set an ambush for two ammunition wagons. When the soldiers approached, they jumped up and demanded the soldiers surrender. The British soldiers disregarded the old men’s demand to surrender, So the old guys killed the lead horses, two sergeants, and wounded the commander. 6 Grenadiers fled pausing long enough to throw their weapons into a pond. Later they surrendered to an unarmed old women foraging for food. Mother Batherick marched the soldiers to town and turn them over to the colonists soldiers.

    If you get a chance to attend a Project Appleseed rifle event, it’s a great way to spend a weekend learning history and shooting!

    1. John Burns was a veteran of the War of 1812. At 69 the Gettysburg resident picked up his rifle and joined the Federals fighting off the Army of Northern Virginia. He survived the battle and lived another 9 years.

      1. Daniel Boone volunteered for the War of 1812 when he was 80+…George Washington, a very rugged guy who had been through many hardships, might have lived to 100, but was killed by his doctors…Ben Franklin lived to 84, after a lifetime of drinking and wenching, with at least 13 illegitimate kids…

    2. Hard to top a guy bayoneted at 78 who lived another 16 years…But people were very tough back then, or they didn’t survive…

  3. You can get 0 calorie and sugar Ripit, Not Sure on Monster.
    That is the one that causes heart attacks if you drink too many.
    Reading about the PLA putting a biolab in the glorious peoples republic of California.
    The Grand Old Politburo is like the controlled opposition of Europe, only talking a good game while their pot of gold grows.
    Wiping it all out by any means necessary is the plan and the Kamal is where she is because the husband is a BlackRock executive.
    At least the tweets aren’t mean and the trains derail on time.
    Sleep as much as you need and you know it’s a good one when you are Not Sure if it is AM or PM when you get up.
    The servants of Remphan in the Chiquitastan will get what they deserve.

  4. Soda is your enemy brother.
    When I was working produce delivery the restaurants all let you help yourself to the soda fountain. 3 or 4 of those 120 ounce big gulps of Dr. Pepper a day, cuz I was tired and thirsty. Could NOT drop weight not matter how little I ate.
    Slipped the good Dr. to water and low and behold…
    turns out 7000 calories of corn syrup a day isn’t good for you.

    As for our gerontocracy – nope, like your inlaws inability to see how fucked up they are, this crew thinks it’s just swimming right now. Denial is a bitch. They are incapable of seeing it. Truly, psychologically, their brain prevents them from seeing their own weakness (mortality). It doesn’t excuse their behaviour, but like when you get a little kid to clean something, and they do a shit job, you point out all the crap they missed…. the kid literally didn’t see it. His eyes scanned the area and detected the change in stimulus, but that pile of clothes in the corner of the room didn’t look like a mess to him, so he literally didn’t see it, even though it was right there. These asshats are incapable of the concept that they aren’t perfect, correct, morally right, and moving the country forward. They can’t accept that conclusion, their brain won’t let them, as the un-reality they’ve constructed will all come crashing down.

  5. Man, I sleep past 0600 and I’m feeling guilty. I have animals – getting sick and/or sleeping in is not allowed, ever.

    You know why sodas are so sweet? It’s to hide all the salt in them that’s there to make you more thirsty so you drink more.

    I’m in the same weight-loss mode, though. I was doing great while my wife was laid up and couldn’t bake. When I cook, there is very little pasta and other carbs but lots of meat. The pounds just melt off. When my wife is cooking? Weight loss? Eat! Eat! We are “empty nesters” but she still thinks she has to cook and bake for the kids.

  6. “Saturday Sleep In and Getting Old” is about the funniest I’ve read for a decade.

    I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.

    You are an artist with words.

    Jack Lawson

  7. I am of the opinion that They put people like Fetterman and Biden in power just to run our noses in it and remind us that our votes don’t matter.

  8. Still wiping away the tears — I laughed ’til I cried through this post. You done outdid yo self 😀

  9. Speaking about soda, since these companies are all COMPLETELY woke, worth a fortune and use it against us, we need to start pushing BANS on their products because of the CO2 carbonation which is SO BAD FOR THE CLIMATE!!!

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