Anyone Got Some Painkillers?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yannow… I know I fought like hell to get Addy back… still am, just a different battlefield, but after weekends like this? I ask “Do you really unnastand of what you are potentially getting yerself into Bro?”

Chasing the Midget Redhead for 2.56 daze? O.M.F.Gawd!
Worn out, used up, torn up from the floor up.
To think I’m capable of ‘runnin’ and gunnin’ like I used to in daze past?
Heh Heh
Sorry… sorry but oh Lord Jeebus that’s funny.
The idea, not the reality.

Not only that, but today we had a significant milestone

Dropped her first baby-toofus.
We were at the pool at G-Ma’s Crib across the street. She was, per usual going full bore. Now, didn’t hit her grill or anything… she just suddenly -stopped- in place, said “Gigi, my toof fweels funny.”
Next thing you know, she grabs it like a grenade pin and pops that fucker right out!
Thankfully Gretch was on the ball and got it before it disappeared in the pool… You can see it above in the bag where she was all oh-so-proud of her now gapped-grill. No blood either really… she’s on schedule, as she is 5 point 5 in years, and apparently Grills lose their toofuses starting as early as four point five.

Initially otherGran, Papa, when we called him incurred the ‘Wrath of Zeus’ on us, thinking we’d allowed the Red Headed Rocket to self-damage… which I can completely dig… After I told him to check the Goolag, and explained the ‘how’ of it, he was like “Damn!” I can understand the potential let-down of missing this sort of thing, but HE gets to play Toofus Fairy, which is a MUCH bigger deal.

So, tonight’s subject
See, there were several points in Iraq where we couldn’t get booze. So, it became a necessity to learn how to make my own booze. So, hence (and no mo-nays to me for this link) but I found and utilized the “Mister Distiller”: Link HERE
Pic Here:

It’s a water distiller that’s been ‘tweeked’ to allow booze to be brewed in it. Now, it made me a liter at a time 114 proof booze, once I lern’t what I was doing.

Now, the key is making the mash.
The mash can be as simple as sugar, water, and yeast only.
With mine, I had an old ‘shiner from back in the day who told me to add some either pure wheat baby food (Gerber) or a spoonful of oatmeal… not sure -what- it did but it took the flavor from ‘dogshit’ to smooth-as-a-prom-queens thighs.

So, you also need to have the other equipment
Buckets (for fermenting the mash). I used the 2 Gallon ones.

In this case, it comes with the bukkit, as well as a bung/air-gasket and a couple of other things, like the alcohol hydrometer (which allows you to ‘proof’ your booze’

All in all, figure $300 for this kit.
As I was in Iraq, it made sense to have an electric still, as I -did- nominally have power. There are other stills ont he site thast use fire/heat/other sources, but for me? This worked well, and considering I have a generator, as well as a solar rig, this’ll do just fine.

‘Cos booze is good medicinally, as well as trade goods
Things to keep in mind.
Jes’ Sayin’

So, TTYL… been a loooong weekend.
Big Country

12 thoughts on “Anyone Got Some Painkillers?”

  1. I am not much of a booze guy but having booze is definitely a solid trade good to stock up on, even better if you can make your own.

    1. Primary ingredients: sugar and yeast. Plain ole bakers yeast is what I used. Then IF it was available, the oatmeal/kids cereal. Otherwise a potable 114-119 proof ‘white dawg’ could be managed. I used to be able to charge upwards of $100 a liter when the Shi’ites shut the Duty Free down…

      1. Or you really hard up, on the tried and trued brig staple, pruno or raisino… just stick in the bag, some water, sugar, and even if ya got scratch it off of you nuts, yeast and let cook in a convenient shitter and ya got some booze…

        1. I taught my fellow 8th graders how to convert juicy juice into alcohol with sugar, a packet of yeast and a condom.

          The condom is a good field airlock, it deflates it’s done fermenting.

  2. I’ve made Dad’s recipe of water sugar yeast and grape juice. Mix well and put in a 750 milliliter wine bottle. Attach a balloon to the top with a rubber band. The balloon fill with gas and a few weeks later when the balloon is back to normal, your very potent ‘wine’ is ready.

  3. My Grandpa used home grown wheat and corn to make “medicine”and sold it to pay his Taxes.
    Ran the copper line through the water trough. Kept it casks in a soddy root cellar to age away from prying eyes during the 1920s to 1940s.

  4. “Do you really unnastand of what you are potentially getting yerself into Bro?”

    I hear ya. Wife and I babysit (day care) our grandson on the days both his parents work (our daughter’s kid) sometimes three days in a row. Mom drops him off at 0530, picks him up just before 1700. He turned two in February and is 90th percentile for height and weight. Fast, strong, and sharp as a tack. I turned 70 last month. After three days, wife and I need day four to recover.

    On his own the little guy has taken to referring to me as Pa-pa. Doesn’t call me that, just when he asks someone where I am. His dad is Da-da.

    My days of ‘runnin’ and gunnin’ are long past. Now, more like sneakin’ an’ peakin’.

  5. On an unrelated note, yes, today is Killdozer Day. Hopefully, some of you, as I did raised a toast to ol’ Marv.

  6. Jeez, that’s the shits BC!

    I’m glad I am not getting old, ugly and ornery like you and Cederq! Ever the spring chicken, I am forever young. The secret to my youthfulness is explained by my mastery of the distillation process. I take the first of the run and the tailing and discard them. And I ferment the mash with champagne yeast. Not only is my make a youth tonic – it will cure rickets, scurvy and cancer!

    I’ll gladly sell Dr. Filthie’s Miracle Elixir for the heavily discounted price of 19.95 per bottle! No cheques please…🤪👍

  7. We used to make Pruno (prison toilet wine) with a bread bag, a 1gal folgers coffee can, yeast, water and kool aid mix. Hang the coffee can on the ol’ detroit 671 in the lobsterboat, fish all day, put the bag in the forepeak in a tub after work, and come back in 10 days. Guaranteed to give you a 2 day headache, and maybe a buzz before you threw it up.
    In the winter we’d forego the pruno to make fish chowder in the hanging coffee can- quart of milk, couple of potatoes, salt and pepper, then chop up the first haddock or cod to come over the side, maybe a couple of claws snapped off a short lobster too small to keep, and 5 hours later we had the best goddam lunch known to man. Only downside was the farts when we were hauling the boxes of lobster up to the pier with a block and tackle at the end of the day. Brap, brap, ppppbbt… “Dammit, that last one weren’t no fart t’all! I buttered my goddam bread.”

    My father talked about the chiefs tapping the torpedoes on his old destroyer in Korea, and then running the alcohol fuel through a loaf of bread to make Torpedo Juice. All well and good until someone tested the torpedoes and half of them just plain shot over the side and sunk.

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