Whew… A Long Week and Asswhuppins

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Made it to the weekend. This week was a full on smokeshow I swear. People’s Glorious Tractor Factory had Heap Big Meeting with Head of Politburo. Specifically with –my– team. Thankfully, more of a constructive meeting than a full on Struggle Session. In fact, I’ve been chaired for Departmental Improvement, which means on top of my already-overloaded workload, I get to rewrite SOP and FAQs for new customers.


Seriously tho, Head of Politburo at least acknowledged that I’m slammed and overworked (and underpaid IMO) so hopefully things will improve. Seems like it can only get better.

So, back to some of the moar recent ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ going on.
Bahkmut, as expected finally collapsed. Since then not a lot of news out of the Kraine. Krainfeld is obviously throwing the jukes so to speak, as his short Hebrewness hasn’t been seen in the Kraine in Lord knows how long.

Word is a LOT of the locals are suddenly becoming aware of just how fucked they well and truly are, and odds are that Krainfeld knows it too, as he seems to be actively avoiding going home.
That and his demands are becoming oh so much moar obnoxious.
Who the fuck does that lil pissant think he is?
I mean between the AT-4s turning up on the Texas boarders?

I mean lissen Krainy… your bois been selling that shit to the wrong folks. It’s one thing for those anti-armor bunker busters to be showing up in Syria or Yemen, it’s a ‘nudder whoooole ball of wax when they show up in Mex-hee-co.

THATS the kind of shit that gets the “free guns and ammo” faucet set to the “off” position. ESPECIALLY IF one of /#ourguys gets clipped by one.

No way in hell… well then again, we ARE talking about the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den, AKA Joey Stumblefuck. The current crop of fuckers in the Whore House (it sure ain’t the Whytte Haus no more, Jes Sayin’) don’t give two flying fucks about any one but themselves.

Now, IF /#ourguys were to be able to get ahold on one of them thar toys and nook a limo? Well then things -might- change.

I mean NOT fedpoasting however, It -would- be hilarious to see someone who thinks of themselves as completely untouchable by ‘normal standards’ to suddenly have 84mms of High Explosive Reality hit home or close to home as the case may be.

Hence my expression:

“These fuckers have –never– been meaningfully punched in the face and it shows.”

As barbaric as it may be to some, there’s something utterly animalistic that a good, solid hit, either being on the receiving end or the delivering end that gets the dander and blood up. Trust me, I’ve been on both ends. Worst asswhuppin’ I ever took was my own damned fault too… drunk as a Lord and mouthed off to a much smaller Joe… didn’t know that he’d been a Golden Gloves state champion… I was in Intensive Care in a Cherman Hospital for 5 days… when the Padre came down to check on me he damned near puked ‘cos my face was so beat in. Thankfully nothing permanently damaged, however

I lern’t a valuable lesson or three.
And these current crop of fucktards? Joe Versus Corn Pop? Never fucking happened, you know it, we know it, hell Stumblefuck knows it… it sounds good but IRL? Man, that fucker, hell his son? The dissolute one, not the good one (good in the respects he’s fucking dead and we haven’t got to put up with HIS grifting dead ass either…) OBVIOUSLY never had his head handed to him on a plate. Dada has always been there to keep his ass out of trouble.

That’s what the world needs
MOAR asswhuppins.
I’d purely love to see some our political “Elites” get the ever loving shit beat out of them… live… on prime time… Hell want to solve the National Debt? Make it Pay-Per-View Worldwide and have Vegas do the betting… Hell, I’d sell my house to have a chance in the ring… against -someone- and just whup the every loving steaming shit out of them literally… beat ’em so bad they shit their pants… I did it once years ago… hit a guy so hard he shat himself…

Hey… he started it
I Finished It.
Fucker never bullied anyone again I know that for a fact.
Which is why it’s so blisteringly obvious to anyone and everyone that not. one. of. these. “educated”. elites. have never ever been punched in the fucking face before.

You DO NOT act the way these war-worshipping pustules act if you’ve ever had to pay for what you say. Even that current bloated sack of shit Milley? That asshole? ZERO Purple Hearts. His highest achievement? 4 Bronze Stars

-I- have a fucking Bronze Star
And in Iraq, they handed them out to the paper-pushing REMFs like tic-tacs at a Prom. Fucking ALL the REMFs got them… REMF is a Rear Echelon Mother Fucker for you civvies out there… My Boys from 2/8 CAV?

Fuck… don’t think -any of them- got anything but a couple of ‘green hornets’ (that’s the Army Commendation Medal… you get it for PCSing for fucks sakes… and PCS: Permanent Change of Station, i.e. leaving a unit, they usually give you a ‘going away gift’ of an ARCOM IF you haven’t been too much of a troublemaker, hence why in 10 years, I only got one LMAO!) Oh, and BTW? Milley-Vanilli got 5 Tells you ALL you need to know there….

So yeah, Our Esteemed Whyyte Rage Chairman of the (smoking a) Joint Chief? Fucking worthless pencil pushing no-load fucktard who got ALL his ‘tickets punched’ via being a REMF. I.E. another fuckwit who’s never had his ass kicked.

Don’t even get me started on the new guy coming in
Blaq Rage Boi… Gen’rul Down Wid Da Brown who literally has made it his goal to rid the ranks of Whyttey.

Works for me.
Hell, if I was fully retired I’d go down to the local induction/recruitment Store and park myself outside, with pamphlets explaining why no one, especially good Whyttebois should sign up for Uncle Sugar’s DotMil.

Die for Israel and GloboHomoCorp? Become a member of the 69th Intersectional Non-Binary Dildo Brigade? Fuck that noise with bells on.

This from a guy who literally spent from the time he was 21 until he got ‘broken on the wheel’ at 48 serving, in one capacity or another the DotMil, DotGov and a bunch of -other- things to keep shit on the ‘straight and narrow’…
Waking up and realizing you ‘bought the con’ really really sucks

But, it tis what it tis… No regerts Aye? ๐Ÿ˜‰

More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Whew… A Long Week and Asswhuppins”

  1. Don’t know. I’m kinda looking forward to the fireworks at the next fiesta. Considering the armored parade the other cartel put on a year or two ago, things could get spicier the a bowl of chiles.

  2. I couldn’t even get an ARCOM out of the bastards. I even tried to trade 4 of my 6 Army Achievement (or A-cheese-ment) medals for one, especially since I only know what I did to get 2 of them, but never got orders for one.

    But yeah, I’d do pay per view on that asswhuppin’ and I don’t even have cable or satellite TV.

  3. Another thing that getting your ass kicked teaches you are LIMITS.
    You learn that there are certain things you can’t do or say to another man or the ass whoopin will commence.
    The “Elite” aholes haven’t learned this lesson and think that they can do or say anything to anyone without consequences.

  4. Most of the fights I’ve been in turned out to be Rugby matches. However there was this British oil field worker in Dubai that felt the need to break my nose for me. I didn’t start any fights, but I finished a few.
    Viking Kids… raised three. Running joke from grade school up, every Christmas I’d get each of them something they could “kill” with; knives, swords, axes, machetes etc. (they were all scouts so useful tools too.) Wouldn’t want to fight my two sons together… but it is my daughter that scares me. God help the target she unleashes her wrath on… Raze indeed;.

    1. Dakota… man, I get what you mean about daughters. The wife worked, leaving my daughter to go through her formative years being “raised” by her three older brothers, and me… she claims she was “raised by wolves” and I figure she pretty much was. Doesn’t care much for firearms, says her recurve and her crossbow are more to her liking.
      Lord have mercy for the fool who crosses or angers her…

      1. Daughters, gotta’ love ’em, its a rule or something. None of my kids stuck with the “Mystical flight of the arrow”. First time trigger time on a .357, daughter proceeds to stomp on her mother, embarass her brothers, and give me a run for my money “‘sploding” water filled plastic bottles. First… time… , I was proud and a bit worried. I have promised to help dispose of the bodies.

  5. Man that was one of your best posts – if not the best. It’s right on the money for sure.

  6. Dude, I love when you’re all pissed off. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. New fave saying, ‘punch that fucker in the face – hard.’

  7. well, you are right. there are a whole lot of assholes that NEED a good punch in the face.
    one reason out of many why I don’t watch the “news” anymore. there are just too many assholes
    that need a good ass beating. have you noticed how many lawyers look and act like they need one ?
    and most if not all of the clowns in congress look like they could use a good one as well.
    it is all too easy to talk shit when you have armed men backing your paper ass up.
    that I think is one of the big reasons behind the J6 nonsense, it scared the piss out of those assholes
    that people might just hold them to account for their bullshit.
    as a friend of mine says the best line in Mars Attacks is “look they blew up congress ”
    we both get a good laugh at that.

  8. Good to see you back posting semi regular brother. I think weโ€™re gonna need bigger and more trucks to haul the 55 gallon drums of whoop ass that should be opened according to Roy D.(damn) Mercer.

  9. Which leads me to the final “Boss” for tonight
    According to Mike Yon, the majority of ‘yoots’ coming across the southern border are DotMil age, in shape and a LOT of them who’ve been caught and positively ID’d are probably if not for-real foreign DotMil. Rationale for it is when the 2023 (s)election goes south what with the next greatest theft, allllll them fuckers are in place, to be called to arms’ so to speak, to be the “New Order” bully-boys who’ll be the front line to do the gun confiscations, the protest breakers… shit like that. Probably promised LOTS of shit like citizenship, money… you name it… all in order to fuck over and implement a full on “Benevolent DemoncRatic Junta” “Just go around there Pedro… you and you boys can confiscate all the guns and each one we pay you a bounty…”

    You know… having them do “…the jobs Americans don’t want to do.”

    Fuuuuuck… That just came to me… and that actually scares the shit out of me.
    The suddent and unexpected realization that they’ve been telling us what’s going to happen
    Per the usual.
    Read somewhere once that in the “Grand Game:” they have to tell you their plans, so when WE fail to act, then it’s not their fault we didn’t prevent the shitstorm they unleaseched… it’s ours for failing to perform due diligence.

    I mean damn…
    So what do y’all think? I might be on to something there.
    More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
    Big Country

    December 2024.


    $100 sayz they’ll nuke this post…

  10. On a lighter note:
    A male with the street-name of ‘robynn europe’ is awarded us$11.25 million fedbux by seven female jurors.
    The fellow was late to work forty-seven (47) times.
    So, naturally, his employer fired him.
    So, naturally, he sued his employer.
    Mister tardy also happens to be wakanda-American… no mention of pigmentation among the jurors.
    The guy is a cross-dresser, and competes in body-builder contests in the ***Female*** Division.
    His street-name is ‘robynn europe’, but he adds an umlaut (two dots) over the first ‘O’… turning the pronunciation into ‘rubin’?

  11. As was pointed out elsewhere, that’s evidently a training AT-4.

    The warshots are reported to sport a black and yellow band where the yellow one is.

    So apparently Hose-A there is just using a virtual airsoft prop to frighten the less-than-perspicacious paisanos, and someone on the ‘net is doing a credible imitation of Chicken Little over a non-thing (this would be my shocked face at that news), and that more than likely isn’t Ukrainian “liberated” arms floating around, but more likely training materials from Ft. Hood etc., that have gone out to play. And who in their right mind is going to get lippy with what looks like a bazooka aimed at them, and whip out their copy of Jane’s Infantry Weapons at an ad hoc cartel road block, right?

    What sayeth the Master Blaster?

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