A Bit Overwhelmed

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Bit overwhelmed lately, hence my extended AWOL status. Got moar bad news on the legal side… it’s not enough to have pulled our rights to -see- the lil ‘un, but now they want to curbstomp me a’la American History X for having the audacity to stand up and say “Hey, you’re a bunch of corrupt mouth breathing cousin fucking retards!!!” or thoughts and ideas to that extent.

Financially roon’t, and shit just keeps getting moar and moar fun. That big auto accident Dad-in-Law had ’bout two years ago? Long time reader’ll remember… Da was found At Fault (failure to yield) in a 3 car wreck, and now it seems two years later, one of the involved parties has decided that it’s time to collect on the “Whytte-Trash Lotto” as I call the personal injury bullshit and is suing the hell out of him. This guy actually was wrecked by his own actions mind you. He swerved to -avoid- the tee-bone wreck that Ma and Da were in, and lost control of his ride… it catapulted into a fish/rain/retaining pond mind you… from Corvette to Submarine, all in one easy “I can’t drive” fuck-up.

NOW two years+ later and “Ow Ow My Liver! My Liver!” or whatever the fuck the fucker is claiming. I’d like to visit him and show him what real pain is let me tell ya… got me a whole basket worth of hate and anger I need to spend, and I’m just looking for the right repository to drop it off at…
But… anywho….

Been trying to tell him not to sweat it
That’s what insurance is for

But trying to explain that to an 83 year old dude who’s now terrified that they’re coming for his house? Sheeeeee-it. Ain’t happening. Over their stacked-to-the-ceiling bled-out- corpses that ain’t happening.

…ain’t right to make an old man get all worried like that.

So, needless to say, I ain’t really been ‘with it’.
My a-polly-olly-geez about that. I mean hey, if anything we got Pride Month to have fun with amiright?

Stop the world, I wanna get off…
It’s like a bad carnival ride… like really… one of those cheap, shitty put together by Gipsonton’s Metheaded Finest… rusted, loose bolts, creaking, and speeding ’round and ’round at full tilt boogie like a motherfucker, with no fucking idea if’n it’ll stay together for the entirety of the ride. A rather appropo analogy if’n I do say so myself.

So, more later if’n I can get up to it…

Big Country

15 thoughts on “A Bit Overwhelmed”

  1. the crap storm keeps spreading,,,
    you n legals,
    me and mechanicals,,,
    Yeah, this ride is ‘the sux’,,,,

    as for the meme at the end,,, Dead on, Every doc I ever met, was trying like hell to break rules 1 and 2,,,(or stay this side of the grave in F!ed Up to numb the pain from failing to break those rules.)

  2. Had my own car wreck scenario similar about 20 years ago. Fucking ambulance chasers, there’s a reason that’s a four letter word.

    As I’ve said before when you catch yourself looking down, chin up and chest out because karma is a bitch and more entertaining than schaudenfrued.

    Extra prayers up.

  3. back in the 1990’s I did out patient MRI. we did a lot of those MVA cases. wanted to put a sign up saying “we have nothing to do with how much you collect” and a lot of them where “letters of protection”
    same deal, if you get paid, so do we. and in philly, you can guess what the patients where like.
    around 2001 or so, there where more MVAs cases than blue cross (another bunch of fucking assholes)
    so, I left to go work at the VA. they thought I was nuts to go back to X-ray, but the money was good and I bought back my military time to go toward retirement.
    by 2003, the firm I worked at doing MRI went tits up in a big way. a lot of people got the shaft and no paycheck. the same folks I used to work with where asking me if there where any jobs at the VA.
    healthcare changed back in the mid to late 1990’s. the insurance companies found out they didn’t have to pay the smaller centers. just blow them off. and they got away with it too.
    it is why you do not see small doc shops anymore. it is all medical groups with lawyers and medical billers. some places have more billers than caregivers. they HAVE TOO.
    most MVA cases end up in court. depending on where, chances are 50/50 or worse. in philly with a black patient, almost 100 % in their favor. else where, not so much.
    so, it will depend on where the case is seen in court. but after 3 years, it is kind of slim that the asshole is going to win anything. still. it is a pain in the ass to deal with. wish you well on this.
    remember the saying, kill the lawyers first !

    1. Back in the late 90s early 00s in the average auto suit: Bucks Co was about $50,000. Basicly the car, maybe lost wages – the lawyer was paid and you were made whole. In Philly (IIRC) it was 5x-10x – basicly whatever the max the insurance would cover. It was a payday for everyone except the poor sap that was suid and the insurance co that had to pay.

      1. there where and still are ‘people” who do this a couple of times a year. no shit. we had this one clown in and found out from the insurance company that it was his 5th or 6 claim in 6 months (?)
        I remember the part where they asked him for his work phone number and he say, JOB? I ain’t got no JOB ! are you nuts ! guess the race, guys. so, yeah. it was a “fun” place to work.
        as it was a “open MRI” unit, we got all of the nutcases that freaked out at the tube units
        it did pay a bit more as you did have to deal with all of the nutcases and land whales.
        weight limit was 550 or so. used to watch some patients do the turtle while trying to get up.
        anyway, it did pay well for a while.

  4. Dam BCE! Wish I could do something to help. Been in similar situations meself. It totally sux. Like you and mamma ain’t been through the ringer enuff all-fuckin-ready.

    Keep it together, Bro. Try REAL hard. Nobody is gonna benefit if’n you don’t. Just…. Dam! Don’t know what I can do from here, but let me know. I’m keeping y’all in my prayers, and thinking MUCH good thoughts!

    Mike in FLA (yer almost neighbor).

  5. BCE~ Is their house in a Trust? Not sure if that will protect it .
    I can offer up prayers for resolutions. Got rear ended by a motorcycle that zigged instead of zagged and we had to pay $100k since we had our blinker on at the start of a lane change.

    As to Baby Girl, I still think the sperm and egg donor are at then of of their span.
    That new zombie drug is making the rounds.

  6. This may sound dumb, but I have found that finding a relatively unoccupied area (park, lake, swamp, closet, pillow, etc.) and scream/yell, cursing the world/universe for a minute or three will work out a lot of that “must destroy” urge. Then breeeeaath, calm, think better. You drink and you know shit. I’m just old, and know shit. Stupid, simple works. I’m going to send this with prayer.

    1. Apoleegeyes? Dude, it takes strength to do that. Needledicks never do that. Hey, bout the mom thing, i shoulda clarified the other day you were right in that she should desire to bless her grans. There’s no pocket on a body bag, right? So why keep it all to ourselves. Better to give than receive, and not having the God given desire to love and bless the grans shows a special kinda malice. Dude, not to psychobabble BS ya, but your angerz normal. You’re honest and your followers appreciate it. Without honesty, what else is there? Nuthin but lies. Tell God. All of it. Your wrath…disappointment…whatever. All of it. He knows anyways, just wants you to acknowledge Him and give Him thanks. It’s all about relationship, and His word.
      The world has never experienced times like these (not to rant, but after 2+ decades hospital experience I can tell you that between our government creating SARS-CoV2, then the lockdowns, mandates, shots, this has been the biggest mass murder campaign in the history of the world.) God’s plan for the world is perfect, and Satan can only do what God allows. All that is good can only come from God. He alone is worthy.
      Praying for you, and your family.
      You’re not alone.

  7. Just went through this a few years back. First trial in local court for who is at fault, thrown out as accident investigation by PSP indicated driver was exceeding the speed limit by at least 20 mph on a secondary rural road in Amish country while wife was failure to yield. Almost 3 years later receive notice of being sued for injuries by passenger of his car. Passed it off to the insurance Co. They said it is normal for this as there is a 3 year statute of limitations to sue. They handled it and we never had to pay a dime. Tell pops to let his insurer handle it and not to worry.

    1. Only downside is his insurance rates are going to go up significantly, especially at his age. But yeah, let the insurance company deal with it and he won’t have to! Why spend the last years of his life banging his head against the wall anyways?

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