ANOTHER 3-Named Nazi

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Interestingly, not a lot of play here stateside. It’s almost as if they want to downplay this. Again. Seems a rabid Whytte Sooperpreemicyst named Sai Varshith Kandula, aged 19 attempted to crash the gate at the White House…

First Cholowaffen
Now Brahminwaffen?
I mean theoretically the Hindus ostensibly did come up with the swastika first…
Jes’ Sayin’
But AGAIN we have a winner:

…or maybe “Gate Runner”?
Matt Bracken had a pretty good take:

Gotta say… That’d wrap up a whoooole lotta things.
My issue with everyone going off about the Ammonium Nitrate ANFO bomb scenario… look… I had to make an ANFO bomb in an Improvised Explosives Course when in the Army back in the day. Part of the reason I was IN the Army was to “shewt the cool gunz” and legally “blow shit the fuck up.”

Great Times….

In that course, we learned that you have to ‘sensitize’ the Ammonium Nitrate. Now Ammonium Nitrate on it’s own is fertilizer. Chemically made and ‘pure’ but nonetheless, it’s a big ole bag of chemically pure poop. Get it wet with water, and boy howdy it fucking stinks… my garage still has a passing, wafting odor from waaay back in the day when Spawn left a bag too close to the front of the garage, and the X’s fertilizer (AN) was leaking, and when it rained? UGH!

Now, there’s multiple ways to ‘sensitize’ the stuff, with one of the most common is to ‘wash’ the AN with diesel fuel. The AN (‘prills’ is what they’re called,) have a protective coating on them that comes off naturally and keeps it in it’s form before it goes in the ground. That’s what we did in the Army back when we made our own bomb. They gave us a 55 Pound bag of AN, and like 2 gallons of Diesel. Cut the corner of a heavy-assed bag of AN, a small hole. Insert Donkey Dick (fuel filler spout to you civvies) into the hole, pour in the Diesel.

THEN comes the motherfucker.
Close and restaple/tape the bag shut. Make sure it doesn’t leak.
Then, you have to pick up the 55 pound bag, and turn it over, and over, and over to evenly (as best as you can) distribute and ‘wash’ the prills with the Diesel. In shape or not, your ass starts dragging really quickly when one it tossing and turning 55+ pounds.

Oh, and mind you, you have a ‘window’ in which to use the now-sensitized ANFO. If you wait to long, it goes ‘bad’ and reverts to a big ole stinky bag of poop, ‘cept with Diesel in it. Can’t remember how long you got, but it ain’t that long hence why when they tell me a 24 Foot Ryder truck was filled (1350 sq ft) with home-made ANFO and blew the Murrah Building? Considering a bag of AN takes up what? Call it 15 inches by 48-50 inches by 5 inches deep? Not very big per bag, but heavy.

Ain’t no way in no how did 2-4 guys (‘cos that’s all they ever said “did” OK City) sensitize 1350 square feet of ANFO in the time it’d take before it all went rotten… ‘cos the timer starts ticking the second the first bag is done… Hell a Platoon of grunt’s’dve have had trouble getting that OpOrder done on time…

But that neither here nor there… just one last thing: An Air Force General who was like the head of alllllll Air Force explosives and whatnot came out and said “No way in hell did an ANFO bomb do that!” and that a bomb of that size and power’d have to have been faaar more conventional? He ended up dead of a suicide shortly after…
Jes’ Sayin’ again

But yep…
Brahminwaffen… the delicious meme potential… wish my photoshop skillz were better. Now, H/T to @Shillelagh_Pog over at GAB who pointed out that the 3 Named Brahminwaffen? He’s only 19.
had to have rented the UHaul… someone over 25 signed for it, since a 19 yr old can’t rent a U-Haul.

“Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

Telling you, we haven’t even hit Memorial Day and it’s looking like this summer is going to be balls-deep in the Crazy already. So, I’ll leave it at that for now, ‘lest we get some other whackier stuff come up
Big Country

27 thoughts on “ANOTHER 3-Named Nazi”

  1. The U-Haul is James Bond 007 Lotus equipped and blew up Nordstream!
    Have some hilarious photos of the left facing Swastikas over in Pajeet lands.
    Imagine a Baizuo Leftoid visiting over there and trying to go muh fweelings.
    The Great Leap Bugs and Pods CBDC doesn’t have to be dreary and it is only gonna get even more cray cray
    Hip, Hip, Hurray! (honk, honk)

  2. Dayum, that’s Lame… How much are these dedicated Public Servants being Paid to try and ‘advance the Narrative’? And how much you want to Bet that the nah-zee Flag still has the Creases in it from being taken out of the Bag?

    In all honesty, who is thinking up these Schemes, and then so totally Failing to make them ‘work’? Or is it some of that 3-D Chess nonsense, where the propaganda department tries to out-think us Deplorables so we don’t immediately reveal the details of the “False Flag”? Inquiring Minds want to Know…

  3. Keep up the yeoman’s work, Brother!

    Now this might be a test run. When I worked in the place that is involved in this investigation, some moe drove up to the Wash monument with a rental truck filled with “explosives and our guy shot him from the Commerce bldg. Point is, this looks like the junior clowns are taking from the BTDT playbook. No imagination (other than the Skipper & Giiligan blew up the NS).

  4. Over a decade ago, made rocket propellant from AN and Magnesium powder. Got a hundred pound rocket to 16,000 feet after a lot of experimenting. Had to melt and pelletize in a vacuum to get the size we wanted.

    AN sucks water from the atmosphere. Motors did not last long.

  5. That shitstain McVeigh didn’t use ANFO. He used ANNM, which is a whole different ballgame. Picked up a 55 gallon drum of NM racing fuel and still had the receipt. Used it instead of fuel oil. That raises the REF by 2.5X, on par with TNT.

    1. Yup, Cox model racing fuel. The Holy Book of Armaments says it is for “hardened targets”.
      I’m not even sure they still make models that run on that stuff.

  6. Hahahaha…the fuckin FBI Glow Fags are so desperate!
    There proud Boi’s , there mass shooters, now a Dot Head Nazi‽
    Hahaha, hooooleeee fuck

  7. Got to have a BIG FF to distract from .gov running out of cheddar and paying the bills late. The Peepul might get nervous and take all their moolah out of the banks.

  8. Ya know, I’m not even surprised anymore. Dumb motherfuckers. Wish these fellers running this shit would just do us all a favor and eat their gun. These surely are the funniest looking “white supremacists” I’ve ever seen. Daaaamnit. I’ve just taken to laughing now…just laugh at them…I mean what the fuck else is there to do???

  9. USAF Lt. Gen. Ben Partin was suicided? How did I miss that? I can find no details online which is suspicious in itself. Any sources?

  10. Dunno about the states, but here your garden variety ammonium nitrate gets treated before leaving the factory so it can’t be used to make ANFO. Have to special order the good stuff, with all the licensing and regulatory requirements.

    In a lot of ways, a little chemistry knowledge, or some military manuals, you’d find much easier to make.

    1. Ahh, the Anarchists Cookbook. Good stuff if you can find it!
      Ditto your comment about the good stuff – was working underground utilities one year and we had a blasting crew shaking up the rocks for us. One day I got assigned to be thwir ‘helper’. Talking with the truck driver, kool black dude started about 2 years ago. Has to carry a special card in his wallet, updated every month, because he sets off every bomb detection device within 1000 feet. All he does is carry the boxes, fidgety old man does all the wiring and blasting. He let me pull the cord one time!

  11. Looks like the DeMSM is already “white”washing pics of Kandula.

  12. I enjoy your work and hate to argue, but according to U-Haul’s website:

    What is the Minimum Age to Rent a U-Haul Truck?
    A customer must be 18 years of age to rent a truck. Typically, other rental companies have the same requirements. In some cases, companies set the minimum age at 24 years old or older but allow drivers 18-23 years of age to rent for an additional fee.

  13. Had a friend who had a friend who served in Africa WWII. My friend’s friend showed him how to do that bag trick, but with a cement mixer. Poured a floor in a place where there’s no way we could have been able to get a cement truck, and from personal knowledge, one guy can move a whole lot of cement in short order with a couple mixers and a wheelbarrow.

    ANFO is not all that great for big movie style booms, but if you want a a hillock moved over a bit, or a stump removed without having to go to the neighbors’ to find it, the stuff is great. Energetic enough to get things done, slow enough to be controllable and not spread stuff all over the place.

  14. BCE~ Anyway to find out where the truck was rented? Is that really a White House? Or staged some where else? Plus that “Cop” doesn’t look right. I’m not sure if it is his kit or his build.

  15. @Steve

    Thanks for jogging my memory. I was wracking my brains after I reading BCE bit about party tricks with AN about trying to remember how the IRA assembled the very big truck bombs. 2000 / 3000 plus lbs of explosives. Which took a few days.

    The IRA used cement mixers when preparing the AN to be bedded down in the truck. They used diesel but also added a heaver oil (if I remember correctly) to the mix as a stabilizer. Because getting though all those heavy polythene bags of raw AN took time.

    Very big truck bombs were not used very often because they left too big a hole. And went bang in very unpredictable ways. So most car-bombs were in the 200lb to 400lb range (I still get nervous when I see a parked car riding way too low on its suspension). The last really big bang was a one tons plus AN truck bomb, with a few hundred lbs of semtex as a garnish, that almost collapsed the tallest skyscraper at the time in London back in the early 1990’s.

    Another reason why truck bombs over 900/1000 lbs were not that common was because if the mixing was not done carefully by the time everything was ready to make a delivery at least part of the cargo would not detonate when asked. It was pretty common for the very large van / truck bombs to have only a partial detonation. And it usually was not a fusing / detonator problem.

    So small car-bombs were preferred . Why go to all that effort when the end was result was often just blowing out all the windows of a van and someone losing their no claims bonus on their vehicle insurance.

  16. Apparently the Hollyweird writers strike has affected the EffBeeEye as well. You see what happens when they have to write their own plot line for their psyop du jour.

  17. BCE – Regarding ‘sensitizing’ the AN with Diesel Fuel – the Blasting Guys who work Quarries have Truck-Mounted Dispensers that feed AN Prills and mix it with Fuel Oil, and Pump it through a Hose into the Boreholes in the Rock. One of those Rigs holds about 10 Tons of AN, and could fill a 55-gallon Drum in a couple of Minutes. So deploying a LOT of ANFO, quickly, is not difficult with the right Equipment.

    And, I thought “Cholowaffen” couldn’t be topped for Laughs, but “Brahminwaffen” just did.

    p.s. if you want to ‘set off’ a Dot-Head, like Nookular, call it a “Dalit”.
    those are the lowest-caste creatures in their society.

  18. Thanks BCE. That brought back memories. Generally the bigger bombs were about 1000 lbs. Difficult to move them in urban areas as vehicles would be low on their suspensions and easily spotted by army patrols and check points.

    Any bigger than that is generally a waste as it’s hard to ignite all the charge – low speed shock wave that needs lots of detonators to be efficient.

    I remember one time a bomb factory was discovered by the Brits about 300m from our house in West Belfast. Bastards primed it and after evacuating the nearest locals they blew it. Fuckers. Wrecked streets worth of houses. Never play with serious putty near people you care about.


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