Well I wasn’t Too Far Off in My Prediction…and Some Funnies

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So the Stuporbowl finally finished… I mean man, the hype this year was far beyond anything I can remember in the past. My call, if you remember was:

Chiefs 42, Other (I don’t even know who they’re playing) 38, with some oh so close calls and a last minute WIN!

Big Country’s Prognostication, January 31st

I was a wee bit off…
Chiefs 25, 49’ers 22.
One point off the spread that I guessed.

Thankfully that particular shitshow is over.

Now that all the ‘current thing’ i.e. the finale of the National Felons League for this season. Not sure what’s next? Is it baseball? Not even sure these days as I just DGAF.

Never been into any of the sportsball.
Initially it was because I was a D&D geek.
Then, as I grew up (literally) and started getting fuckin’ swole, the Foozball Coach wanted me to play. MomUnit forbid it, as her concern was potential lifelong issues from physical damage.

She sure as shit had no idea what the Infantry was going to do to me 5 years later. Pretty sure she was right though. If I had dinged myself up doing Foozball, I wouldn’t have been able to go Army. Hell, the only reason even entertained the idea was to get the social cred I so desperately wanted.

Fat lot i knew back then. In fact, we all entertain ourselves with “if we could go back in time, and tell ourselves something” believe it or not, it wouldn’t have been anything regarding social issues/whammenz.

I would have told my young PFC ass not to party, and use te money to buy a franchise.

What franchise you ask?

If you were a smart young Private in 1990/1991, you would have bought in on a Self-Storage franchise. You want to talk about a license to print money? Imagine setting this up at your first duty station, letting it start building revenue, and then when you PCS, you expand.

By the time you get done?
Twenty years? 4-5 PCS’s?
Yeah. You’d be a rich motherfucker

I myself in 10 years, was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ft. Hood, and Germany. The time at Knox doesn’t really count… and I don’t count OSUT either. But at least two locations? And then after getting out with 10 years? Roll the $$$ over and head to another DotMil post (maybe Bragg?) and wash, rinse, repeat.

I got a fren who’s retired from the Navy. Full on Chief of the Boat. He did 25+ years and then retired. HE went and every place he was stationed at, HE bought the house he was living in. He invited me to his second retirement party/Christmas party(we met working together at a call center). It was a great time.

Small aside. I took Sapper with me, as Gretchen had a mad migraine. We got there, and I think I wrote about this in the previous blogg, I got hit on by some chick. She got to asking me about my politics, and since I’m married, and she was an obnoxious liberal (she let me know that early on), I decided to kind of obfuscate, as she was a fren of Chiefs. She unfortunately wasn’t having any of it, especially after both Chief AND Sapper let her know I was a pretty well known blogger… she just had to et to the bottom of it.

So, I gave her what she wanted:

Her: “So what are your politics? They must be interesting as if you have that large a following…” (at the time I was at 20k a day readership)
Me: “OK… well… To be honest, I’m a NAZI.”
Her: “Whhhut!?!”
(Sapper who was present, choked on his drink… double nostril shot… blew Mai-Tai all over the table…)
Me: “Yep. Full on NAZI. Sieg Heil everyone!” (Mimes Roman Salute.)

You’d think that would’ve ended it.
Fucking Whammez these days…
Sapper said he could (metaphorically speaking) hear her ‘sploosh’ with the ‘want the bad boy’ monkeybranching.

I had to tell Chief not to give her my number.

Chief? He had sold off all his properties (at the height of the market bubble) and then had his dream house built. I’d say it was ANYONES Dream House. Like the garage has an underground Motorcycle parking area with his Harley Collection. It also has an elevator to put his wife’s Porsche 718 convertible coupe up towards the roof so her SUV (Range Rover) could park below it.

No hate, just wish I had his foresight and mad financial skills.

Fell asleep mid writing last night.
Now, where was I?
Ah another prediction looks like it may be coming true:

Next thing we’ll hear is that he’s “retiring due to health issues” and then quietly announce a few weeks (six at the most is my call) that he’s died ‘unexpectedly after a long illness’.

Then, they’re still melting down over the Tucker interview with VodkaManBad. Talk of not letting him back in the US. Personally if -I- were him, I’d be good with that, and ask Putin for asylum. THEN start actively working against the narrative in a far more abrasive manner. Of course word is Tucker is ‘controlled opposition’ but TBH I don’t care either way.

Got enough on my plate.

Although I did get a chuckle on this which was the headlie from this morning’s Faux News:

The twatter in question:

THIS from a Jew representing Tennessee
Link is HERE
The best is to head over there and read the absolute dragging he’s been taking. To the point of him blocking his own constituents. Which according to some recent court cases (specifically against Trump) is illegal.

Doubt he’ll feel any pain for it though.

One last thing. The Montana National Guard is under a bit of fire:

You’ll know when you see it…

So again, SO sorry for the miss last night. I’m either not sleeping, or sleeping too much. My whole pattern is off right now. Again I do want to thank everyone for all the support. Gretchen has really appreciated it, and we’re still positive and maintaining our outlook.

So More Later
Big Country

Updates and Stuff all Over the Board

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wow… just… wow.
I can’t thank everyone enough. 10k in 48 hours. Contact and setting things up with Dr. Samizdat to get Gretchen the treatment she needs. Finding out her BFF from High School is a professional medical advocate, who’s taken on the case to help navigate and beat the metaphorical shit out of the recalcitrant insurance company…

All and all, so far, the past 48 have been awesome in no small part to you all. I’m feeling better about the whole thing. Thank God for small miracles and large.

Funniest part of the day was Doc Samizdat needed a picture of Gretchens ta-tas. I mean he -is- going to be the breast oncologist so sure? Why not? Beside, TBH I’m not a guy who gets all bent about his woman being nekkid anyways. SO she send him a pic and apparently he was pretty impressed and told her “I can work with those!”

So that’s great news there.

Otherwise, the only fly in the ointment was DumbC found out (probably from Fecesbook) and called up all dramatic like, wanting to ‘come back into her (Gretchens) life’ after –I– had very specifically made sure that the permanent line in the sand had been drawn: Her or Me.

So, she can beg to come back here allllll day long.
I ain’t budging.

So, with the drama out of the way, onward!

Now, more info has come out about the new General of the Krain, General Syrsky, or as I’ll refer to him as “Sleazy.” Seems that Sleazy is actually a ethnic Russian. He’s from a small ville named Vladimir 200 kliks outside of Moscow.

He barely speaks Ukrainian apparently, and is purely hated by the troops. His track record as a commander is less than sub-par. In fact this shitheel couldn’t lead a pack of cub scouts IMO. He was responsible for the absolute devastation at Bahkmut, and from what I’ve heard already, he’s planning on “Bahkmut 2: Complete Annihilation” in Andeevka.

Andeevka has been a lost cause for a while.
The Russians, doing what they do best, started by sloooowly forming what they call a “fire sack” by maneuvering around the outskirts and sloooowly pinching off the exit behind them. Simplicius had a map from 5 days ago showing the current (at that time) sit-rep:

Even more up-to-date intel said that they’ve cut off the Main LOG train road, which means now the Krainians are trapped. No ammo/food in, no troops/wounded out. This’s essentially the same thing the Russians did against the Germans at Kursk in World War 2. There’s an insanely small window IF the Krainians wanted to save what is left of their troops there

Sleazy, rather than call for a fall back, has decided to go ‘all in’ and reinforce defeat in depth so to speak. This’s because Krainfeld, just like in Bahkmut, wants what is going to be another pyrrhic “victory”.


According to BOTH sides, the Krainians lost 6000+ troops KIA last week alone. Supposedly, some number cruncher said that if another 250,000 Krainians get KIA’d, the Krain is absolutely done as a viable ethic demographic. No great loss IMO. I guess this fight -is- going to continue to the Last Krainian Standing.

And on the home front

Hey Assholes!
Yeah, you, you Ivy League Morons!
It’s either he’s too old, frail, and demented to be in charge
He’s too old frail and demented to be running the fucking country!!!

Considering the Gin Hag Pelousy kept screaming “25th Amendment!!!” over supposed issues with OrangeManBad (more on that in a second) and now?

ZOMG!!! It’s a partisan attack and ageist to be calling it what it is.

Hey Pot, this’s the Kettle you’re a Nigger!

Jesus Wept.
As far as the Gin Hag wanting to invoke the 25th, it, in her alcohol-soaked mind at least, the concept was legit. In that anyone who stood in the way of their plans, criminality, and shenanigans had to be certifiably insane. Hence why she wanted (as well as anyone else) on “Team Retard” wanted him relieved of duty. It’s the old Soviet trick of declaring the opposing side insane, and for their own good lock them away in a nut house, as anyone who would oppose The State™ just had to be nuts.

Karmas a bitch ain’t it?

So, the Stuporbowl is up on Sunday?
No idea. Don’t know, don’t care. My call on the spread stands.
Again, Thanks for the support, and just being here.
More Later
Big Country

Oh Dark Late and Buzzed.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Yep…. had me a bunchabeerz tonight.
Who can blame me?

“And going a little farther he fell on his face and prayed, saying, “My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will.”

Matthew 23:39 New Testament English Standard Version

I really need a break
Anyways… enough whining

Earlier I talked with Mike from Cold Fury. I had missed a call from him a couple of days ago, as, well… reasons right? I gave him a call back. He was looking for a sit-rep as Gretchen is one of his favorite people. (I personally think it’s the titties) He knows I’ve been busy/fucked up by what’s happening, so he proceeded to chew my ear off and kept me laughing a bit in light of the situation… Mike’s damned good people, and I’m proud to call him friend.

In fact I got a lot of good friends out there in the Intarwhebz, some of whom I’ve faced-to-faced with. Some I haven’t but would LOVE to see IRL and if I have my way, I’ma going to make an effort to do so, if only to look them in the eye, shake their respective hand, and thank them for having Gretchen’s back.

It’s a pretty distinguished list of a ‘Whos-Who’ of r/ourguys bloggs… Wirecutter, DiveMedic, Borepatch, Dio, Concerned American, Normal American, Art Sido, Phil and Cederq from BustedKnuckles, WendyWorn… and Mike from Cold Fury as I mentioned before…

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition

from Henry V, spoken by King Henry, William Shakespeare

These are my people

I’m not sure if some of them understand the depth of my gratitude, but to use an old line:

A good friend helps you hide a body
A great friend brings a shovel and doesn’t ask questions

I lean towards the second side.
It’s a honor thing.

That and We’re all in the same fight.
The world has gotten waaay further gone in such a short period of time that even I in my most pessimistic didn’t expect this particular shit show, what with a barely-sentient Alzheimers Patient theoretically ‘running the country’ for ‘fun and profit’ (10% for the Big Guy donchaknow?) I mean it’s so obvious now that even DemoncRats are saying they’re going to have to 25th his pantshitting ass.

And hate to say I told you so, but I did. They’re saying the best candidate out there is Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Governor Hairgel of Califrutopia. I called that if you remember a ways back… Now this I personally find hilarious as that fucktard is even stupider than the Veep, Kamel Toe “Cumguzzler” Harris. No wonder Putin isn’t worried for shit about shit, as we’re not fielding our best.

I’m just a broken old bastard who screams into the ethers.

30 or 40 years ago, Pre-Internet I might be doing it on a street corner, and being called a derelict. Boston used to have quite a few of them… in college there was one I knew as Crazy Tommy who I used to give spare change to… he was always polite, lived in an alley up the street from my apartment in Murderpan… err sorry Mattapan. Homeless, whytte, schizophrenic, but content, and occasionally when I’d be walking home stoned out of my mind, I’d buy an entire pizza from Cappy’s, and as I walked home, Tommy’d invariably show up, (guy had ‘pizza radar I swear) and walk with me, sharing the pizza. Kept me from getting mugged by having the two of us, one being a known ‘crazy street person’ with me… I hope he’s ok, or at peace…

Good Memories.

But all my fellow bloggers I’ve mentioned, and a few others, well… these are people I’d go the distance for. Like I said, haven’t met all of them F2F yet but I’ll be damned if I don’t make the time to in the very near future.

Got a hunch Phil and Cederq’ll take that as a threat LOL.

But as I was saying, those of us, the happy few I mentioned, are all those who have decided to stand up and be counted. As stated in the Constitution “…(we) Pledge Our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor” to continue to expose the lies and propaganda set out by the enemy.

By doing so these days there is the distinct potential to have our lives fucked up because of the intolerance of the Left. Despite these threats and hazards, we band of brothers continue to chip away at the foundation of Lies and Propaganda set forth under the growing intolerance of our supposed “betters”.

They know they’re losing.
We just have to stand tall and fast.
A lesser known verse, Nehemiah 4:14

“And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and to the officials and to the rest of the people, “Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes.”

New Testament, Standard English Version

That’s us.
And if you’re here, That’s you too
Fighting for your family, your homes, your way of life
One Step/Action/Meme at a time

So yes, I’m allllll over the place… been studying the Bible… as one in wont to do when you’ve got some heavy shit to deal with… reading favorite passages as you can see… bet y’all didn’t know I have a Masters in Comparative Religion did ya? Yep. Love me some religion/philosophy and the various “why” of it all…

So, I’ma gonna go crash… Gretchen just came out ‘cos I wasn’t in bed yet. To all who’ve donated, all I can say is two things: One HOLY SHIT! and Two, Thank you from the bottom of my blackened heart. This is going to help enormously. The prayers also offered are exceptionally welcome, as every voice lifted in prayer is a force multiplier.

More Later
Big Country

Flash: The Revolution Might Have Started in the Krain

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
And from what I can tell, ZERO mention in any western Ministries of Propaganda and lies. Guess the Revolution will NOT be broadcast…


According to that, one confirmed dead.
Seems that there was a protest that formed up over the replacement of Krazypants aka Zaluzhnyi or however you spell that dudes name.

Looks like Poroshenko, the guy -we- (the GAE) ran out of town was speaking, and depending on the wording in the article, some of the Krainfeld Bully Boys showed up and shots have been fired.

Match to fuse moment?
I’ll update as I find more things out
More Later
Big Country

Tucker, Putin, The Krain and Fundraising

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Only about 45 minutes (as I type this) ’til the interview with VodkaManBad and FormerFoxManBad and possibly some interesting ‘stuff’ to come out.

Supposedly there was a leak of the transcript of the interview, which I’m throwing here:

TUCKER: What would you tell the people running America?

PUTIN: Our message is Russia is not your enemy. We don’t want war. We’re ready for peace. Your leaders seek conflict. This is not what we want. Russia stands for its own people. We do not want what is not ours.


Seems this’s bullshit.

OK… far be it for me to spread fake news.
I’ll leave that to the professionals like CNN/CBS/ABC/ and the worst perpetrator, MSNBC. Either way though, the interview has had people on the side of the current (Mal)Administration and its cheerleaders shitting in their collective depends.

To the point that some pundits have been openly calling for Tucker to be kept out of the States, despite never having done anything, except like, you know, his fucking job.

Sweet Jeebus come and squeeze us.

So, guess we’ll see IF there are any revelations to be had.
The Midget Dicked Krazed Kokaine Kowboy of the Krain, Krainfeld –finally– shit and got off the fucking pot by relieving General “Krazypants” Zaluzhny. Reason I call him Krazypants was that interview he did? The one where he started talking about A.I. controlled fusion powered tunneling robots?
Krazy AF IMO.
Now, interestingly, he did not replace him with Kyrylo Budanov, now to be known as “Kylo Badenov”, Boris’s lil Krainian Brother.

Kylo, because he –is– an evil Sith Like Motherfucker by all reports. Nope… instead they replaced him with what would be considered Krazypants direct subordinate, Oleksandr Syrskyi to being the Headman over ALL of the (remaining) forces. Before that, he was the Krainian Ground (meat) Forces Commander. I think this was to keep the idea of having too much slime dragged around as Kylo has a rep for that sort of thing…

Right now they’re hoping this doesn’t cause a revolt in the (depleted) ranks. Reason I’m saying this is I found a tidbit on Moon of Alabama with the quote:

“They come in waves,” said Lt. Oleksandr Shyrshyn, 29, the deputy battalion commander in the 47th Mechanized Brigade. “And they do not stop.”

Moon of Alabama via The New Yawk Slimes

And, just as MoA noticed…
The deputy battalion commander is fucking 29!?!
AND only an El-Tee!?!

They got a FAR bigger problem than who the head man is.
For those of you who’re civilians… a deputy battalion commander -should- be a Major by US Army standards… the Battalion Executive Officer or X.O….

Now in Krainian formations? Not sure of their rank/command structure… could be the equivalent of a Lieutenant Colonel or as we call it a “Light Bird” as the former Soviet Republic(s) tended to be ‘heavy’ rank wise on command positions. US Battalions are usually commanded by a Light Bird, with Brigades being a full Colonel (the eagle insignia) which is why we call it a “Full Bird” Colonel.

If they got a Butterbar (brown rank bar) or a 2nd LT playing at a Battalion X.O. slot? OMFG… they are soooooooo utterly and completely fucked. I do doubt it though, as 29? That’d be a well seasoned 1st LT who’d normally be a Platoon Leader. A Platoon of Infantry (US Sized) is normally between 40-50 troops, with 4-5 squads at 10 men each +/-. The platoon is a pretty small bunch.

A Battalion?
Battalions consist of four to six companies and can include up to about 1,000 soldiers. And it ALSO means a hell of a lot more officers.

Lets say for Funsies:
One Battalion commanded by a Lt. Colonel, a Major for the X.O.
4 Companies in this Unit. Which means 4 Captains, and their X.O.s.
Not sure what role this guy –had– but either way, he got command by every. single. officer. above. him. getting. killed.

Last man standing and all that.
As I said, They’re fucked.
When a LT, no matter how good he is is left ‘holding the bag’, your DotMil is in some seriously deep shit. Granted, this guy? He’s -got- to be good to have lasted this long, so my hat off to you LT, wherever you are.

So, lastly.
Couple of y’all have said to do a fundraiser.
Maaan… I’d rather rip my eyes out. That being said though, after today, it became mandatory. For the record, Gretchen has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Invasive Metastatic Breast Cancer. Now the good news is her biopsy for the Lymph Nodes came back clean.
That however is underlined with a big “for now”.
If we don’t get humping on this, if that changes, then shit goes fucking pear shaped (like today). She was supposed to get a BRCA genetic test, which I already know she’s going to ‘fail’ so to speak.

The BRCA gene test looks for DNA changes that increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer. That’s the test that caused a LOT of Hollyweird chicks to lop off Ye Olde Boobies preemptively. In Gretch’s case, BOTH her Grannies died of BC, and her Mom survived it, but sans boobage.

The fucking Gyno Shop she’d been going to wanted $400 on top of everything else to do what I figure -should- nominally be a simple test. We left and are exploring other options. My own is to go back and bar and lock the doors and windows, and burn the thieving fucks alive, but I have been known to be a bit ‘reactionary’. So yeah, Copays and a 10k Out of Pocket? Nevermind having to repair the damage to that magnificent rack?

That was when she was one of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pirate Crew… we got to go on the Pirate Ship (me and Sapper) while she did the whole entertainment thing…

Thanks so much Obama!
May You Forever Smoke a Turd in Hell You Asshole.
The Link -should- be at the top, but if not:


If you can help, it’s appreciated. If not and only prayers are offered, double the thanks. Shit is old and wearing, so hey… I’ll get through it.

… Oh, I get by with a little help from my frens
Mm, get high with a little help from my frens
Oh, I’m gonna try with a little help from my frens

… Do you need anybody?
I just need someone to love
Could it be anybody?
I want somebody to love

… Oh, I get by with a little help from my frens
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my frens
Oh, I get high with a little help from my frens
Yes, I get by with a little help from my frens
With a little help from my frens”

My Thanks and Love to You All for being here and just allowing me to vent.
More Later
Big Country

Zen and The Art of The Swiss Army Knife

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, a small metaphor for tonight:

Become A Swiss Army Knife.

The More Blades, The Better.

Like I say about myself “Jack of All, Master of None” (or thereabouts). The concept came to me tonight whilst prepping Gretchen’s Ivermectin shot. It sort of came to me…

I got a lot of varied skills.
Like a really huge amount.
I knew what size needle gauge and syringe we needed to ‘do’ her shot up correctly (the lil diabetic 100 minis are waaay too small) as well as, well hell the fact that I’ve had the Ivermectin on hand for emergencies i.e. any of us getting hit with a more potent Phase 3, 4 or 5 variant of the ‘Vid, well it’s kind of reassuring for her to know I have an encyclopedic pile of intel crammed in the thinkin’ meat.

True Fact: After about our 2nd or 3rd Anniversary, Gretchen broke up with me. “Reasons and sheeee-it” as I called it. IRL she was playing ‘dread game’ (fear of losing someone forever) the female variant, but honestly? That shit doesn’t work on me. FAR too many younger and tighter out there dying to get with a guy like myself…

So, I told her “OK, you get ONE break, and after that, it’s the streets for you. HOWEVER… best not fuck around too long ‘cos your ass’ll find out hard because I’ve never had an issue finding a replacement.” I then pointed out that I had told the X the same exact thing… the X ignored it and well, almost 30 days to the day the X and I were done, I had Gretchen and about 2 other plates spinning…

Sometimes as cruel as it may be, ya gotta remind ’em:

“Men age like a Fine Cognac, Women age like Milk”

She was back within 2 weeks.
It was nice to have a break TBH.
Anyways… point is, that tonight?
Tonight, while I was reassuring her shit was going to be fine, she thanked me profusely for taking her back. I had to ask what the hell she was talking about as, well, I’m a guy. I’d forgotten that shit 5 minutes after she got back. She also told me she’d realized the world was going to be seriously pear shaped, and she could do far worse as far as an “Apocalypse Boyfriend/Husband” than me.

So yeah.
Besides a minor ego trip, and yeah, allow me… it’s been a rough patch lately… but yeah. If anything that’s happening, you need “blades on your knife.” Ergo the Swiss Army Knife.

The more skills you know and have, the better.

It’s great if you’ve got some medical skills… it’s better if you have medical certifications… BEST if you have IRL experience dealing with Medical Issues either under fire/stress or under ‘austere conditions’. Being able to suture someone is valuable not if, but when shit does eventually go retarded.

Same goes for your boomstick. Great if you can do minor repairs on your AR. Best if you can tear one down and/or build one from a pile of pieces-parts… or, BEST if you’re given 4 burned up, battle damaged M-4s and can make as many functional rifles with bare minimum tools.

Godlike Level is unlocked and achieved if you can make a weapon from basic Harbor Freight tools and scrap metal like Phil from BustedKnuckles. Gunsmithing and Reloading are going to be serious ‘must have’ skills post whatever-the-fuck is coming.

So, my advice:
To reiterate
Get some skills.
The More, The Better.

Note to this also: All these guys running around doing ‘tactical training’ and whatnot for hundreds of dollars? Yeah… I suppose if you have had ZERO training EVER then , yep… it might be advisable. Thing of it is, is that if you served in the DotMil, or are an avid hunter/fisherman/wilderness kind of guy, then, unless you’re planning on forming up a squad of wannabe Militia, then no, I’d say avoid that crap.

First, it’s pricey.

Secondly, especially in light of some of the new ‘Anti-Training/Anti-Militia’ legislation they’re trying to push, I’m pretty sure that -somewhere- in those bills is something about mandatory intel gathering and whatnot to make lists of those who do or have done some form of advanced tacticool rifle/pistol training. Easier to round up folks to kill ’em later if they feel the need.

Your best sources you can do use simple.
First Aid stuff at Community Colleges or the “Y”
Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Courses as so far that’s not on the ‘bad guy list’ as of yet. Of course that’ll probably change knowing our current maladministration.

And Books…

Boy oh Boy oh Boy.

Get Hardcopy of Everything You Think You >Might< Need

Can’t emphasize this enough
Unfortunately for us, we’ve all gotten waaay too cozy with our electronic gizmos, doodads and whatchamacallits. God forbid, we get a EMP/Grid Down/No More Net situation, most motherfuckers won’t know how to get home without the Goolag.

Land Nav? What is this Land Nav of which you speak?

Can be. That’s what used book stores online are for. As long as they’re not missing pages and/or tore the fuck up to illegibility, used books are fucking mint for these purposes. My own ‘operational immediate’ library is this:

Shakespeare, Religion (Shintoism and Buddhism, plus ‘other’ meditative stuff…) Philosophy and poetry, Basho in particular. Medical Books to include Survival Medicine and the incomparable “Where There Are No Doctors”. Reloading Manuals. Intel Gathering books. How to use Commo (Thanks to Brushbeater for those). Uncle Ted’s books (all of them… fascinating how brilliant but cracked he was… a true visionary, albeit pretty fucked in the head) and then also, Field Manuals, DotMil, multibranch. The grey “survival guides” up there are alll the pre-Y2K stuff I printed off when I first found out about prepping and Y2K… all off of USENET believe it or not (tell me I’m dating myself Aye?) It contains articles and how-to stuff about animal husbandry, skinning animals properly, egg storage and the like.

And that’s just the “OMFG The house is on fire!!!! Quick get these in the truck so’s we at least have them!!!” collection. The third bedroom has literally 8 bookcases stuffed with books, from Gardening (18th Century Florida Style) to Sniping by John Plaster.

Each skill you have is a blade in your knife.
Each book you have sharpens that blade.
Each blade can help you live better and survive.

As Sapper pointed out the relevant quote to me, which I had forgotten (Bad BC, Bad BC!) from the Master, Robert Heinlien:

“Specialization is for Ants”

Hope you enjoyed.
More Later
Big Country

Filthie’s Back, Back Again… Plus an Update on the Med Stuff…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages, Stubfarts, Weirdos, Malcontents and just plain Assholes, Let me be one of the first to say Glen Filthie is back.

Poo happy emoticon, emoji – poop face

Link HERE and in the sidebar.

Good to have Glen back. Always loved his original blegg as he had some incredible finds of pictures of some classic weapons and whatnot from better times. Always appreciated the classics donchaknow Aye?

That and since JL aka The Bitter Centurion bailed, whelp, when Filthie left, (also known as the “Advanced Aesop Annoyer”) we lost two of the “good canoeheads.” I’ve offered JL Poasting Privileges before here, as well as Glen, but both so far had/have not taken me up on it. Hopefully he (JL) reads this and some peer pressure gets him to unleash his Bitterness here once and a while. Glen now is back, so good on ya.

Hell, I’d welcome the break occasionally.

That being said, been busy.
Second Biopsy today, Lymph Nodes now.
Thursday is when we start doing the Plan of Attack.

Not that I haven’t already.
I thought about OPSEC, but you know what?

Fuck ’em.

I’ma gonna document all of this shit, ‘cos you know what?

People need to know if these alternative (read cheaper) treatments work or not. The insurance company and CancerCroakers (outside of Doctor Samizdat whom I’m consulting with) can suck. my. hairy. unwiped. taint.

ESPECIALLY IF THIS WORKS OUTSIDE OF ‘NORMAL’ REGIMEN. (I.E. Chemo/Radiation/Titty Choppin’ >shudder<)

So… thus far

2.5 mL injectable Ivermectin daily.
2.5 mL oral suspension Fenbendazole
40 mcg Vitamin D
10mg Vitamin B6
435mg Magnesium
25mg Zinc
2.2 Grams Concentrated Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C… compounding stuff they use to make Vitamin C IVs with) orally.
And finally, in a few days:
MAF capsules which are macrophage activation factor ‘stuff’… Steady Steve recommended it, and after I read the papers on it, seems this in conjunction with ALL the rest of that, -hopefully- this works. One of the papers is HERE. Another, as it’s a Japanese thing is HERE. The Japs were highly suspicious of the Vaxx, so this was one of their trials… to which it seems that it is: “Gc-MAF is a promising, new, unapproved medication as a macrophage activating factor (MAF) to treat cancer. There is solid evidence of its efficacy in cancer patients, but a number of researchers remain in doubt.”
The same doubt of Ivermectin working on the ‘Vid?
Yeeeeeah… about that….
With MY WIFES titties on the line, I’ll chance it.
It costs $250+ per month, so not cheap.
It’ll be here Thursday or Friday… I paid the extra $30 to get the fast shipping but it –is– Japan.

So far, the only bitch Gretchen has is the bruising on her tummy from the needles. Go figure…. Whammen Aye? Not like she’s gonna be in a bikini this time of year anyways, and all I have to dois point out, bruises heal, titties being fucking cut the fuck off is forever.

ZERO side effects otherwise.
No Puking, No Diarrhea (outside of normal stress relating eruptions)… no stomach issues (which is a miracle as Gretchen has digestive issues)… Only other ‘things’ we’re doing is a LOT of Pomegranate Juice (organic stuff, also costly) and Beet Juice, plus I forgot….

The worst part?
Cutting the Junkie’s fix.
Namely Sugar.
I have to wean her off it. Chick would eat a stick of butter straight by dipping it in a sugar bowl I swear. Sweet tooth? Try a sweet head. Its the worst thing and I have to be militant as sugar feeds tumors like a motherfucker. Trust me, been there, done that.

She gets grumpy when I tell her “No!” when she wants another Popsicle (frozen sugar) or a Fudgesicle (frozen chocolate flavored sugar). Gonna have to stay strong AND firm. So far the asking her flat out: “Do you want to fucking die? I can arrange it quickly and painlessly and it won’t bankrupt my ass…just the cost of one $0.75 cent .357 hollowpoint…”

HOWEVER: IF You die, Kylie is out on having her GiGi around, and I’m out Wife #2, and then, I lose any and all chances of ever being able to recover Adriana.”

That’s been able to shut down her bitching.
I mean it too.
Love can be a stone cold motherfucker Aye?

Gotta be brutal Me Droogs N Droogettes.
Best Harden Yerselves Now, and Fix what you need to fix on the MedSide Now, as methinks we’re running short on time. Watch your six, be true to one another, help when you can, and

‘Cos that is how we win in the end.

More Later
Big Country

It’s Official: This Year Sucks So Far.

Greetings me Droogs N Droogettes!
Couldn’t let January go by without a great big dose of “What the fuck was that!?!” i.e. something stomach related. I’m just now feeling a wee bit better… still pretty weak TBH. Food poisoning I reckon as Sapper and Gretchen have been fine, but it’s still weird AF as we all ate pretty much the same exact thing, with the exception of the BritRat Muesli I had two days ago for breakfast… and even then I only managed to choke down two spoonfuls before I quit as it was pretty fucking gross.

So, two days of non-stop toilet fun and games.

To top it off with us getting word that yes, Gretchen has Teh Boobie Cancer dammit.

I’m growing weary of these ‘issues’ that keep cropping up. And no, t’ain’t me causing it. Unless I peed on some unmarked Babylonian King or Queens Tomb when I was in Iraq (entirely possible) there by activating some ancient curse… It’s been one thing after another, after another, and so on and so on.

“O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.”

Matthew 26:39

I mean personally, I’d reeeeally like a ‘bye’ on this particular shitshow that’s now inbound. Ins’Allah, this too will pass, but only in The Lords time I suppose.

The biggest piss me off tho is why did it have to be titty cancer? I mean hers are works of Art man… “Breastages by Botticelli” I swear… Chris Muir got ’em so right I had to ask Gretchen if she’d ever met/dated him when he did the Naughty Gretchen Nurse cartoon for Mike Hendrix’s fundraiser:

I think the majority of y’all saw her in a bikini shot I put up on occasion… for a 52 year old chick, she’s still racked, stacked and packed.

HOPEFULLY we caught this shit early enough that they don’t get damaged…. that’d be a literal crime. For grins and giggles we’re going to try some alternative natural methods… dietary and whatnot… the stuff -I- did to help beat the Lung Cancer that fucked me up back a ways ago.

We really appreciate all the suggestions and whatnot, ideas, plans, diets, my DMs have been getting blown up. I’m going to do a fundraiser maybe as much as I hate the idea… I’m not going to comment on the stuff we do as I don’t want flak from either the (non)insurance company nor the Croakers. We’re going to be ‘good lil obedient patients’ doncha know? </sarc>

They play word games, so I too can play word games.

So, that in a nutshell/case is what’s been happening around here. Part of the stomach issues too I believe is a psychosomatic reaction to the news… they told us and as soon as they did, I had to grab the garbage can and ralph right there n then…

Now, other late Empire Stoopid:
Seems that we hit 84 sites in Syria and Iraq?
I swear to God… 3 Engineer Support troops get cashed in, along with 30+ wounded, and not only does it take like what? A week, week and a half? to start blowing up shit, but when we do start blowing up shit, we pick on the smallest, least likely-to-have-done it groups and areas???

It’s like the ‘MuricanBully gets punched a few times by the local IranianBully (lets face it, Iran IS the Big Dawg in that A.O. now) so in turn, for vengeance, The ‘MuricanBully instead goes after IranBullys retarded little brother, Iraq and his autistic sister Syria, both of whom already had the shit beat out of them by the ‘MuricanBully…

Is it me, or has GloboHomo GAE gone completely and utterly insane? I mean those of us here have known it for a while… but it appears to be becoming moar and moar pronounced as of late. My hunch is that “Team Carcass” is literally shitting in their collective drawers now, much like their puppet. The Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has, as of late outdone himself in ‘teh stoopid’

That particular gaff was sooo bad Snopes initially said that it was “Fake” and they had to reverse themselves, after stating that “… it’s not uncommon for working class people to put their helmet on backwards while working.”

As if anyone from Snopes has ever worn a Hard Hat in their entire fucking lives, outside of the Tonka Hard Hat that we ALL had when we were 6-7 years old, playing with the Dump Truck or whatever… they wouldn’t have a CLUE as to the proper wear of PPE…

Hell, in Iraq for some of the jobs we had, I had (for a while) a cowboy hat safety helmet:

Had it until I went on leave, and someone decided they liked it moar than I did. Rat bastard… never did find out who snatched it…

SO, “Team Carcass” is in trouble. We know it, They know it.

The latest out from James O’Keefe’s latest sting is proof positive that those surrounding the Corpse in Chief is never going to make it over the line to another full term.

The problem stems from the fact is that they ain’t got a good second choice. According to the source, one Charlie Kraiger – who is a Cybersecurity Policy Analyst and Foreign Affairs Desk Officer in the Executive Office at the White House pretty much gave up ALL the intel to O’Keefe regarding the ‘behind the curtain’ action in the Oval Orifice.

The article link is HERE

What’s even moar hilarious is Kraiger didn’t recognize O’Keefe desipte being the “Cybersecurity Policy Analyst” who, under normal circumstances this guy should be well aware of any potential adversary. But, I guess trying to ‘dip his wick’ was more important. Yeah, he’s a degenerate fag. They set up the meet up on Grinder or some such queer version of Tinder.

Shit like that is exactly why back in the day, Homosexuals were not allowed to hold clearances or sensitive positions. I think this’s the second, or may even be the third gay guy they’ve caught on tape giving up intel, mainly to show off “how important” they are and impress their “date” with what a big deal they are…

Fuck man… what a maroon.

Late Empire Collapse Anyone?
So, More Later
Big Country

Well THAT Is A New One I Didn’t See Coming…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Not sure how this particular ‘thing’ is going to play out or how they’re going to spin it:

Got a hunch they’re going to spin up Ye Olde Memory Hole as fast as fucking possible… Like a Warp Speed Spin Up…

The last thing they want to do is have this give –anyone elseany ideas in the same groove. Not for nothing, got no idea if the guy is a full-on nutjob… I mean he obviously is but there’s ‘nuts’ as in the guy has a loooong history of being a Schizophrenic and/or on an even loooonger list of psychotropic drugs, OR he’s ‘nuts’, as in he just finally said “I’m fucking DONE!” and went full house-psycho on his old man…

Story is here: LINK (Let’s see if it gets memory holed)

So, there’s got to be a story behind this. Dad was 68 and a Boomer. Kid, named Justin Mohn is 32, so that makes him a Millennial. Dad worked for the FedGov for 20+ years. My guess? Kid being 32, still living at Home, and maybe BoomerDad gave him the ‘bootstrap lecture’ one too many a time, and guy fucking flipped his collective shit.

“Off With His Head!!!”
But, the reason I say they’re gonna memory hole this?
The money quote from the article is:

“Mohn went on to say he was offering a $1 million bounty to anyone who could kill top officials including FBI Director Christopher Wray, Attorney General Merrick Garland and former Attorney General Bill Barr.”

The Daily Mail

Unless they’re absolutely fucking retarded even more that -I- believe, they’ll bury this story deeper than Epstein’s Client List. Now, considering just how stupid some of the jackholes who’re running the show in the country right now, they might just go Full Retard and blame MAGA and Trump or some such… Thing is, this right here is something I’ve been watching for.

I’ve said it a multiplicity of times.
The Head Honchos out there?
Pretty Untouchable.
Lots of Guards, Security… what have you.
The Support Staff/Lower Bureaucrats and whatnot?

VERY Fucking Touchable.
Never mind their ‘support staff’ to include families and ‘other’ things. I mean look at what happened to that Mayor in France who was promoting his Village as a migrant sanctuary.

“The mayor of a small French town whose home was set on fire amid a bitter battle over bringing in migrants is resigning from his job of overseeing an increasingly divided community.”

Associated Press, May 11, 2023

Seems the Mayor ‘got the message’ and GTFO while he still could. They firebombed his crib with him and his family inside, and torched two of his cars in the driveway.

He’s lucky.
Like I said, not sure if the kid above is a Genuine Nutjob or a “Momentary Loss of Sanity” Nutjob… either way, gotta say, it takes a lot to remove a human casaba off of one’s neck and/or shoulders.

Now I’m not promoting anything. Nope, I’m just a JAFO. Just Another Fucking Observer. And I’m figuring we might… waitaminute… come to think of it, IF some individual DID take in on themselves to start ‘cleaning up certain issues’ they more than likely wouldn’t let anyone know, ‘cos THAT would most definitely spawn a HUUUGE level of copycats, so no…

Probably won’t be hearing anything about wide swathes of FedGov Drones and Petty Bureaucrats being found dead of ‘suddenly’ and/or random muggings like the DemoncRat Kid Seth Rich that they had murdered for comping all of Killary’s emails and dirt to Assange.

Word I got was that he was murdered by two hired hand MS-13 thugs for leaking the thumb drive full of dirt to Assange. The MS-13 hitters were hired to do the deed, and then when they showed up to get paid, they in turn got whacked by a dependable contractor who’s known for doing dirty for the Clintons et al. No one was going to miss a pair of illegal MS-13 Gang Members Aye?

Shit is right out of a Reacher Episode innit?

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