Seriously, What in the HELL Did These Idiots Expect?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems that Russia has officially thrown down a rather large Gauntlet, Steel, Type One Each, Nuclear.

Link to the full story is HERE
Can’t say they haven’t been told enough that “This ain’t no fucking game assholes!” I mean OUR assholes seem to think that this’s some sort of fucking game or something. ANOTHER HUGE CASE of “People Who Haven’t Been Punched in the Fucking Mouth Enough IRL” playing fucking games with like the entire world.

Not for nothing, I’d have to say at this point they are desperate to start some shit, if only to keep themselves in Power, as that and money is all they care about. They sure as hell don’t give two fucks about the possibly One Million Dead and Wounded Krainians that’s for damned sure.

Recently there was a vidya circulating out there of Two Recruiting Commissars who were forced to dig their own graves, and then got blasted by Farmer Petrovich with a 12 gauge.

There’s also another one of a bunch of Romani (gypsies) storming a Recruitment Center to ‘rescue’ one of their own who got snatched up off the street… they destroyed the office, and beat the ever-loving fuck out of the Commissars.

Another factoid: Seems the majority of the Commissars are of a particular tribal affiliation. Who’d a’thunk it?

Fact is, the fat and relatively comfy job of being a “Meat Snatcher for the Grinder” is becoming rather hazardous as well it should be. As the Joker said, “You get what you fuckin’ deserve!”

The TL;DR thing about the above story is essentially the Brits and Frogs have been making Heap Big Smoke about getting actually involved ‘boots on the ground’ involved in the Krain. Supposedly, as mentioned yesterday, the Frogs have a bunch of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of Légion étrangère running around there now. Including that the Russians have killed and recovered up to 7 members of a Scout Unit at the current front.

Then the Brits mentioned that they were lifting the restrictions on the Cruise Missiles that they gave the Krainians, and gave then carte blanch to use them at targets directly inside the Russian Heartland.

THAT right there has been a solid red line for the Russians

And our assholes don’t seem to understand that. The Russian mentality towards the Rodina is off-the-charts when it comes to preserving the aforementioned Motherland. Hell, Russia has been invaded how many fucking times in the past 1000 years? They got every right to be seriously paranoid and hyper defensive.

So the Russians called the two Ambassadors on the carpet, and read them the riot act.

And even still, after this? Our “Elite” Educated Retard Class of Fuckwits, Lackwits, Morons, Neer-do-wells and Assholes just don’t get it. They’ll ignore what’s a pretty straightforward warning. The only thing they all seem to get is if say their dual citizenship holding asses Cuntry of Israel is threatened, (no, no misspelling) then “ZOMG! We have to saaaaaaaaaave them!!!” Otherwise?

We’re just grist for their mill
Meat for the grinder.

Another little blurb I found out there. You want to know how financially fucked all of this “Intervention” has been just in ammunition?
Feature this gang:

That’s just A.D.A ammo!!!!
H/T to CMDR Salamander for the graphic

A.D.A. for the unfamiliar is Air Defense Artillery.
We’ve had at least 2-3, maybe even 4 Arleigh Burke DDS’s go “Winchester” on ALL the Shooty-McBang-Bang Rokkits. That means out of ammo BTW… as discussed before, they can carry up to 94 of the newer model (Block 2A 3rd Gen SM-3s) or 90 of the earlier SM-6…

Either way? Let us use the cheaper variant, the SM-6 “Standard” at almost 4 mil a throw as an example.
To empty out 90 of them in the magazine?

That’s roughly $351,162,720.00

To Reload EACH Ship!

A billion here, a billion there amiright?
Fuck it, it ain’t their fucking shekels…
Jes’ Sayin’

I don’t even want to begin to contemplate the cost of the Block 2A at almost 28 million dollars a shot!!!
90 of them? Try Over Two and a Half BILLION clams.

Oh my aching head!

We are so done.
Beans on Toast Done man…

And ALL of these ‘wunderwaffen’ have to be replaced of course… and those prices reflect what they did cost… it, as far as I can tell, hasn’t take into consideration the inflationary aspect as well as just pure greedheadedness. I mean a 155mm HE round used to cost about $600.00 to make.

Now? Like $3000.00

And that doesn’t even cover more specialized rounds like the Copperhead and Excaliber… I don’t even know if the copperhead is still around actually…a quick check annnd
Yep… it’s still there operationally speaking.
17k in stock, but they stopped making them a ways back. Don’t know if they wasted any in the Krain… the data doesn’t reveal that.

The Copperhead was one of the first ‘laser guidable’ smart-Arty rounds developed in the 70’s. A classic which is still being used I guess. Kind of cool IMO.

Now, the ONE THING that’s bugging me about ALL OF THE ABOVE… in particular the whole “French getting involved militarily” thing… As a minor Military Historian, this is bugging the hell out of me.

Especially in light that as far as I can tell…

No one has brought this issue up yet anywhere!

That being?

Almost every. single. major. bloodbath. that the Untied Staatz has gotten involved in has been because WE ended up getting involved because the Fucking Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, A.K.A. those Foul Smelling B.O. Soaked Wine-Swilling swine, the Fwench have dragged us into some seriously fucked up conflicts…

Seems like every. single. time. (there’s that phrase again!) the Frogs piss some one off, and WE end up having to go and pull their collective snail-sucking asses out of a hot spot.

World War One? They backed the Russians, and the Germans figured to knock the Frogs out FIRST before dealing with Russia… sounds familiar eh?

Then, come World War Two, the Frogs had been so utterly obnoxious in trying to fuck over Germany spiritually and financially after WW1, the Krauts just had to March down the Rhine to kick their asses again, deservedly so IMO.

Don’t even get me started about The Nam.
56k Dead +/-

And yet
Here we are


FFS, you’d think we’d learn after a while right?
But nope… we keep acting like a literal retarded kid who’s burned his hand on the stove not once, not twice but a ton of times, and can’t correlate the “Hot Stove = Burn/Ouchies”.

Every. Single. Time. we get involved with the French, it ends with us having a HUGE amount of American Blood being spilled, with No Thanks nor Gratitude for such expenditures. A few of my favorite quotes by a better man than I about the Frogs:

“There is nothing lower than the human race except the French.”

“France is miserable because it is filled with Frenchmen, and Frenchmen are miserable because they live in France.”

“France has usually been governed by prostitutes.”

Mark Twain

Yeah… good stuff right there innit?

So now, we wait on the precipice of potentially another disastrous French Foreign Military Adventure. Only this time, a whole hell of a lot more is potentially at stake. Like the entirety of Human Civilization possibly being snuffed, all to let the Grandma-Fucker Midget Maricón satisfy his teeny-dick energy thinking he’s the ‘savior’ of the Krain… I mean is he trying to avenge Napoleon for fucks sakes?

Hell, you’d think that the fucking Frogs themselves would get tuned in by now right? Guess Twain was correct in his heartfelt contempt. They may be an endangered specie shortly if they keep poking the Bear… it’ll be a damned shame about the Eiffel Tower tho… but at least all the Muj’ll get cleaned out, so there is that on the ‘plus column’

We’ll just have to Sit Back
Relax, grab the Popcorn and Watch.
After all:

“Forget it Jake, It’s Clownworld”

More Later
Big Country

Срећан Ускрс! He Has Risen!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Orthodox Easter today with a trip allll over the place. Started the day early, getting prepped and ready. Then, We went out to my Man Cowboy’s horse ranch for a quick visit. He’s 27 days from Full Retardedment (retirement) after 20 years in the construction business.

Not that he’s retiring to mellow out.

His wifey Miss K actually runs the Ranch and he’s now going to be doing a vast ‘Honeydo List’ longer than my Johnson. In fact he’s in progress doing a new HUUUUGE haybarn.

To give you an idea of scale, that’s a full sized tractor trailer on the far left. Thing is mongasso huge. The Redhead LOVES going out there, so it was as much as a trip for her and she purely loves going for visits to “Mister Cowboy’s Place”

I personally love going there myself… got that ‘old Florida’ charm going on… like OMG mellow and fun

Magnificent ‘old growth’ trees

The whole place… the smell of the horses… real ‘back to simplicity stuff’ I mean yeah it’s ball breaking work, but good honest work. Kind of shit I’d love to be doing post-retirement. I mean hell, if it’s in the cards? I’ll take it.

The other aspect of going out there is that he’s got enough land to have a mini-range. One of these days I’m going to work with him to put in a full on berm I swear. So today was -supposed- to be a minor test of the Musket, and then a Poly 80 lower I finished a ways back. I got a new trigger for it, and wanted to see how it fired. I started with it and well…

I have to get a bit ‘beefier’ spring for the trigger.

The trigger breaks clean as a champagne flute…
Crisp as all get-out…

BUT… so light that I had it ‘bump stock’ on me…
The first trigger pull was good.
The second? I think I didn’t brace enough and man, it cut loose a 4 round burst!!! Going to have to research that. No giggle switch at all… just a clean lower with a lightened trigger. Mind you this was NOT the intent. Not the first time this sort of thing has happened to me, but I sure as hell will make sure for this one it’ll be the last.

Cowboy was a little freaked (as was I) but hey, this’s why we test our stuff before things go pear shaped.

Then we made it to Gretchen’s BFF’s house for Greek Easter.

Looks delicious right?

Unfortunately, no. Not the cooks problem… I think the lamb wasn’t as fresh as it was advertised. Like as in bad-bad. My stomach after a pinky-sized bite got mad at me… even when I was chewing I was like “This doesn’t taste right” as I have experienced this exact issue in the past in Iraq… The Haj, for all their bullshit can eat stuff that’d make a Billygoat puke. So, tonight? I’m in “never trust a fart” mode lest something untoward happens, like a “catastrophic failure of o-ring integrity”.

Funniest part was when the cook, BFF’s cousin tried to play me on the “Hey do you want a eyeball?” thinking he’d get me grossed out or something… I told him “My Iraqis played this game with me and I ate everything they offered me, from balls, to heart, to brains… your game is weak man!”

Also, I may not speak Greek, (everyone in the house except me and Gretchen and the Redhead) but I literally grew up with a Greek Kid as one of my best friends. As well as my Aunt is a full blooded Greek as well as my cousins, who ALL speak Greek. So I have MORE than a passing understanding, (like Arabic, and German which I do speak pretty well, and 4 years of High school Spanish) so I understood when they were talking shit about me LOL.

Never underestimate the opposition Aye?

Now, as to new stuff Internationally
Seems the Houthis are getting a bit more uppity.

Seems the goatfuckers are now expanding the sphere of influence. Whether or not they actually do something IRL remains to be seen. They’ve said that they’ll start throwing Ballistic Missiles at ANY boat headed to Hebeland.

Eh.. let it happen.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I did notice however that map only shows the 5th Fleet Base in Bahrain. Fact is, we still have a huge DotMil presence in Kuwait. In fact that’s all of our “prepo” (pre positioned) war stocks are. Arifjan being the biggest with THOUSANDS of vehicles. I know because I used to count them nightly.

Which begs the question: Who’s paying the Houthis to do all of this? Iran? Maybe Kuwait? I mean there’s a lot of open-ended possibilities. You’ve also got the U.A.E. and Oman as well… ALL within range and ALL with so DotMil, albeit in a reduced and/or small capacity. Not sure exactly what’s happening, but, either way, shit is getting a bit weird(er) these days. The full story is HERE

And then, going over to the Krain, we get this from a pretty reputable source (despite being on Twatter):

Now, IF this’s true, they really screwed the pooch. The problem is Macron, AKA Maricón has some delusional hang up about desperately wanting to get the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys involved in the Krainian Klown Kar show against the Russians.

Some have posited that this’s some leftover angst from when the Russians obliterated Napoleon’s Army waaaaay back it the day. The C.E.S.M. (Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys for brevity) are seemingly hell bent on getting boots on the ground.

Problem is, Bad Boy Vlad has said, and warned very specifically that IF some NATO fucktards get involved, and are proven without a shadow of a doubt, the that country (in this case Fwance) It’ll be long range Open Season of the parties involved.

Fucking morons, especially Maricón

He’s right up there with Canuckistan’s “Leader” Buttboy Supreme Turdoo. Fidel’s love child…

Telling you all, I personally cannot wait for the “Great Unravelling” as it’ll be known as… It’s like a sweater with only one lil thread of yard hanging… and the kitten gets at it, and starts running… the sweater s-l-o-w-l-y starts coming ‘undone’ and then, like I said last Night, “Slowly at first and then Suddenly” shit falls completely apart.

Best to prep now and be ready.
They hate you and are looking to eliminate us.
More Later
Big Country

Getting Old and It’s Time For The Quarterly Battery Check!

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
So we got the Red Headed Nukular Firecracker here for the weekend. We spent the day running her as ragged as I/She could possibly do. Being a couple years past the Big “50” certainly doesn’t help.

And to all who say “Ahhhh BC, yer a spring chikin compared to me!” Well, granted, I’m not that old leastways by the Stubfarts would say (per Filthie) but as DeadDad used to say “It ain’t the years boy, it’s the fucking mileage!

And to quote Captain Willard from ‘Apocalypse Now’:
“Absolutely Goddamned Right.”

To be completely honest, my fucking odometer has turned over the 100k marker at least 3 or 4 fucking times already…
Mileage INDEED
Jes’ Sayin’

But yeah.. the realization, that despite the “things still seeming the same ole’ same ole’ ” In Reality? Notsomucho. Case in Point:

That’s the Nukular Gran #1 at about 5.5 months…

Which has now turned into this:

Speaking as one of the Grandads…
I need more weapons…
Preferably Belt-Fed…
Or a RPG…
Either way, I’m easy.
Donations welcome. Mexican Cartels, Krainian or Russians, I’m an equal opportunity weapons donation kind of dude…

I already hooked up OtherGranDad with a 12 Gauge Combat Pump and a Brick of Black Aces Tactical Double Aught Buck…

If That doesn’t work, well… we’ll have to break out the ‘bigger stuff’

So… that being said…
Tonight is now the quarterly battery check:


I keep a pretty good assortment of rechargeable batteries… A VERY big pile of CR123As and Double A’s as well… As well IMO you should too.

Now, the nice thing about all of mine is that I can recharge them via a solar panel set. I have two mini-backpack panels for emergencies:

One First Generation GoalZero, and then a second panel I got back a while ago. Think it’s 3rd Gen. The first panel is like 10 years old (the Logo is the giveaway) The second is about 5 years old. They can also be daisy-chained to double the output. Each panel is Problem is the batteries (the original ones) are toast, leastways as of tonight’s quarterly recharge mission. 30 minutes in a fast charger and zero change? Yep. They’re done.

Gotta say, ten years of use, and they had quite a few charges/recharges… guess this was the last roundup. Definitely paid for themselves over time.

So, it’s a “must do” sort of thing. I mean the very last thing I want IF shit goes ‘pear-shaped’ is to bust out some gear, and find out “I gots no juice” so to speak. Sort of those nightmare scenarios that the ‘hunted’ person finds a gun as the ‘mystery killer’ is closing in, only to find out, the weapon hasn’t got any ammo…

I mean I have a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) Battery Backup that keeps the ‘net and my PC for work operational during the rather frequent summer-storm blackouts we have here in Flor-reee!-duh! I got it from Spawn before he cut ties… It was pretty much almost D.O.A. but I watched a YouTube vid, and found out replacing the Li-ion battery was FAR cheaper and EASIER than buying a whole new UPS. Ordered me the two needed battery cells, and I now have about 30 minutes (on both PCs running, one tower, three monitors plus the router and hub for the router, as well as the I.P. phone and some other sundries…yeah, it’s a lot) worth of time. Thing is, because of the redundancy at the main Internet Hub, the local area network will still be up.

My understanding is the majority of internet infrastructure has about 12/24 hours worth of battery power. The exception being major hubs like NYFC and the business districts that have generators specifically designated to keep the net up. Locally? We got about 12 hours I figure. Last power outage, I was able to keep online until the UPS died. I might look to get another one on eBay thats close to death too, and do the same thing…

It’s cheaper and more effective that way IMO.

But yeah, prep checks…
What have you done lately to stave off stupidity?

I’d recommend y’all do what I do, and make a spreadsheet that lets you know when to rotate/charge/replace/update your gear.

Dead Gear = Dead You and Family
Not so good IMO.

So, More Later
Big Country

Piss Me Off Will Ya? See Where THAT Gets Ya!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, I do dood a thing…
Look over at the sidebar.
A New Pic… Leastways I –hope- there’s a new picture over there. It should look like this:

Clicking on it will get you to a new “Big Country Expat’s Place” a.k.a. my T-Shirt and Bullshit store. Figured I’d get it out of my system, and when I typed the “Profession Of Oppression” something just ‘clicked’ in me nugget.

So, 15 minutes of photoshop with paint (no shit, I’m awfully primitive aren’t I?) and then a hour or so adapting the various “things” to the storefront.

I’m working on how to add more colors… give me a wee bit of time… converting to a PNG and removing the background -should- ostensibly hit it up…

Now, don’t be surprised if the Local Constabulary get upset when they see you wearing it… instead use it as an ‘iopener’ and let them know that they’ve become the “…Standing Army our forefathers warned us about.”

Per the article in Defense One:

The founders also, we well know, had a pronounced fear of and antipathy toward standing armies — large, permanent, professional military establishments — because of the dual temptations for domestic oppression and international adventurism by those in power, the drain on public resources, and, not least, the not-infrequent aberrant behavior of those in uniform.


Considering just how militarized the fuzz have become, even at a local level? Yeah, in my and I think everyone else’s books they’re now a full on occupational Military force, designed to forcibly extract resources (money) from the slaves, and keep us in ‘our places’ i.e. under their bootheels.

Sorry Not Sorry
So, gotta get Dinner Ready, then clean the crib. Got the Nukular Powered Redhead coming for the weekend. Going to be a blast.
So More Later”
Big Country

A Ukrainian M1A1 on Display in Moscow for the May Day Celebration.

Well THAT Purely Sucked

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Most of you have heard of this:

“In his book Three Felonies a Day, civil-liberties lawyer Harvey Silverglate estimates that the average person unknowingly breaks at least three federal criminal laws every day.”

It’s a stone bitch when you get hemmed up with the law, and you had no idea that you’d violated one of their cash-generating laws…

Got done with Gretchen’s follow-up appointment, and had a run-in with an overeager 5-0. Thought I was going to get a ticket and whoops! Notsomucho.

Thankfully I was able to bond out. Very Minor offense, but like I said, and overeager just-released from rookie status FEMALE.
Didn’t even have the spine to cuff my giant ass herself.

And yes, I behaved, despite my urges to tell her exactly what I thought of her, and her chosen “Profession Of Oppression”

Hmmn… that sings donit? Got me an Idear There

That’s all I’m saying about that…
6 hours fucking wasted, and $250 for the bond.

Back the Blue?
Yeah… into a landfill.

So More Later
Big Country

4 Abrams at 50 Million Dollars… I’d Say Modern Armor AND Infantry are Obsolete For Now

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So this apparently is one it’s way to Moscow for the May Day Celebrations:

Now, one of you Dissidents requested a breakdown of what -I- thought happened to this particular Abrams. Now, I haven’t had much luck in finding out which one of the 4 that Ivan has smoked that this particular one is. My source that I check regularly said this is actually #4 that caught it during the recent fighting around Berdychi:

The Red Arrow indicating Avdiivka which is that last BIG battle where Ivan slugged it out… shortly after, reports came out stating that the 47th Brigade refused to go into a support role, which caused panic and a retreat. Which is why as of this past week or so, Ivan went in and took Berdychi. Anyways… reading the Ministries of Propaganda and Lies, you’d think that this was a ‘win’ for the Krainians, however, IRL pulling back, and losing territory? Yeeeeeah, not so much IMO… but I’m here to talk armor and the damage to that thereof.

Part of the mad damage to it on the tracks and rollers is because Ivan pretty much just ‘hooked it up’ and dragged it’s dead ass out on it’s blown out tracks and road wheels: LINK HERE

They dragged it using two T-55 variant Tank Recovery Vehicles, another thing that the Krainians are in short supply of, and it shows how heavy and damaged the tracks and rollers were to need two recovery vehicles to move that pig.

Now, more pics:

Right Rear
And then:

Left Rear
Now, I’d say that whatever this tank went through, because of the massive amount of damage to the TUSK package (that’s those large reactive armor boxes strapped to the side skirts) on the left side, I’d say this was probably a mobility kill. The left side is missing #5 road wheel (that’s the big donuts on the bottom) as well as maybe even #4.

What I find extraordinarily interesting is the Rear Sprocket cover:

Those have NOT been in use with -any- US Abrams since OMFG I can’t even name the timeframe… reason being is that they were originally intended to help ‘scrape’ the mud off the tracks when the Tank was maneuvering in the soft mud of Europe… Now, maybe they put them back on in the Krain because our shit (the US Tracks and APCs and Strykers) have been getting purely bogged down there… I know the the US took them off as yeah, they scrapped the mud off, BUT

They loved getting concertina wire/barbed wire and shit hyper tangled up in the sprocket… from my understanding, it was a hell of shitshow that damned near required a recovery team to get things unfucked… so seeing those I was like:

So, to continue…
I know Ivan hasn’t had any head-to-head kills on an Abrams. Least that I’ve heard of… no “pop-topping- like the T-72/80s seemed to like to go “BOOM” in an exceptionally violent manner…

I think ALL of them (the M1’s) have been mobility kills, followed up by a massive amount of punishment-til-KIA’d via Drones.

In this case… Oof…

That’s the top deck.
The Tank Commander’s hatch/M2 on the left, Loaders Hatch on the right, both sort of open…Now, the circle steel plate on the lower right, that’s where the A2 sight would normally be put on, so, no this’s definitely not a new model… and lets check the ammo bustle while we’re on top:

The Right side blew out completely. Even the right side cover blew out, but the bustle ammo rack is still in there, so my guess is that the left side was empty… probably no shells or that would have gone up like a roman candle as well. Now, lets look a bit at the Loader’s hatch before we go inside:

OK, the loaders M240 looks ok, a bit scorched on the handles, but I’ve seen and worked on worse… the red discoloration though on the back of the hatch? Let’s see:

Oh yeah…
NO QUESTION that there was some serious heat coming from that hatch… if you look at the traversing ring for the 240, you can see that it’s warped and curled so hard as to be off track and you couldn’t close and secure the hatch, as it’s warped so badly as to be in the way.

This tells me that the Ammo Loading Bay Door was probably wide the fuck open. So, let’s go down to the front slope, and check the drivers hole:

TBH I hope the fucking crew bailed because man, if not? somewhere in all that wreckage and shit is the remains of a four man crew… like maybe if they weren’t atomized. So yeah, that damage was NOT caused by a drone on it’s own… that me Droogs n Droogettes is what happens when 20-40 rounds of HEAT or AT 120mm cook off all at once… Reason I know this? Well… this’s what the driver’s hole should look like:

And, as you see, there’s a gate that when the turret is forward, that the driver can not get into the turret… which means that gate? Yeah… it’s gone… and to prove that the flamed out pic is the drivers hole? Well Here’s a comparison with arrows pointing to the Fire extinguisher and Turret Hatch rack and pinion, and the other arrow points to what’s left of the head rest:

May not like the Krains, but damn!! As a fellow tread-head, I hope the Hell they weren’t on board when this fucker went and got shmoked like a Havana.

Now, to the substance… meat and ‘taters if you will.

We’ve seen how drones are the Infantry’s worst nightmare:

AND we also know that they take out Armor like a champ too.

Per the Krainians themselves:

The Lancet has to be considered to be a dangerous smart weapon. Each drone costs $30,000–$35,000, and it can easily destroy or pout out of action multi-million dollars’ worth of a tank, artillery piece or air defense system.

Kiev Post

The cost of ONE M1A1 (and mind you, these are in 1990 dollars) was $4.3 MILLION Dollars. At the very most, even if Ivan used TEN Lancets to take out ONE M1A1, they win… Like they Win to an insane degree. $17,200,000.00 USD turned into smoking heaps at a maximal cost of $1,400,000.00.

That, by the way, is why Russia, or I should say the USSR lost the Cold War. We bankrupted them. We had them literally spend through everything they had in trying to keep up with us in ALL the races, and in the end, they caved… literally AND metaphorically.

Now, they’re doing it to us and our Clownworld Retards have NO IDEA, mainly BECAUSE they’re Clownworld Retards.

I mean the average cost of training a US Infantryman?

Current Soldier System costs are based on the individual infantryman of a Rifle Squad in an Infantry Company (Light) (TOE 07-017LOOO). Total estimated annual cost for the current Soldier System is $138.3K per year

“Analysis of Current Light Infantry Soldier System Costs – DTIC”
Defense Technical Information Center, 1993

So, I know that the current average Krainian Grunt is probably maybe costing about $36k in total, as reading the above that’s what the training costs (in 1993 mind you).

The Cost of a Mavic 3 Drone that’s being used to blow the ever-loving-fuck out of the grunts on both sides?

So, call it $140,000.00 worth of care, feeding, and traing for an average Rifleman.

$2199.00 for the Drone
$200 for the RPG-7A warhead they arm on them

Yep… It’s so bad, that tanks have gone “back in time”
They (the Russians) started with “Cope Cages” which everyone made fun of, until they realized they work.. which invariably led to the next natural progression:

Thing looks like a fucking Ironclad from the Civil War.

To be perfectly honest, until we get the technology that either brings the Marauder Suits from “Starship Troopers” or Mecha from Mech Warrior, or even ‘other’ insert favorite Sci-Fi Mechanical Combat Suits, Infantry, as well as Armor are going the way of the Horse and Buggy in my professional opinion.

Until then, it’s going to be “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome”

If we don’t, I mean we’ve been teetering on the Financial Edge forever. This sort of stupid just may be the push that takes us over the abyss. Oh well… grab the popcorn Aye?

More Later
Big Country

Needed Some Time Off and What to Have to Service Your Boom-Stick

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry for a few days absence but I needed a few ‘down days’… been a bit overwhelmed with work at Glorious People’s Tractor Factory. Had a salary review last week, and was told NO, but am allowed to do as much overtime as I want, so they’re going to come to regret that shit muy pronto let me tell you… I’m at 40 this week already and tomorrow is a ‘gravy day’ b/c we run Wednesday to Tuesday as the work week. I did a lil weekend work which allowed me to clock out at 40 by Monday.

Add on the news itself has been nothing but one big distraction… who gives a fuck if the poor pwecious college stoodints are being beaten on by the Uniformed Gestapo… let ’em have at it and TBH I want to see MOAR cracked skulls… gimme blood flowing. It’s like the remaining Boomer-Journalists are reliving their Anti-Vietnam bullshit…

Fuck ’em

So, took a few days off. Also been tired. Like ZERO energy lately. Might be I’m not getting out in the sun enough… might have to start taking my breaks during the day out in the pool?

So… I was on Reddit on the r/prepping page, and found a guy asking for “Which replacement rifle parts to add to prep?”

LOTS of info, most of which revolved around “Get a spare rifle, one in none…” or the most popular “Get a spare BCG…” which to a point, I do agree. I ended up chiming in, as well, this’s like an area I have a lot of experience in. Paraphrasing, and adding photos, this is what I feel and my rationale for what you should have in your ‘fiddly-bits-box’

This’s mine:

LOTS of spares for the spares so to speak, for both the AR-15 as well as the AR-10 variants.

Now, Having a spare BCG is ok. The head spacing on a drop in new BCG should be OK, but it’d be smart to get it professionally checked to insure it’s a Go. This’s one of my 2? maybe even 3 floating around here:

And the best time to buy them is when Palmetto goes full retard and sells them for $70+/- fiatbux.

so, IRL the most common issues I found in the various arms rooms that I serviced (All US Army Reserve and NG Units in the State) the most common missing part was Bolt Gas Rings. Usually one or two can go Missing (usually when scrubbing the carbon off the bolt itself). Missing one is OK as long as you get it replaced sooner, rather than later… two missing is a definite no-go. I keep a substantial amount on hand as buying bulk is better… leastways buying a set of 3 is about $4, while you can get a pack of 30 is about $17 plus shipping.

Needless to say, I’m not running out of these anytime soon…

Then, the Firing Pin/Bolt Retaining pin.


That pin? THOSE were the most commonly ‘lost’ item that Joe had trouble keeping track of. It’s easy to lose that during a bolt tear down, especially in the field. In the Infantry we had it beaten into us to put ALL our fiddly-bits into our K-Pot or softcap so as to not to lose this in particular. And I seem to be light on those… might want to look into getting a few more when the VA monies drop on Wednesday. (I do love me a mid-week VA Payday).

There were some other folks saying have ‘spare triggers’ and other lower parts to which I seriously advise:
Unless you’ve been trained, messing around in the Lower Parts = Bad Idea. The retaining pin holes are susceptible to wear over time, making to waaaay too easy for a critical part to fall out at the worst possible moment, hence why Level 10 and 20 Maintenance forbids anyone from disassembling the lower in any way shape or form. Too many times I’ve found weapons that I just -knew- that someone had been fucking around with the lower pins. DO NOT FUCK WITH THEM unless you know what you’re doing.

Another commonly worn out part were the gas tubes… either worn out-of-spec OR mushroomed due to a slight misalignment of the bolt carrier key. The gas tube? I actually should get me one or two… that is something that tonight when I went for the pictures I realized I used the last spare I had on a build for a fren… Now, the bolt carrier key:

Which is #3 on the most commonly lost/worn out part on the AR-15/M-4 series of rifles. The front of it, where the gas tube meets up, is subject to throat erosion, and there’s a gauge you can get for measuring if it’s a Go, or a No-Go.

As far as firing pins? I’ve only seen only one broken FP in the 3 years I did the job, but have a spare if it makes you happy. Mind you I was testing/repairing/gauging DotMil rifles that had actually been down range and used in combat. As in these weren’t some Flannel=Man’s recommended $2000 AR platform that he likes because on the YewToobs he gets paid a kickback… nope… all of the weapons I serviced were literally the lowest bidder produced DotMil rifles. In fact, a Palmetto State “Poors” as some ignorant assholes call them, whelp…

They cost more than the service rifles the DotMil has, and have lasted a fuckload longer than most people understand… I mean I serviced General Motors Made Hydramatic Lower-M-4s FFS that’re still shooting. Anyways, rant off…

As it were, These were the most common things I found during my time servicing real used in combat rifles. So my list? (and mind you this is what I ALWAYS had on hand for spares on missions to the Unit for repairs):

M-4 Series Gauging Tools (Head space Go/No Go, Carrier Key Go/No Go, Barrel Go/No Go Gauges)
Gas Rings
Firing Pin/Bolt Retaining Pin
Gas Tube with NEW retaining pin (you can’t reuse the old one if you replace the Tube)
Bolt Carrier Key w/bolts and Staking tool

So, other than that, I got a request to go over the roastie-toastie Abrams that the Russians are dragging back to Moscow for the May Day Exhibition:

I’m still gathering info/intel as to the Where/When of it… I don’t use Telegram as it seems to insist on using my phone, and I try to keep as few apps on the Pocket-Spy-Leash as much as possible… no TikTok, no Fecesbook… you get it… so that’ll be tomorrow’s talkabout. Hope this one tonight helps you have a bit of an idea on the ‘what you might want to have on hand.

So More Later
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Alternative Write In Candidates That Make Sense

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A short night… too much happening.
So, a couple of possible “Alternative” (s)Election Candidates for you:


And of course, My personal favorite:

Tell me where I’m wrong on this…

Jes’ Sayin’

So yeah, no idea where things are going to go from here, but considering the Vegetable-in-Chief is getting worse day-by-day, I have no idea how they’re going to keep up with the “Weekend at Bernie’s/Biden’s” as time goes on…

It’s like that cray-cray bitch in Brazil who rolled her obviously dead Uncle into the bank to get a loan… Dunno if you saw/heard about it, but telling you, it’s pure Clownworld/Honkpill material

Her defense attorneys are trying to play it off that she had a ‘mental break’ when her Uncle cashed in… thing is, there’s a story I read out there saying that she didn’t give two fucks about the Uncle, only his credit rating. Per usual I forgot to bookmark that link… either way, doesn’t matter… that’s some depraved shit right there.

Even IF she though Unkie was OK and still drawing O2, What the fuck was she trying to go to the bank and get a 4k loan out in his name for!?! Oh yeah… the Loan In Question? Like 3K and change. Not even a decent amount of $$$.

As I was told long ago:

“If you’re going to be a criminal, be a good criminal. The rule is IF you’re doing a ‘job’, make sure the payout is five times to ten times your normal yearly earnings. Anything less than that? The job isn’t worth the risk.”

DeadDad, Oh So Long Ago

Mind you he wasn’t encouraging myself or FedBro, but he was laying out the basics that make sense in in normie-world.

But tell me that isn’t like our current mal-administration amiright? No shytte there… a bitch literally manipulating the dead hand of a dead motherfucker to get a loan… Life often Imitates Art, and Vice-Versa Aye? Maybe Life Imitating Poly-Ticks? I mean who is running the Whytte Haus? Doctor Jill? If so, then this cray-cray Brazilian BeeeYatcha makes moar sense amiright?

So, otherwise, My understanding of Concerned American is that he’s been on the road which has been part of the Delay in getting back up. He’s meeting F2F with Doctor Samizdat later in the week, and then once he gets back to the Home Base, he’ll be able to focus on getting WRSA back up to combat speed.

Patience is a virtue Aye?

So otherwise, it’s been a long day that I -may- be able to speak on later, depending on circumstances. Just wish me luck and say a prayer as it’s a ‘salary review time of year’ for the People’s Glorious Tractor Factory. Lord knows I need a raise.

More Later
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The Battle of The Pool, British Retardation, a Cool Shotty Oh Yeah, The Boers Rock.

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
SO, couple of things or three to go over tonight. First, the personal. The “Battle of the Swamp-Pool” has been officially won!

Yay Me!|

Took a sample of the water down to Pinch-a-Penny Pool service (a chain ALLLLL over Florida) and had them run an analysis. Came back that I needed a smidgen more Chlorine, but otherwise? It’s just fine for swimming! Seems the whole ChemWarefare I dumped in expended itself on the Algae and after the report I hit it again with another round.

Should be fine long-term. I ran the reusable filter overnight, and will continue to do so, in that this A.M. that sucker was clogged with Algae-Nasty. Again, much to my happy-dance, it cleaned up, and I got it running now non-stop.

Otherwise, let’s see… News that Caught My Eye (a CME if you will…) One out of Jolly Ole England that just shows how far the former Commonwealth has fallen. Link to the Story is HERE

The TL;DR and DR if you want to keep your blood pressure at a normal level is some Piece Of Shit Nigger from Eritrea who raped a teenager, who was up for Deportation after ten years in the clink, is getting to stay in Jolly Ole because if he gets deported back to his Turd-World-Shithole he’s from “…wouldn’t be able to access care for PTSD or depression in the East African country

Are You Fucking Kidding?

There’s Insanity.
Then there’s INSANITY

Just WHY is this fuck even still alive?
Like… OMG… like… I don’t even know where to begin…
Let’s just say it’s the final nail in the Collective Coffin of the Former British Empire. THIS is proof that it’s DONE in caps, bold, and underlined. Soy doesn’t even begin to explain how fucked that whole situation is.

At least in Ireland, it’s primarily because they (theoretically) elected some fucking Wog into power as the Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, who also was an openly flaming ass pirate…

Annnnnnnnnd Huh… doing my blegg-research, I’ve looked it up, and it seems the FagWog quit as of March of this year, and the new PM is a guy named Simon Harris. Not sure as to how Harris is going to run the show, but anything outside of a fucking Wog has got to be better for Ireland overall. At least unlike the last fucker, he was born there amiright?

So, unexpected Good News from the Land of My Ancestors.
About fucking time Aye?
Unlike Scotland… where you have that other mental case Wog, Humza Haroon Yousaf pretty much made it illegal to say anything that he and his feel is ‘mean words/thoughts’

The exact idea being that the law is meant to “…make(s) it an imprisonable offense to incite hatred on the basis of race, religion, transgender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability.” I.E. anything and everything that the various “Ministries of Propaganda and Power” say it means.

Which means I’ll catch a ban on going to Scotland for saying that thier current Prime Minister is a short, insecure Punjabi Paki, who was installed to further the destruction of your basic Anglo-Saxon way of life… I mean tell me I’m wrong…

Fucking Ireland? The former PM (Varadkar) was a Half Irish/Half Hindu. Then, the Scottish PM? A full bore Paki. And the last two? England itself: Rishi Sunak, ANOTHER Punjabi Paki. Add on to that that the Mayor of London, (considered to be one of the power centers in the world) is Sadiq Khan. In this case, rather than Punjabi, he’s a Sunni Paki…

Soooooooooo… tell me I’m wrong.
In every. single. case. of these specific countries that -I- personally experienced and not as a visitor, but by living there for long periods of time, did ANY case of ‘the other’ being embraced. I mean honestly, it. just. didn’t. happen. Meaning in MY experience, both in Ireland and England would you find at the corner pub(s) someone extolling the virtue of a Paki… ever.

And the very fact that Sunak did not get into the position of PM without a LOT of shenanigans and pieces/places moving? He sure as fuck by normal means would never had stood a chance of being legitimately (s)elected… Not for nothing the whol e(s)election process is faaar different from ours, but you should get the idea.

I mean literally, it’d be like Pulaski Tennessee electing a Black Man to be Mayor in 1866. The joke here being that the KKK was founded there on Christmas Eve of 1865… so you get the idea.

Ain’t no way in fuck-all that not one, not two, but 3 PMs who all happened to be Punjabi Pakistanis get (s)elected to the Big Chair in the various countries we are speaking of. Add on the Sunni Paki who’s running Londonistan into the ground, and we have here, what most people would call “a fucking pattern so blatant that Stevie Wonder could see that shit.”

Not that we can do shit about it
Except call it out whenever we see it

I mean I’m sure I just pulled a lifetime ban to any of the aforementioned Areas of Operation, unless it’s for duty. In fact one concerning issue is my old boss, The Gunny? He’s (and I know it’s alliterative) Bailing for Wales here int he next few, if he hasn’t already. He’s had a Welsh Girlfriend forever and a day, but for him to be bolting the way he has? Yeah… as he is/was my former boss, when he starts moving, I pay attention.

Told me the Welsh Country farm that they’ll be on is fine, out of the way, and self-sustaining. Prick. Jealous AF here, except the whole ‘no guns there’ thing…. Not much I can do but give him shit, and keep an eye on his farm HERE as that’s what the plan is from my understanding. Another potential redoubt as it were… have to finalize some stuff but hey… it’s Clownworld now right?

Speaking of which
Stopped by GunGirl’s place.
She had THIS on the wall:

I, of course, went apeshit…
I mean OMFG how awesome is that!?!
As you might be able to see, it’s a Tokarev 12 Gauge Mag Fed Bullpup Semi-Auto. And as you can see, It’s done in A Clown Based Print/Cerakote.

Call it “Clownoflage”?

Here’s a close up of the trigger group:

If I had the $400, I’d buy it.
It’s priced at $369

“Urban Camo”


I had to explain to GunGirl what “ClownWorld is, as well as what the Blue, Red, Black and Honk Pill is. She’s hard right, but she’s not up on the whole terminology.

What’s even MOAR Hilarious is that she’s sold TWO of them already, and this one is ‘spoken for’ by a regular long term customer… which means that;’ she’s sold three of these fuckers, and has more on order, as it’s been by all accounts a big seller.

Interesting IMO, and I think exceptionally well done.

Then, lastly. Tactical Hermit has a fantastic article that he’s referenced at his place, Link HERE It’s an accounting of the utterly depraved and heinous behavior of the British Empire towards the Boers during the Boer War, and the Concentration Camps that were used. The full article (go to it after reading TH’s stuff) goes in depth on the ‘how’ it was exposed, and what happened to the heroine who was responsible for saving VAST amounts of innocent lives…

TBH, after reading this, makes me wonder if Jolly Ole is getting what it fucking deserves… just a day late or two if you will…

SO, That’s me for Tonight. Your Thoughts?
More Later
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Sunday Night Memes MREs and Muzzleloading

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Kind of expended myself updating Tactical Hermit on things ’round here at the Casa. I will say the pool is coming along nicely. Still cloudy, but filter is working, so long as I clean it out every 45 minutes to an hour….

Or now it’s more like every two hours as I got the majority of ‘nasty floaty crap’ out of it. I also had a offer from Tactless Wookie from Gab to get me some moar filters, which was exceptionally kind of him, so I figured I’d give him some props for that publically…

Speaking of gifties… this one from someone who wished to stay anonymous… I got a B-2 Can from a real C-Rat:

Probably one of the last ‘sundries’ cans to ever be made, as the date is 5-80 on the top picture… shit is mint baby. I also got a BUNCH of other MREs from waaay back in the day from one of y’all… including my favorite Omelet w/Ham… It’s older than fuck, but still MUCH appreciated as they’re on the display in the ‘museum’ so to speak…

Yeah, the room is a cluttered mess…
I’m working on it is all I can say.

But yeah, as you can see, the DotMil coins, the M17 Binos (also given to me by a reader) and my oversized Kukri, plus the alibaba ‘fake lego Nazis’ which, TBH are pretty fucking cool:

And b/c I got them on Alibaba, I think I spent like what $10???

They have ALL the armies on there too… US, Brit, Russian… pretty neat IMO. I did the ‘Kragle’ on them to keep them from being messed with, which is hard for Gran #1 who’s ALL about some Legos now… those of you who’ve seen the “Lego Movie” knows what the “Kragle” is (i.e. Krazy Glue).

The only other thing I finally finished was a kit I bought six months ago. It’s this specifically:

A Traditions Percussion Kentucky Rifle.
Currently, it’s gone up in price.

I paid $349 w/free shipping.
I wanted a flintlock… however, and prove me wrong, but I cannot find a reasonably priced Flintlock –anywhere-. I started saving for it when I got that Multicam Tricorn hat… figured it’d be awesome to do the whole “Minuteman” thang to the fullest extent, and in the past I have dabbled in Black Powder weapons. My first being a Pedersoli Walker .44 Hand Cannon

DAMN if that hasn’t gone insane on the price!!!
I got it for Christmas many years ago from MomUnit and DeadDad… I think they spent $100 on it? Anyways, THAT was my FIRST gunsmithing experience from scratch.

The budget here was a total of $400 that I had stashed over time. Gretchen has pretty much vetoed me buying anything in the future, and TBH, in the past year? maybe even two? I ain’t bought shit as I got all that I’ve wanted, outside of “fuck you money” guns like a M-249 or Barrett or shit like that…

So, it took me forever, especially when Gretchen’s Cancer Diagnosis went ‘live’ so to speak… I packed everything up, and left it. There was ALSO a minor issue that one of the ‘bag o’parts’ containing some screws were missing, and that only added to the frustration and delay, as it took a loooong minute to get Traditions to send me the missing ‘stuff’. The majority of work needed was on the wood. It needed to be sanded like mad, and I refused to use a power sander.

Everything on this thing was done by hand
From the sanding, to the fitting, to the final assembly.

After I had gotten the stock(s) down to a nice smoothness using 1500 grit, I then hit it lightly with a blowtorch. Juuust enough to bring out the grain. A couple of soft spots? or something? got a wee bit darker than I liked, but after hitting it with the fire, I re-sanded it down to 2500 grit.

Then, three coats of 50-50 water based stain. Wait a few days between coats, then, a follow on with 2 coats of linseed oil after both stain coats were done. THAT took forever, as I had to let it dry completely before I sealed it. Took about a week between coats ‘cos I positively soaked it in the oil.

Once done? 3 Coats of a tough polyurethane glossy clear coat.

Looks good don’t it?
(TBH the lighting sucks)
I ‘browned’ the barrel as well rather than bluing it, as ‘browning’ is more authentic…

Haven’t fired it yet.
So, yeah. Kind of neat.
I want to do a picture of me, with it, in Multicams and the Tricorn… sort of a modern “Join Or Die!:” thing? Not sure… have to see what pans out. Got to say though, a nose heavy MoFo for sure…

So, Now to the Memes:

So More Later
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