Not Much For Tonight as I’m VERY Tired

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Got an above ground pool on the lanai. Think I may have mentioned it. It’s the bane of the HOA’s existence, or leastways used to be as the cunt who was our HOA rep ‘retired’ recently. No idea nor word from the Fucking New Guy… hopefully he has more than two brain cells to rub together as I already had an ‘issue’ many years back with the previous Management Company that ‘enforced’ the HOA rules…

Specifically, when I had a bounty on my head from Al Qaeda In Iraq ($25,000, not a smol amount of shekels for the average Iraqi back then) I was home on R&R or a break? Can’t remember… Long ago and too many years, too many beers, but I was still married to #1 Wife. Spawn came in and told me “Dada, there are men taking pictures of the house in a car outside!”


I hit a Full On Red Alert.

Had #1 Wife call 911. Grabbed my Vest, Helmet and M-4 in like point zero seven seconds, locked and loaded, and flanked out the back slider to the car outside from the side yard… Pulled them out of the vehicle, at gunpoint, and did a quick zip-cuff on both driver and photographer… Gagged them too as I had long lengths of duct tape already in place on my vest for just such a ‘social occasion’… Hell, BOTH looked like Hajis mind you… Cops showed up and started to unfuck the situation…

Turns out that they were from the Property Management Company… representing the HOA… taking pictures of my decrepit lawn.

How was I to know?

Thankfully, no charges filed, but that was like the last time I ever heard from the HOA until the Management Company swapped out… Since then I’ve made it a point to warn the HOAs and PM groups NOT to play the ‘Sneaky Pete’ shit with me, lest they catch a bullet or 30.

So anyways, the pool drives them nuts. It’s a 30 foot across nice Above-Ground Pool. It’s there as I:
A) Can’t Afford a real in ground pool and
B) The waterline is too shallow… if I dug down, the pool would be floating on water in like 4 feet of dirt… it’s the Bass Pond in the back yard that has me screwed.

Soooooo Gretchen LIKES a pool, as do I. So I put this in, much to horror of the rest of the HOA Karens in the A.O. For the past two years though, with the whole Adriana thing happening and all my -other bullshit-, we didn’t use it at all as we were living in Tennessee. Then it got funky. Like crazy overgrown swampy funky.

Until this weekend.
I started early on Thursday, with the weekend “plan-in-place”. I removed the HIGHLY rusted out ladder. I then shocked the ever loving fuck out of it. LOTS of chlorine… enough to make you think I was the Germans hitting the French at Ypres…

THEN I spent the next day (today) skimming said water getting the slimy gray funk out (dead algae) and melted dead geckos and bugs out. I also busted out a really cool tool which was something I bought over a year ago… it’s a reusable C Sized Pool filter…

HIGHLY Recommend.
Hadn’t had a chance to utilize it…

The filter screen ‘unrolls’ and can be washed in the sink. It’s been working GREAT. My only issue is I’ve had to go out every 30 to 45 minutes as it gets clogged so badly as the water is that funky with skoonge.

Considering the last time I had to do a ‘deep cleaning’ before I knew of this thing?

With tax, call it $20 per 4 filters… and at the rate I’d be using these? I’ve already cleaned out the reusable filter 4 times, which means that’s $20 right there… and from what I can see, it’s going to be at least another 4 to 8 ‘cleanings/filters worth’ before the water is good enough to let Gran #1 swim in it… or Gretchen for that matter…


I made it to Rudder for Swamp Phase when I dropped.
I’ve swam is some shit no one should have ever, so needless to say, I’m not worried. I -do- have to scrape the bottom of the pool in the A.M. though, which I think is going to require me to climb in… hope the neighbors sleep in, ‘cos I’m not ruining or ‘funking up’ one of my good bathing suits… I’ll just go ‘buckass nekkid’ and let the chips fall…

Besides, once I’m in, not that anyone can see anything anyways.

Speaking of the Neighbors.
Found out tonight the Marine from across the street, now living in the former Serbian War Criminal’s house? The same guy that I got the nice rolling tool box from? Seems he went into the VA to get some rotator cuff surgery. Now, I don’t know jack about this guy… TBH, he’s a New York Transplant who keeps to himself… which I’m good with… I’d rather he was a friendly guy, but I can at least understand a retired Marine Curmudgeon right? SO, because of that, I give him the benefit of the doubt and his space. So to continue…

My other new neighbor Portagee (his background, hence his nickname, short from him being Portuguese) who is also a ‘good transplant’ (in this case New Joisey), he gave me the low down. The reason Portagee is a ‘good transplant’ is he’s been getting lessons on shooting from me, bought an AR on my recommendation and his whole family is getting armed up and prepared.

So anyways, seems “Joe the Marine” went in for Rotator Cuff Surgery. While there in Pre-Op, –SOMEONE– realized he hadn’t had his 2nd? or third? COVID booster. They pretty much pressured him into getting it, as “It’d be a good idea.” And, since “Joe the Marine” is a good Marine and goes along and follows orders, he got the shot, whatever number it was…

20 Minutes later while waiting for his ‘turn’ to go into the Surgical Suite, he suffered One of Two massive Heart Attacks brought on by ‘sudden clotting’ that “…no one could explain.”


The reason I haven’t seen him nor his wife around lately was he just spent the past 13 days in a coma trying to survive.
He made it, but it was a near thing.

Portagee said Joe the Marine’s wife is absolutely bullshit at the fucked up situation.
Like absolutely pissed beyond recognition.
Problem is, like most Cops, it’s a case of “It’s the VA.” or, as it is, call it “Sovereign Immunity.”

Can’t sue the VA.
Unfortunately right?

So, totally sucks to be them. Think tomorrow in between cleaning the pool, I’ll make a batch of molasses cookies and run them over… dunno if they necessarily like them, but fuck it… dealer’s choice right? I mean it’s got to count for something as I -did- get an awesome set of rolling toolboxes from him, and I -do- feel bad that he got fucked over by the VA…

Either way, see how it goes.
I got to crash…. OMG it’s 0102 again…
I got to stop staying up so late I swear…

More Later
Big Country

Oh Man, I’m Going to Hell and Too Soon?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sometimes I just can’t help myself.
Dude who self-immolated today?

I’m sooo bad.
It’s all I could think of when I heard about this mook.
I mean really!?!
Of ALL the ways to self-delete this’s gotta be the worst choice.

And for what?
To draw attention to (and this’s from dude’s manifesto): “We are victims of a totalitarian con, and our own government (along with many of their allies) is about to hit us with an apocalyptic fascist world coup.
Really? All I can say to that is:

No DUH!!!

Welcome to the party pal…
FFS where the hell has this guy been for the past, oh say ten years or so? Living under a fucking rock!?! If this guy ‘woke up’ to this recently, I’m telling you, how bad is it going to get when others like him wake up to reality? Gonna get ugly I think.

Telling you, we’re very definitely in the early stages of Heinlein’s “Crazy Years”. And it’s only going to get worse. Hence me being “Honk Pilled” at this point. I see something horrific, and nay tragic in that the dude who just lit himself up? His family has to be going through Hell. I can only hope he didn’t have kids… not a lot out there on him yet but I’m sure we’ll have everything soon enough. But yeah, I see something fucked up like that, and laugh at this point… it’s all you can do in this absolutely absurd world.

And me? I’ll do a sick assed vid or meme.

I mean yeah, shit’s whacked. Gold hit $2399 which is impressive as they’ve been trying so hard to keep it suppressed like a motherfucker. Silver hit $28 and is heading up as well. Not a good thing. Then BitCoin is doing something this week. I really don’t ‘get’ crypto except in my eyes, it’s Tulip Madness. I mean what good is crypto if there’s no power? Add on that in reality, there just isn’t enough IRL business that take it… yeah yeah, I know some of y’all be telling me about this place or that and the other, but like Gold, not too many people or places take it in a realistic exchange for goods.

Like 1-oz Gold Coins… sure… pretty as hell, now worth quite a bit. But can you walk into a store, slap one on the counter and ask for change? Not really right? I only knew of, and this was some years ago, a gun dealer who gave a discount if you bought from him in silver and/or gold. As he called US Dollars “fiatbux.” He had a different and higher price if you paid in USD rather than if you paid in precious metals. As I recall he even took 90% pre-64 coins at the silver value as well…

I -used- to have 4 1-oz coins that I sold waaaaay back in the day when the X and I were short on $$$. Never got over that… especially since it was when Gold was like $300 an ounce…

MAD ouch!!! there.

BUT back then, the spawn needed diapers more than I needed the coin(s) at the time. Just like when Spawn #1 was born, the Army didn’t pay shit (still doesn’t) so to get him the good car seat, I spent a couple of days bouncing around to the Plasma Centers around Fort Hood. Got me the $200 I needed and then got a great kids car seat with ALL the whistles and bells. It’s what a man does Aye…

Other things? The Izzies hit the Iranians… again… so I’m wondering if they’ll just keep doing this tit-for-tat bullshit or if they’ll just finally call it a day? Not sure. Don’t really know, don’t really care UNLESS it looks like canned sunshine is going to be set loose. THEN I’ll give a shit.

Not a lot of other news. The Just-Us system is still doing the thing against OrangeManBad, the Krain is sort of off the news as well, and it’s not going to be coming back anytime soon. Can’t be mentioning the black hole that the Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has been throwing, nay shovelling OUR tax dollars into (and/or lining HIS and Krainfelds near-bottomless pockets) during the (s)election year.

So yeah, take the Honk Pill.
You’ll be better off for it.
More Later
Big Country

Two Times is Coincidence is What We’ve Been Told in the Past…and New Memes!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
About that line I said yesterday “Might be that a recent diversity hire done fucked up maybe?”

Mayhaps I was a bit premature?

I mean I’ll always go with Hanlon’s Razor, as it makes it easier to deal with. I’m far more comfortable with believing that the majority of Hoo-mons are just plain dumb as a Box of Flahertys… makes it easier than to try and figure out the “Wh and Why” of an evil conspiracy and whatnot…

And then things like this happen:

Le Sigh…
Link to the Story is HERE
As I stated in depth yesterday, the Shell CAsings are made in Scranton PA, and the explosives in Holston Tennessee. They ship the explosives to Scranton, where the shells get filled.

Now, filled Arty Shells tend to need special handling and shipping.

In fact, Loaded Artillery Shells are Hazard Code One

So… a question. We’ve heard about the supposed ‘bottlenecks’ that we, the US Weapons Manufacturers have been having in supplying the Krain with MOAR 155mm shells. I’m going to make a guess that the shipping of said-materials factors into that slowdown.

Now, How much quicker (and safer) would it be to ship the empty casings to Wales from Scranton PA with no explosives in the shells? That would mean that it’d be quicker and easier (and possibly safer too) to ship them and fill it onsite and by happenstance, closer to the Krain?

And now the empty shell casing place has a fire/damages, and the place in England that the factory there that Artillery shells filler is made? The same place that –might– have been being used as a prepositioned/final loadout location in Jolly Ole England/Wales catches fire/gets damaged as well?

Again, Call in a Coincidence.
BUT if we get a Third time?
That is Enemy Action.

Not that we can do anything but laugh at this point. As they say, there’s Blue, Red and Black Pilled… but the lesser known one is being “Honk-Pilled”

“When you’ve taken the Honk Pill, you know everything is Clown World, and all you can do is laugh.”

Speaking of which:
Concern American is working on getting Western Rifle Shooters Association back up… haven’t gotten word on -what exactly- happened, but he’s working on it, and said it’ll be back ASAP:

So no worries for now…
All Updates are Up at Gab under his @WRSA moniker.

And beyond that, well, lots of ‘stuff’ happening that I can’t as of yet disclose. DC and her antics have gotten worse if you can believe it, and I’ll just leave it at that for now. All I can really say is Karma is a stone bitch and when you fuck with people and cause that much misery for your own enjoyment, well, the backlash? She’s got no one to blame but herself.

SO, because of that, how about a ‘palette cleanser’ of some of the latest Memes I discovered this past weekend?:

So More Later
Big Country

First Food Production, Then Bridges, Now a Defense Factory?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Russian Activity or just MOAR DIE Stupid?
I report, You decide:

Link to the story HERE

Of course a lot of the ‘chatter’ out there is comparable to when all the food processing plants and ckikinz processing plants were ‘mysteriously blowing up/burning’. MY take on it at this point though is no one back then was talking about the ¡Muh Diversity! potential for just plain old stupidity.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

Hanlon’s Razor

So, since we’ve now seen the knock on affects of out-of-control ¡Muh Diversity! in many many other industries (coff!coff!BOEING!) I just wonder if this was ‘nother case of some dumbass failing to utilize the most basic industrial safety precautions? I mean to be fair, casting 155mm shell casings involve liquid steel which last time I looked was a very hazardous material to be working with.

Might be that a recent diversity hire done fucked up maybe?

Hard to say.

So, one thing top keep an eye on however is if ANOTHER piece of critical National Defense Production Infrastructure has a bad case of “-suddenly!-” and burns/blows up/catastrophically explodes without warning within the next, oh say 8 weeks? as a timeframe?

Places to watch next:
• Crane Army Ammunition Activity, (CAAA) Crane, Indiana

• Holston Army Ammunition Plant, (HAAP) Kingsport, Tennessee

• Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, (IAAP) Middletown, Iowa

• Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, (LCAAP) Independence, Missouri

• McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, (McAAAP) McAlester, Oklahoma

• Pine Bluff Arsenal, (PBA) Pine Bluff, Arkansas

• Quad City Cartridge Case Facility, (QCCCF) Rock Island, Illinois

• Radford Army Ammunition Plant, (RAAP) Radford, Virginia

The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania just got hit.  Makes you wonder if this wasn’t intentional as Ole Scroteface Joe is “from Scranton”  Might be a message in this maybe?

The following is a breakdown of “who makes what where”:

Scranton Army Ammunition Plant PA (SCAAP) manufactures large caliber metal projectiles and mortar projectiles.

The Radford Army Ammunition Plant VA (RAAP) in Radford produces rocket and gun propellants.

Holston Army Ammunition Plant TN (HAAP) manufactures Research Department Explosive (RDX) and High Melting Explosive (HMX) for ammunition production and development. ( I literally used to live across the street from this place)

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant IA (IAAAP) produces and delivers component assembly, and medium- and large-caliber ammunition items (fuses and primers and the like)

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant MO (LCAAP) produces ammunition for ALL military small arms, as well as a significant amount of ammunition for civilian use. This is the most modern and up-to-date plant and probably one of OUR favorite places IMO

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant OK (McAAAP) provides Centralized Ammunition Management for training ammunition and contingency stocks for Army units in the southwest region of the U.S

Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) IN produces and provides conventional munitions requirements

Pine Bluff Arsenal, (PBA) AR is where they do the manufacturing of incendiary grenades and bombs, and the manufacturing, loading, and storage of war gases; and production and storage of pyrotechnic, riot control and white phosphorous munitions, i.e. the really nasty shit.

Quad City Cartridge Case Facility (QCCCF) IL per the name, produces brass and steel cartridge cases.


Any wonder we can’t supply shit to the Krain?

All the HE and shit made in Kingsport TN has to be shipped, by train, to Scranton PA, for all the explosives be loaded into the 155 shells (literally, empty steel shells) where then after they pack in the HE to the shells, they all get loaded onto ANOTHER train, and set to Middleton IA for final assembly, and inspection. Hell, that should make some folks nervous as to the condition of our rail systems too amiright?

So if another one of those plants goes up, well, Logistically speaking, we’re fucked. I mean we already are but call it “Double Sooper Dooper Fukked” if we lose any MOAR capacity to make ‘stuff’ that feeds the beast so to speak.

Under current conditions, besides the shell manufactory going up, I’d personally say that it’s Radford that’s utterly critical at this point to keep running. “Rocket Propellants” being something that’s going to be in great demand as –something-is needed to fire off those Iron Dome, SM-1/2 ADA, Patriot and other Anti-Missile-Missiles. No gas? No defense. Which also means (((our greatest ally evvar))) by rights and in MY ‘umble opinion should be pulling security on these plants. The $7.50 an hour rent-a-cop Paul Blart sure doesn’t give a fuck…

The Krain should be doing likewise for the places that’re making ‘stuff’ to produce the 155mm shells they so desperately need/want, but the problem there is once here stateside, they’d bail into the vastness that is ‘Murica, never to be seen again, as it’s gotten that bad in the Krain…

Otherwise, it is what it is… The Izzies are making heap big smoke per usual about the “lawless strike” and how they’re going to “hit back”… Meh. Shut the fuck up already. Talk about exhaustion… it’s only the end of Tuesday, and I’m wore the fuck out already.

So off to bed early.
More Later
Big Country

The After Action Report or “More Lies The Zionist Spread”

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Talk about a bit of a piss me off…
All Hat, No Cattle.

Add on the fact that gas went down 9 cents locally AFTER I tanked up and reloaded the empty cans… shit like this makes me really wonder if we -are living in some computerized “Matrix”

So, here’s the scorecard supposedly

99% intercepted.
That’s impressive
Seeings that even the manufacturer of most of the Air Defense Missiles they’re using average a 15% successful intercept rate… My former roommate from back in the day switched from TOWs to Patriots, and retired a CWO, and even -he- said the Patriot is ALL hype.

Add on, who you gonna trust?
The Israeli DotMil/Gov?
The same Israeli DotMil/Gov who was responsible for the USS Liberty Massacre as well as faaar too many crimes against humanity to count…Lying Liars, One and All. Even the most jaded Pro-Krainian groups out there have said that for the most part, the Patriot Pac-3 is an expensive Pile of Shit.

I mean FFS I was up until 0300 waiting to see if it was going to Go Full Retard, and while scrolling Twitter, I saw WAY more successful impacts of Ballistic Missiles than they’re admitting to.

And some of those impacts were impressively large with secondary explosions meaning they hit something that then blew da fuq up spectacularly. Means they most certainly did not shoot down allll the incoming
Again, Lying Fucking Liars Lying Again

And then this quite good Analysis:

Now, over at Concerned American’s place WRSA, there’s a couple of good screen grabs from Gab on there. The two guys, Stop_Shouting and Zerogov are correct in their statements that this really shook up the Izzies. They’re used to doling it out, and –not– taking it on the chin like a motherfucker…

Call this their “Doolittle Moment” as in the Doolittle Raid that the US did right after Pearl Harbor… bunch of B-25s flew essentially a one-way mission, dropped some bombs on Tokyo, and caused mad panic in the population.

Add on one thing BOTH guys failed to mention as well, is that NOW the Iranians more than likely have mapped the locations of alllll those ADA batteries. Any bets there was some back-door dealing to have whatever dedicated Chinese/Russian/Nork satellite watching all the fun from Near Earth Orbit? Any bets that the Izzies are complacent and won’t move those ADA batteries or can’t as they’re permanently affixed?

IF the Izzies decide that they need to continue this idiocy, well, the intel estimates before this little strike is that the Iranians have what would be called in the DotMil Logistics parlance “A Metric Fuckton of Missiles”. They got as LOT more from where that came from.

Considering early estimates is that they shot off over billion dollars worth of ammo to shoot down faaar less expensive drones and missiles, well… the price point investment leans heavily towards the Iranians. Especially in light that there really isn’t anything currently available for reloads. WE sent damned near ALL of OUR stuff to Krainfeld. The cupboard is fucking bare, and the Iranians could do the same. exact. thing. like they did last night with like ten times, say 3000 missile/drone combos, and that’d be it.

Plus numerically, just in people alone:
Iran: Population of 44 million.
Israel: Population of 9 million.

And the Izzies have been able to get away with this shit for way too long due to Muh Holocaust Inc. and Sheeeit! and all the Dual Shitizens in our DotGov… for once someone stood up, and punched the bully back, right in his cockholster. Of course the bully then ran to the teacher (the UN, Useless Nations) and snivvled about how “The Rules Based Order” were broken, and how mean the Iranians are… and then proceeded to beat up the class Retard (Hezbollah in Lebanon).

God its all so (((tiresome and expected))) at this point…

So yeah.
I’ll call this one (provided Israel doesn’t get stupid(er) a Draw.
Iran got to save face, and also show that they’re not putting up with the Izzies Bullshit any longer.

So with that, I’m off to bed
More Later
Big Country

CONFIRMED The Shit Has Hit The Fan

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Official War Alert
Started on Twitter an Hour Ago:

Guy who put it up on Twitter…
How it’s going:


More Later if we’re lucky…
I’m going to fill the empty water jugs.
Drones should take about 2-3 hours depending on how big they are (weight and propulsion systems). And knowing the Arabs, this could be a feint to have the Hebes expend all their ADA stuff, and then hit them with a Ballistic Missile Barrage like the Russians have done to the Krainians oh so many times.

Gotta Bounce…
It’s been an Honor and a Pleasure if this goes Full On Kinetic.
Big Country

Got The Gran For The Weekend SO Here’s Some Memes For Your Enjoyment

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Gran#1 is here for an extended visit. OtherGrans ‘Rents have some medical issues they’re dealing with, so we’re filling in. She’s having a blast, but seeing that Gretchen is still on the mend, I’m the full time Papi/Dancing Monkey/Cook/Entertainer…

Loving it but -not- at the same time Aye?

I feel like I got hit by a truck.
THIS right here is what makes it all worth it:

Red Headed Nukular Powered Female, Age 6, Type One Each.
Not only that, but a smart lil goober
Who can argue rings about you if’n you’re not careful.
Gretch has fallen into that trap…
You never negotiate with Terrorists.

Which, by and large, is the very definition of ALL kids under the age of, oh say 10?

So yeah, found me and gathered me some over the past few. Hope you enjoy them:

That’s it for tonight. Not much else to add.
More Later
Big Country

Learning About Supply, The Krain is Falling and The Gran for The Weekend

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sorry (again) for a late poast. Got to watching “Whatever Happened to Sweet Baby Jane?” w/Gretchen. GREAT movie if you haven’t seen it. Can’t find it but there’s a meme out there of Bette Davis in her ‘horrorshow’ makeup with the meme saying “2020 Has Been Hard on All Of Us: Madonna”.

SO yeah, tied up taking care of Gretchen. She’s doing OK, but yesterday she did -too much- and busted a scab. Bit of bleeding but a shit ton of triple antibiotic handled that.

So…the payday comes a day early ’round here.

Went to Costco and got re-stocked on shit paper and paper towels. Right now here, locally, the big Bounty packs, normally $25.99 have a instant $5.50 coupon at the register. If you got a local membership, check yours as that’s a great deal. We got 4. The shit paper we got was to replenish the Covid Stockpile. I may have blogged about it back then, but I kind of had a hunch stockpiling was the way to go, and we finally were getting down to the last 3 packs of BIG Bounty and the last 4 packs of Charmin… we had a lot of paper piled up ’round here let me tell you…

Buttwipe is gold in a full on Metalpocalypse…
Jes’ Sayin’

So, part of my reasoning about making sure we’re topping off the Class One and Class Six…

Wait a minute: Quick Educational Digression Follows:

For those unfamiliar, the Military Logistics Supply lines categorize, well, like EVERYTHING under the sun into various “Classes” for brevity’s sake. Now, most of you Army dawgs out there are completely familiar with “Class Six” as liquor and beer fall under that to the point that the on-base liquor/beer stores are referred to as the Class Six…

There are ten in total Classes that I’ll provide a handy-dandy chart for your use, as it can be useful to know these things:

A bit blurry, but it works.
I’ll Link the original HERE for distro as needed.

So, as I was saying…
Reason for all of this?
Some of the shit going on in the world these days? You’d have to be fucking retarded to not have a go-to-shit plan in place. The Zionists arer rattling Ye Olde Saber about using everything (i.e. nukular weapons) on the off chance that Iran does something drastic…

The Krain just lost it very last MAJOR coal fired electrical generation plant as well… a One Point Eight TERAWATT system that they are in no way, shape or form of replacing in the “anytime soon” category.

Seems that the Kiev, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions are out of juice for the foreseeable future….

Go long in Portable Generator Company’s stock Aye?

I suppose this gets filed under “Fuck Around, Find Out” as for the past couple of months, the Krainians have been hitting inside-of-Russia power stations and the like. In fact, the lunatics hit the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station that the Russians are holding just the other day. Problem is, the Krainians used small-to-medium drones, ‘cos that’s all they have left in the inventory.

That corresponds to that Intel Leak on Discord by that Air National Guardsman guy back in December of 2023. The leak said that the Krainians, even with resupply, they’d be Winchester around this time… i.e. out of ammo because even the suppliers were out of ammo…

The drones they used were very small considering the targets.

So, in a tit-for-tat, it appears Russia finally responded to the attacks on their power plants on the Krainians power plants…

Using their heavy hypersonic shit… These include the following:

  • 3M22 Zircon.
  • Avangard (hypersonic glide vehicle)
  • Kh-47M2 Kinzhal.
  • Kh-95 long-range hypersonic cruise missile.
  • R-37M.
  • Zmeevik anti-ship missile.
  • Gremlin Hypersonic Guided Rocket (GZUR)

ALL of which are hypersonic weapons systems
ALL of which have now proven combat records

“So Tovarish, you hit our powerplants with small bombs? Let us show how Russians hit power plants with OUR bombs!!!”


Meanwhile, the US?
According to CNN, on March 17th 2024 the following happened:

“The US Air Force has tested a hypersonic cruise missile in the Pacific for the first time, in what analysts say is a signal to China that Washington still competes in a weapons arena where many perceive Beijing to have a distinct advantage.” Link HERE.

Now? To the results of this test of what they’re calling the  All-Up-Round AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon (ARRW)? Insert Doctor Evil Quote Here:
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeah Riiiiiiiiiight”

“The Air Force did not give any specifics on the test, such as how fast or how far the ARRW flew or whether it hit a target.

Rather, it said only that lessons were learned.

“The Air Force gained valuable insights into the capabilities of this new, cutting-edge technology,” the statement said.”

In other words, in DotMil/DotGov weaselspeak, the fucking thing failed.


So… we tested OUR FIRST potential Hypersonic Missile, and from the weaselspeak, it fucking failed.

FFS Russia, China, Iran and even the Norks are ahead of us in this undefendable technology… fucking a hypersonic missile cruises so fucking fast as to be pretty damned well unstoppable. No CRAM, no Anti-Missile-Missile or guy with a rifle is going to stop one of these fuckers… Ballistic? OMFG… try BEYOND Ballistic. Add on it doesn’t necessarily need a big warhead as there’s a LOT of kinetic energy transference when one of them hit, as seem by some pictures of Krainian Command Bunkers hit with Khinzals… Fucking things built by the Soviets, in event of a nuclear war, 25 feet underground, steel reinforced concrete 3 feet thick, cracked open like an egg hit by a hammer…

By no means am I being a “Putin Ball Fondler” as Aesop has called those out there who -are- leastways that I can tell ARE full on pro-VodkaManBad, because as for Me? I’m more open minded… the very fact that we’ve stuff how many billions into a losing cause? Plus ALL our ammo/weapons? I mean it takes how long to build some of the shit that we’ve oh so generously given away, leaving us essentially fucking defenseless? That there is enough evidence out there that Krainfeld and his Kocaine Koterie of Klowns have stolen vast sums of US dollars and funneled a lot of it back to our Corrupt NepoGerontocracy via their worthless spawn?

Fact is, the Krainians are Fucking Done.

The only reason I’d like to see them get F-16s is that I’d in truth be interested to see them in a peer-to-peer fight. This meaning equally trained pilots as I do not consider damned near ANY of the Israeli Air Farces air victories using F-16s over ANY of the Middle Eastern countries out there to count… fucking I’ve been to Egypt… I’ve personally seen how fucked up their DotMil is (nepotism is like THE BIGGEST THING there, not skills) and I have a hunch, that even if they had competent Krainian pilots to get into a furball, the Russians at this point would mop the floor with them, and make General Dynamics look stupid again.

I mean FFS, BAE Systems Land and Armaments AND the BritGov had the Krainians stop using the Challenger 2 as the aftereffects were hurting potential sales of the tank!!! Seems having a POS tank made of essentially “pressed gasoline” is NOT a good look for the sales… reason I say this is every. single. picture. of a Challenger that got wasted is of a completely burned out hulk. Some of them are still laying where they got blown away.

Jes’ Sayin’

Compared to the M1A Abrams? Fucking yeah, the Abrams is ‘killable’ but at least it doesn’t act like a fucking crematorium for it’s crew on the first hit… in fact I’ve been hearing through MY “tanker grapevine” that out of the 4 Abrams wasted, only ONE lost the crew, and that’s the poast I did about the blowout panels ‘cos, yeah, the fucking Slavic morons locked the ammo bay door OPEN, so when it got hit, the crew became BBQ/ash


So, yeah, lot of ‘things’ and pieces/parts in motion.
Be Ready

Tomorrow we get the Gran for the weekend, and extended visit for a while no less, and we have to co-ordinate on her summer activities, as everyone else wants her to do the usual… soccer/dance yadda yadda…

I want her in Karate, or Judo or even Krav Maga. She’s old enough now to learn some self-defense. Kill a motherfucker if she needs to yannow? I mean it’s getting to be a fucked up world, and I need her to be able to protect herself, as Papi can’t always be there Aye?

So, More Later
Big Country

    Totally Clueless in The Enemedia Bubble

    Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
    So Our Current Regime, The Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den has come up with a absolute winning strategy to win the next (s)election:

    This “sooper sekrit weapon”?

    Bringing the gays out in force as a Voating Block.

    The ‘idea’ being “”Out for Biden-Harris!!!”

    Link to the story HERE

    Well dayyyum! Everybody go home! Ain’t no way OrangeManBad AKA CheetoJeebus or Trumphitler can get re-elected with such an INCREDIBLE POWERHOUSE of a voating block!!!

    Telling y’all
    I need whatever drugs these assclowns are on. I mean they live in such a bubble of Insanity. I mean for reely-reelz. This has got to be a troll-joke…

    But then again… considering just who and what we’re dealing with… I mean Kamel Toe, the Califrutopian Blowjob Queen of Willie-Brown-Breath had this gem of a statement:

    “We will do what we have always done in this movement, in this community, which is collectively, we will continue to build unity. We will continue to build coalition. We will always be fueled by knowing we have so much more in common than what separates us. We will be fueled by knowing we are all in this together.”

    With A-Polly-Ollie-Geez to the Wiggles for that ‘un…

    Spawn #1/#2 loved the Wiggles… the song was “Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy!” and I had that meme get stuck in the old cranium… but yeah, Who in the Hell lets that broad walk around without a leash in Public!?! Sweet Gawd in Heaven… it’s enough to make R. Lee Ermey rise from the dead, and start a verbal assault that leaves nothing but an STD-infected smoking crater where that bitch was…

    My reason for my utter contempt outside of the fact that the various degenerates have now something like 3 and a half full months worth of “notable days” in recognition of whatever sick-fuck mental screwfest that the (((various folks out there))) have deemed worthy of our attention…

    In reality, it might just be that literally these fucking retards are “high on their own supply.” Go with me on this. They live in Washington D.C… the majority of the “newcomers” like the Zioclops and Occasional Cortex were NOT chosen for their brain power… no… they got picked for “voatability” as in Crenshaw, AKA to me as “The Zioclops” for his rabid support of the (((chosen))) and his SEAL street cred, and Occasional Cortex for her looks and big titties. They were not put in place except to provide a ‘new face’ to the current oligarchical gerontocracy that GloboHomoFedCorp is pushing and hiding at this point…

    I mean look at it… we’re now into an almost Nepotistic situation… I’m willing to bet good money that IF Beau “The Good Son” Biden hadn’t fucking had the good luck/grace to keel over dead from well-deserved brain cancer, they current lot of scum would have HIM running in place of “10% for the Big Guy” Good ole Joe who sucks Scrotum”…

    I mean fuck, the guy they want in there, Goblin Nuisance, current Grand Moff of Califrutopia, is Pelosi’s nephew by marriage. Raise you hand if you knew that lil factoid Aye?

    See, because the Greatest Gen and Boomer Politicos have been so utterly unwilling to relinquish power, we’re utterly fucked in the short and long term. And no, I utterly will not entertain Boomer comments and defense that thereof.

    Look, I know that overall y’all have gotten a shit deal in reputation. But, like the majority of us Gen X’ers, we don’t give a fuck. WE’RE the first generation whole got royally screwed, not necessarily by Boomers per se, but even anyone with half-a-brain can see that the Boomer Politicians have been a bubonic plague to the Body Politic in their utter unwillingness to actually, you know, step the fuck aside and give someone else a fucking chance.

    Because of the inherent mental framework of “Control Control and Control” and never mind flat the fuck out greed, this country is truly and utterly fucked. Someone out there in the bleggosphere pointed out that the current crop of ‘new leadershit’ is the third generation of them… dissolute, clueless, and don’t care because they got theirs, and fuck everyone else.

    Riding on the Coattails of Former Greatness
    Without the ability to perform nor maintain the Greatness

    Much like the Gettys.

    Look at that shitshow of a Family…
    The original patriarch, George Getty started out doing oil wells in the 20’s and 30’s. His son, J. Paul Getty (second generation) got really successful primarily with his dad’s influence and guidance. From there? It alllllll went downhill.

    JP Getty II, one of the first sons of JP Getty #1 was a drug addled asshole hippy. HIS son, JP Getty III got famous for being kidnapped, and his father and grandfather, refusing to pay the ransom, well… they did eventually when pieces-parts of the kid started showing up in the mail, with his ear being piece #1… Unfortunatley, HE ended up being a junkie and had a stroke, and became a vegie-wedgie in a chair up until he died early.

    So yeah, we’re fucked primarily IMO to the fact that we have an OCD-Gerontocracy that’s unable AND unwilling to relinquish power in any way, shape or form, primarily because they know that their “hand picked successors” like Occasional Cortex and The Ziopclops are full on fucking retards with a sub 90 IQ.

    Add on the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda reinforce every. single. decision, every. single. time

    …so much so they live in a fucking bubble that makes them think that a HUGE majority of faggots, dykes and trannies are the key to keeping power.

    As my old D.I. used to scream when he threw the garbage can down between the rows of bunks: “FIRST CALL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!

    Why do I say this?
    Well… as some folks say, “let’s do the maff”
    As the insanely libtarded Ministry mouthpiece Gallup stated:

    7.1 percent of ALL ‘Muricans Identify as Sodomites.
    Link HERE to the article.

    This out of, currently mind you, 333,300,000 MILLION Americans. That means the “Out for Biden/Hairass” push, at best, IF every. fucking. registered. to .voat. queer. yannow ackchully voated and all… The 7.1% give us, by my bad maff (feel free to correct me0, but that means that there might be, provide, as I said, that ALL the queers are ackchully registered and DO voat, that means there’s a total of 23,664,300 million voats at best to be had by these retards.

    7% and change.
    Like 7% of the Population is going to be a help.

    Never mind, the fags positively hate to be pandered to.
    This’s gonna go over like the turd in the punchbowl that it is IMO.

    Media and Idiotcracy Bubble much?
    I got to crash… been ranting long enuff.
    More Later
    Big Country

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