Too Much SUNday so Meme Time!

Back to the Aloe again. Thank Gawd I have 2x LARGE plants that Gee-Maw (our former across the street neighbor) left behind when they moved…

Got me the fresh-off the plant stuff and yeah, I’m roastie-toastie again and that also means exhausted. Sunburns just make me want to sleep, so I culled a bunch of sick ones for you, with the focus MOSTLY on the Joetato:

So More Later
Big Country

7 thoughts on “Too Much SUNday so Meme Time!”

  1. If they install Big Mike over the Kamal it will be so historic!
    We’ll hear all about it 24-7.
    Austrian metal lords Pungent Stench has the Ampeauty album in tribute to amputees.
    There is a Lynndie She Wolf of Abu Ghraib tribute on there as well.
    I visited that 22 visitors place as a youngster and loved it, she not so much.
    Claimed it was the wrong hole!

  2. Wish that VagFax had been around sooner! I might not have partaken of a bunch of sluts that I did… I was lucky, I must have had STDGuard close by…

  3. You sick, magnificent bastard! That’s a good crop there, and a few I have somehow not yet seen before.

    And ease up on the sunburns, that shit will come back to bite you.

  4. Democrats – Bringing Hell to the surface for over 100 years.
    Maybe, just maybe enough Americans are waking up to course correct towards freedom and liberty.

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