Seriously, What in the HELL Did These Idiots Expect?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Seems that Russia has officially thrown down a rather large Gauntlet, Steel, Type One Each, Nuclear.

Link to the full story is HERE
Can’t say they haven’t been told enough that “This ain’t no fucking game assholes!” I mean OUR assholes seem to think that this’s some sort of fucking game or something. ANOTHER HUGE CASE of “People Who Haven’t Been Punched in the Fucking Mouth Enough IRL” playing fucking games with like the entire world.

Not for nothing, I’d have to say at this point they are desperate to start some shit, if only to keep themselves in Power, as that and money is all they care about. They sure as hell don’t give two fucks about the possibly One Million Dead and Wounded Krainians that’s for damned sure.

Recently there was a vidya circulating out there of Two Recruiting Commissars who were forced to dig their own graves, and then got blasted by Farmer Petrovich with a 12 gauge.

There’s also another one of a bunch of Romani (gypsies) storming a Recruitment Center to ‘rescue’ one of their own who got snatched up off the street… they destroyed the office, and beat the ever-loving fuck out of the Commissars.

Another factoid: Seems the majority of the Commissars are of a particular tribal affiliation. Who’d a’thunk it?

Fact is, the fat and relatively comfy job of being a “Meat Snatcher for the Grinder” is becoming rather hazardous as well it should be. As the Joker said, “You get what you fuckin’ deserve!”

The TL;DR thing about the above story is essentially the Brits and Frogs have been making Heap Big Smoke about getting actually involved ‘boots on the ground’ involved in the Krain. Supposedly, as mentioned yesterday, the Frogs have a bunch of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of Légion étrangère running around there now. Including that the Russians have killed and recovered up to 7 members of a Scout Unit at the current front.

Then the Brits mentioned that they were lifting the restrictions on the Cruise Missiles that they gave the Krainians, and gave then carte blanch to use them at targets directly inside the Russian Heartland.

THAT right there has been a solid red line for the Russians

And our assholes don’t seem to understand that. The Russian mentality towards the Rodina is off-the-charts when it comes to preserving the aforementioned Motherland. Hell, Russia has been invaded how many fucking times in the past 1000 years? They got every right to be seriously paranoid and hyper defensive.

So the Russians called the two Ambassadors on the carpet, and read them the riot act.

And even still, after this? Our “Elite” Educated Retard Class of Fuckwits, Lackwits, Morons, Neer-do-wells and Assholes just don’t get it. They’ll ignore what’s a pretty straightforward warning. The only thing they all seem to get is if say their dual citizenship holding asses Cuntry of Israel is threatened, (no, no misspelling) then “ZOMG! We have to saaaaaaaaaave them!!!” Otherwise?

We’re just grist for their mill
Meat for the grinder.

Another little blurb I found out there. You want to know how financially fucked all of this “Intervention” has been just in ammunition?
Feature this gang:

That’s just A.D.A ammo!!!!
H/T to CMDR Salamander for the graphic

A.D.A. for the unfamiliar is Air Defense Artillery.
We’ve had at least 2-3, maybe even 4 Arleigh Burke DDS’s go “Winchester” on ALL the Shooty-McBang-Bang Rokkits. That means out of ammo BTW… as discussed before, they can carry up to 94 of the newer model (Block 2A 3rd Gen SM-3s) or 90 of the earlier SM-6…

Either way? Let us use the cheaper variant, the SM-6 “Standard” at almost 4 mil a throw as an example.
To empty out 90 of them in the magazine?

That’s roughly $351,162,720.00

To Reload EACH Ship!

A billion here, a billion there amiright?
Fuck it, it ain’t their fucking shekels…
Jes’ Sayin’

I don’t even want to begin to contemplate the cost of the Block 2A at almost 28 million dollars a shot!!!
90 of them? Try Over Two and a Half BILLION clams.

Oh my aching head!

We are so done.
Beans on Toast Done man…

And ALL of these ‘wunderwaffen’ have to be replaced of course… and those prices reflect what they did cost… it, as far as I can tell, hasn’t take into consideration the inflationary aspect as well as just pure greedheadedness. I mean a 155mm HE round used to cost about $600.00 to make.

Now? Like $3000.00

And that doesn’t even cover more specialized rounds like the Copperhead and Excaliber… I don’t even know if the copperhead is still around actually…a quick check annnd
Yep… it’s still there operationally speaking.
17k in stock, but they stopped making them a ways back. Don’t know if they wasted any in the Krain… the data doesn’t reveal that.

The Copperhead was one of the first ‘laser guidable’ smart-Arty rounds developed in the 70’s. A classic which is still being used I guess. Kind of cool IMO.

Now, the ONE THING that’s bugging me about ALL OF THE ABOVE… in particular the whole “French getting involved militarily” thing… As a minor Military Historian, this is bugging the hell out of me.

Especially in light that as far as I can tell…

No one has brought this issue up yet anywhere!

That being?

Almost every. single. major. bloodbath. that the Untied Staatz has gotten involved in has been because WE ended up getting involved because the Fucking Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, A.K.A. those Foul Smelling B.O. Soaked Wine-Swilling swine, the Fwench have dragged us into some seriously fucked up conflicts…

Seems like every. single. time. (there’s that phrase again!) the Frogs piss some one off, and WE end up having to go and pull their collective snail-sucking asses out of a hot spot.

World War One? They backed the Russians, and the Germans figured to knock the Frogs out FIRST before dealing with Russia… sounds familiar eh?

Then, come World War Two, the Frogs had been so utterly obnoxious in trying to fuck over Germany spiritually and financially after WW1, the Krauts just had to March down the Rhine to kick their asses again, deservedly so IMO.

Don’t even get me started about The Nam.
56k Dead +/-

And yet
Here we are


FFS, you’d think we’d learn after a while right?
But nope… we keep acting like a literal retarded kid who’s burned his hand on the stove not once, not twice but a ton of times, and can’t correlate the “Hot Stove = Burn/Ouchies”.

Every. Single. Time. we get involved with the French, it ends with us having a HUGE amount of American Blood being spilled, with No Thanks nor Gratitude for such expenditures. A few of my favorite quotes by a better man than I about the Frogs:

“There is nothing lower than the human race except the French.”

“France is miserable because it is filled with Frenchmen, and Frenchmen are miserable because they live in France.”

“France has usually been governed by prostitutes.”

Mark Twain

Yeah… good stuff right there innit?

So now, we wait on the precipice of potentially another disastrous French Foreign Military Adventure. Only this time, a whole hell of a lot more is potentially at stake. Like the entirety of Human Civilization possibly being snuffed, all to let the Grandma-Fucker Midget Maricón satisfy his teeny-dick energy thinking he’s the ‘savior’ of the Krain… I mean is he trying to avenge Napoleon for fucks sakes?

Hell, you’d think that the fucking Frogs themselves would get tuned in by now right? Guess Twain was correct in his heartfelt contempt. They may be an endangered specie shortly if they keep poking the Bear… it’ll be a damned shame about the Eiffel Tower tho… but at least all the Muj’ll get cleaned out, so there is that on the ‘plus column’

We’ll just have to Sit Back
Relax, grab the Popcorn and Watch.
After all:

“Forget it Jake, It’s Clownworld”

More Later
Big Country

40 thoughts on “Seriously, What in the HELL Did These Idiots Expect?”

  1. I tried to leave a comment on your last post, the “Срећан Ускрс! He Has Risen!” one, but it wouldn’t work.
    I was going to say that I think that it is nice the way the French in the photo wear their flag on the front of their hats.

  2. Oui oui! These dumbshits will get their baguettes blown off, as will the Brits. Then the FUSA gets to step up and try to cover them? Sorry guys (Brits and Frenchmen) but as far as I’m concerned, you are on your own this time, you decided to directly enter the fray, therefore it’s your circus and your monkeys.

    And if either or both of your former empires gets nuked, I hope the fuckfaces in the FUSA dictatorshit get a clue with the quickness. Although I’d not really complain if Mr. Putin landed some nukes – hypersonic or otherwise – right in the heart of DC, and the NYC Financial district. Maybe could justify hitting Chicongo and juicy targets in California, but I’m downwind from the latter (even if half a country away) so don’t so much favor that.

    It is truly mind boggling to observe how the ruling class of the west k not only so arrogant, but clueless in believing their own bullshit. Nobody can win this, by the conventional definition of winning. And they are obviously willing to burn it all down to satiate their egos with this posturing. Either than or they are so delusional they truly don’t believe Russia will make good on its warnings.

    I’d not take that bet. Putin has been remarkably reserved in his actions against the western powers stirring this pot so far, but clearly his patience has worn thin, and the their is now going red hot. I’ve no reason to doubt the veracity of his warnings, and yet so called experts in statecraft are doing the diplomatic equivalent of pinning him down and dangling their distended scrotes in his face. As I find myself saying a lot these days, fuck these guys.

    BTW, anyone else see the video clip of pedo joey shitting himself on a walk across the shite house lawn? He just delivered one ICBM right there; that’d be an
    incontinental bowel movement. Stupid fuckin’ turd monger.

    1. Ruckus,
      just remember your words the next you need any support from the UK. We stood with you unswervingly after Gulf one, Gulf two, the various escapades after 9/11 and Syria so forgive me if I utter the immortal phrase ‘Fuck you, you ungrateful Yank’.

      1. I’m not ungrateful for past assistance, and it’s not that I want to see the British and French get smoked, so allow me clarify. Both countries are at the forefront right now of agitating this situation into one even worse than it already was, and the lack of restraint or any sense (considering this “war” in Ukraine can’t be won) pretty well guarantees to get both countries blowback. And for what? I’d suggest both countries rise up in revolt right now and depose their shit tier governments (unless you agree with what they are doing, in which case carry on I suppose, consequences be damned).

        And believe me whan I say that America has a massive and well deserved ass kicking coming for it’s disastrous foreign policy failures. America (or it’s perversion of a government, more specifically) is the reason the situation re Ukraine is so screwed up to begin with. It is the US govt that staged the color revolution there, and setup a series of events that now appear to have primed the conditions for WWIII. Yeah, we really needed that over a place like Ukraine. That’s even more stupid than starting a world war over an Archduke getting assassinated.

        Great Britain and France should’ve told the US to “fuck off” at the first indication of stirring things up in Ukraine. Instead, they’ve gone along like hive mind vassals of the US (and spare me mention of NATO treaties, any treaty the US is signatory to is worth less than dogshit, as the people who negotiate and sign them don’t do so in good faith, as the Russians now well know) and have put their nuts on the line. You will find out the hard way that the US, as the Russians have publicly stated, is “agreement incapable” and therefore no one should be following their lead or taking their direction unless and until a complete house cleaning and change of personnel takes place here. The current crop are 100% corrupt, criminal, self serving whores who will sell you out in an eye blink, and most assuredly will not have your back when things go sour.

        You trust the word of US govt at your peril, and I hope both Britain and France can extricate themselves from this mess before things get really bad. Unfortunately, right now, all indications are a continuous doubling down on bad ideas will be the prevailing course of action. That is nearly certain to get Britain, France, The US and any other “allies” who stick their nose into Ukraine in a significant way a serious beat down courtesy of Russia. And maybe that’s what needs to happen. Hell if I know how else to get these idiots to stop doing what they are doing. Well, short of having them all rounded up and executed, anyway.

        But hey, go right on agitating and see where that gets you (and us). It didn’t have to be this way but for such Goddamnable stupid arrogance by people who have spent too long without a serious and capable adversary, and getting high on their own supply.

        All this too, while allowing their own military capabilities and supply of weapons to atrophy, I might add. It’s not as if any of of the western powers are going headlong into this mess with anywhere what they need in troops and munitions. Apparently they truly believe pixie dust and propaganda will win this war.

        1. D,
          The War is not engineered to be won.
          The War is engineered to be not won.
          The War is engineered to be:
          a) perpetual, and
          b) a skim-scam.
          Another benefit of The War for RulingElites — a few million humans are exterminated [cue : happy dance].
          The major benefit of The War for RulingElites — bankrupt the Last Bastion Of Freedom.

      2. It’s a sad state, really. The UK should not have followed the US into those dumb adventures. The US should not have bullied her friends and allies into such messes. Both of our governments are, well, not really our governments anymore. The entire West appears to be ruled by a small foreign tribe, and our love of the rule of law has prevented all of us from going 110 and never again.
        I hate what the US and UK have become.

        1. Right there with you, Berglander. It disgusts me the bullshit the US govt is doing (and has spent the last 30+ years doing since my political awareness became fully developed), and the fact they’ve dragged the rest of western countries right along with them pisses me off even more.

          It truly is a hive mind at the top, there isn’t a single major player in govt anywhere in the west who isn’t on board with the official globohomo narrative. It’s even worse because essentially everything they stand for is shit, and wrong.

  3. In other news Boeing will try to not soil itself putting two “experienced” NASA astronauts in space tonight around 10:30 ET. The male mission commander has piloted ONCE over a decade ago. The sure looks like DEI hire Indian female as mission pilot has never piloted. Otherwise their astronaut experience (again old time) was catching a ride to the ISS. Allegedly both were MIL test pilots. Damn but she looks like the Wicked Witch of the West, chin nose and all.

  4. Niger really has them sideways too.

    And now Russians have occupied part of a US base there and the government is trying to drive the US out as well.

    France and Canada are two places that will be very interesting when (if?) they have elections again.

  5. “Hell, Russia has been invaded how many fucking times in the past 1000 years? ”

    They were conquered by the Mongols and, IIRC, the Ottomans but these conquerors were only after tributes. Not destroying the Russian Orthodox faith or the Slavic culture.

    That wasn’t the case when the West; everything from the Baltic Crusades to Napolean and Hitler invaded.

    1. The Brits and the French think this is 1856 and they’re just gonna take Sebastopol with the Light Brigade and Florence Nightingale . Ain’t happening this time.

  6. I don’t want to put my tin foil hat on BUT to me this looks like a Khazarian Mafia operation.
    Scratch the surface on any of this crap and you find either someone wearing a small hat or bought and paid for by them (AIPAC) and their stooge.
    They had big plans for the Ukraine and Putin hasn’t played ball and the truth of them stealing our defense money and producing garbage is coming to light. The US and NATO are paper tigers.
    If we got into a conventional fight with Russia and China, we would get our asses kicked big time.

    I think that the “normies” are finally starting to wake up and “they” know that in time there will be a crisis and people will be PISSED and their heads will be in nooses.
    OR they think “Let’s start WWIII and fight those evil Russkies, rally around the flag, over there over there, Lafayette we have returned”, SO THEY THINK.
    However too many people including everyone reading this are wise to their games and BS and are not playing along. This has led “them” to panicking and doing dumber shit than they normally do.

  7. Fwance has sent 100 and Hungary is offering safe haven for any who want to escape the press gang roundup of anyone with limbs who is able to pick their nose and stand up.
    Other rump vassals are warning Fwance to pump the brakes and Ivan may eventually have to blow some shit up so that they can find out.
    Man I miss the Fvck France page it was too offensive to last and chock full of gut busting laughs, hat tip to Art H wherever he may be.
    Reading about the new underwater drones at Tac H a few minutes ago and Ivan has that market cornered with the Poseidon that can erase a coastal city with nuclear tsunami.
    The incomplete hats have never conquered Russia, except from within and that really frosts their bagels.

  8. True, they are a huge pain in the A, but if you go further back a ways in history they basically bankrupted themselves fighting the British in the revolutionary war….

    From Wikipedia….During the war, France shouldered a financial burden similar to that of Great Britain, as debt from the American Revolutionary War was piled upon already existing debts from the Seven Years’ War. The French spent 1.3 billion livres on war costs equivalent to 100 million pounds sterling (at 13 livres to the pound). After the war ended, France had a debt of 3,315.1 million livres,[26] a colossal sum of money at the time which put an enormous strain on the country’s total fortune in terms of usable assets and productive capacity. The French tax collection system was highly inefficient. Large sums were lost to the Treasury. Indirect taxes were farmed out to private syndicates which made a sweet profit. In 1780 tax revenue was 585 million livres (43 million pounds) and the deficit was 25 million (3.3 million). Debt service was 43% of the budget (251 million livres = 18.8 million pounds).[27] In 1788 this had grown to more than 50 million which provoked a crisis in Europe’s most populous nation (not counting Russia) with a population almost 3 times that of Great Britain’s, 9 million vs. 28 million.

    The debt caused major economic and political problems for France, and, as the country struggled to pay its debts, eventually led to the Financial Crisis of 1786[28] and the French Revolution in 1789.[29]

    I know as Americans we like to think we alone fount the ENTIRE might of the British empire, but we were to them like an Iraq was to us 20 yrs ago, a far away regional hotspot, but globally there was bigger fish to fry at the time.
    Also the Russians kept Britain and Frances navies out of the War of Northern Aggression, a toss up on if thats being an ally or a co belligerent, in the case of the South being boned on naval help and supplies.

    1. At least then they could see that we might be able to defeat the British. Before our entry into WW2, FDr sent several envoys to UK and Russia to see if they were worth supporting against Germany; they were and we did. Ukraine vs Russia not so much.; no envoys required. Perhaps we could learn not to bankrupt our selves a la France c1780s, especially as it is a losing proposition.

  9. Big fan… But big question… I think the graphic or our understanding of it is incorrect…. That’s not 5he cost per missile. That’s the cost of per intercept meaning cost of the program divided by successful intercept or use… Either way important but gets smaller per use… Where I see that as important but a sunk cost, and now the cost per shot is just as important…. Still not in our favor… And not likely to be so anytime soon for all the reasons… Bloated defense, dumb slow bureaucracy, no real true leadership… But wanted to point that out and possibly correct or … Maybe it’s just me… I’ll re read and double check verbiage.

  10. This ain’t no party.

    This ain’t no disco.

    This ain’t no foolin’ around.

  11. Damn dude, tell us how you really feel about my distant cousins.

    Well the best of us escaped to Louisiana anyway.

  12. I suspect Putin plays a pretty good game of poker. And I suspect much of his bluster is exactly that. Because if he DOES bomb a NATO country directly it will almost certainly lead to a much wider much more kinetic war with NATO. A war that will almost certainly become nuclear. And once that happens Russia loses, because EVERYONE loses. So unless Putin is going soft in the head he’s not going to actually push things to the point where canned sunshine becomes involved. The Russians have always been good at bluster, threats and attempts at intimidation. They are even more aggressive with those now because they see weakness. But actually bombing a NATO country will not work because most of the citizens of NATO countries would not tolerate it without a response. Making nuclear threats is theatre. No legitimate rational person would actually use them. The only problem these days is a lot of people in charge of things are neither legitimate nor rational. So the risk of TEOTWAWKI is growing.

    1. Dan the answer man. The 1970’s are calling. They need you back.

      Our missile supplies are rapidly going to Winchester (that’s empty for you), Ukraine is recycling “Victories” from several months back before THEY RAN OUT OF ANTI-Missile defenses.

      Britian is empty, their own words tell us they cannot even support a Battalion of Armor for more than a month in combat situations.

      We CANNOT fight even the Hothi’s a pitiful rag bag proxy military.

      You know the difference between Ignorant and Stupid?

      Ignorant can be TAUGHT reality. Sometimes with a 2X4 but they can be taught. Russia’s done with polite diplomacy, it’s “Clobbering Time” with the 2X4.

  13. The ever greedy US MIC and it’s political handlers think they will get rich off WW3 (and use the war to cover up the theft of the US Treasury), like they have in every previous conflict,they aren’t smart enough to realize they aren’t fighting a small 3rd world country, or two. Instead, every single country that’s had it’s fill of US/NATO/UN bullying is going to join in on the dogpile, and we get to play the part of Germany/Japan 1945.
    For all the people who laughed about Dresden and Nagasaki, guess what………….pay back will be much worse this time. We are not the world power we thought we were. This one is going to hurt far beyond comprehension, Americans don’t really know what war is, it’s been more of a game for US, always playing it in someone else’s yard. Kinda sucks when your own house burns down.

  14. 3 infantry reg. Of legion normally stationed in French Guyane South America . If they brought them from South America to go to Ukraine then they are going to send more. Pulling in ovrerseas troops is not a good sign.

  15. Several years ago it was great fun to go to google search and look for “french military victories”. The result, every time, was “do you mean french military defeats?” hahahahahahahaahhahahahahaha fuck ’em

  16. You are all discussing events on a geopolitical scale, something we can do nothing about (unless 1776 v.2.0)
    I’d like to discuss the human side of all of us… Would you really dig your own grave? They hand you a shovel say “dig” and wait… (they just handed you a weapon and said they will kill you). Do you placidly dig? Do you fight your way into Valhalla?
    This question is for us as “free” people, both as individuals in the dig situation, or as a Nation facing destruction from it’s own civil servants.
    Me, if I dig it’s a shoot, shovel, and shuttup situation.

    1. NFS right there… get given a Shovel?
      At least TRY to bury it in doodz skullbone amiright?
      Go down fighting, not like a fucking punk
      As we’ve seen, there ain’t a lot of spine in those Kowardly Krainian ‘Kruiters..

      1. That’s exactly what I thought. Give me a crude weapon at your peril. Now what do you do when your “gov” says “this is too complicated for you to understand, but, you could get nuked”
        2nd amendment anyone? (notafedposnotafedpost)
        Truly, the dig your own grave thing has bothered me for years.

    2. If it’s reached that point that I’m captured and told to dig my own grave, I’ll take the shovel and attack the guy holding tbe gun. What do I have to lose at that point, as barring a miracle I’m already dead. But for that, I’d be tempted to reply to any command to dig my own grave with a hearty “fuck off, cocksucker”.

      1. Was why I asked, no-one ever seems to question “dig your grave”
        You’re killing me anyway… F to the OFF. I die here above ground, let the critters, birds, and bugs get me… Or Dig it Yourself!

  17. The Frogs may have dragged the US into the shit on many occasions, but the Pommie Bastards of Formerly Great Britain were usually somewhere in the mix pushing the US as well, as we clearly see in 404-land.

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