Sunday Night Memes MREs and Muzzleloading

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Kind of expended myself updating Tactical Hermit on things ’round here at the Casa. I will say the pool is coming along nicely. Still cloudy, but filter is working, so long as I clean it out every 45 minutes to an hour….

Or now it’s more like every two hours as I got the majority of ‘nasty floaty crap’ out of it. I also had a offer from Tactless Wookie from Gab to get me some moar filters, which was exceptionally kind of him, so I figured I’d give him some props for that publically…

Speaking of gifties… this one from someone who wished to stay anonymous… I got a B-2 Can from a real C-Rat:

Probably one of the last ‘sundries’ cans to ever be made, as the date is 5-80 on the top picture… shit is mint baby. I also got a BUNCH of other MREs from waaay back in the day from one of y’all… including my favorite Omelet w/Ham… It’s older than fuck, but still MUCH appreciated as they’re on the display in the ‘museum’ so to speak…

Yeah, the room is a cluttered mess…
I’m working on it is all I can say.

But yeah, as you can see, the DotMil coins, the M17 Binos (also given to me by a reader) and my oversized Kukri, plus the alibaba ‘fake lego Nazis’ which, TBH are pretty fucking cool:

And b/c I got them on Alibaba, I think I spent like what $10???

They have ALL the armies on there too… US, Brit, Russian… pretty neat IMO. I did the ‘Kragle’ on them to keep them from being messed with, which is hard for Gran #1 who’s ALL about some Legos now… those of you who’ve seen the “Lego Movie” knows what the “Kragle” is (i.e. Krazy Glue).

The only other thing I finally finished was a kit I bought six months ago. It’s this specifically:

A Traditions Percussion Kentucky Rifle.
Currently, it’s gone up in price.

I paid $349 w/free shipping.
I wanted a flintlock… however, and prove me wrong, but I cannot find a reasonably priced Flintlock –anywhere-. I started saving for it when I got that Multicam Tricorn hat… figured it’d be awesome to do the whole “Minuteman” thang to the fullest extent, and in the past I have dabbled in Black Powder weapons. My first being a Pedersoli Walker .44 Hand Cannon

DAMN if that hasn’t gone insane on the price!!!
I got it for Christmas many years ago from MomUnit and DeadDad… I think they spent $100 on it? Anyways, THAT was my FIRST gunsmithing experience from scratch.

The budget here was a total of $400 that I had stashed over time. Gretchen has pretty much vetoed me buying anything in the future, and TBH, in the past year? maybe even two? I ain’t bought shit as I got all that I’ve wanted, outside of “fuck you money” guns like a M-249 or Barrett or shit like that…

So, it took me forever, especially when Gretchen’s Cancer Diagnosis went ‘live’ so to speak… I packed everything up, and left it. There was ALSO a minor issue that one of the ‘bag o’parts’ containing some screws were missing, and that only added to the frustration and delay, as it took a loooong minute to get Traditions to send me the missing ‘stuff’. The majority of work needed was on the wood. It needed to be sanded like mad, and I refused to use a power sander.

Everything on this thing was done by hand
From the sanding, to the fitting, to the final assembly.

After I had gotten the stock(s) down to a nice smoothness using 1500 grit, I then hit it lightly with a blowtorch. Juuust enough to bring out the grain. A couple of soft spots? or something? got a wee bit darker than I liked, but after hitting it with the fire, I re-sanded it down to 2500 grit.

Then, three coats of 50-50 water based stain. Wait a few days between coats, then, a follow on with 2 coats of linseed oil after both stain coats were done. THAT took forever, as I had to let it dry completely before I sealed it. Took about a week between coats ‘cos I positively soaked it in the oil.

Once done? 3 Coats of a tough polyurethane glossy clear coat.

Looks good don’t it?
(TBH the lighting sucks)
I ‘browned’ the barrel as well rather than bluing it, as ‘browning’ is more authentic…

Haven’t fired it yet.
So, yeah. Kind of neat.
I want to do a picture of me, with it, in Multicams and the Tricorn… sort of a modern “Join Or Die!:” thing? Not sure… have to see what pans out. Got to say though, a nose heavy MoFo for sure…

So, Now to the Memes:

So More Later
Big Country

24 thoughts on “Sunday Night Memes MREs and Muzzleloading”

  1. Sand? And who is Polly You’re Ethaine? Varlet! Cabinet scraper, and hand rubbed Linseed, by candlelight. What will you patch the boolits with, Naugahyde? Go thou, and do righteously….

      1. I’ve been looking at that same kit but the cost is like $700 up here. You’ll have to send a review once you fire it. Thanks

  2. Pappy used to shoot those and win prizes and what a target roaster.
    Got to see the Patton Armor Museum at Fort Knox and I wonder if they ever aired up the tire on the Sdkfz 222 recon/scout mobile. (s/)
    Is that an Deutsche Afrika Korps helmet, you have chosen wisely, Rommel would be proud.
    Still my favorite Hister finds are the Darwin fish and got milk auf Deutsch with mustache and the MC Hitler with gold swastika necklace and chains, headwrap, running suit and bling rings.
    There is the Funko Pop Hilter where you have to finish the painting.
    I still have those sliced hams in the box and it is circa 1992-1993 or out of date…I’m too broke to send them out.
    No Such Agency will control the internet?
    Barry signed that over during the Year Zero reign and failed nation status is a feature for Leave the World Behind

  3. Only 3 of those are hiluxes the others land cruisers.
    Hiluxes are more comfy, bit still cruiser for the win.

    And yes it looks nice

  4. The lego Nazis remind me of the tin Nazis I inherited. My FiL fled Germany to his father’s America when he was six. When he crossed over, he brought his favorite toy with him — a shoebox full of tin nazis. It seems when you went to a rally, if you were a kid you got a few tin nazis, and he pretty much collected them all. He had a whole little Wehrmacht, complete with a Goebbels and the little Hitler with the lever on his back that made him salute. He loved the rallies — there was patriotic singing, a parade of soldiers in bad ass uniforms, and you got candy and toys. (Of course, he was also half-American, which meant that it was never gonna fly after 1936 or so.)
    In NYC after the war started, his German mother got tired of the FBI coming by every week, so she went around the house collecting up all the “German shit” like the flyers that the American Bund would send and all the stuff she brought over from Germany with swastikas on it (because they put that mark on everything). He quickly grabbed his shoebox when her back was turned and hid it under the floorboards. It stayed there until he was a teenager and remembered it.
    When he died, my wife inherited it. Turns out, it would be worth a lot of money if we just had the die cast Mercedes limo to go with it. He only had a year or so to collect them.

    1. Well i have something new to collect now… Tin Nazi’s fuckin awesome

      that said alibaba legos are great, good price point and they make ones that lego will not make, nazis, soviets, confederates etc. along with weapons, can make for a great table top miniatures game

  5. In ’75?? or so I bought a Lymans Great Plains rifle kit, built it, and shot it until the projectiles couldn’t hit the side of a barn. Still looks marvelous hanging over the mantle.

  6. Twenty years ago in Ohio I was a member of a cool gun range that had both a really nice indoor as well as an outdoor range. They had a black powder group and they got really into it and most of them were also into Civil War re-enacting.
    They also had the guys into cowboy guns and shooting. Boy did guys get carried away with that. My buddy was into that and had a Colt single action Army pistol along with a Winchester lever action rifle along with custom gun leather and of course the custom cowboy hat.
    I could see BCE getting into cowboy shooting.

  7. Well ya got the right twist on it; it’ll be a good cast ball shooter for sure, and maybe the lighter conicals too. The least you can do is give us a few more pics of that, BC…😊👍… but it looks good from here.

    I was seriously considering an Isaac Haines rifle from Jim Chambers… maybe in .58…? Maybe in the next life. Were it not for the faggotry going on in these interesting times… I probly wouldn’t bother with modern firearms at all! I could live and die shooting The Holy Black…

  8. Awesome job on the kit rifle. Thought about getting one of those myself. I fancy the Hawken rifle.

  9. Beautiful rifle, you’re nudging me into trying that myself. Why poly over linseed, and not just go from stain to poly? Serious question here, I don’t have much experience with wood working.

    1. Primarily as a protectorant … plain wood if it gets dinged? Yeah, could leave a nasty scar w/out the ability to resolve.
      That and I wanted a nice glossy finish

    1. And they just call it ‘brain fog’, a side effect of ‘long covid’. Yeah, right.

      All that time spent prepping for the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ may not have been wasted after all! 😉

  10. Excellent work on that muzzleloader.
    I will note your recipe for future reference.

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