First Food Production, Then Bridges, Now a Defense Factory?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Russian Activity or just MOAR DIE Stupid?
I report, You decide:

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Of course a lot of the ‘chatter’ out there is comparable to when all the food processing plants and ckikinz processing plants were ‘mysteriously blowing up/burning’. MY take on it at this point though is no one back then was talking about the ¡Muh Diversity! potential for just plain old stupidity.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”

Hanlon’s Razor

So, since we’ve now seen the knock on affects of out-of-control ¡Muh Diversity! in many many other industries (coff!coff!BOEING!) I just wonder if this was ‘nother case of some dumbass failing to utilize the most basic industrial safety precautions? I mean to be fair, casting 155mm shell casings involve liquid steel which last time I looked was a very hazardous material to be working with.

Might be that a recent diversity hire done fucked up maybe?

Hard to say.

So, one thing top keep an eye on however is if ANOTHER piece of critical National Defense Production Infrastructure has a bad case of “-suddenly!-” and burns/blows up/catastrophically explodes without warning within the next, oh say 8 weeks? as a timeframe?

Places to watch next:
• Crane Army Ammunition Activity, (CAAA) Crane, Indiana

• Holston Army Ammunition Plant, (HAAP) Kingsport, Tennessee

• Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, (IAAP) Middletown, Iowa

• Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, (LCAAP) Independence, Missouri

• McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, (McAAAP) McAlester, Oklahoma

• Pine Bluff Arsenal, (PBA) Pine Bluff, Arkansas

• Quad City Cartridge Case Facility, (QCCCF) Rock Island, Illinois

• Radford Army Ammunition Plant, (RAAP) Radford, Virginia

The Scranton Army Ammunition Plant in Scranton, Pennsylvania just got hit.  Makes you wonder if this wasn’t intentional as Ole Scroteface Joe is “from Scranton”  Might be a message in this maybe?

The following is a breakdown of “who makes what where”:

Scranton Army Ammunition Plant PA (SCAAP) manufactures large caliber metal projectiles and mortar projectiles.

The Radford Army Ammunition Plant VA (RAAP) in Radford produces rocket and gun propellants.

Holston Army Ammunition Plant TN (HAAP) manufactures Research Department Explosive (RDX) and High Melting Explosive (HMX) for ammunition production and development. ( I literally used to live across the street from this place)

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant IA (IAAAP) produces and delivers component assembly, and medium- and large-caliber ammunition items (fuses and primers and the like)

Lake City Army Ammunition Plant MO (LCAAP) produces ammunition for ALL military small arms, as well as a significant amount of ammunition for civilian use. This is the most modern and up-to-date plant and probably one of OUR favorite places IMO

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant OK (McAAAP) provides Centralized Ammunition Management for training ammunition and contingency stocks for Army units in the southwest region of the U.S

Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) IN produces and provides conventional munitions requirements

Pine Bluff Arsenal, (PBA) AR is where they do the manufacturing of incendiary grenades and bombs, and the manufacturing, loading, and storage of war gases; and production and storage of pyrotechnic, riot control and white phosphorous munitions, i.e. the really nasty shit.

Quad City Cartridge Case Facility (QCCCF) IL per the name, produces brass and steel cartridge cases.


Any wonder we can’t supply shit to the Krain?

All the HE and shit made in Kingsport TN has to be shipped, by train, to Scranton PA, for all the explosives be loaded into the 155 shells (literally, empty steel shells) where then after they pack in the HE to the shells, they all get loaded onto ANOTHER train, and set to Middleton IA for final assembly, and inspection. Hell, that should make some folks nervous as to the condition of our rail systems too amiright?

So if another one of those plants goes up, well, Logistically speaking, we’re fucked. I mean we already are but call it “Double Sooper Dooper Fukked” if we lose any MOAR capacity to make ‘stuff’ that feeds the beast so to speak.

Under current conditions, besides the shell manufactory going up, I’d personally say that it’s Radford that’s utterly critical at this point to keep running. “Rocket Propellants” being something that’s going to be in great demand as –something-is needed to fire off those Iron Dome, SM-1/2 ADA, Patriot and other Anti-Missile-Missiles. No gas? No defense. Which also means (((our greatest ally evvar))) by rights and in MY ‘umble opinion should be pulling security on these plants. The $7.50 an hour rent-a-cop Paul Blart sure doesn’t give a fuck…

The Krain should be doing likewise for the places that’re making ‘stuff’ to produce the 155mm shells they so desperately need/want, but the problem there is once here stateside, they’d bail into the vastness that is ‘Murica, never to be seen again, as it’s gotten that bad in the Krain…

Otherwise, it is what it is… The Izzies are making heap big smoke per usual about the “lawless strike” and how they’re going to “hit back”… Meh. Shut the fuck up already. Talk about exhaustion… it’s only the end of Tuesday, and I’m wore the fuck out already.

So off to bed early.
More Later
Big Country

26 thoughts on “First Food Production, Then Bridges, Now a Defense Factory?”

  1. Thanks to our genius system where we build components all over the damn country so a bunch of different states can get some of that sweet, sweet Military-Industrial Complex money.

    1. True that, but then having any of this industry more centralized is also a bad plan from a defensive standpoint. Really, what is needed is a lot of redundancy, but our perverted system of (not really) capitalism won’t spring for that, too inefficient and costly to justify, right? Gotta maximize the potential graft, not the security and proper functioning of the system, which costs money that could be better pocketed by slimy fuckers on the take.

      Well, then you get single source suppliers spread all over the damned place such as BCE has summarized, and that’s a sure way to get fooked, without so much as even the need for enemy action to make it an accomplished fact.

      Face it, the US govt couldn’t successfully plan and deliver a weekend afternoon birthday party for a 6 year old, much less ensure critical systems get maintained in a proper operating state.

      1. I would thinking more like multiple factories really close together producing the whole thing rather than individual steps being states away from each other. Like one in Oklahoma and one in Ohio and maybe one in South Carolina.

        1. That’s fine, but yes, there would have to be such complexes located in numerous locations throughout the country. Failing that, a capable enemy could target one such clustered munitions manufacturing complex and effectively put us out of business in one shot.

          My point is that in the present political and economic environment, no such redundancy will ever be built out and maintained, as the money it would take to make such a commitment is being stolen by the whores who run everything.

          They clearly aren’t concerned with production capacity, until what little they do have is lost, and they’re left with no way to cover the loss. This is the same issue that was revealed during COVID where antibiotics and many other key drugs, including their precursor products, are sourced from China, since there is little or no production said drugs domestically.

          And again, because it increases the profits to the controlling corporation, where said increased profits get skimmed off through a combination of excessive compensation of C class execs, and money pissed away on lobbying politicians who expect their cut. One can also include dividends from stock ownership by politicians, who naturally have exempted themselves from restrictions on insider trading, in the latter. Which is one of the principal paths they take to acquiring their obscene wealth.

          All of that is money taken out of companies who are driven to spend less on production and increase profits, with the elimination of costly redundancies and domestic workforce being a major component of that drive.

        2. Remember the disk drive drought in 2011? You couldn’t get HDDs for love nor money for months. That’s because ALL drive manufacturers AND their component suppliers AND their subs all moved to the same valley in Thailand to save on trucking costs. Then the damn thing got flooded, and we were all SOL until the plants got cleaned up and started running again.

          That’s a good reason to keep factories distributed.

          1. I hadn’t thought about that incident in years now, but it is a perfect example of the need for distributed manufacturing, and also how the drive to reduce costs and maximize profits to the most extreme degree possible always leads to stupid and destructive things being done. Thanks for pointing it out, since it really is a case study in exactly what I was speaking of.

  2. “ Hell, that should make some folks nervous as to the condition of our rail systems too amiright?”

    Antelope, California. April 28, 1973

    1. I lived about ten miles away, near Granite Bay (Roseville/Loomis).
      I worked nights, I woke thinking “Garsh, those sound like two-hundred pounders… and that was a five-hundred pounder.”
      Nothing I could do about anything, so I went back to sleep.
      Folks closer?
      Homes blown off foundations.
      I recall zero fatalities, another indicator of the effectiveness of The Global Super-Power.

  3. radford routinely blows up every few years. just the cost of doing business i guess. this fire was small, quickly contained and rather normal. the media/blogosphere blows it all out of proportion.

  4. Was Ol Slo Xi Den back in Scranton doing his Lunch bucket Joe routine and either him or the first crackhead got to wondering what this button here does? Seems plausible to me.

  5. any idea where went? all i get is a 505 notice. did pete get nuked?

    1. No idea. Has been 502/bad gateway since late last night. DDOS attack or hosting issue most likely.

      1. is down the memory hole too
        could be the start of internet purges..

        All these events happened in a 5 day period in April:

        The Waco siege: April 19th 1993

        Oklahoma city: April 19th 1995

        Columbine: April 20th 1999

        Virginia Tech Massacre: April 17th 2007

        Boston Marathon Bombing: April 15th 2013

        Sewol Ferry sinking: April 16th 2014

        Freddie Gray riots in Baltimore: April 19th -20th 2015

        Notre Dame Fire: April 16th 2019

        Copenhagen Fire: April 16th 2024

        Lincoln was assassinated, titanic sunk, and one of the worst dust bowl storms also occurred on april 14; “ruination day”. Im pretty sure lincoln and titanic succumbed on the 15th though

        tax day..

  6. There was a time when the FBI would be investigating such events to insure it wasn’t deliberate sabotage. Now they are far too busy being the lefts DEI Gestapo.

  7. Bce as fas as the diversity and the chicken plants they’ve been run by spooks or illegals for a couple decades now.

    I nstalled some piping at the tyson plant in Albertville Alabama 30 years ago and it was 50/50 spook/mexican. ICE shows up around the 3rd day of the job and the Mexicans haul ass out the door and the spooks were chasing them down and tackling them because they were taking their jobs.

  8. Big Country, is the Holston facility tucked back into a holler, to minimize blast damage? If it’s the one I’m thinking of, I did a calibration job there about 15 years ago. It was an ammo facility in Kingsport, & I don’t know of there being two there.

    1. It is TB… The whole of Kingsport actually in a BIG round-shaped Valley…
      Between the (former) Kodak-Eastman Chemical Plant as well as Holston it’s a pretty isolated area if the whole thing went up in what just would probably be the single. largest. nonnuclear. explosion. in HISTORY if that area went up.
      No joke when I say I lived right across from the main gate of Holston. Leaving Holston, at the 4 way light, go straight for 100 yards. Take a left into the Apartment Complex. Dat was the ‘Temp Home’ while fighting for Adriana (who BTW is doing good)
      I could hear them testing batches some days… big old BOOM! now and again…

  9. Barry Mau Mau is dropping the close all smelters plan for a more kinetic one?
    Leave the World Behind is what’s in store for 2024.

    Never forget:
    I hate America and everyone in it, it is my life’s mission to destroy it.
    G Soros, 1979 to Newsweek.

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