More Later, ‘Nother “Mom’s Fallen And Couldn’t Get Up”

Greetings ands all that
Doing a quikpoast from Dad’s PC. Got the call from the LifeAlert thing that Mom took a header again. Did ANOTHER fucking ruin to the Village AGAIN… She’s OK but in the ER so we’re waiting for follow up
More Later

7 thoughts on “More Later, ‘Nother “Mom’s Fallen And Couldn’t Get Up””


    The money quote is the israelies hope it wont spread into a regional conflict. ….. Morons.

    The iranians i dont like or trust, but they gave the israelies an out so it didnt have to spread, and what do they do? They f-ing decide that unless they get the last kick in that they are not backing down. They decided to stir the pot and poke the bee hive.
    Someone coordinated 5 ‘spontaneous’ rallies against infrastructure in the US, we are a target and the izzies are dragging us into ww3. Going to be an interesting few days.

  2. Family first, I understand that.

    Keep your head on a swivel, crazy loves to dog pile you.

  3. Staying in Fundamental Transformation suburban sector 8, black 37, so that an elder doesn’t get the vibrant enrichment at the death camps known as nursing homes.
    Or scammed or worse by the replacement lifetime CPUSA (D) voter newcomers.
    Once while scavenging met a guy who pulled the 100 year old man who climbed out the nursing home window to escape, he didn’t look a day over 50 and was almost 75.
    This too stupid to exist geriatric gynocracy society is already done, save your self and others, if possible.
    We can agree with the comrades on something…burn it all down.

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