Still Alive But Busy and 15 Years Later I’m Still Here and Alive

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
No worries, I’m alive
But Alive
Realistically, since I started blogging, waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day as The Intrepid Reporter (Link HERE ) it’s been a loooong minute since I’ve had me a data overload/writers block.

Looking at the date of my first poast, September 11, 2008…

I’ve been at this a long minute with a few breaks here n’there.

15 Years, 3 months.

So feel free to peruse some of the “OG” content… right now I’m sort of overloaded with input, and am having a hell of a time trying to figure out “what’s next” as I have like 2 poasts that I’ve started, and haven’t finished, as so much changed (literally!!!) in the 12 hours since I started typing…

More Later
Big Country

13 thoughts on “Still Alive But Busy and 15 Years Later I’m Still Here and Alive”

  1. Hey fren,
    Family first, then this blog. You need the Christmas cheer too. You just need some I & I. You deserve it.

  2. I took your advice and bought a couple of air stills like you used in the sandbox. Been making some nice rum and would send you a bottle for Christmas if I had your address. Might smooth out the rough edges at times. Be cool.

  3. It’s all good,,, we all need a break now and again. Been at nearly as long as you and there are times, like now, where I just tap out whatever and avoid the stoopid of the world. Take the holidays, be of cheer, for we may not have much time for it soon.
    Semper Gumby!
    moar red crayons please! ;-P

  4. BCE, most of us just enjoy you being you and opining on whatever you want.

    If you don’t feel like blogging then take a break just every so often say “Doing OK, just busy” so people don’t get worried that something is wrong.

    You’ve had a ROUGH year and I think chilling with your family is just what the doctor ordered.

  5. We’ll be here awaitin’, Big Dawg. Take your time…and take care of yo’self. BTW, old boy that wrote that line about “…dreams of Sugar Plums…”? He had ta be talking about Gretchen, you Lucky Devil!

  6. Good, good, back in the ring.
    Olde(er) Soldiers never fade, they teach the FNG’s how to make good commies.
    Found beef stew green back still in box while nest cleaning and some stamps of Der Führer and Hakenkreuz or Swastika!
    Always on patrol.

  7. Sometimes ya just gotta say “fluck it!” Post what ya typed and you can always go back and update. At least we know your fingers are still alive and doing well. This time of the year is the silly season. Ya’ll get stressed on what ya get for the old lady, the kids with the kung fu grip latest toy and peeples expecting ya to attend Christmas parties and go look at pretty lights and having to be extra nice when you are developing a plan to kill every one of the suckers…. Have a happy what ever floats the boat.

  8. Don’t know if you do the x/twit thing. I started following this guy from South Africa. @k9_reaper

    He sounds a lot like you, except that Florida looks like paradise, compared to the hellhole where he is.

    One of his recent posts ended with:
    “But.. you never took into consideration that your house borders your property wall – and so it got petrol bombed by the masses who couldn’t get in.

    “You didn’t put up any early warning devices of any kind further out from your property – you centralised everything. In one place. And now you lost it all – to 1 fire bomb.

    “Keeping your enemy at range also means knowing where they are, how many they are and if they’re heading your way. A high wall means fuck all to a hungry guy with molotov cocktails. Plan.”

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