Back AGAIN, New Names for The Grifters in Chief, and a Prediction!

Greetings And (Almost) Happy Fourth of July!
This seems to always happen to me…
Telling y’all I’m going to start sticking to the “MRE ONLY” diet I swear
That’s for ‘packaged foods’ that is
If -I- don’t cook it, I ain’t eating it…
As I emailed to the Tactical Hermit

“Been down w/another stomach issue.  Bad food from the Wedding that Gretchen worked on this weekend.  About 12 guests bailed so the bride stopped by on Sunday and gave us a fuckton of leftover catered food.”

“Didn’t help me at all.  Gave me the pukes and shits for 2x days solid.  Stuck in bed, and/or on the shitter.  Weak as a kitten.  I’m sort of operational today, but still a bit weak physically.  Hungry AF too as I lost a lot of weight over those 2x days and dehydration was/is a bitch.”

As Aesop did a good ‘un recently: Link HERE
IMO something to read up on and think on.

No idea if it was ackchully the Lasagna or not, as now I’ve been getting reports of other frens who’ve been imitating AT-4 rocket launchers… that’s when you have a back-blast corresponding to you launching a projectile pukefest. Might be a stomach bug oot and aboot? I mean this’s the most socialized I’ve been in months as I work from home, and generally the only folks I interact with closely are the Sapper and Gretchen. I usually keep all others at ‘defensive/pistol range’ i.e. 10 meters plus.

Think I might have to start supplementing heavier to get the immune system back up to specs.

So otherwise, it sounds like the Joetato, read “The Pretender to the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, The Dementor-in-Chief, Emperor Poopypants the First, Chief Executive of the Kidsmeller Pursuivant, Good Ole Slo Xi-Den” is planning on fighting and staying!!!

Or maybe what I should say is (and these are the newly assigned names) The Royal First Usurper, The Empress KinkyBoots and His HIGHness the First and Only Son of the Emperor Poopypants the First, Lord HIGH Destitute Debauched and Depraved, Hunter the Whoremaster are demanding that Dear Olde Soon-To-Be-DeadDad keep running so as to (more than likely) keep the Grift Running for as long as it takes.

Major “Weekend at Bernies” Vibes going with those two fucktards… I mean they definitely do NOT know how to ‘read a room’ as this article HERE oh so viciously points out…

The TL/DR is that again the Empress is on the cover of Vogue:

This’s cover #3 for that pruned up cunt.
While I can understand to a point why Anna Wintour, the editor of that rag kept Melania Trump off the cover… you know, and actually attractive IRL Model…. nope… Wintour, who I heard positively reeks of cheap red wine and cat piss, prefers to associate with those of her own kind… like Big Mike and his/her bulge got on the cover 3x him/herself!

Crazy Cat Lady material all over the place there.
Not that I actually care, I just think it’s hilarious that they have to be so fucking petty and then the second they catch heat for anything these dimwitted fucking fucktards start shrieking and “Reeeeeeee’ing” all over the place.

Personally, I’d love to hear the news that Wintour got carjacked/knifed/robbed/shanked or something… let her get a good taste of real NYfC IRL.

I’d laugh my fucking balls off.
So Yepper
IMO the Joetato is being full on Elder Abused by Empress KinkyBoots and the Dissolute One so as to keep their perks, as otherwise?

THEY get stuck changing Ole Joe’s Diaper

Which cannot be any fun.
I worked in a nursing home, I know of what I speak
That’s some nasty shit there, both literally and figuratively. Right now, the Empress gets to party on, and play Edith Wilson, while the Dissolute One does lines in the Presidential Library.

When Joe gets either “25th’d” or “The Night of the Pillow” Comes, allllllll that influence and $$$ goes the fuck away… and my own personal guess? Once they, the Bidens as a whole, are out, I’m calling it now:

Hunter Biden will be dead within 6 months of them leaving the White House.

My Reasoning?
He’s so fucking stupid and dissolute and depraved he either ODs or what I think will happen (more likely IMO) is he’s going to try to blackmailsomeone- faaaar more important than himself, thinking that Dear Old Dad will still have the ‘yank’ to keep him safe, and not realize that his worthless ass is now Dogmeat. Without Dear Old Soon-to-be-DeadDad covering and protecting him, he’s nothing more than a Trailer Trash Junkie who’s mojo value is waaaay over and done.

If he’s lucky, ‘they’ll’ make it happen by way of a plane crash and take the whole fucking grifting lot of them out… if the Depraved One pisses ‘them’ (for the values of ‘they’) off, (and the blackmail route will piss ‘them’ off I’m sure) he’ll be found very publically and embarrassingly dead in a $20 flophouse from an O.D. from fentanyl laced coke with a illegal Vietnamese or Panamanian $15 whore…

Who then sells her story for $$$ to whatever National Enquirer type gossip rag that’s still out there… dragging ALL the remaining Fam through the dirt… stories of threesomes with the Empress and Sister being the play maybe? The sicker and more twisted the better to shame their asses for all eternity…

Which is what they deserve.
Your Thoughts?
More Later
Big Country

36 thoughts on “Back AGAIN, New Names for The Grifters in Chief, and a Prediction!”

  1. I’m sayin’ that Hunter and the rest have to keep the Kiddie Sniffer in the race, and to win. Payback’s a Medevac, and they have to be afraid of Trump’s retribution. He’ll do to them what they did to him.

    The DOJ has the information necessary to make multiple cases on the Biden Crime Syndicate, all that’s needed is an Attorney General willing to push that button. All legal, all by the book. They are crapping their pants over what’s next. A Clinton or Obama ally in the big chair will do nothing for the Bidens either. That’s the nature of DC politics. Joe’s replacement will fry them just to show that he(she)’s for “law ‘n order.”

    1. They threw 220 years of understanding a basic point: what ever you set as precident can later be done to you by your worst enemy.

      You notice that not one x-pres or Hillery has said one word about the immunity ruling. They are thanking SCOTUS for that – as they know they are next on the stocks.

      Also, the GOP is changing as the base is done with the “high road” McConnell cuckholdery. (I will give him keeping Garlend off the bench, thank God). The dems greatest fear is that the Repbs will play the same games they do or call them on their BS. They are and as the legacy press become more irrelevent the more bite it will have.

      Also, they have been running the same playbook they ran with Ginsburg. They really do have one book of plays.

      1. Oh I get it. And I wish he would do something-something cool, like labor camps with actual ovens-but I have zero faith that he, or any other republicant’s, will do anything.
        Hopefully I’m wrong.

  2. I’m wondering if the plan is to have Hunter “accidentally” OD very soon to give Joepedo a case of the sads, giving him an excuse to drop out of the race to, y’know, be with his family during this time of grief. That’d be very convenient. And more importantly, believable.

  3. Meh… I don’t know what the play will be foe the bidenistas. I think the jig is up and the raisin-skinned former babysitter and the aspiring artist/gas executive are scrambling to hold onto what they’ve got. As little brains as any of them have, I think they very well may understand their goose is cooked and they have to start making exit plans to avoid catching a case of hillaryitis. The selection situation from my read, is that they are intentionally setting trump up to win and swoop in as the big orange jeebus for the boomers to keep voting like it matters. As the quote often attributed to Mark Twain says, “if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” Seems especially poignant when ALL the major donors for both campaigns seem to have (((something))) in common. Just can’t put my finger on it… Rocky times still lie ahead. Best to keep putting away what can help down the road and just do the best you can.

  4. So the Camden javelin warhead factory just blew up. Didn’t you do an article about enemy action regarding ammo/war supply plant sabotage not that long ago?

    1. Yepper… I’d say that this -again- qualified as ‘enemy action’
      Been a LOT of this happening lately ALL OVER the world.

      1. Enemy?!?!?
        Waitwaitwait…you mean the Vladster isn’t our bestest friend???

        Concur on the source of the “accident” at that plant, though.

        Kinda like all the food processing plants that keep “randomly” going all explodey.

        I sure it’s just wild coincidence though. /sarc

        Hope you’re feeling better soon.
        Abdominal crunches from vomiting and the trots is no fun way to get six-pack abs.

        1. Never EVER said he was our Fren.
          Never said he was our enemy
          I do admire him for his attitude and ability for bringing Russia out of the stone age compared to the Yeltsin Years.

          As far as the Krainians, if you’ve ever been there, they’re more “NAZI SS” than the actual SS, almost if not worse than the Austrians… at least the Austrians are somewhat civilized… in fact the Ukrainian SS made the ‘regular SS’ for lack of a better term, look positively mellow. They were far more barbaric, ignorant and psychotic as the average 80< IQ of them didn't help them, and they positively reveled in the shit they could do... the only group worse were the Dirlwanger Brigade of the SS, and THEY were literally made up of actual mental asylum patients and murderers, led by Oskar Dirlwanger, a former Doctor/Pedo/Psycho... And yeah, too many co-inky-dinks across the board.

          1. If Vlad had just kept his dick in his pants WRT Ukraine, he’d have retired and died a legendary Russian leader.
            Now, he’ll be a punchline.

            Totally OT:
            You’ve probably seen the “X” posting at the top of the following post.
            I got bored this morning, so I went on a little rabbit-hole hunt.

            I’ma just leave this here:


            There are days when I absolutely love this gig.
            Somebody else’s next week is going to get phenomenally less fun starting about 0800 tomorrow. 😉

          2. Maaaaan… that burn-in rivals the Tunguska Event in 08…
            1908 for those of you who’re misunderstanding which century.
            803sq mi of trees knocked down and fucking obliterated.

            I’d say Soon To Be Former Constable CreepyCroyle is going to wake up to a whole new definition of an “Awful, Terrible, No Good Day”

            Well played and I’m tagging that tonight.

  5. Hey BC,
    Have you ever been tested for Celiacs Disease?
    My Wifely Unit developed Celiacs, over a course of 7 months, out of no where. Caused by a rapid onset allergy to wheat/gluten, in all it’s forms. Over a number of months she would have an occasional bad/extreme episode of gastric distress. As the months went by it became more and more of a problem. Then came the week she had multiple, serious bouts of projectile evacuations, from both ends. It is an accumulation of the body becoming more and more allergic to the GMO wheat used in the U.S. for everything you can think of; pasta, bread, most canned soups – ect ect. After awhile your body refuses to process the gluten properly. Couldn’t hurt to get it checked.
    Celiacs Disease is a nasty thing. The VA docs may or may not agree, but do your own research.
    Best Regards

    1. My daughter was diagnosed w/ Celiac at a young age by pediatrician. Found out my wife has it too. The boys and I do not, however.

  6. Nah. Xiden can’t/won’t be able to back out of the (p)Residential (s)election. Apparently there are rules (GASP! who knew!?) in over a dozen states, that after a certain date you can’t change candidates (think of all the millions of pre-voated ballets that would have to be re-printed, marked, and mailed!). So, short of incapacitation/death (which brings up interesting speculation) the DildoCrats are stuck with China Joe.

    1. They’ll Kennedy him first. Solves lots of problems, national mourning, how dare you question a dead mans legacy! Kackles gets to be first, win win win.

  7. Likely the leftovers were causative. Left out too long, and/or someone took a bite and put the utensil back in after touching their mouth, then the culture grew for a day or so. Case in point: after nightly snacking the cottage cheese it would mold fast. Not anymore, since the spoon doesn’t re enter the bucket after touching my mouth.
    Weird story though: my son ate an egg salad sammich after being in a hot car for a week and was fine! Iron gut.

      1. ^^^ This, SO MUCH THIS! ^^^
        Calling it just ‘the fourth of July’ separates the date from the important event. After all, EVERY day is just another date. The day to recognize our official Independence from England is a UNIQUE event in history. We should NEVER forget that. That’s why a couple of decades ago I stopped calling this holiday ‘the fourth of July’ and calling it ‘Independance Day’.

  8. Last time I had projectile vomiting with simultaneous turbo diarrhoea, it was fucking giardia. No fun I can tell you. Got it from drinking water at rest stops on the Barkley highway between Queensland and the Northern Territory in Australia. Effing tribals like to throw faeces into the water tanks at the rest stops to say “thanks” to the grey nomad set towing their caravans to Darwin to escape the winter down south. Fucking cunts.

  9. Don’t eat that damn grain and sugar or too many carbs.
    None of that crap for me in six years, now wearing HS jeans.
    There is name that fits all members of the CPUSA (D)…commie.
    Word is that Bill Jiden demanded $100 billion, immunity, and more.
    Big Mike/Bathhouse Barry is probably not happy and isn’t it so historic. (s/)
    Gas Bag Hunter has some literal sick Joepedo shit on das laptop.
    That could be the 10th month of the year surprise to torpedo Brandon?

  10. Mongo,
    Just read Irons in the fire, and you need to transplant the gizzard from a vulture
    “The vulture’s gizzard acid is even more corrosive than the acid in the battery of your car or truck. Even more amazing is the fact the vulture’s gizzard acid destroys such deadly pathogens as Anthrax, Tuberculosis, Botulism and Cholera.”
    That will prevent things like this in the future

  11. In cases where food may have any lack of surety of clean and/or contaminant free, I take at least one 1000 mg vit. C, and a D and E at the same time are synergistic and it helps kill any incipient bugs that may be contained in food of the slightest doubt, also great if you go to the local eatery and the cook doesn’t understand hands washed after using the “stall” etc., some think a squirt of sanitizer is sufficient even if there is unmentionable on the skin.

  12. Well now! It seems y’all forgot about Joepedo’s body doubles??? That theory will be going for a test here real quick and in a hurry. Don’t forget to check his earlobes if he’s spunky and smart… Hmmm, I wonder if the body doubles have to bang Dr Jill, I suppose they would have to follow any orders or risk Arkancide.

    Delta Mike

    1. What Do You Mean Patriot???? I’m Free To Say Anything I Want As Long As It’s Not Racist Or Antisemitic And Boy Do I Hate Those Racists And Antisemites!!1!!!1!!11!

      1. “Trust in the Plan”

        Fucking tards… I can’t believe motherfuckers still buy into that shit….

  13. Based on decades of evidence, pretty much anybody in Delaware named ‘biden’ is too dumb to criminally-mastermind the scam.
    According to rumors, RulingParasites and their government agent lackeys designed the scam, are running the scam, and are reaping the rewards of the scam… trillions of fedbux.
    Meanwhile, primed to take the fall, the comic-relief — the so-called ‘bidenCrimeFamily’ — are left holding the empty bag.

  14. Well as one who still believes in these United States, the principles of the Constitution, The meaning of The Bill Of Rights, last night was amazing.

    As I watched the children play with their sparklers, while mom and pop, played with some seriously big Mexican fire works, I saw something I’d forgotten about. That’s Hope.

    I watch parents sharing in tradition, I listened to drunk white guys speak on what the Bill Of Rights will mean for their children, their grand children. I watched our Flags stream in the wind as enormous fireworks displayed magnificent colors in different patterns and heights.
    I was amused when towards the end of the display I realized most of the colors displayed were red, whit, blue. Coincidence? I don’t know.

    I’ve never heard that many big fireworks going off, from Dark, toooo 0100, sounded like the western front. I was amused because the sky line was thick with heavy duty displays. As if We The People were telling City and County policy makers to fuck off, we ain’t following the rules.

    And then noticed a steady flow of water in the gutters. So I explored my street and saw literally every home had hoses running to suppress any possible fires started.

    I watched in awe as my neighbors celebrated this Independence Day, as free men. I watched as fire tenders firefighters stayed out of the way but were prepared to respond if needed.

    I personally have never seen such boom as last night, seriously I’m guessing in my neighborhood a conservative estimate of money spent on fire works was close to 50.000 dollars. I spent 1000.00 on fireworks down on the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation outside of Reno Nv,,,,,these are the giant fireworks about, 200/300 ft in the air amazing displays.

    Had to give my 14 year old golden retriever her happy pills put her in the bathroom with the fan on so she didn’t panic. The cat sat in the window and watched, such a contrast in responses.

    I watch to minor tools to determine how our local economy’s doing. That coffee drive up window sales, which are Brisk here, and fireworks sales. Which as stated was huge this season.

    Freedom in my pee brain is what we make out of what we have. We eat New Yorks Caesar salad, fresh fruits drank good beer or mineral water. I see what we all see in the stores, the inflation is annoying.

    That isn’t a freedom issue, that’s a lack of national leadership issue. We are each left alone to manage our assets, purchase pretty much what we want. And I do mean anything, yea if you want a machine gun bad enough or boom, ya just have to search in locations where they are located. Sure they’re going to be expensive, but they are available to those who want that stuff.

    Free, a word that has so so many definitions. One man’s freedom is another’s repression. E as leaders of our family have to position our people in chosen locations that offer those freedoms.

    Freedom comes from making smart choices.

    Big D

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