A Wee Bit of Luck… ABOUT TIME IMO!!!

Just a short one. I’ve been keeping up with Cowboy and performing overwatch. He’s doing as best he can under the circumstances… He greatly appreciates all the kind thoughts, prayers and wishes from everyone here. They did the autopsy today, and he’s waiting on the ‘initial paperwork’ (i.e. Death Certs and such) after which ‘the rest of the stuff’ i.e. the cremation (per her wishes) and Celebration of Life to follow.

His daughter is there now with him, which is a great thing as now I’m feeling a bit better about -someone- being in the house with him. This way he’s not tempted by dark thoughts and whatnot.

Speaking of downers…

‘MASH’? ‘Klute’? Fucking ‘The Hunger Games’!?!
Nilla Please
How about ‘The Dirty Dozen’ and ‘Kelley’s Heros’ instead?

THOSE were movies…

So, in keeping with that, the positive of today:

Had a LONG VA Compensation Appointment on my “Climb to 100”. I have 2 more over the next week or two as well, and then hopefully get to the “Magic Cee-Note” at which point I’ll do some re-evaluations regarding work and life in general…

On the way home, Gretchen asked me to stop by Publix and grab some stuff. When I pulled the cart out, the kid seat/basket thing? it popped open per usual. What wasn’t par for the course was the $20 scratch ticket sitting on the seat. Huh.

Needless to say I snatched that sucker, and then realized that the carts were nose-facing towards me, and that this cart had been pushed into the queue some time ago. So no worries about an irate person attacking me for ‘stealing’ their left-behind scratchie.

I did my shopping and went home.

Told and showed Gretchen, and asked her is she wanted to do it. It was/is one of those ‘crossword puzzle’ games, that they give you a bunch of letters, and two filled out crossword puzzles, and you have to get at least three complete words to get your $20 back. After that it starts getting exponentially better. There’s also a 3rd game, which is just the ‘Bonus Game’ of get a bank-bag symbol, and win the $$$ showing with 6 chances on that part. Not my favorite, nor Gretchen’s as you got to go over it carefully . Gretch took a ‘pass’ on doing it, so I sat down, cracked a beer and started.

Within like 2 minutes, I realized I had a winner.
It was that obvious.

Thankfully and it sounds dumb to say, but it wasn’t a HUGE winner. For a second the thought of that flashed in my head, and I realized just what a potential pain-in-the-ass that might be. Especially since here in Florida, they usually announce where a BIG winning ticket was sold, and what game it was that won. The last thing I want is some asshole who lost this thing showing up to claim or try and put a claim on it, as the BIG PRIZE on this ticket is a cool Five Mil… and like so many greedy fuckers do, you know SOME asshole SOMEWHERE would come out screaming that it was their ticket that I had ‘stolen’.

However, such was not the case… not that I’m bitching mind you. Nope.

Initially I thought it was $150.
But when I went to cash it, the computer said $100.
Not a biggie.

A $100.00 winner?
That works juuust fine.
Not a bad take, considering the investment was nothing.
It also pays for Gretchen’s birfday dinner tomorrow She’s turning XXXDELETEDXXX.
She wants Hooters. I’m down with that.
So all in all, not a bad day at all. Hope y’all had a good one too.
More Later
Big Country

17 thoughts on “A Wee Bit of Luck… ABOUT TIME IMO!!!”

    1. Oh you are soooo wrong LOL… Wings bro, Wings. Her childhood home in Clearwatyer was down the street from the very first Hooters as an FYI.
      I’m down with it like I said, the only caveat is that since “The Recent ‘Thing(s)” what used to be exceptionally cute and perky hawt college girls as servers have been replaced with Blue Haired fucking Land Whales and Militant Rugmunching Man-Hating Bulldykes with Shitty Tats…
      Leftists ruin everything Aye?

      1. C’mon, admit it, she loves going in there, showing them off, and making all the other girls feel small. I get it. I would wear tight pants every day, if I had a reason to!

        1. She does/doesn’t
          Until the Vitamin E oil gets the scars faded to an acceptable degree, she’s still self conscious unless she’s in a bikini, when the scars are covered, and she’s got the best rack out of all the broads, no matter what the age. THEN it’s ‘Boobie Pride Day” all day long…

      2. Granted, I do not go often but I haven’t seen a pretty girl working at a hooters in like 15 years, which Is a big part of why I don’t go often, its like a downward spiral..

  1. I’m watching the Invasion of the Body Snatchers in homage to Mr. Sutherland. RIP. Thanks for scaring the shit out of me in my twelves Good Sir!

  2. Donald Sutherland was great in Animal House and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

  3. Don’t forget The Eagle Has Landed and X in JFK!
    The best character in The Eagle Has Landed with the Fallschirmjager trying to get Winston Churchill.
    Uncredited as X in JFK by Oliver Stone, the starting point of the awakening, The Greatest American Hero.
    Someone needs to pick up the torch and lead us to the gold without getting smashed by the Tigers. (wink)

    1. GREAT Movie and I overlooked that one… quite easily done if you look at his IMDB… dude had a MOAR than prolific career… it’s instead of ‘what was he in?’ and like ‘what wasn’t this guy in!?!’

    2. I also LOVED “Space Cowboys” w/Tommy Lee and Clint… it’s too bad the three of them never did another flick as there was great chemistry w/the three of them.

  4. Please pass on my
    “Happy birthday!”
    Hopefully things get better.

    Must be heart attack season. There’s a string of them this week.

    Round table with LTC Murray has me thinking about the draft. Grandfather joined up to avoid the draft in WW2 and tried to ride out war by taking every class, school, promotion test he could find. (Retired a LTC)

    Any realistic draft strategies? Bone spurs, worked for the wealthy.

    1. Myocarditis from the VAXX, get fat, join the Chinese Communist Party. I don’t think tattoos or prior criminal record will get it done this time. Training as a mechanic or other non-frontline specialty will do no good as all areas are susceptible to enemy strikes.
      The amount of time it would take to get this moving and trained groups in numbers out the other end indicates China as the conflict. Still no idea where ships to fight on will come from.
      My experience with people coming back from war indicates you should shoot your kid in the foot before letting them take him.

    2. Things seem to be better, but chikinz unhatched and all that…appreciate you.

  5. I loved his war flicks, but for serious tension, Eye of the Needle was pretty good. RIP Donald Sutherland, one of my long time movie faves.

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