Down With A Sickness so Memes!

Sorry I’ve been down and out w/the crud. Achy and all foggy. Been getting up, doing the barest minimum then going back to sleep. Hell… I’m ready to crash now, so let’s just call a lid on it w/some meme aight?

So More Later when I feel Better
Big Country

12 thoughts on “Down With A Sickness so Memes!”

  1. Dude, I hope you get well quick. Sounds to me like you got “the Swamp Crud”. Cheap beer and copious amounts of prune juice fix you up!

    1. Hal “I’m and FBI informant” Turner is like the Jim Cramer of conspiracy theorists.

      1. no different than Alex Jones- who is mostly correct on things…

        either way, it’s up to yourselves to discern truth from fiction

        i lean towards the absurd being the truth these days….

  2. Claymore roomba, that might clear those sinuses out, lol

    Feel better and enjoy the rest

  3. Rest and heal up dude. Don’t drive yourself so hard. Beats down your immune system.

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