Another Busy-Busy Weekend w/Sapper’s Kin and A 10th Group Connection?

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So we got Sapper’s Spawn and his Gran here for the weekend. It’s the second visit that they’ve both been down for a looong weekend. Great kid(s) the both of them. Sapper Jr. is a wee bit older than my Spawn #1, and his son Atlas is about 8 months younger than the Nukular-Powered Redhead.

We of course are having her over for the rest of the weekend starting tomorrow. Last time Red and At got together, they had a great time, and so, play-date time for the two of them to have some Memorial Day fun is mandatory. I also managed to get the pool fully operational and cleaned up!!!! There’s still a bit of filtration that needs to be done, but man, it’s clear clean and quite comfy.

In fact as soon as the two of them got to the house, they were in the pool relaxing from the flight. Sapper Jr. didn’t know if he was on a Boeing or not (“I couldn’t see any identifying markers!” he told me when I asked) and because of this, it was a white-knuckle flight until it touched down in Clearwater. An hour in the pool with a couple of cool n’frosty brews, and he was good to go.

Of courser the visit means we have a lot of activities going on, so if poasting is light-ish, this’s the reason. Like yesterday, no poast as we had to clean out the spare guest room as it had (past tense for now leastways) become a ‘catchall’ for random shit. Now it’s back to clean and functional. The only big complaint (not from Junior mind you) but from Gretchen is that all of the chest of drawers are filled, as well as the wardrobe with ‘supplies.’ 9 drawers, with 5-#10 cans of chow. The wardrobe is just chock-a-block with ‘other things’ as well… mostly food.

Yeah, storage space is getting to be a bit of a bother as I utterly refuse to stash anything in a non-climate controlled part of the house, like the garage. Too damned hot IMO. The only thing I –might– consider is the Rice and Flour? LOTS of 5 gallon containers with both items in there… Any input on that would be appreciated.

So… now to an interesting bit of news courtesy of WiscoDave.

The reason(s) for this being interesting.

One: This happened back on May 3rd.

Two: The location of the Home is about 48 minutes from the now “Fort Liberty” i.e. Bragg. The SF Guy-in-question lives in Carthage, on Dowd Road.

Three: The intel -I’m- getting is this wasn’t just “some SF Guy” but a Light Colonel in 10th Group. Which makes sense as Carthage is a nice area to live in (upper-middle class) and faaar better than “Fayette-Nam” to raise your family. I’m waiting on solid confirmation but if this is right then, well

Four: is concerning to say the least as the guy who got shot? He was a Chechen. Like “Russian/Chechen”. As in the country that we’re at war/not at war with currently?

Guess what details a lot of Chechen run for the Russian DotMil?
And according to what I’ve read and seen?
They’re fucking good at it.

Or maybe not in this case. Maybe against the Krainians?
Definitely not in this case, if in fact that was what he was doing.

The 911 call came in at 8:30 pm and stated that the “…caller explained that a person had been “taking photos on the property” and “became aggressive” toward a resident outside of their home, the sheriff’s office said.”

During this part of the encounter, ChechenManBad got his 72 virgins via three to four high velocity projectiles. The AIQ:

Nice Soupcatcher right there Aye?
(AIQ for the uninitiated: Asshole-in-Question)

According to the change dot org petition, dude was some innocent Utility Worker who got unmercifully gunned down while doing his job. The exact line of shit:

Ramzan was not armed and did not show any aggression towards the killer. At the place, where report of the completed work were taken by Ramzan, the inhabitant confronted him on the curbside, armed with a firearm and found him working, when suddenly decided to take he’s life. For an unknown reason, this man fired several shots and brutally took the life of Ramzan, who was 35 years old and had big plans for his future life.

change dot org Horseshit about a Now-Good Chechen

There’s a couple of problems with these statements.
The biggest to me are the following issues:

One: The report stated “Daraev did not have any utility equipment, utility clothing or identification during the time of the shooting.” If he was at work, why the Hell would he not be wearing his gear? Or at least have his ID? They’ve ‘supposedly’ reported this to OSHA, (like that matters at this point, at all) but I think this’s going to faaaaade awaaaay much like ‘other untidy incidents’ have in the past.

Two: NOT mentioned in the ‘normal channels’ is that ChechenManBad had an accomplice/coworker? The cops found ChechenManBad#2 doing the ‘get the fuck out of Dodge’ thing in his truck shortly after things going pear-shaped. Got picked up fleeing the scene. Does that sound right? I mean getting out of shooting distance IF the shooter was actually a deranged killer, and then call the cops, but this guy chose “None of the Above” and was bailing from the whole fucking scene altogether.

Three: To me? The most damning:

The sun was down when this guy fucked around and found out.

Seeing that 10th Group Special Forces is responsible for operations within the EUCOM (EUropean COMmand) area of responsibility, as part of Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR), and IF the intel about his rank (Light Bird i.e. a Lt. Colonel ) is correct, well now…

Any bets that this’s Krainian Konnected?
And the first two guesses don’t kount.

This was a ‘soft recon’ of what might be a hard target later.

A sneak and peek gone wrong.

I think ChechenManBad, soupcatcher and all, might have been hoping to sliiiiide in quietly, on the down low and do a recon, but for whatever reason, r/ourguy caught him, and subsequently made him into ChechenManGood. The addy I found for the shooter is pretty damned rural as well:

That “cut in and break” north of the second from the left “Dowd Rd” on the map? That’s the power company easement (I think). I found it on the All Energy Infrastructure and Resources website:

The dotted line being power lines… not sure if the Shooter’s house is on the top, or the bottom, but either way, for this guy to be creeping around, after dark, with ZERO equipment, ID or anything else but a camera?

ChechenManGood was 250 YARDS into the woodline, away from the road… That’s a loooong hump at dusk-going-into-dark, with only a camera, on someone else’s land, in a Rural Part of North Carolina. Part of me tells me the Good Colonel should have left the fucker for the wild hogs and NOT called the cops…

But Orificers… go fucking figure right?

Jes’ Sayin’

Considering how we’ve been seeing a ramp-up in Retardation regarding the whole Kollapsing Krainian Katastrophe, I wouldn’t doubt for a minute if Ivan isn’t at least doing soft reconning of our best Warfighters and Commanders.

ESPECIALLY the guy who runs the Special Forces Group that would be nominally ‘running’ Ops in the Krain, and/or already is amiright?

LOTS of ‘stuff’ never makes it out to the “real world” like in Gulf One when a bunch of terrorists hit one of our Air Bases in Germany, with the intent of killing the airbase commander right before the Air War started. I only know of it because a classmate of mine was wounded in the subsequent firefight that happened. He was home on recuperation leave, and he told me the story…

And a minor correction
Brushbeater on “X” is saying this guy is a Full Bird Colonel
That’s a hell of a lot higher than MY source said…
But then again… one might be the Battalion Commander, the other, the Group Commander… either way, shit like this stinks to high heaven.

Shit’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.
Expect it, and that way, you won’t be surprised.

More Later
Big Country

49 thoughts on “Another Busy-Busy Weekend w/Sapper’s Kin and A 10th Group Connection?”

  1. Now I understand the plan. You don’t send your best Chechen out for recce. You send a marginal one. If he survives and gets you information, well, that’s … good. I guess. Yay.

    But if your poor innocent Muslim who had big dreams, was turning his life around, etc etc etc, gets killed by the Colonel (or LTC, whichever) then the US justice system (and the lügenpresse) will tie the COL up for years, effectively mission killing him. And no actual attack on a serviceman in the US, so nothing actionable. Clever, eh? (I can’t decide if I’m joking or not.)

    1. Russians know far more about us than we do them. They seem amused that Lawfare is a “Thing” in America.

      If the Chechen is a sheep dipped or a drug thug, it matters not. SF has been an annoying thorn to Russia and the criminal classes in Ukraine.

      Russians don’t forget, nor do they forgive. We keep feeding long range weapons and “Advisers” to fuck with Russian Civilians. A lot more of this will occur as the ever weakening Biden America flounders.

      Have you done an AO recon lately? Do you know the “sketchy” folks leaving with in 10 miles of you? Can you on the fly get around a mob situation, “official” Road Blocks and get you and your family clear with knowledge of alternative routes?

      These are the useful idiots that will cause troubles when the professionals drop the grid, important bridges and so on into history. Then the pro’s walk away for next assignment as American burns.

      1. “Russians know far more about us than we do them.”

        Same can be said for the Chinese, Iranians and irregulars like Hezbollah, etc. Safe bet that many of them speak and comprehend English. How many Americans speak Farsi, Mandarin, Arabic, etc.?

        Even Chinese volunteers in the Russian Army speak English when communicating to their Russian counterparts.

        1. China requires English classes, both spoken and written from gradeschool on up. It is required to pass an English fluency test to get into even a Chinese college. So for sure even non-collegiate Chinese speak, read, and write English well. In addition, parents that can afford too, spend thousands a month on private American tutors.

  2. As far as stuff stored out of climate control, the rice would fare a lot better than the flour. In the tropics, they stack a 6 mos – a years worth in the corner of their “native built” places and it ends up being ok. For bonus storing, if you freeze it for 3 days first it’ll kill any critters/eggs, etc that came with it, and if its mylar’d and o2 absorbed, even better. You might not get 25-30 yrs out of it, but if it frees up space for other storage, knocking a few years off that outer number is a fair trade off, I’d wager. Flour with its higher surface area even in ideal conditions stores far less time than whole grain/wheat berries (2 yrs vs similar times for rice, depending of prep and oils etc in the grain). Hope that helps. Something to look up that can be done on the cheap is storing cooked and dried ground beef. Check out “Cairn of Dunn Croft Permaculture” video on it, am eating 2 yr old ground beef that only in a ziploc bag in my place and it almost as good as the mt house beef in their stuff.

    1. Mormon churches offer canned supplies for sale to normies for a reasonable price. Its way more per pound than buying bulk, but is already sealed in a #10 can with oxygen absorber inside. I have some supplies stored this way in my shed. Can’t beat that steel can, I know the product is safe, even if cost 2x what bulk does, I’m buying the can.

  3. When I was last in that business, 10SFG(A) was at Ft. Carson, CO. LTCs are BCs or senior group staff (DCO, XO, some others depending). Could have completed a tour with 10SFG(A) and rotated back to Bragg (or whatever) for a new assignment, he bought a house (?) so probably not a tdy thing (?). I have known SOF careerists who maintained two homes, one in NC and one near their Group of choice, since they tend to rotate back and forth between the two places. The Chechen angle is very odd, their story does not add up, especially when you consider the weird event at the Quantico gate a week or so ago.
    Your OSINT game is strong, my compliments!

  4. I wonder if it was a tame (Russian) Chechen, or a feral (the ones who legged it out of Russia), given the decline of the military. One implies Russian .gov, the other maybe drugs or other shady shit the Chechens hire out for. Maybe a little of both?
    They way the US intel community sticks it’s fingers in some nasty pies I wouldn’t be surprised if it was criminal organisations trying to get a message across. That said, probably is the obvious one.

    1. The feral Chechens have been running plenty of drug rings into Europe for years now so if the Col. in question was involved in EUCOM ops, what you’re saying merits consideration.

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Being SF, I’m surprised the Col didn’t have a suppressor on his pistol (Rule One of The Four Esses, “Suppress”). Gotta make sure you don’t disturb the neighbors with loud noises.
    And I agree, should have used Rule Four of The Four Esses, “Shut Up” (don’t call the po-po).
    And while the Col was NOT calling the cops, he could have been following Rule Three (“Shovel”) after already done Rule Two (“Shoot”).

    1. The Col. might have been planning to 4s , but after dropping the AIQ, realized he only got half of the recon team. I imagine it would be awkward to be found shoveling when the cops show up. 4S works only when you get ALL of them. Otherwise probably best to be the one who calls 911.

    2. Gunfire is a norm around here, it and of itself would not cause any alarms. This is also the case after dark, as people are practicing in low light conditions. I suspect rural NC is the same. As to the shovel idea, I think the context is important. Here we have a full bird “somebody” with a vulnerable family and a job that has him away from home all the time. Since this looks like a foreign operation and half the recon team escaped, reporting it gets the authorities looking for that individual for you and if there is a bigger team involved they may all get rolled up. If you SSS and don’t report it, well, they may be back.

      One thing that irritates me about all of these news reports is the “morning after” level of reporting that is still being presented nearly a month after this happened. Am I to understand that all this time has passed and no one in law enforcement has checked with the utilities to see if this guy was ever an employee and whether he was on the job that night? it seems to be just more proof that investigative journalism is dead since 3 week old speculation is taken at face value and no newsman bothers to ask the question I just posited.

  6. “Nukular” grandchildren.

    Haaaarrrrumpfpfpfppfffff!!! When I was a kid, we were powered by complex hydrocarbons – and we emitted useful METHANE and we LIKED it.

    Fuggin kids these days!!!

  7. Regarding storing rice and flour and other dried thingies in your garage in Florida. It’s doable. Make sure they’re off the concrete on wood and allow air around them. And best if the inside is sealed with nitrogen or something.

    And… you can always do the Submarine Way, place the cans on the floor (on wood) of rooms and put a duckboard platform on top of them.

    As to the weird-beards testing US military installations, yeah, seems to be quite an uptake in the last two weeks. Good one on the officer for waxing one towelheads. As to whether they work for Russia or Tehran, that is the real question. Chechens working for Russia? That’s weird, more believable to be working for HomosHamas or Iran/one of Iran’s subject states. I think it’s Iran. That’s more the incompetence level. Actual Russkie spies seem to be far more competent than Rando Chechens.

  8. To all my Brothers. This weekend we remember. Raise a glass to our friends who didn’t make it back.

    1. Brothers, to those who have gone on before us, we still here salute you

  9. This is only a few miles from me. Same area body found a year ago, unidentified. It’s also same area somebody shot up transformers a year or so ago and blacked out the county for a week. Made ntl news, culprits never found. Weird shit happening here, not Pineland.

    1. That IS a whole lotta shit for one backwater county in the hills of North Cackalacky…

  10. I read our boy was a Full-Bird yesterday also. God bless and keep your head on a swivel.

  11. As far as the storage goes. I put up 2-5 gallon buckets of rice and the same of beans two years ago in my shed ( non-climate controlled) and so far so good. I would be leery of doing the same with flour though. You may be able to get away with it for 6 months or so but you live in a tropical climate like I do ( south Louisiana) . Things just don’t keep as long in the humidity.

  12. Why not use an drone to capture intel instead of ‘being there’? This thing makes no sense at this point!

      1. Ain’t likely.

        That woke faggot who was inaugurated last week only became the president of Taiwan by winning 40% of the votes in a three way race. The other two dissident political parties that control the legislature are opposed to his saber rattling because China is Taiwan’s largest trade partner in the ballpark north of $90 billion annually.

        One of those dissident parties are connected to transnational organized crime syndicates and we know how those types react when anyone fucks with their cash flow. Besides, the ChiComs aren’t above hiring them on to assassinate members of the ruling party on Taiwan. Saves them the trouble of a military invasion.

        Oh well. Not our fight to make Taiwan safe for the “rights” of hosting the hugest annual pride parade in Asia. The fags, trannies and feminists here can deploy to Taipei and protect the the “right” of their AIDS infested kin to push their warped agenda.

        In the meantime, we’ve got Venezuelans and cannibalistic Haitians swarming across the border and setting up shop as far up north as NY and hacked off limbs of their victims are being found in the parks.

        Fuck Taiwan, fuck Ukraine and fuck Israel. We got enough headaches on our plate.

        1. Those hacked off limbs are just the cannibalistic Haitians getting ready for the Memorial Day barbeque.

      2. the problem with that is amurkah has stuck it’s neck out over there too.. and is about to get it hacked off while the entire world watches the Great Bully get it’s head/ass handed to it. at which point, things go south for it in a rapid manner- Globally.

        fellas, we are all witnessing the greatest case of treason in all of recorded history- fucking EPIC TREASON! i think everyone understands what their ultimate fate is under the “new” regime…

        hell. i’m still waiting on these ‘so called’ operators to kick off the Big Game. WTF are they waiting on?
        where the hell is that coffee whore Mat Best when you need him?


  13. Joe Blow is correct about the LDS church food places “Bishops Pantry”.
    Non church members can buy there and are encouraged to.
    Prices are good and great long term stuff available. Google it and if there is one within reasonable drive it is definently worth a trip. As long as good airflow around the cans the humidity is no concern for whats inside.

  14. I read that ChechenManBad supposedly worked for a New Jersey company. Possibly one of the Biden Border Hoppers? That is one of the libtard areas hiring illegals with fake SS numbers. If the Muzzies start something in the US wouldn’t these be the guys helping to hunt them? As this story will probably be buried, we may never know if it was that or the Ukrainian angle.

  15. Off topic. Lefty Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame died at 53 of Cancer. It wasn’t the vax…….

  16. Whenever we go onto private property to work on the power lines, we go knock on the door. We’re wearing our hi-viz and FR, company trucks, etc.
    Smart guys would do the same. In this context, the more you stand out, the more you are noticed, the less suspicious it would be.

    1. Ever think how easy it would be to have a strike team inside a Brown Delivery Van complete with the proper uniforms.

      As often as I get spammed when I order from Amazon (Amazon needs more information…) when I order it’s not that hard a thought that a strike team could even be inside an EXPECTED Amazon Order.

      Can you say “Special Delivery”?

      Or the Garbage Truck murder when that team member of Matrix was scurrying to bring out his garbage can? Was that Commando?

  17. The Chechen was taking pictures? What were they pictures of? Were they sent someplace? Where? Supposey they had Russian phones. What else was on the phones?

    1. Read earlier today about this, and it was stated that the altercation started when the Col. noticed him snapping pics of his kids while being way on his property. All the rest as reported plus after interviewing the 2nd perp local PoPO let him go. So another free border hopper . As for the storage, get a screw lid container for pet food or bird seed like the gamma vault . Also at places like the Container Store. I packaged rice in 2 cup amounts along with a few O2 absorbers per bag, vacuum sealed and put them in one of these Did the same with a variety of pastas.

  18. I would be very skeptical about any long-term food supplies not kept in climate-controlled space. Heat/humidity dramatically reduces shelf life. I gifted quite a bit (in 5 gallon buckets as well as purchased freeze-dried) to a friend who stored it in a shipping container on the few acres she and husband had just begun developing. In the Texas summer heat. Despite my warnings. I would not regard that food as edible.

    We now live in a small cabin and have some of our supplies in a climate-controlled storage unit until we can build something larger. I’ve even moved various caulks and tapes I’ve bought into our crammed full (albeit climate controlled) house ‘storage’ room because of the summer heat and humidity here in the Ozarks (plus winter freezes). Our large stand-alone 2-door garage has a concrete pad and electricity, but is not well sealed and has no a/c or heat.

    As for temp versus food shelf life, see here:

  19. I can’t imagine it would be difficult in the U.S. to find the home addresses of all sorts of highly placed individuals in the dot mil or elsewhere in the intelligence community and I sure wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of those loony Chechens was tasked with making me room temperature, those dudes are nuts.

    1. Arthur, it’s much easier than you think thanks to the various OPM “data breaches” we’ve had over the past decade +/-. Who knows how many we’ve had that we’re never publically acknowledged? I know I’ve received at least two notices and only one was related to the 2015 Big Deal incident involving the SF-86s.
      If the shooter is indeed a full bird then he’s been in that particular game awhile, so all of the pertinent information about him, his and his wife’s relatives (both living & dead), current & past addresses going back at least a decade, SSNs, kids… everything is already out there. So you extract the targets info from OPM data, & start comparing that against utility companies you’ve also hacked, say something nationwide like Waste Management? Utility companies located around military bases? Does your county have an online parcel search option on the county webpage? All that info is out there & can be used to track you no matter where you go or how many times you move.
      Maybe our boy wasn’t married in 2015 &/or didn’t have kids listed on his SF-86, & the AIQ was there to update Col. Operator’s file with some info on this additional leverage?

  20. Always worth the read BCE. Always. Thanks for news and analysis you can’t get anywhere else.

  21. I also posted this at Divemedic’s house who is discussing the same issue:

    As with everything, the devil is in the details and we don’t have them all. There is more to the story but these Chechens were acting FISHY as hell and c’mon it sounds like they were casing his property.

    I had a similar experience in my yard a few years ago. There are NO utilities in my back yard and I have a 6 foot wooden fence surrounding it. One day, I see 2 sketchy guys in my back yard with no uniforms or ID taking pictures of my house. I went out there with my loaded 38 in my pocket and yelled “who the hell are you and why are you on my property”. As I said this my hand was in my pocket and was ready to draw. One of the guys realized that he was about to be shot and he was from some “buy your house” scammer and I told him he had 10 seconds to GTF off my property or ELSE and to never come back. Those 2 ran out of there.
    I know the trouble I could have had if I shot them but if they had a weapon or came at me, I was going to shoot both of them. You never know who some stranger tresspassing on your property is and it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  22. The very same day this AIQ went to room temperature two Jordanians pretending to be delivery drivers were hauled in for attempting to breach Quantico. One is on the terror watch list.

  23. The emergency egress card in every seat pocket has the airplanes designation printed on it. No reason to not check that and get off of a 73x before they shut the door and push back. Then it’s too late unless you’re willing to cause drama.

  24. Are there any Krainians over there fighting for the glorious motherland?
    Or just a bunch of Vindmann turds here to collect the shekels?
    Ivan uses Chechens for hard dirty hands work in 404 land.
    Maybe Brandon could use the cartels as irregular forces and not the purging of kulaks United States Police Force?
    A Moscow Green Zone report won’t be coming…ever.

  25. LOTS of 5 gallon containers with both items in there… Any input on that would be appreciated.

    I checked the comments to make sure this has not already been said –

    to keep food such as flour, rice, beans, sugar etc, the best way to do it is fill the 5 gal bucket one third full, and put a chunk of cry ice on it about the size of a soda can, then fill up the rest of the way. (make sure you pour product all around the chunk so it aint more then 2-3 inches from any side wall of the plasric). Wait for the CO2 smoke/mist to fully rise to the top, make a couple divots and add a couple chips of dry ice to the top (put product over the dry ice to prevent contact with the plastic). When all the dry ice has turned back to gaseous CO2 (you do NOT want pressure inside the bucket) put the lid on and run a strip or 3 of EB green or Gorilla tape around the edge.

    The CO2 displaces O2 since it is heavier than air. It will not change the flavor, and it will ‘pool’ in the bucket so that any bugs/eggs that do make an appearance will suffocate.

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