Monday… shit; I’m still only in Monday… Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the pool…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
I had a ‘wife-imposed’ no-tech “Get the hell off of that damned computer!!!” weekend. I suppose it was a good thing. Lowered the blood pressure, and I actually caught up on some sleep. Seeing that the two day marathon working on Uncle Connie’s ‘stuff’ left me rather deprived of the ZZZ’s.

Now I’m back….
And as I paraphrased Captain Willard from “Apocalypse Now”, shit… it’s still only Monday…

TBPH, I was not feeling it this A.M.

Still feeling a mite salty over the lack of a raise. Don’t know if I went into it. I had a two-year review a few weeks back and got a whole dollar for slaving for those two years. I expressed some displeasure at this. To which Head Commissar said we’d do a ninety day review.
OK. Cool…
So the 90 days comes and goes, and I get the review, at which point I’m told that I’m getting an assistant.
OK. Cool…
Been swamped to be honest. Part of the reason that People’s Glorious Tractor Factories (there are several) is doing so well is that I provide a widget that none of the other Factories do, so our reputation in the industry has flourished among the Proletariat, and even the Bourgeoise.

Hell, even some of the competitor Factories are starting to offer these services, just to try and keep up. So I’m fucking slammed on the reg.

So, New Assistant. OK. Cool… I actually already knew her, as she was already in the Factory, working as a Coordinator. UN-fortunately, she raised the ire of H.R. as well as her Commissar and was demoted to fucking being a receptionist. And this here is a digression, but bear with me. This particular case in fact shows exactly why women need to be barred from the workplace. Even she agrees with me.

Reason for her demotion?
Being the youngest (21) cutest/hottest (looks like Winona Ryder in her Vamp-Hawt phase) and the smartest out of ALL the coordinators. The clients loved her, so therefore, the Hagridden H.R. Harridan had to ‘take her down a notch.’

Women can not help but stab each other in the back, and cause the toxicity level to shoot through the fucking roof. Shit like that is why I’m thrilled to be out doing ‘my thing’ and not tied to the ‘orifice’ itself… I had so many H.R. complaints from cunts who were ‘afraid of the Large Man’ even though other females in the past I worked with adored me. With chicks in the workplace, it’s either love me, or hate me with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

To give you an idea of that extreme dynamic: I was a call center supervisor. Had 30 people +/-. Had the Highest Producing team ‘cos I motivated the fuck out of my people compared to the ‘rule through fear’ supes. The other wrote their team member sup for the pettiest of infractions, whereas I had a chick got to jail and miss a week, and I covered for her… shit like that… what can I say, when she was at work,. she outproduced the rest of the team by a long shot…

So because of this the blaq H.R. broad, who I know hated whyttepeepo anyways, made it her mission to get me fired. I could write about ten blogs on the shit I did, how I won, and that I literally gave her ulcers. One time, I got accused of being a racist by a worthless lil Nigger… never let on about it, but he was a piece of shit, and the accusation was made.

Investigations were launched, and a lot of my team, well… they didn’t give in, but the H.R. Cunt put a lot of pressure on them… especially the blaq girls… I found out later.

Enter Anna.
6’1… at least 400 pounds.
Black as all get out. Ghetto too. Mother of 4? 5? Not sure.
Had attendance issues because of BabyDaddy Drama and things of that nature. Always made up the lost time if she could. I took care of her as I lead by the way I was taught in the military: Take care of your troops, and they’ll take care of you. I used to tell them that all the time… It also helped we called ourselves “Team Torii” and had T-She was the last girl questioned by H.R.

Now this was related to me after.
Seems she was called in by Blaq H.R. Bitch who started trying to pressure Anna. My understanding was that these were low-key threats about attendance and whatnot. Ann wasn’t having none of it.

She closed the door so H.R. Bitch’s secretary couldn’t hear her, and, from the story told (by Anna’s BFF who worked there as well) that Anna, well… she closed the door, told the H.R. bitch words to the effect that I was the best and kindest Boss she’d ever had, and that if the H.R. Bitch kept this bullshit up, Anna was going to cut her up…

Now, as to the veracity level? Unsure.
Anna did cop a 5 day suspension for this ‘conversation’. MY boss even said something had happened in there, but with no witnesses, and no recordings? Yep. RUMINT came out later she’d actually pulled a switchblade.

Myself? I can full well believe it. Anna is one of those Yas Kween! chicks and didn’t take shit off of anyone. One of her absences was for hospitalizing one of her BabyDaddys and she had to go in for questioning… she played that off as ‘she was attacked first’ but the list went on and on with her curbstomping motherfuckers who broke her heart or got in her way… or threatened her beloved boss for that matter.

End of digression #672… sorry about that…
So Winona is now assisting BUT
No raise for me. Pisses me off because I like this gig.
LOVE my immediate supervisor.
The whole “Because you have an assistant now…”
Who happens to be wearing two hats now.
Buncha Bullshit.
Fucking I swear.

Sooooooooooooo Long Story per usual.
I reached out to my “usual suspects” asking if there were other gigs out there for one my, shall we say eclectic background? I got back that a group was looking for a Gunsmith… a supervisory Gunsmith. I’s a possible overseas gig at an ‘undetermined location’ that requires me running a shop “…overseeing the repair and reutilization of the M242 Bushmaster 25mm Autocannon and ‘other small arms to include foreign weapons”….

Who is currently using the Bushmaster to it’s fullest extent currently?

Three guesses, the first two are free.

Even if it’s based out of Kuwait as almost ALL contracts are, almost every. single. deployment. had that line stating “…and other countries as needed/required”

THAT is where I get a wee bit in the nervous-making side of things. On one hand, this’d allow me to fully recover from the debts(s) incurred on the Adriana fiasco, as well as maybe allowing us to go at it again, from a slightly different angle. The last time I didn’t realize just how utterly corrupt they system is, whereas IF I had, I probably could have paid off her BabyDaddy in cash, with no one the wiser.

Either way?
Glorious People’s Tractor Factory can fuck itself IF I choose to go that route. Even the I.T. Commissar said that I should… his quote “This place is being run into the ground behind the scenes because of alllll these fucking women.” And I got a strong hunch that it’s mine for the taking.

I made call on Thursday at 16:00 to see if this was a legit gig. 0900 the next day I got a link to have my security background (TS/Secret, inactive) checked to verify, and see if I’m eligible. Cue to 11:30 this A.M. The recruiter emails me asking if I’m interested? I email back at 12:41. “Sure.”

I got a reply email back within 60 seconds to set up a phone call ASAP. It positively reeks of desperation, so I know I got wiggle room on negotiating a salary. I set it up for tomorrow for the preliminaries. I have a lot of ‘must haves’ nonnegotiable. Life insurance for one, plus IF I go, I get the last week of October off, as well as the first 3 weeks of November off, as there ain’t no way in Hell I’m potentially getting fucked and trapped somewhere during the next (s)election. Last thing I want is a mob of Feral Niggers/Leftards or whatnot stealing or burning up my house and shit.

So that’s been my weekend. How was your?
More Later
Big Country

24 thoughts on “Monday… shit; I’m still only in Monday… Every time I think I’m gonna wake up back in the pool…”

  1. So with all those anti-krainfeld rants…….
    Hey, I get it. Money talks to me too. And everyone else who isnt a liar. Hope all works out perfectly for you, BC.

  2. Good for you with the new gig potential, here’s hoping one of those other ‘out of town’ places aren’t near the Krainia! Ask about the rations, but I’m sure you know this already!

  3. Women in the workplace…not a fan.
    Drama, ego, jealousy, hatred, envy, and starting fights where none are needed, over-complicating every single thing.

    1. Wait until you are in charge of a med/surg unit and typically have 15 females under your tutelage… On a weekend graveyard shift.

  4. The BS you are dealing with is corporate America 2024. You can’t change it either stay there and put up with it or bail. Of course at any time the bean counters can flip the switch and lay you and 1000 of your coworkers off, so screw them.
    Just be careful of “contractor” jobs these days since Iraq and Afghanistan are over. The main hot spots are Israel and the Kraine. I don’t think Israel is using that many contractors and no way do you wanna step foot in the Kraine.
    Russia has LONG memories and that war is just about over. Russia has said foreign “mercenaries” are targets and will be “brought to justice”. No money is worth it if you are working in your armory and an Iskander missile hits it and blows you up or in a year at home an FSB agent pays you a visit.

    1. I concur. Now is NOT the time to be anywhere other than stateside. Fact is, Berglander is opposed to it and he is someone that you should listen to.

  5. Ain’t worth it, brother. I’d trust Kuwait over Poland right now but something wicked this way comes..

  6. My great luck is that there are no female television broadcast engineers. So no real job competition.

    Well, except that one lesbian who lives with the gun writer in Indiana.

  7. Money is great and all that brother but overseas is not where I’d want to find myself these days. Ain’t no amount of money can replace you or your loved ones should things go sideways here, and we all know it’s coming. Besides that they can say oh no problem on the time off and then come time have different plans. Just my two cents. I’d definitely be looking for a new gig though, that’s some bullshit. People today got no loyalty and wonder why their business is circling the drain, could go on and on as we all could.

  8. Require annual pay be right up front in bulletproof escrow with scheduled payouts, all out of the possibility – any possibility – of being eliminated or disasterously manipulated by the employer.

  9. Its hell being a money whore.Spent over half my life chasing the dollar. Missed a lot of ballgames and birthdays. Sometimes I think about going back, but the calls don’t come like they used to. And then I walk down a flight of stairs and reality pays me a visit.

    1. AMEN Skipperdaddy !!
      For over 20 years I was a workaholic climbing the ladder and making more and more money (of course as fast as I made it, the Ex wife spent it).
      70 – 80 hour weeks were the norm for me and finally in my 40s after being on 6 blood pressure medicines, my doctor said that I either changed my life and lowered the stress or I’d be dead within 2 years. I took a way less stressful job with a massive pay cut which caused the Ex to cheat on me and divorce me (good riddence) but now years later, I’ve never been happier.

      The thing is, I missed out on so much of my life by working like that. I look at old family pictures and I’m in almost none of them because I was working. It most certainly was NOT worth it !!

      I get that we all need to make a living and pay the bills but BCE think about what you’ll miss. Precious time with Wifey and your Grandkids, hanging with Sapper all missed. You’ll blink and Gran 1 will be hitting puberty and want to hang with her friends and not you– all of that precious time with her lost.

      I’m in my late 50s now and I realize that the most precious thing we have is spending time with family and friends. It is those memories that we remember when we die, not the stuff we had or the jobs we did.

  10. Gonna light a roman candle for you BC. Hope the gig pays top dollar and in a secure location.
    Just make sure you get it in writing with all fine print explicit and signatures with indelible ink (then put it in a lock box with a trusted law firm).
    If it does not go, maybe the People’s Tractor Factory will re-consider if the top brass get wind of their motivated high producer looking elsewhere.
    Know exactly what you are up against, seeing as at my last Fed tier 2 vehicle mfg gig the HR was a carbon copy of what you describe. When I last looked online (am now retired), she had the gall to list her pronouns and how proud she is to be a DIE affirmative action type HR person. No shit.

  11. I have to concur with the others, that doesn’t sound like it is a great idea. You could put that gunsmiffing thing to work stateside doing custom work for people, hell just get your FFL it was super easy to do, and you could make custom ARs and such for people like me that aren’t super tool oriented.

  12. listen Billy… no, just no. Your wife just went through cancer and surgery. The world is on the brink, this country is even closer to the brink. I don’t even want to leave Montana to go visit family in California – much less to go overseas. (well, Calif. sort of IS a foreign country)
    You don’t need to go overseas for a fight that will be here sometime this summer.

  13. These days in my profession if you want more than the typical 1-2% annual COL adjustment in your pay you have to quit and go work at another employer. So what happens is techs simply job hop every year or two. It’s the only way to get a wage raise. Anyone who doesn’t simply gets screwed w pay wise. And the management morons can’t understand why they can’t keep competent staff. Even though they are TOLD why they can’t keep staff.

  14. BCE, no contract can protect you from someone you don’t trust. Contracts, and business in general, are operated on trust. The contract is just to memorialize the details among trusted partners.

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