Piss Me Off Will Ya? See Where THAT Gets Ya!!!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, I do dood a thing…
Look over at the sidebar.
A New Pic… Leastways I –hope- there’s a new picture over there. It should look like this:

Clicking on it will get you to a new “Big Country Expat’s Place” a.k.a. my T-Shirt and Bullshit store. Figured I’d get it out of my system, and when I typed the “Profession Of Oppression” something just ‘clicked’ in me nugget.

So, 15 minutes of photoshop with paint (no shit, I’m awfully primitive aren’t I?) and then a hour or so adapting the various “things” to the storefront.

I’m working on how to add more colors… give me a wee bit of time… converting to a PNG and removing the background -should- ostensibly hit it up…

Now, don’t be surprised if the Local Constabulary get upset when they see you wearing it… instead use it as an ‘iopener’ and let them know that they’ve become the “…Standing Army our forefathers warned us about.”

Per the article in Defense One:

The founders also, we well know, had a pronounced fear of and antipathy toward standing armies — large, permanent, professional military establishments — because of the dual temptations for domestic oppression and international adventurism by those in power, the drain on public resources, and, not least, the not-infrequent aberrant behavior of those in uniform.


Considering just how militarized the fuzz have become, even at a local level? Yeah, in my and I think everyone else’s books they’re now a full on occupational Military force, designed to forcibly extract resources (money) from the slaves, and keep us in ‘our places’ i.e. under their bootheels.

Sorry Not Sorry
So, gotta get Dinner Ready, then clean the crib. Got the Nukular Powered Redhead coming for the weekend. Going to be a blast.
So More Later”
Big Country

A Ukrainian M1A1 on Display in Moscow for the May Day Celebration.

14 thoughts on “Piss Me Off Will Ya? See Where THAT Gets Ya!!!”

  1. Local queefgoblins have those blue lights on their muh mortgage cribs while clamoring for safety.
    Only scrunts call the poo-poo but I do thank them for target identification for the memory banks.
    Ass ride on anyone with a Brandon/Corksucker sticker with a Warface going.
    One sped up to get away, good, good, no room for useful idiot or commie.

  2. BCE, I’m right there with you on despising cops, not because I’ve had any real run ins with them – I haven’t except for a couple of speeding tickets many years back, and one time I got stopped, patted down and questioned because “me and my vehicle matched the description of a suspect being actively sought”(yeah, bullshit)- but because I know they’d not give a second thought to fucking me over with civil asset forfeiture (I do carry cash, and sometimes a fair amount of it since I have customers who pay me in such for a discount), or if I had to shoot some diverse piece of garbage in self defense, or otherwise got jammed up in some stupid shit. I judiciously avoid the stupid shit: crazy girlfriends, gambling, drinking, associating with low life assholes who tend to get caught with illegal guns/drugs/whatever, and even driving through iffy hoods in general for a shortcut, because stupid shit just happens there for no real reason.

    That said, I don’t favor advertising my distaste for cops in the open, as it is a good way to draw bad attention. Tweaking these sorts tends to get them set on retribution and demonstrating their “authoritah”, and I’m watching for enough ever present threats as it is when I’m out and about, mostly during the work day. I don’t need to invite scrutiny with funny (but seen as insulting) t-shirts.

    I guess the point is to never needlessly reveal oneself as an enemy (or even a mere belligerent), and remain civil to their faces so as to maintain the appearance of neutrality and element of surprise (when needed). Which is probably some Sun Tzu level shit, just spoken in Ruckusarian. And I very much suspect we are entering a period where not being on the radar with clothes, bumper stickers, etc., will be helpful even if only minimally so. I used to enjoy trolling deserving jerkoffs. Nowadays, I’m in always in stealth mode, save for my online shit posting. Keeps me from scoring “own goals”.

  3. Cops today are NOT like the cops of our youth.
    This happened almost 20 years ago but look what happens when this kid asked a question that “they” didn’t like. A bunch of cowardly cops swarmed him led by a 5 ft tall dyke bitch who has more excessive force complaints than any other cop at UF and tased his ass and laughed while he screamed.


    1. 20 years ago? Late 70’s our town cop got caught sodomizing a grade school boy and shot himself without the decency to pull out of the victim. Hailed as a hero. Replacement was female and she got caught stealing cows.

  4. Hey Tiny – are these fuggin ads making you any money? If they’re not you should get rid of them.

    Or, I suppose… I could get off my arse and go back to using Brave…

    Try and keep your nose clean with the constabulary if you can. I hate to say it, as I grew up around the old guard Mounties that were straight out of the legends. But… if things keep going like this, we may well be forced to deal with our judiciary and law enforcement agencies. It’s better for everyone if they don’t see it coming.

    Hypothetically speaking of course.

    1. ’bout $150-200 a month… helps keep the lights on ’round here…
      Sorry if they annoy but hey, a buck is a buck these days…

      1. How can readership engage with the advertising in ways that increase your return? If I click on a link do you get more?

        1. He prefers you just send cash through the donation center. There will be another “situation” soon. Stay tuned.

          1. Akchully Smart Ass, the Paypal is currently being routed to Mike at Cold Fury… I wrote about that a while ago. He needs it faaaar more than I do. That’s your one and only.

  5. Seems like I’ve been one step ahead of them since I was a kid and they’d try to bust me on my gokart or mini bike. Then I drove for 2 years before I was old enough for a driver’s license – the school bus didn’t come out where we lived and Mom and Dad saw no reason for me not to be able to drive myself to school – just kept to the back roads.

  6. Recommend… Those as poo stickers… Like the fjb, “I did that” sized ones… And I’d buy a few hundred…. Best for clandestine guerilla influencing ops…

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