Not Blind, and Even the North Koreans Didn’t Want Him…

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Well, I’m sorts kinda back. The right eye could be used in an Advertisement for a horror movie. I had a ‘severe inflammatory response’ to the dilation liquid, meaning I have the “Red Eye of Death” going on. After they got done inserting the new lens, to keep it in place they shrunk (dilated) the fuck out of what? My pupil? to hold it in place as they told me because I’m ‘over average size’ they really ‘tightened it down’ otherwise the lens would have ‘floated off?’ Not really sure as they had to really dose me up with the Vitamin “V” (valium) to keep me from twitching around.

So the post-op explanation is a wee bit fuzzy.

And to think I get to do this again on the 16th. I had to have the procedures split up, mainly due to various med issues. They weren’t sure how this one was going to go, and IF something fucked up, better I still have ONE peeper functional Aye?

Now that we know I’m not going to die/go blind I get to go through this all over again, once this one is fully healed.

So, back to the news, such as it is
North Korea made an announcement:

Former Pv2 Travis “Kang: King is being returned to the US DotMil. According to sources :“The relevant organ of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea decided to expel Travis King, a soldier of the U.S. Army who illegally intruded into the territory of the DPRK, under the law of the Republic,” the North’s official Korean Central News Agency said in what it called the final findings of an investigation into King”

“Reportedly, Kings repeated demands for “purple drank” and “…wanting to git sum stank on his hang-lo” were the deciding factors stated an anonymous member of the DRPK delegation.” “We cannot, nor do not understand how you people tolerate such an animal. He is no better than an unwashed, untrained monkey.” continued the source, “We in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea pride ourselves on our evenhandedness and equality, but after this experience, this “Kang” as he calls himself, would make even your Dr. Martin Luther King rethink his positioning.”

OK, so I made up that last bit….
Even so, the fucking Norks couldn’t nor wouldn’t put up with that asshole’s monkeyshines. I was wondering back when this story originally broke just what was going to happen. In the past, the Norks usually went ‘all in’ on utilizing such a thing as a propaganda coup, to show how corrupt/evil/yadda-yadda the Imperialist Americans are etcetera etcetera… during Viet Nam a number of guys ‘turned traitor’ and jumped the DMZ in order to avoid going to the Nam. Most of them actually stayed, married and led whatever lives they could eked out in the NK.

Nowadays? Looks like Kim Jong Un doesn’t ‘roll that way’ that his Dad and Granddad used to. Guess “niggerhaustion” is multinational now

Which then brings me to a really unmentioned bit from Italy.
Lampedusa, a small resort island between Tunisia and Italy ‘proper’ had what I’ll call a “pre-invasion” population of about 6500. Over the past week or two, Over 10000 North Apefricans descended on the Island in what I can only call a “Muslim Majority Invasion-Horde”.

As you can see, that screen cap is from Sunday… 4200 from that day alone…. and with that pic, and I realize it’s only that picture, but notice anything?
No Old Men
No Whamenez
No Kids

Nope, nothing to see here… moving on…
Which is of course the normal reaction by the Ministries of Lies and Propaganda. From other reports, the North Apefricans rioted pretty well, and have taken over the island, although the majority of news like that have been scrubbed per usual. The major issue, as is at OUR southern border is that we’re treating this as a fucking joke across the board.

The Repugnicunts and DemoncRats are both balls deep, if not deeper in the cross-border Cartel corruption, hence why there’s NO interest in stopping this shitshow. RUMINT is they’re ALL on the take… and why wouldn’t they be? I mean for real… you join CONgress or the Senate, and amass a HUGE FUCKING FORTUNE while in there… I do not want to hear that it’s all ‘stock trading’ and whatever bullshit-flavor-of-the-month it supposedly is.

The Cartels have more money than the Vatican I’d wager…
That right there, is saying something.
Add on that the DemoncRats are getting ALL them lovely lovely voaters to keep in power? No fucking wonder they don’t want to stop this shit…

You give me a Heavy Weapons Platoon plus… call it 40-50 Guys. 5 Mark-19s, 5 M2A2s, 10 M-240Bs… Give me open access to an ASP (Ammunition Supply Point) and some DMRs (Designated Marksmen… snipers with good rifles…) I can gar-ron-damned-tee we could end this invasion. I mean I’m sorry, but at this point? Demographically speaking, we’re done. And the real killer in all of this?

The “Golem” that they created? Lets just say that right now? They think they have it ‘under control’… much like ALL the ‘other monster movies’ out there, reality and your ‘pet monster’ tends to sneak up and bite you in the ass when you least expect it…

It will not end well either way.

And lastly, I got a package from an overseas reader. I’m going to do a writeup on the SubStack on it this weekend, along with some other history ‘stuff’

Ostensibly, a Cosmonaut Tube of “Cheeseburger with Onions and Ketchup”… It’s still good, and as to the veracity? Not sure but hey, what the hell? Rations are Rations, and a Cosmonaut chow? Why not? I did find some more of them when I goolaged it, particularly on the Zon, which is where I think it came from? Not sure but hey, if I had the $$$ eBay has real ISS food available…

Anyways, it should be fun to try right?
Got to keep the laughs up as well as the creative side of things…
So More Later
Big Country

23 thoughts on “Not Blind, and Even the North Koreans Didn’t Want Him…”

  1. Ugh. It won’t be long now, I am afraid. Can’t say any more or I’ll be fed poasting too.

    I hope your eye issues are resolved quickly and painlessly, BC.

  2. Sympathies from Day #74 of a promised 3-day recovery from cataract surgery on my left eye — allergic reaction to the particular antibiotic drops they prescribed. Looking at the sky, meantime, I realized my “old” eyes were seeing the sky as *green* and I can now amuse myself looking at things first with one eye and then the other, watching the colors shift back and forth. (Yes, they plan to prescribe a *different* antibiotic for my right eye 😉

  3. Don’t need a wall, don’t need a platoon. Mine the border. Two chain link fences and an acre of death in between. Just heard that the Mexicans are building a wall to keep the fuckers from coming back once the US economy takes a mighty dump, which should be in about 4 weeks.

  4. I always like to point out that it’s easier to punish with a firm hand, strong words and a 3 foot length of 2″ black iron pipe for the CITIZENS who are promulgating this invasion- not the savage hordes or the scumbags in political office, but the roofers, restaurant owners, dry cleaners, nanny agencies, and small businesspeople, citizens all, who hire illegals to cheat the system.
    We need a mirror to see who’s at fault. How do you know your local TGI Fridays is employing legal citizens? Chances are they are not. Enjoy that fucking burger, your money is on it’s way south as we speak. The guy who got the franchise license gets his piece, the rest is going to Jose and his brother Jos B. Gotta get your one suit cleaned? The owner’s a citizen, his employees are absolutely not, chances are.
    No illegals steal jobs from citizens. Citizens fuck other citizens by hiring illegals. Since the majority of business is small business, it’s the small business people who are keeping the foreigners fed and watered, except in NY and CA where the government is just giving them free money outright.
    My wife was an illegal when we met, many years ago. It was an eye opener, when she walked me through the illegal job market. Every restaurant, every contractor, every service worker… if you don’t know who their employees are, you’re the fucking reason we’re in this mess, because it’s YOUR MONEY that keeps them here. It’s exactly like having problems with racoons fucking up your trash cans. You don’t bother with the racoons, you seal the Goddamned trash cans and starve them out. That is how we fix this. That and the pipe I talked about.

    1. yeah. seen a lot of that back in philly. illegals working without papers and under the table.
      they real easy to find too. just go to any home depot around 7 am during the week, there are lots of them there waiting for day jobs. the bad part is a lot of them do a better job than any local hire
      will. one guy told me they hang sheetrock faster and better than any union crew he had.
      like 2 times the work for half the money. also check out any lawn crew, there is always a few there. they are the shorter and the darker workers doing all of the work. used to stop in a Wawa store
      before going to work back in the day, there where a lot of illegals there buying stuff for the day
      and paying with 20 and 50 dollar bills too. the bad part is they work harder and better than most local hires today. you just can’t get the locals to work these days, they too soft and lazy.
      and they want top dollar and don’t know how to do anything. that has to change here.
      kids today need to learn how to work again.
      hope everything with the eyes works out for you, you going to need them the way shit is going. still praying for you guys up here.

    2. On the construction site I work on, the only non-Latinos are in the higher-skilled trades (plumbers, electricians, excavators). The framers, drywallers, insulators, painters, landscapers, you name it, are almost entirely Latino, and this is the northeast U.S.

      Surely many are illegal, but no point in calling ICE, as the government is endorsing mass immigration.

  5. Maybe, just maybe, some of this will change if they every get full implementation of their promised CBDC (which will suck for those of us who care). How can you pay off the books when there is no gelt to place in your palm. Barter only goes so far and then how can they wire that back home. May chase those who actually came here to work and better the family back home like the old migrant seasonal farm workers, to pack up and go back, but those here for the gimedats, well they will be the main issue as we have enough home grown gimedats as it is. Not to mention the infiltrated sleepers. Hoping that it heals fast for you.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always doubted (((their))) ‘plan’ for Banning Cash – too much of the Economy functions only on Benjamins – like the entirety of the Drug Trade, and the (((banks))) Profit Immensely from the Flow of Cash, even if it never comes into the Bank. Construction is a Yuuuge part of the Economy, Hundreds of Billions a Year. It isn’t possible to (((finance))) that if the Unskilled Labor can’t be paid in Cash- and Paying Americans, American Wages (Taxed Wages) makes damn near Any non-government Construction (Roads, Data Centers, etc.) ‘unaffordable’.

      The Collapse is going to be Epic – like the Roman Empire, but with Wi-Fi and Automatic Weapons…

  6. You make a good point most people haven’t thought about, Boss.
    What are all these people going to do?
    Millions, millions of them, not counted, not accounted for… free shit out the wazoo keeps them quiet. What happens when the bread and circuses stop?
    Are they going to self deport? Hell no…
    Are they going to crawl away and die? Nope…
    What are they going to do when we can’t afford to feed and house them for free any more???? When the police come in and kick them all out of the hotel they’ve been staying at for free for the last year, where will they go? Will they just live in that hotel indefinitely? What about their kids? What happens when they start breeding, like roaches do?

    Lessse, large groups of men ages 18-35 with minimal education, no skills, a common language that’s foreign to their host country. Hmmm.. What will they do when their belly starts to rumble? Patiently sit on street corners with cardboard signs asking for a handout like US Veterans in every city? Yeah, I BET that’s exactly what they’ll do.

    Look folks, if you can’t figure it out, or aren’t capable, there’s going to be a whole lot of dead people that need burying. It could be them, it could be you, it could be us. Someone’s going 6 feet under, that’s a fact. Just not enough food to go around, grok that. Either through starvation or violence, some people are going to have to die, that’s it.
    Make sure it’s not you.
    I got enough lead to make sure it’s not me or mine, you do you.
    If you’re not stock-piling dried foods in buckets under your bed right now you need to make new plans for this weekend. YES, it’s coming THAT fast. COSTCO, FRIDAY @1800 hrs, Bring the empty credit card…. pack everything 1 person needs in 1 bucket: rice, beans, bullion (what, you gonna eat plain beans and rice?), can you butcher a squirrel and add that to a pot with salt and pepper over a campfire? NO?!?! You’re fucked! Get with the program. Can you start a fire with sticks? Then put a pack of Bic lighters in the bucket, too! Now go out and get 2 buckets for each family member just like that.

    Now take your 401k out in cash and go to the local gun store… They’ll help with the rest.

    We’ve got maybe a month, two max.

    1. People need to read and think about your post, especially the part about the 18-35 year-old males, and think about this: Does anyone really believe all those weapon and ammo purchases by Fed agencies that have no definable need for such, like Social Security, US Postal, IRS, FDA etc are for the agency employees?

      1. Hmmm… didn’t Illinois also start a program where law enforcement don’t need to be citizens ?

        So, millions of military age illegal alien men soon to be hungry and wanting a job + US .gov agencies with plenty of weapons and ammo + totalitarians in .gov in power and refusing to give up power + soon to be very pissed off citizenry = ????

  7. I read you daily and just wanted to say thank you for your insights. The fact that you are willing to try any and all MRE’s from wherever and whenever, well, you’ll never have to prove your bravery in any other way. Heal up, we need you. God bless.

    1. I predate MREs. I absolutely loved the spaghetti CRAT. Would trade the 4 pack of cigs for them and for coffee.

  8. I was listening to a news story about Mr. Kangs return. They used to word expel, also eject.

    Not “returned” “Repatriated”

    The visual image kept me smiling all morning. Funniest comment I read: “In short, they talked with him, figured out quickly he was useless, exploited him for the limited propaganda value he represented, and handed him back to us.” Chewed on him a bit and spit him out.

    “He was useless” Says it all. I’m going to go on a limb and say we didn’t want him back. They were solving a problem for us.

    Now, he needs to bust rocks in Leavanworth a few years.

    Haven’t logged into Gab yet, but I’m sure there’s a meme there with the “sheeeeeit” guy being catapulted over a fence.

  9. I know the Norks are hard up for pretty much everything, but surely they could have spared one round from a Tokarev to solve that ‘mutual’ problem, re: Mr. ‘Kang’.

  10. Some time ago I found a interesting piece of news.
    Shows that even organized crime does not think beyond the curve.

    The italian mafia is making lots of money from invaders, sorry, illegal immigrants. The Nigerians pay top money.
    Not bad, right?

    Yes, it is bad.
    It seems that the nigerian mafia, known as Black Axes is way more brutal than the N Drangheta, the worst italian mafia.
    And the Black Axes have already thrown the italian mafia out of three cities.
    So the italian mafia is importing its own executioners.

    Sounds like a good business plan, aye?

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