Last One For a Few Days and Old School

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So gonna be out on Med Leave for a day or two. Getting the eyeball done, with the other sometime ‘after’… depends on how #1 goes. I already filled in the Politburo, and they’re cool with it

So, in keeping with yesterday’s footlockers, I realized there was another gift that Gretchen had gotten me when we had -first- started dating. At the time I was still smoking occasionally, so she found and got me an ashtray.

Mind you, not an ordinary ashtray. I have -no idea- where she found it, but man, there’s cool and then there’s very fucking cool:

In keeping with her taste mind you…
She’s got a ‘thing’ for the 1940s pin-up stuff.
I say that she was born too late.

The ashtray came from Duncan Ceramic Studios, of Fresno California, and was made in 1949:

Now, as it -is- an antique and in outstanding condition,
I never used it as an ashtray.
It’s just too damned pretty.
Instead, I reutilized it…
Meet, as we call it around the Casa, “The Butter Babe”

Works like a charm!

The knife slide under the legs, keeping it in place.
Hand washed only, I mean hell, how much cooler a butter dish could you ask for Aye? I’ve looked and continue to look for either duplicate, or something similar, but man, they just aren’t out there… even on eBay there isn’t anything quite as nice as that out there.

Again, file this under “Shit that makes me smile/happy”

Everything can’t and should not be all Doom and Gloom 24-7-365. There’s enough of that already, as anyone could or would tell you.

Even if it’s as stupid as a video like this of a couple of Chikinz that someone threw up on TikTok.
Gretchen strikes again with this one:

I have NO IDEA why that cracks me up so hard, but it does.

Maybe it’s just that it’s that stupid maybe?
Tough call, but I’ll take all the laughs I can get.
As should we all.

So More Later
Big Country

14 thoughts on “Last One For a Few Days and Old School”

  1. get well soon brother, be praying cause it cant hurt even if’n it dun help! gonna miss ya!

  2. Gretchen IS pin-up stuff…you lucky Devil. The “butter dish” is nice too.

    Don’t sweat the eye surgery…piece of cake. Had mine done awhile back, cataract removal and new lenses installed. Best.thing.EVAH. Do need readers for close up work, but the fuzzies are gone, I can see at night, and I don’t have to squint to read road signs. Biggest adjust after 60 years of glasses was reaching up to take them off at night, or reaching for them 1st thing in the morning when I woke up. Doc did mine one at a time with a 5 week span between them. 2 days after the surgery the world was clear as the corruption of sniffy creepy’s destruction of the Country is.

    We’ll be here when you get back.

  3. BCE, Good luck on your surgery.

    It’s easy to let outside BS get you down. Remember and focus on the great stuff in your life; a beautiful wife who loves you, a great BFF/Wingman in Sapper, 2 Grans who love you and many of us out here in the ether cheering you on.

    Get your shooting eye fixed, relax and talk to you later this week.

    1. well, he does sum it up rather well. other than your bad luck charm, you do have a better life than most people do. enjoy it. we praying for you here as well. we see you after you get fixed up

  4. Had mine done one at a time several years back.
    piece o cake. Fixed a few congenital issues with it and ditched the bi-focals. Now the only thing you will need to do is buy a box of dollar store readers and leave them in every room in the house, otherwise you will go nuts trying to remember where you put them down last. Don’t ask me how I know. The only drawback I can think of ,is the need for those ugly as I call them, “Ray Charles Glasses” that all of us seniors seem to wear.

  5. Plastic eye huh? You will enjoy your better site and garner the beauty you have in your house and outside your domain. Good for you, I have had both, a few years apart. If this is what a Borg undergoes, I just might enjoy being ruled by a half Borg Queen. Better sight. My one of many regrets, no red laser pointer! Keep to the drop schedule! it is imperative!

  6. Re the ashtray/butter dish: as I understand it, there were three versions of those things from the late 40s through the mid 50s, a blonde, brunette, and redhead. I have a blonde here, remind me to show it to ya next time you’re here. Had a redhead too at one time, no idea what became of it; most likely, an ex-GF wound up with it after the Great Schism.

    Best of luck with the eyeball thang, brother…

  7. Your wife has one of the happiest smiles I have seen in a long time. If that doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will. You’re a lucky man, bro.


  8. Always wondered what the “Peoples Tractor Factory #1” looked like.
    Having toured and negotiated with 3 tractor factories in China in the early 1990’s, that is not far from where they were at back 30 years ago. Products were absolute crap quality wise, they have come a long way since, not that I would buy one from China. Maybe India made, at least once can sort of communicate with them in English. 😉

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