Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter Issues

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
So, in order to ‘play nice with the ATF (for now) I decided to take the “Blade” Rear Assist Stock off of one of my many bangsticks. The one in question had a Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter on it.

Now, tell you upfront:
We’re going to be seeing just how good their warranty department is.
Now, wish I had started taking pics early in the disassembly. I have a bad habit of going “Oh shit!” and busting the tools out to remedy said-shit so’s to Charlie Mike (that’s continue mission to you civvies). Now, the SA Folder adapter is trumpted as ‘the thing’ to allow you to turn your AR into a ‘folder’… can’t safely shoot it in it’s folded config, but still, it’s cool looking, and a lot of cop departments seem to like it as well… which is a plus for us considering -this- write up.

Jes’ Sayin’

So, I went to take it apart, and first thing on the list when disassembling the rear stock on any AR is remove the buffer and spring. In this case? Not so mucho. Fucker was stuck like chuck. Pin wouldn’t go down into the receiver to allow the buffer egress. Looking at it closely, I saw what ailed me was the buffer retention pin.

And said buffer-retention pin was allllllll beat the fuck in and bent over.
To the point of “grab a hammer and a roll pin punch and fix the fucker, dammit!”
AFTER I got it sort of straight enough to get out, THIS is what I ended up with:

You can see where the pin is -almost fractured- from being all bent willy-nilly.

Now mind you, I’m not nor did I beat on this particular rifle. In fact, the oddest thing; The pin itself is an amalgamation of steel and aluminum. The base cap that the pin rests on is steel, but the rest is non-magnetic. Found that out when I dropped it in my pin-bin-tray which is a big ole magnet to keep shit from falling on the floor:

Reason I find that interesting is that the pin was bent so far over as to be unremovable from the interior of the foldy-thingy (and yep, that’s the ¡scientific! name of it, the foldy-thingy):

Now that’s after I beat it -straight- (wish we could do that to the queers Aye?) and re-inserted it to the foldy-thingy. Now, besides the mangled pin (which only got mangled from very few shots mind you… like maybe 400 +/- That ain’t a helluva lot for that sort of breakage/bendage. So I also went to replace it from my collection of ‘fiddly-bits’ and dug out a new pin.

Sumbitch, it don’t fit.
I need a pin from the manufacturer to replace it…
So far, 0/10, would not recommend.

ANOTHER thing noticeable in the above pic?
The locking lug is worn flat the fuck out. Like visibly (as you can see) and tangibly (via feeling, the metal is all deformed and raised) causing a significant gap in the folding area:

While closed fully, That’s a MEASURED GAP of 1.37mm

Let me tell you.. I first noticed the gap when I fired it (the rifle) last time
LOTS of superheated gas blew up and out through that lil gap
SQUARE in my face.

Most Unpleasant, let me tell ya.
I’m not one to shy away, however it was most unexpected
So… I ended up replacing the stock and the foldy-thingy in it’s entirity.
Better the devil you know Aye?

Already painted plain n’boring Collapsible…
I’m going to reach out with the fotos and the above.
Hoping they make it right, ‘cos as of right now?
It gets 4 Cool Points for making the AR Variant into a Folder.

That’s it tho…
The very fact that this thing shit the bed, on a civilian rifle, with minimal use and has more problems than I, a master gunsmith for the DotMil can deal with here at the crib? Oh fuck no. ZERO cool points

So, like I said 4/out of 10, HIGHLY disrecommend
I’ll follow up after I get with customer service.
Overall, cool looking gear, but ZERO use IRL combat, under any circumstances

Hope you dug this
Big Country

10 thoughts on “Sylvan Arms Folding Stock Adapter Issues”

  1. Wild ass guess, at best cheap chi com extrusion of old bud lite cans CNCed here for the “made in merica” label, hell I’ll raise the pot with a tupperware anodize job too. Hinge pin AND inserts should at least be steel, if not I’d circular file it. At worst, lovingly crafted by slaves in a yellow menace airsoft factory…

  2. wow, and I was looking at the ones on sale at PSA too. I always just split my AR into top and bottom for travel in the truck. took the plastic bit off my shorty AR pistol as well. here in PA. it used to be legal to
    carry/have a loaded “AR pistol” in your truck/car if you have a carry permit.
    rifles HAVE TO BE UNLOADED to travel in your car/truck even with a carry permit (?) weird.

    1. Pretty much this.
      Popping it into two fits into bags and things easier and only takes a moment to reattach. If you really want a folding stock, a PSA Jakl and a folding stock since it doesn’t have the AR buffer tube, but that’s more money spent. If nothing else, the “boring” collapsible stock still does some work.

    2. It is becaus the Casey administration threw a fit when the state supreme court made open carry legel in 1982- except in cars and Philly.

      The LTC was for handguns and after the rulling their was a crack down on loaded rifles. It isnt to strongly enforced in mostvif the state during deer season – they would have to lock up half the state

  3. After playing around with all the gee-whiz gadgets and doo-dads that have been made for the AR-15 over the past 20 years or so, my last build wound up with an A2 stock on it. It’s one of my favorites, now.

    Hope their customer service makes it right, if I recall, those things weren’t cheap (at least when I was looking at them).

    1. yeah, I like the a2 stock and the one by Ace or now, Doublestar to most others.

  4. You said: “I beat it -straight- (wish we could do that to the queers Aye?) ”

    A few days ago I came across a comment by a man (not gay).
    This guy has a gay friend.
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    Wish I had made a screenshot.

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