Ahhhhhh SHIT! Someone Blew The Dam at Nova Khakovka

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Been monitoring Simplisicus76’s substanck… guy is an Intel Maven non-pariellel. Got a GREAT grasp of the Krain.

Now, with that being said, at 23:40 +/- I went over and found this:


The vidya is scary-scary…showing a MASSIVE flood of water headed downrange. No word -yet- on who done dood it, but either way, this ain’t good.

Zoporo Nookular Plant in Danger
Oh my fucking head.
BAD BAD JuJu Mon… is truly Dread Mon…

Thing is, the “Offensive” has apparently launched… I’m going to withold any judgement or count, BUT me being me? So far I’d say the Krainians have had theirt collective heads handed to them. Again.

I mean IRL, they’re on what? Their 3rd full Amry, and an Army by definition by numbers alone is what? between 100000 and 200000? I mean when this shit kicked off, the Krain had about 400000 in uniform, Regulars and Reserve and then the ‘home guard’…

Judging from the hard -real- numbers, I’d say they’ve burned thru about 250000 KIA and probably a larger number WIA

Trust me, I know things… I was with the High Command

SO no idea who blew da dam, but either way its a MASSIVE escalation, both environmentally, and well as ‘down range effects’… if it -was- the Krain who dun dood the deed, well, then ecological and regular terrorism comes leaping to mind… and if it was Ivan who dun dood it? Well same thing, but man

Either way its a world class crusterfluck.

I’ll continue to report and monitor… so far ZERO mention of it on ANY national or otherwise intahrwhebz… which in itself it most telling.

Later Y’all
Big Country

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  1. Que the music – Beach Boys – “Everybody go surfing”

    Next phase of operations now underway.

  2. From the same article, the Ukrainians wanted another 21 days of probing. Well now they need to wait for the ground to dry up again…

    Call it an unauthorized victory.

    Also the Russians pulled back across the river months ago to avoid getting cut off if the dam blew. Well, what would have happened to the Ukrainians if they made a big push and the dam blew on them? The dam was just a problem for everyone.

  3. RT has published a confirmation, citing a local official, who claims the underwater portion of the dam is intact. WashPost and other U.S. regime propaganda outlets are mentioning it but only within the last hour. https://www.rt.com/russia/577548-kakhovskaya-hydroelectric-dam-breach/

    Kinda interesting, from the WashPost propagandists last year:

    >The Ukrainians, he said, even conducted a test strike with a HIMARS launcher on one of the floodgates at the Nova Kakhovka dam, making three holes in the metal to see if the Dnieper’s water could be raised enough to stymie Russian crossings but not flood nearby villages. The test was a success, Kovalchuk said, but the step remained a last resort. He held off.

    And also from last year:

    >Russian state-run media claimed on Monday that Ukraine has struck the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) with HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) and Alder missiles.

  4. Story broke officially worldwide about an hour ago.
    The end of the dam that disappeared is the Russian-controlled end.
    The lake it formed is the water supply for the nuke plant Russia shelled when they invaded.
    The rapidly disappearing lake is also the primary water supply for the entire Crimean peninsula, another part of Ukraine in Russia’s hands since they invaded that back in 2014.

    People that are “winning” don’t generally blow up dams.
    Parse that any way you like.
    IMHO, Putin decided he had nothing left to lose by doing it.

    This is going to be identified as one of the most infamous and outrageous acts of terrorism in world history.
    That should really increase Russia’s world stature for the next century or so.
    It’s also going to open the floodgates for supplies from Europe to Ukraine, and 2:1 Sweden is admitted into NATO before year’s end, joining Finland, already admitted.
    Ukraine in now close to even odds for admission as well – at some point.
    That’s WWIII unless Putin gets a Makarov retirement party.

    Vladimir Putin: NATO recruiting champion two years in a row.

    Sleep tight, kids.
    Interesting Times just came in by overnight delivery.

    Best Wishes


    1. Bahhaaa listen to this guy.
      Smoke another one buddy. My fuckjng God you’re s- s- s- stupid….
      Ruskies blew up their own pipeline, too. Yep.
      Take the fucking blinders off man, you cannot see how BADLY ukraine is losing, you really can’t?
      – Lost 1/3rd of their territory.
      – The country doesn’t have an electrical grid.
      – Yuuuuge offensive, got bushwhacked the 1st day.
      – those oil sanctions are really starting to bite, now.

      Fucking cheerleader for the regime. If it wasn’t for the fact so many stupid people read shitstains like this thinking he and they are smart, it would be funny!
      Aren’t you due for another booster? You can prolly get it at target while you’re buying your budlight and tuck-friendly swimsuit.

      1. Aesop leaving his blog where he never ever shows the comments he doesn’t like, over here showing his ass, on the topic where he has been 100% wrong from day one. Bold move to openly display ones stupidity away from the protective cover he always uses at home.
        Oh well he only got the Kraine war and early covid completely wrong, he’s pretty good on spanking hollywood types on occasion. Stick to your knitting boyo.

        1. I don’t see how that Aesop character can type with Victoria Nuland’s dick in his mouth. I figure he ain’t sucking it. He just has to hold it with his lips. Opinionated webtard.

        2. What did Aesop get wrong on Covid early on? I’m also a RN, and knew it was all lies from the start…social marketing…

      2. Dude it’s Aesop. People quit listening to him a good while back. He does occasionally throw out some useful stuff but rarely anymore. He means well though.

        1. More of “Asshats fables”. Disinformation and fed incitement, “asshats” legacy.

          1. Cut the Secret King of Orange County some slack.

            If you had helped kill a few dozen old people in the ER by jamming tubes in their lungs because it’s NOT just the flu bro masks work so we have to follow the CDC Emergency tiktok protocols, you might wish for a world war to eclipse that oopsie too.

            That said, I’d serve under him in his new patriot socal division, que bueno brigade come sparky time because any man that dedicated to protecting his ego is bound to wreck some shit. Maybe even some of the baddies. Which is about the best one can hope for at this point in the turning.

            Now I have to get back to Twitter, where the real men fight.

      3. Yeah, poots so desperate he shoots his own people, blows up his own ships, destroys his own power plants….blah blah blah.
        Fucking retards think this way.

        Killin kraine nazi’s is Good.
        Dare I say…Holy and Proper.

        Russian aint the USSR.

    2. If the US/NATO tells the world that Russia blasted the dam, just like Russia blasted Nordstream, will they be believed? We are know as the Empire of Lies by everyone.

      As far as key indicators of success go, forced press gangs kidnapping boys and old men off the street is pretty high on the list. But the top sign the Ukes are winning is the announcement of a draft for women!

      I am not enough of a military expert to predict the winner, I just hope the good guys win.

      1. We have been seeing more 20 something men from ukraine showing up incanada looking for refugee status.

    3. ” People that are “not jews ” don’t generally blow up dams that supply water to ethnic Russians in Crimea or blow up 9-11 towers when all Israelis skipped work. ”

      Fixed it for you. The dam hurts Ethnic Russians & Ethnic Ukrainians , but both blamed jews for killing 10 million White Christians in the Holodomor before jews + CIA overthrew the government in 2014.
      The largest Child porn bust in the world happened before 2014 jew coupe , a Ukrainian jew was the head.
      Jews Assi Mooch & the jew arrested In Ecuador both had larger child porn busts since then.

    4. Aren’t you the “expert” who last year with exactly the same conviction and the same lack of understanding of that world far far away, claimed this about Nord Stream:
      “So: Russia wouldn’t do this? With everything to gain, and nothing to lose??Grow the fuck up.”

      Sounds like you don’t learn from your mistakes.

  5. Either the Russians did this as a prelude to withdrawal to do damage to Crimea and deprive Ukraine of a resource OR the Ukrainians did this to deprive the Russians of the same things. Either side could have been responsible. Though with the Russians ostensibly in control of the region it would have been easier for them to make this happen.

  6. Aesop, the high browed yankee lover of all things pedo, bio-weapon lab, money laundering and satanic.

    Also just pretty much an asshole of the first degree who I still wonder why it is WRSA posts his screeds.

  7. The news will note it and move on until the .gov gives them (and hence Aesop) the Approved Narrative.

    Then we’ll have Very Serious Experts shake their heads and denounce the Russkies as usual. Rinse and repeat.

    1. Considering Zalenskey’s pandering speach in congress, it wouldn’t surpise me.

      The Ukrainian civilian leaders focus has been optics and doinh what tgey are told to grift more money from my wallet.

  8. Paging Seymour Hersch, paging Seymour Hersch to the courtesy phone please.

  9. Hmmmmmmmmm. It’s tough to tell. Slavs historically, and even further west into the Teutonics…those guys are known to go postal with “scorched earth” tactics. They are all tough as nails, mean as polecats, and utterly unforgiving in war. Both sides are capable of this.

    Contrary to General Aesop, without any further evidence to the contrary…I’d say the Ukes did it. Consider:

    Putler can afford to wait. He now has air superiority over the Kraine, and enough troops to fend off any Uke counteroffensive with relative ease. He’s been in this posture for at least the last six months. If you want Putler out of the Kraine, NATO and the US will need to go in and do it personally…and odds are even that they would fail too.

    The Ukes are done. Their front line forces were destroyed 9 months ago. 6 months ago, the last of their reserves were finished. Their latest army is mostly boys and old men, pulled off the streets and impressed into service.

    It is this force that will face battle hardened, motivated Russian troops when the Counteroffensive goes forward. The pressure from NATO on the Ukes is enormous right now. NATO is demanding a meaningful counteroffensive from the Ukes, or they’ll stop sending weapons and money. Zelensky and his military are now in an impossible situation. A counterattack on Russia is suicidal. Relying on NATO is no longer feasible. Only fools like Joe Biden and his jewish donors think victory is possible at this point. They don’t even see the tectonic rifts and fissures forming in NATO… as most of Europe does not want war with Russia either. This war is a product of the globalist elite, and not the everyday citizens that just want to go to work, feed the family and keep the lights on.

    It’s just about over, fellas. And it will end just as we predicted. The American power brokers in Washington are left speechless, wondering how they failed. Their fart catchers will look stupidly around at each other, not daring to tell their bosses the obvious answers they don’t want to hear. And morons on the street like our good General Aesop… will anxiously wait for the Next Current Thing that will allow them to forget about this humiliating debacle. And as for the Kraine… Desolation, ruin, and an entire generation butchered and damned… for nothing.

    It all could have been prevented simply by telling Putler to withdraw his troops, and sitting down to negotiate.

    But…whadda I know…?

    1. Russia won this once this became a war of attrition.

      War is logistics, supply…. the spear point is of limited use without the shaft.
      Russia has the shortest possible supply lines and unified equipment. Ukraine’s supply lines are long and they are now running a hodge podge of equipment and scrounging fir shells from Korea. From the start they had shallower pools of men, ammo, equipment, spares, and very limited ability to produce more material.

      The only thing the arms have accomploshed is to draw this thing out and cost more lives on both sides. It has weaked us economily, politicly, and militarily – the end of the post cold war unipolar order, the USD/petrodollar hegimon, and greatly limed our ability to fight any prolonged conflict.

      1. Well of course, Matt. The mind wobbles… I am a ex-sales guy and made a life out of reading people and assessing my competitors. I would hear people say “The Russians are drunks! Their equipment is no good!!! They have no supplies!!! Their GDP is on par with Quebec!!!”

        I would think to myself, “What are these idiots smoking?” Then…sure as chit, you’d see it in the mass media in articles penned by Globohomo soys and rat faced jewesses… “The Russians are drunks! Their equipment is no good!! They have no supplies…!!!” And their morons would dutifully parrot the fake talking points, completely forgetting the absolute debacle that just happened in Afghanistan. And earlier before that…Iraq. Viet Nam. It should be obvious at this point that if liberals and cuck conservatives have a say in military affairs, America will lose any conflict it has an interest in. Their recruitment and retention rates are there for anyone to see.

        But… this show is over. What’s next on the agenda? The news is that Budweiser and Target are on the ropes… and they just announced on Blab that The View has been finally cancelled. I am thinking the next Current Thing will be either a civil war or economic collapse… maybe even both…? This shite just can’t keep going on…

        1. Dad and I used to sit by the wood stove at night in the basement when I was a high schooler and talk about all kinds of shit. He would always tell me the same thing “I don’t know how much longer this can continue” but here we are 40 years later, same shit.

  10. Wait! Bombing dams is wrong? Watching as the Brits hide Operation Chastise.

  11. Yea Russia shelled itself while occupying the nuclear plant. This is probably nordstream three bwahahaha

  12. If you ever want to figure out WHO did something, you first have to look at motive.
    What exactly do the Russians gain from blowing up the dam ?
    They control the Crimea and they moved their troops out so if the dam blew it wouldn’t affect them.
    Zelensky is too scared to go back to his country afraid of either facing charges for embezzlement or a noose. Meanwhile the “Elite” in the West pushing this war are pressing him hard to start an attack on the Russians that he knows that he can’t win.
    The Western “Elites” are fighting to the last drop of Ukrainian blood while not getting their hands dirty.
    Well, the Ukraine is screwed and they are just about out of blood to spill.
    This is the most senseless war I’ve seen, if the Ukraine had just followed the 2014 agreement and agreed to never join NATO this would never have happened. However chicken hawks like Lyndsay Graham needed their kickbacks from the Defense companies so here we are.

    1. “if the Ukraine had just followed the 2014 agreement and agreed to never join NATO this would never have happened. ”

      Shelling the Donbass region for 8 years before Putin stepped up was against the 2014 agreement.

      The US should have treated Donbass like jews forced NATO to treat Serbia with NATO bombing TV station first when Serbs tried to kick out illegal alien moslems , then created Kosovo

  13. ukronazis are nazis.

    Nothing bad that happens to them bothers me. A dead nazi is a good nazi. “Good” them all is what I say.

    Why we are on the side of nazis reflects on the moral character of TPTB in the latin-american pigsty north of Mexico.

  14. in the 4d chess world, we did this in the sense that we got the krains to float naval contact mine down to the dam. But why, for one our MIC gets to sell more stuff to the krain paid for by the US taxpayer, we get to print more and screw the poor and middle class by inflation. From 50,000 feet, this gives an answer to China about their big ass river dams. They are watching to see the amount of actual long term damage that is happening down stream. This is target one for us if they invade Taiwan. Keeps them in line if they see extensive downstream damage. Acceptable damage to Xi and the TPTB, ten all bets are off.

    Spin Drift

  15. Well, there is a working theory that globalhomo is shorting Target and the bud light tranny fluid company to make money on the way down and that the boycott is a planned psyc op. The clown history of the inbev ceo is interesting. It is likely that merchandising and adult beverages were going to take a demand blow after the collapse anyway– and that this is just as much a planned demolition as the damn explosion. One last time to do the pump and dump before the ship sinks.

    Supposedly, the motivation of the op is to swing right in a controlled fashion. Apparently the white men have stopped wanting to be wage slaves and cannon fodder for globalhomo. Not enough Aesop suckers left willing to carry the water. So, Globalhomo wants to bring them back into the fold. They need white genocide to finish taking place in WWIII and are going to beat the patriot drums to appeal to gullable conservatives to serve globalhomo.

    Not saying I buy it entirely, but it sounds about right. The chess board has all the pieces set up to flush the West in unwinnable wars.

    Meh, not my problem until chinks land on US shores. Even then, I like the CCP better than the US government at this point. Evil and competent is the lesser evil over clown world. I bet they kill pedos in China… I bet they would hang the Biden and Clinton Prescott Bush clowns as well. No need for the useless idiots who take bribes anymore. At any rate our culturally enriched cities could certainly benefit from some nuclear gentrification.

    Further, this crap in Ukraine is planned– the Jewish genocide of white Ukrainian men is so they can migrate from Israel to more space in Eastern Europe, with some nice farmland. They wanted the slaughter from day one. Not a quick war. So, no more brother wars for globalhomo. No draft, no service… not our problem.

    Note these Jews are pulling Ukrainian refugees off the srteets in other countries and vanning them for the meat grinder. Saw a Twitter in Ireland where some dudes with Ukie patches on Ukie uniforms jumped out of a van to kidnap a Ukrainian boy and drove him away as the woman with him was screaming in the street. Ireland should be ashamed.

    Igor was the most based Ukie. Igor got told to take his men to the front to die for globalhomo. Igor blew the brains out of the commander who gave him this order. If the draft comes, may we be like Igor.

  16. This was entirely expected, if a bit late.

    Ukraine launched 6 himars at that thing quite some time ago, only to have Russia blow them *all* six out of the air. Meanwhile the UN vilified Russia for trying to evacuate families from the flood zone.

    This is the primary water source for all of Crimea.

  17. The Russians have been trailing / priming the domestic Russian population for blowing up that dam since last October. Almost 9 months ago.

    Here is a “news story” from last October on Russian state TV about the UA “planned sabotage” of the dam. With very low budget “Jerry Bruckheimer” flooding special effects. Totally RU false flag territory.


    The UA evacuated most civilians from the flood area months ago. But many refused to go. In the RU occupied areas all UA civilians remaining were not allowed to evacuate. They are the ones who are mostly dying. Plus the RU mobniks.

    Why now? The RU army has got very beaten up on south bank in Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts the last few weeks. So blowing the dam now was a last desperate attempt by RU to buy time. Even Moscow Mishas (the Russian army TV spokesman) daily litany on Russian TV about great “Russian victories” cannot hide that. He has aged about 20 years in the last 18 months. In fact you wont find many faces that aren’t glum on RU TV for the last few months.

    That great victory at Bakhmut. The flag waving PR stunt by Prigozhin’s gang of criminals in the rubble on the Saturday was already memory holed on RU state TV by the following Wednesday. Gone. Barely mentioned on even the daily battlefield reports on Большая игра. The Mariupol victory circus went on for weeks on RU state TV last year.

    Yeah sure. RU is wining great victories and UA has lost 3x the number of tanks they have and every HIMARs has been destroyed at least twice. According to the Russians.

    Crimea is next.

        1. Indeed.

          Those of us who can continue to pay attention, in the face of massive distraction…. will see.

          Most will not. They’ll just forget.

  18. @Fido

    Nothing like watching Russian domestic propaganda TV daily for the last 18 months, just like I did in the late 1980’s / early 90’s to get a good feel for what is going on. I get my RU propaganda straight from the source. Channel 1 RU and Russia 1. Not third hand sources like most people here it seems.

    Its just like watching the US network news. Want to know what the ruling elite thinks is going on watch what news stories the network news directors are running. And what narratives they are pushing. Watching all MSM news as pure propaganda is a great source of intel. What they say is pretty much irrelevant. Why they say it and how they say it tells you everything. Let Dr. Goebbels be your teacher.

    And the RU state media has been in a self-confidence death spiral starting with the Kyiv debacle and the Mariupol “victory” last year. They dont sound like they are winning. And the certainly dont believe it. The truth is in the very slow moving “progress” maps they show every day. A snail could have crawled across the city limits of Bakhmut from east to west faster than the RU army did over the last 5 months.

    My actual primary source news is from a large number of open source intel / locals who have had a very good track record for this region since before 2014. The Nordics/Baltics sources are very good. After all they are next in line for the meat grinder / slow genocide if RU wins. So they can’t / wont fool themselves. Just ask the Finns. The Belarus opposition sources are great for domestic RU social media stories. Its Russia, so domestic censorship is shit. Just like it was in the Soviet era.

    Plus I know people who have family members fighting on both sides. Since 2014. Your worst family Thanksgiving has nothing on their family gettogethers after 2014. Tense does not even start to describe it.

    So when did you start paying attention? Sometime last year? Some of use have been following this story first hand since, well, the late 1970’s. Currently Russia ain’t winning and Ukraine ain’t losing. And if you watched RU TV news closely you would know that. Because thats what the Russians think too. They sure as hell are not planning any victory parades any time soon. Or in fact any parade with more than one tank.

    And after the Russians are defeated what comes next? An even bigger shit show than the current one. Every single possible outcome since late January 2022 is a complete and total clusterfuck. We are all fucked no matter what happens. Support UA. Dont support UA. UA wins. RU wins. UA loses. RU loses. Its a complete and total fuck fest no matter what.

    History is like that.

    1. You appear to be defending yourself… only… you were not attacked. Your premise was…. largely for being a premise, rather than an argument…. which I’d like to see you make, and then defend…

      I suppose you think Russia blew up it’s own pipeline too…

      I fail to see, and you fail to suggest, how any of this works to Russia’s advantage. How it harms them is prima-fascia obvious: The pipeline permitted them to sell to euorope. The dam provided water to Crimea, and power to the Donbass, which Russia declares is Russia. Russia just spend a great deal of time and effort building up defenses in the areas now be flooded.

      Honestly, I have to presume you are a troll.

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